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Fleshlight Review

A Full Review of the Fleshlight & Everything You Should Know About It

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For My Review On The Fleshlight:

What's up everyone? It's Rich, and today I want to talk about a very well-known mastubator that millions of guys use called Fleshlight.


Before you all judge me for using one or even balk at the idea of why I would recommend it to you guys, hear me out first. 

It’s not just a sex toy… Fleshlight and its other products like Fleshjack and accessories like the shower mount or Universal Launch were created to give men the best overall masturbation experience.


Specifically, helping men move away from using their hand to a more realistic and better way to jerk off that sort of simulates what sex would feel like.

3 different fleshlights, the stamina training lady, classic pink, and turbo thrust

What Exactly Is A Fleshlight & Is It Worth Buying One?

In 1998, Steve Shubin was granted a patent for his invention and design of the very first Fleshlight that some of you might know as the original “pink little lady”. In an interview, Steve’s wife, Kathy, was advised by her gynecologist to stop having sex after finding out she was pregnant with twins.


It was stated that because she was in an “advanced maternal age” (she was 46) that they wanted to avoid any complications during the pregnancy (assuming this was the reason, although this part was not stated, you would obviously google “can you have sex, if pregnant with twins”, and you’ll see plenty of links with mixed reasoning about potential complications).

the pink lady fleshlight

But, because Steve wasn’t able to have sex, that’s basically how this invention became to be after trial and error in the mid-90s. Today, the brand has grown to become the leader of male masturbators with dozens of models, textures, molds, colors, accessories and more that cater to men (and women too!). 

The company basically offers an overwhelming selection of “artificial'' fake vaginas and other variations that compare to anal sex and oral sex. The brand continues to be innovative while listening to men and specific their needs…hence the wide selection. 

That, to me, separates them from other cheap silicone sleeves on the market or the “do it yourself” guys who find a pillow, sock or some kind of fruit to thrust into.

What is a Fleshlight

It’s not a “flashlight”, but it kind of looks like one…haha

There are 4 basic components to a Fleshlight:

  1. The Fleshlight sleeve: where the inside can be customized by texture, and color

  2. The orifice: mouth, butthole or vagina (your choice for the opening part of it)

  3. It’s case: Used to protect against damage and dirt, etc.

  4. End cap: This controls the suction part of the experience

The Fleshlight sleeve is made out of a secret combination of high quality mineral oil and rubber polymers (obviously, it's a secret because it’s protected by a series of U.S patents). But, the soft materials make it feel very life-like and for some guys… better than the “real” thing according to some reviews on their website.

comparing the fleshlight to a flashlight side by side

Fleshlights are worth buying!

From a very young age, usually when puberty starts kicking in, many of us start exploring masturbation and experimenting with different grips, rhythms, tightness, frequency and variations. But, no one ever really tells us about the dangers of masturbating incorrectly, or how being too rough can fracture or break our penises.

The truth is, some guys unintentionally injure themselves while masturbating with their hands while others are either ejaculating too early or desensitizing themselves due to poor hand technique. 

To me, Fleshlight is a multifaceted tool that all men should have in their bedroom. Using a toy specifically designed for male pleasure is the way to go as this allows sexual gratification without the stress of gripping your dick too hard or potentially injuring yourself. 

Is it Worth Buying
Fleshlight Focuses On

My Fleshlight Review Focuses On Men’s Sexual Health Issues

review of the fleshlight with all of the accessories

Now, today I want to talk about the benefits and reasons why I’m advocating Fleshlight and its line of products. I’m not going to go too far into the weeds about the different models and textures to choose from as there is an overwhelmingly large selection and many different combinations you can choose from. 

Although I will share what I’ve learned, researched and experienced when it comes to big dick Fleshlights versus your standard Fleshlight made for the majority of men (average men). 

Here are the main reasons why I recommend Fleshlight:


1. It can help a guy beat Death Grip Syndrome (or delayed ejaculation)

It’s not to be mistaken for “good stamina”. But, some of you guys may have this sexual issue and are living in silence with it. This is usually caused by unhealthy masturbation habits and bad patterns that make it harder to achieve orgasm without an aggressive masturbation technique. This includes during sex as this particular syndrome can ruin sex in your relationship. 


2. It can help with stamina training (for the guy who has premature ejaculation)

You might be that guy who ends sex a little too soon because you came too early. But, with some Fleshlight training, you can learn to last longer for your partner. .


