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Phallosan Forte: Penis Stretching Device 

phallosan forte

Let’s face it; not all of us were born with huge dicks. If you made it this far, then you are in the right direction and actually want to do something about it. Penis enlargement is not a walk in the park. It takes hours and commitment to get to the size you want to be. A lot of guys will succeed, while others will give up after a few months with minimal results. 


BDE Style is here to review one of the best penile stretching devices on the market that actually works and helps the “lazy” guy achieve results in 6 months to a year. Increasing penis size and girth is possible with the Phallosan Forte, and educating yourself now and following a routine will give you promising results safely and naturally.

Disclaimer: BDE Style is a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. We test each product thoroughly and provide educational information that shouldn't be misconstrued as medical advice. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own. Read more about our policies and disclosures here

What is the Phallosan Forte


The Phallosan Forte is the ultimate lazy man’s penis enlargement device. The device is German engineered and is backed up by over 20 years of clinical research. Unlike other penile stretching devices on the market, The Phallosan Forte is the best when it comes to quality, comfort, and results. You literally get what you pay for with a German made product.


Now, for those of you who are unfamiliar or not too familiar with penis stretching devices, the Phallosan Forte is a penile traction device. What it is intended to do is increase penis size in both length and girth through extension and a resistance training. Continuously wearing the device can improve penile blood flow and circulation, which over time, will increase the size of your penis. 


The device can also treat Peyronie’s Disease and Erectile Dysfunction by helping men straighten out curves or bends in their penises from scar tissue and plaque build up.

Phallosan Forte penis stretching device.
Phallosan Forte penis stretching device

How Does the Phallosan Forte work

The device focuses on 3 principles:


  1. Penis traction (resistance training or a force pull)

  2. Mitosis (Scientific term for forced cell division or new cells)

  3. Continuous healing (State of healing and filling of new cells)

The concept

When you are at the gym lifting weights, you are breaking down tissues within your body. Afterward, you give those tissues a break overtime to recover and grow. This is how bodybuilders and everyone else in the gym grow their muscles.


The Phallosan Forte works in a similar way. By moderately stretching your penis over time, it slowly breaks down the tissues surrounding your penis. Over time those tissues will heal and regrow… Bigger… Stronger… and Longer. 


This is essentially resistance training but for your penis.

men wanting to know how to increase girth permanently

Who Can Benefit From Wearing a Phallosan Forte ​


Anyone that is looking to increase their penis size can benefit from wearing a Phallosan Forte. However, those that will benefit the most from it are:


  • Guys that are on the smaller side can benefit from it

  • Guys who are lazy can benefit from it

  • Guys who haven’t focused on length can benefit from it

  • New guys can benefit from it (Newbies gain the fastest)

Guys who are new to penis enlargement barely graze the surface when it comes to penis extension. These “newbies” tend to gain the fastest because their penises are not used to the force and tension as opposed to a veteran who regularly uses multiple penis stretching devices. 


Guys who have used penis enlargement products in the past or have tried other routines can benefit from a Phallosan Forte if they never or rarely focused on length training.  


Most guys around the world have an average penis size between 5 and 5.5 inches when erect. Guys who are average or below average can benefit from wearing the device because they have a lot of potential to grow. They can easily take advantage of the tension force from The Phallosan Forte and adjust the belt for more force, resulting in better results.


Guys who are lazy and want something to “do it for them” can benefit from using a Phallosan Forte because the device does all the grunt work for you!

SO, if you're wondering how to increase girth permanently and increase penis size, the Phallosan Forte is the answer!

phallosan forte sleeves
penis straightener

Why Should You Choose Phallosan Forte as Your Penis Enlargement Device?


It targets length

Phallosan Forte targets your penis length by stimulating your penis tissue by continuously stretching it out. It’s backed by a lot of scientific research and studies. If you look at one of their main studies, the results show that you could increase penis size by 1.9 inches in as little as 6 months! This is a good starting point on what to expect if you ask us.


It’s Painless

The Phallosan Forte is completely painless to use! All of the materials used with this product have been tested and are 100% anti-allergic. It’s also important to note that there are absolutely no sharp edges or latex that could result in allergies or injuries. The Phallosan Forte is designed so that you can wear it for hours without having to worry about pain. This is why it’s the number penis enlargement device, it increases penis size without the pain. 


Use It All Day and Night

One of the many reasons that make the Phallosan Forte so great is how incredibly easy it is to use. You can use the device all day AND all night (up to 12 hours). Most penis extenders aren't safe to wear while you sleep because of risk of injury or loss of blood flow to the penis. However, with this device, you can simply slip it on every night safely without any risk of it hurting you. The Phallosan Forte will do all the work for you while you sleep!

The "average" Phallosan Forte Results


The National Library of Medicine found that the average person can benefit from using a penile extender. 


Clinical Studies Have proven the Phallosan Forte to be effective. When using the device for an average of 9 hours 6 days a week, users have experienced the following: 


The average length growth results: 

3.6 cm to 2.9 cm of increased penile length. 


The best length growth results:

4.9 cm to 4.0 cm of increased penile length.


The average girth growth results: 

1.5 cm to 1.1 cm of increased girth size. 


