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2 Year Review With The Phoenix Li-ESWT Device: Questions, Results And Maintenance

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Rich's 2 Year Review Of Using The Phoenix to Fix the Leading Cause of ED

What’s up everyone? It’s Rich with an important message. First and foremost, I want to thank you all for following me these past 2+ years on my journey with The Phoenix Li-ESWT device. Without all of you, I wouldn’t even be writing any of this. This device really paved a way for me to not only see an improvement in my sex life, but to find my voice in this community of men looking for answers to their bedroom problems.

Some of you have thanked me along the way with your personal stories and just being able to express yourselves when talking about your insecurities and these issues, shows to me that you all are growing in an emotionally intelligent way. My goal is to continue to help guide men who experience similar issues in the bedroom to solutions that actually work.

The phoenix device for erectile dysfunction

The good news is, The Phoenix is one of those solutions. It’s NOT the solution, however, it is definitely a good device to have in your arsenal to maximize and maintain your performance in the bedroom in the long run. Take matters into your own hands…literally!

Now, today I’m revisiting this review because many of you still have questions. I guess this makes me one of the first people to actually comment on the long term use and maintenance of the Phoenix Li-ESWT device to continue enhancing my erection quality in the bedroom and leaving erectile dysfunction in the past.

Let’s continue the discussion in a similar Q&A format like I did last year as well as bring up topics that some of you have asked me this past year and have been waiting for me to write on this. But before we do any of this, read my disclaimer.


Disclaimer:, (We, I, Us) is a professional review site that tests men’s health products thoroughly and provides educational information that shouldn't be misconstrued as medical advice. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own. We are NOT doctors. We can’t diagnose you. If you need a diagnosis, prognosis or medical advice, go to your doctor. Read more about our policies and disclosures here.


Table of Contents:

Rich from bdestyle holding his Phoenix device for erectile dysfunction

Recap Of Last Year’s 1 Year Review On The Phoenix Li-ESWT Device And My Experience/Results

Last Year, I answered questions you all had about my personal experience and results with The Phoenix in a Q&A format after using it for one year. If you want to read that FIRST before going further, I covered different topics and answered MANY questions. Below are only some of them:

  • Why Would A Guy Need Shock Wave Therapy (also known as 'acoustic wave therapy'...which is the same treatment... just layman's terms) With The Phoenix?

  • Does Treatment With The Phoenix hurt?

  • When Did You First Notice an Improvement in Your Erections After Using the Phoenix?

  • How Many Treatments Did You Do With The Phoenix?

  • How Important Is Recovery in Between Treatments With the Phoenix?

  • Do You Have To Stop Having Sex for Treatment to Work?

  • Are You Still Seeing Results From the Phoenix a Year Later?

  • Is The Phoenix A One Time Solution For ED?

  • Why Is Maintaining Results From The Phoenix Important?

  • Are There Any Discounts For The Phoenix Device For ED?

The 1 year review of the Phoenix covered all of the main questions people were asking about it at the time.

If you’re considering buying a Phoenix, it might be a good idea to go check it out as the questions answered in it are important and STILL relevant today.

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What Is The Point Of This 2 Year Review Of The Phoenix?

“Rich, why are you doing a 2 year review on The Phoenix, when you already did a 1 year review last year?”

Hear me out…

Years ago, before I ever tried clinical shockwave treatment, I was a poor responder to PED5i treatment. Most of you know these PED5i treatment options as Cialis, Viagra or other brands in the mainstream. Getting clinical Li-ESWT treatment and then transitioning to just using The Phoenix made me become more responsive to PED5i treatment to the point where I was able to rely on them less than what I was prescribed.

rich from bde style holding the phoenix device

This to me is a success…and I’ll explain why later.

“Am I still seeing results with The Phoenix after these 2 years?” is the main question I will focus on in this 2 year review. Some of you who have followed along know that I had restarted my Phoenix treatment protocol in July of 2022. But why?

Some of the current literature on shockwave treatment for erectile dysfunction shows that results can last up to 2 years, given that you maintain a healthy lifestyle and that you don’t have certain health complications, which can cause a lack of blood flow in the penis to begin with.

I received my Phoenix device in July of 2020, and followed the treatment protocol theorizing that my results could last up to 2 years as compared to my prior experiences of shockwave therapy when going to a men’s health clinic. So, I purposely waited 2 years to restart treatment to see if my results could last as long or see how long my results could last for as compared to my results with clinical shockwave therapy.

