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About Big Dick Energy

What is Big Dick Energy, and how do you get it?​ A trend that started in 2018 after the death of Anthony Bourdain, a man known for his taste, intelligence, and irreverence when it came to food and travel. It later exploded that year because Ariana Grande referred to her ex-boyfriend, Pete Davidson as someone who has Big Dick Energy. Big Dick Energy or BDE is not about someone who shows off that energy in a matter that screams, "I'm better than you". The 2018 definition of the phrase was about someone controlling the room with confidence and exuding that energy to those around them. Urban dictionary's definition of Big Dick Energy is confidence without cockiness. It's LOW key energy that you don't have to brag about how awesome you are. You just are and that's it

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Big Dick Energy's New Definition in 2020


The energy speaks for itself. As the definition is up to interpretation, many people have argued that you don't have to have a big dick or penis to have it. Even women can have Big Dick Energy. But, what is it about big dick energy that makes it sound so powerful? Well, the term has a positive connotation that hearing it from someone can be taken as a compliment. For guys, it can mean more than just confidence and masculinity. 

Some guys only associate the "Big Dick" part and automatically feel great because society constantly tells people that "bigger" means better. In reality, most guys, if not all would be happy if they had a big dick and that they were told that. But, being big is not what this site is about or what the TRUE definition of BDE/big dick energy is.


This site isn't supposed to single out guys that have big dicks. It's for those that have lost touch with their manhood, their sexual energy, their confidence, and for those with insecurities.

This year it's about being secure with being insecure. Big Dick Energy's new definition in 2020 is something we all can stand by and share with one another. You can have a big dick, average dick, small dick, or no dick and can still develop BDE. Big Dick Energy is a style of life and to be one hundred percent clear, it is attainable. This site will help with just that. 

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Big Dick Energy is a Style

We want to share Big Dick Energy with everyone. BDE Style is for Men and women from all walks of life and they can all use this energy to enhance their relationships, sex lives and be better human beings. In todays world, we are brainwashed by social media, politics, and more that influence our behaviors and hinder our primal nature. BDE Style was created to help educate and advocate for men's sexual health. There is no bs here. We are transparent when it comes to what we research. We may not be scientists or doctors, but we know how to read between the lines and can differentiate between 'bull sh*t studies' out there and what resources are actually worth mentioning.


We invite you to connect with us and join our Big Dick Energy Tribe where you'll read up on awesome resources on various topics like:

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