The best girth growth results:

2.5 cm to 2.1 cm of increased girth size.


Happy Couple after learning how to increase penis size

As you can see from these clinical studies - 

the average man can see amazing results in penis growth, with little to no effort. 


The results you receive from using this device is ultimately dependent on how the user uses it. How long and how frequently will you wear it? The more it is used, the better results you will see for penis enlargement.

Phallosan Forte Reviews and Testimonials


As seen on their official website, results can vary from man to man. One man’s results can’t speak for every man. For instance, you can read about one guy who gains pretty quickly, while another guy with minimal gains will question what they’re doing wrong.


The point is, you can’t beat yourself up if you’re not on the same page as someone else. Everyone has a different starting point and different bodies. For instance, the reason they could have gained so quickly is that they are new to penis enlargement. This or their dick is on the smaller side of average, etc.


The possibilities could be endless, but the end result is that all men can gain from using The Phallosan Forte one way or another. And, regardless of how these guys get there, most claim that the device not only increased their penis size but their confidence too!


Below are some great Phallosan Forte reviews and testimonials from happy Phallosan customers from around the world.

“Great great product. Have both the forte and the plus and have made impressive gains, not only in length but girth as well. Used different brand items in the past and found them painful to wear so gave up on them in general.

The Phallosan can be work for many many hours without any pain at all. In fairness, you wouldn't even know you were wearing it!!! I think it's great”

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Phallosan Forte




Comfort: The Phallosan Forte is the most comfortable device on the market. It offers several sizes, extra protection, and is designed so that nothing will injure your penis. 


Effectiveness: With so many trials conducted, along with many positive reviews, the results you get by using this device are indisputable. It has been proven again and again to work and increase penis length and girth. 


Fast Results: The tension designed within the devices offers a consistent and effective method of enlarging your penis. It also allows you to wear it up to 12 hours a day (unlike other devices) offering you the best and fastest results for penile enlargement. 


Consistent tension: Unlike jelqing or manual stretching exercises you can do with your hands to stretch out your penis, you may not know how much force to use, which often leads to injury. The Phallosan Forte offers consistent and safe tension when using the device.




Learning Curve: At first it may take the average man a bit of research on how to properly use and maintain the device. However, there are many videos out there with detailed instructions.


Price: When it comes to your penis, quality matters. The Phallosan Forte does come in at a hefty price, but it’s quality and effectiveness outweighs the price! 


Time: Wearing a Phallosan Forte requires hours and commitment to a training program in order to see results. Most users see promising results after clocking in 1000 hours. If you don’t have the mindset to commit then you will most likely fail and remain average or below average (the hard truth).


phallosan forte plus
happy couple after using penis stretching device

Phallosan Forte vs. The Phallosan Forte Plus+


Based on experience, if you’re averaging out at around 6.5 inches to 7 inches, you may have difficulty getting a FULL extension when using the Phallosan Forte. Some scenarios like moving in your sleep or going about your normal day could possibly interfere with your extension training because:


  1. Your dick is big and it may compress back and forth like an accordion during sleep, sitting or any motion activity like working out.

  2. Your hips or waist may be on the smaller side and the Phallosan forte belt can’t adjust to your bigger than average dick. 


The Phallosan Forte works perfectly fine if you are average or below average. If you’re less than 6.5 inches your penis will maintain full extension no matter what you do.


Couple in Sea

For those of you with an above-average size penis, It doesn’t mean that the device won’t work. It just means that you’re in a rare percentile of men with a bigger than average penis size. If you do have an above-average size penis, there is the Phallosan Forte Plus! The extended version for those guys looking for even more length and girth.

The Plus+ is a compliment to the Phallosan Forte. It’s an add-on accessory that can help produce results faster without the belt. 


The Phallosan Plus allows you to increase girth and extend the length of your penis even further. It allows you to increase the potency of the device with 4.8 kg pulling power!

Take Penis Stretching and Size To The Next Level!


The Plus+ is a compliment to the Phallosan Forte. It’s an add-on accessory that can help produce results faster without the belt. 


The Phallosan Plus allows you to increase girth and extend the length of your penis even further. It allows you to increase the potency of the device with 4.8 kg pulling power! 


(This is for those guys who are above average or for those that want to take their penis stretching routines to the next level)

Combining The Phallosan Forte PE Extender Device With The Phoenix Device


Remember the principle of mitosis and how new cells can form? Well if you do a penis stretching exercise or routine you’ll notice that training your dick also means that you need recovery time too! Every guy heals differently and the point of clocking in so many hours with The Phallosan Forte is to see results solidify over time. The more you gain, the more blood flow you need to support new cells and tissue. 

In theory, penis enlargement and recovery is important. If you own a Phoenix or a Phallosan Forte, I'm sure some of you have probably thought of using The Phoenix Device after an extender session.

The Phallosan Forte Penis Stretcher And The Phoenix Acoustic Wave Device For ED.jpg

The concept in theory

As one device is meant for penis stretching and the other is for restoring sexual decline and helping men with performing in the bedroom, our theory is that results may come faster if you use both devices. 


Think of it like adding a protein shake to your diet after going hard in the gym. Again, it’s just a theory, but worth trying since both devices are safe, non-invasive, and are proven to work.

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