As of October 2022, I finished my first “maintenance protocol” or 120 day restart protocol with the Phoenix.

My 2 year review will mainly focus on the longevity and maintenance use of The Phoenix (priotiy link). It’s also going to cover more topics and questions unanswered about The Phoenix giving you a new perspective on how you will think about your erections going forward.

Here’s what you guys should know:

Can Results Of Li-ESWT Treatment With The Phoenix Last Up To 2 Years?

120 day protocol for the phoenix infographic

The truth is, I started seeing results fade during the springtime before the 2 year mark. The only thing I can say that might have interfered with this was that I got COVID back in December of 2021. Did this affect my results? To be honest, I don’t really know, except for the fact that I started seeing results fade by March/April.

I can’t really comment on whether or not COVID could affect erectile function, but the growing data on the NCBI seems to show that it can affect blood vessels, endothelial function, and testosterone levels. We did a blog back in the midst of COVID that provided information that links COVID-19 and ED, however I’m sure there is much more fresh data as of 2022/2023 that may or may not contradict the current data.

I really did not expect to get COVID (I underestimated COVID), but by the time July of 2022 came around, I was eager to restart Dr. Paul Thompson’s 120 day Phoenix treatment protocol.

Either way, to me, experiencing the benefits of shockwave therapy for this long was a success no matter how you look at it.

rich talking about his 120 day protocol and experience for the phoenix

Phase 1 - aka…the first treatment phase: (days 0-30 -- July to August)

In the first couple of treatments, I didn’t notice the effects of Li-ESWT like I did back in 2020. I guess I had expected the same experience of seeing results right away, but towards the end of July, I started noticing subtle changes in maintaining performance.

Phase 2 - days 30-60…aka the first “rest” period:

Once I progressed AFTER the first 30 days (days 30-60 --August to September), I noticed the same feeling of increased sensitivity and spontaneity of my erections. Almost like a reboot.

Phase 3 - days 60-90…aka the second treatment phase:

In the re-treatment stage (days 60-90--September to October) I was able to reclaim the same intense feeling I had back in the treatment sessions I had in 2020 when it came to producing a fully rigid erection. Whenever I had a “stage 4” or an erection hardness score of a 4 (I’ll talk about erection hardness score in a minute), I had felt my erections at my fullest and most sensational during foreplay, penetration, and ejaculation.

Phase 4 - days 90-120…aka the last “rest” phase:

In the final stage of The Phoenix protocol, or “2nd rest phase” (90-120 days and moving forward), My morning wood wakes me up in the early mornings (Nocturnal penile tumescence) and I can say that I have reclaimed the results I had lost earlier this spring.

My device still works perfectly fine and it’s back in storage until my results start to fade in the future (My hope is to not use it again until the end of 2024…we’ll see).

Get your Phoenix (priority link)

Is Penis Pumping Still A Part Of The Phoenix 120 Day Protocol?

Some of you have messaged me about this in the past two years because it used to be a part of the protocol. Currently, it’s not a part of the protocol and is now considered optional.

the bathmate penis pumping device

Penis pumping is a completely separate task or strategy that has been suggested by doctors for years to help men to rehabilitate their erections. One of the benefits of using a penis pump is that it can help induce an erection and improve oxygen saturation to the penis.

However, the phrase itself “penis pumping” is not a task a lot of guys feel comfortable with, let alone something they want to be associated with doing. The Phoenix is already something that requires 15-20 minutes to use. Adding a penis pump to the mix might be something your average guy doesn’t want to do because of time constraints or the feeling of awkwardness when using a pump. So, you don’t have to use penis pump.

But, if you do want to use a penis pump, that’s fine, too!

I personally own a Bathmate hydro pump and have been using their line of pumps since it came out in 2008. It’s definitely a preference and something you have to be comfortable with. It’s not for everyone and some men might even prefer an air pump as opposed to a water pump.

Rich from BDEStyle holding a bathmate Xtreme Penis pump

But, for me, I think adding penis pumping to my regime helped yield better results because penis pumping brings in fresh oxygenated blood into the penis that compliments the effects of Li-ESWT treatment. I would always use my Bathmate for 5-10 minutes after using The Phoenix.

Again, it’s not a part of the Phoenix protocol, it’s suggested as 'optional' with this being subjective to my own personal experience. Results will vary for others.

How Would I Rate My Erection Quality After Using The Phoenix 2 Years Later?

If I had a time machine, I wish I would’ve tracked my results with The Phoenix by using an erection scoring test so that I could make better comparisons from 2020 to 2022. But, I’m only human, and we all make mistakes as well as learn from them. I digress…

In the studies on Li-ESWT most researchers used multiple tools/questionnaires to determine what was considered a success and what wasn’t.

These were the 3 most common tools I came across when diving into the research behind Li-ESWT:

  • EHS tool

  • IIEF test (Longform 15 questionnaire/more comprehensive)

  • IIEF-5 abridged (shorter version) assessment (sometimes called a SHIM score)

Let’s start with the EHS (erection hardness score) and how I adapt this question/scoring to my everyday life.

EHS stands for erection hardness score. It’s a one question quiz using a “likert scale”, which asks “how would I rate my own erections?”.

*** Additional Disclaimer: This question is not a substitute for a diagnosis of ED. If you need medical advice or a diagnosis, go to a doctor. I am NOT your doctor…

  • 0 - Penis does not enlarge

  • 1 - Penis is larger, but not hard

  • 2 - Penis is hard, but not hard enough for penetration

  • 3 - Penis is hard enough for penetration, but not completely hard

  • 4 - Penis is completely hard and fully rigid

Of course this is subjective to my own personal experience, but BEFORE THE PHOENIX (circa 2018-2020), I was getting in-clinic Li-ESWT treatment in New York and I had always felt like I was functioning at an EHS of a 2 without PED5i treatment and with PED5i treatment, at a 3.

Rich getting shockwave therapy at a men's clinic by a female urologist using a storz medical device on his penis for stronger erections
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This to me always felt like an inconvenience because I would have to maintain stimulation or quickly penetrate before my erection would fade.

After a round of treatments of in-clinic wave therapy, I was able to perform at an EHS of 3 without PED5i treatment and with it, at a 4 (full rigidity).

But, because results of Li-ESWT treatment do not last forever and you still need to retreat again in the future, my transition to just using The Phoenix device at-home, yielded the same results and as my preferred way of maintaining results in the future.

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Reflecting Back On My Experiences With Shockwave Treatment For My Erections

In 2020, I felt an increase in vascularity, spontaneity in my performance, and even sensitivity after my initial treatments with The Phoenix. My morning word would be at an EHS of 4, almost every day. That’s one thing I can say after going down this rabbit hole of Li-ESWT experimentation that I would literally get woken up to rock hard throbbing erections (I know this is TMI…).

There were even instances, where I would be in public and my penis would accidentally rub against my clothing while walking or adjusting, making it go from limp to an EHS of a 2 or 3 (basically a chub to a semi erection).

I can now say, I’m experiencing or “reclaiming” those experiences I had in 2020, but now as of October 2022 and moving forward.

IIEF (International Index Erectile Function Scores) Questionnaire And The Phoenix

As mentioned earlier, The IIEF tool was one of the tools used in Li-ESWT literature when determining what was considered a success. In my opinion I think it would be a good idea to compare and contrast scores.

Why not use it to help you gauge your results before trying The Phoenix and after the protocol?

Additional disclaimer: We appreciate that you are engaging in the conversation about sexual health related topics. All content and tools found on are for educational use only and are not meant to be misconstrued as medical advice, diagnosis or treatment for medical conditions, etc. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own. We are NOT doctors. If you need medical advice, treatment, diagnosis, etc. Please contact your doctor.

Link to BDEStyle’s adaptation of the IIEF Questionnaire

international index of erectile function iief questionnaire infographic

The point is, you need to set realistic goals on what you want to improve on with this device. Let’s say you end up using an IIEF self assessment tool before you start your Phoenix treatments and then a few months later you take it again to compare results/scoring.

The goal should be to improve in the erectile function domain, but the real goal should be to improve in all the domains that the tool calculates, especially if you have other performance issues you need to work on.

Tackle these root causes head on…all of them.

In my opinion, I think it’s one good way to compare and contrast your results. It’s not the only way. But it’s something to think about. That’s my two cents.

Unsure if you are a good candidate for The Phoenix Li-ESWT device? They also have a quiz on their website! (IIEF-5)

They have a quiz (