3. It’s another element that can be added to your bedroom experience for you and your partner to experiment with

Who says guys can’t have toys, too. So, why not use it together!


4. Guys with bigger dicks can also benefit from this as well

As a P.E enthusiast (penis enlargement) I’ve experienced the “bigdickproblem” of being too much for a partner to handle. Even for you naturally large guys out there, sometimes sex is not always an option as your partner is still recovering from the last toe curling pleasure session. A Fleshlight can be an added element so that sex is not completely off the table and that you both can perform other sexual acts.


***Think about Steve Shubin’s story we mentioned earlier. Maybe your partner is having twins and you don’t want any complications. A Fleshlight is perfect in this scenario, too!


Is it Versatile

Fleshlights & Fleshjacks Are Very Versatile

Although masturbating is often viewed as sticky and messy, the Fleshlight brand anticipates these things for you. It’s not just the sex toys that they offer you. But they offer solutions like:


  • Cleaning solutions for your fleshlight

  • They also offer water based lubricants meant for the fleshlight sleeves as they recommend water based and not silicone lube

  • They also offer other accessories like mounts, renewing powder, vibrators, antibacterial cleaning solution and a whole lot more.

fleshlight accessories

It’s also a good way to elevate your bedroom experience with a partner as sex should be about exploring different types of stimulation and pleasure. 


This is what led me to buy one of Fleshlight’s packaged deals as I found that their deals give you more bang for your buck instead of purchasing each item separately. But, you have to make sure you’re paying attention to their online deals as they can change whenever. 

Fleshlight package with everything included

With less than 90 bucks I was able to get one of their current deals for:


  • 4 oz FleshLube Water

  • 4 oz FleshLube Ice

  • 4 oz FleshLube Fire

  • Renewing Powder

  • FleshWash

  • Shower Mount

  • Sleeve Warmer

  • Black Fleshlight Case

This package did not come with a sleeve, however, you can purchase it separately and you’d still have a good deal for less than $150 bucks. I ended up purchasing the original sleeve as I have a thicker girth and I wanted to make sure that the sleeve was wide enough for my comfort. The shower mount, lube, sleeve warmer and cleaning materials were a plus AND a NECESSITY!

My Personal Experience

My Personal Hands-Free Fleshlight Experience

Although I do not suffer from premature ejaculation, or DGS, I did however suffer from mild-severe ED for years. Masturbation has always been something I had to be careful of because an erection that is not 100% erect can easily be damaged or injured by improper masturbation technique/force or by vigorous penetration with a partner. 

Thankfully, I did treat my specific ED (in my case, vasculogenic ED) with a variety of strategies, such as The Phoenix Li-ESWT device that helped improve my erections and sensitivity, that I can now say that I enjoy masturbation and sex even more! If you’re wondering about The Phoenix, I’ve done a full review of the Phoenix after using it for a full year. 

Now, being that my purchase included all of these items, I was able to get the FULL “hands-free” experience because it included the shower mount, which is what I intended to use my Fleshlight for. 

the fleshlight, lube, showermount, and sleeve warmer

For me, the bathroom/shower is an easier place to clean things up.  At the same time, they included three different lubricants in my order and a Fleshlight sleeve warmer to give me a more realistic experience.


And, what better place to do all of that, than in the shower as you also have the hot water to clean up and/or to warm it up, if you wanted to.

***I’ve also read online that you could use a therapeutic heating pad instead to wrap around your Fleshlight to prepare your toy as well as add more sensation. But, either way works!

the tip of the fleshlight masturbating toy

As far as the experience...being able to fully control my thrusts and have the convenience of not holding it or adjusting the angle of it was definitely a step up from any masturbation techniques I’ve ever tried before. You literally just mount it on the shower wall, apply a considerable amount of their water based lubricant to both the Fleshlight and on your penis and then you’re all set to thrust away.

Important Fleshlight Tips

You do really want to take your time exploring the sensations felt throughout your penis. The end cap allows you to adjust the suction, so experiment with that, especially if you're thicker than average! You also want to make sure you use a considerable amount of lube onto the orifice, inside and on your penis.


The only downside is that as a P.E enthusiast (penis enlargement) I do experiment with enlarging techniques, and devices. So, I did find that my girth can sometimes become an issue with Fleshlights. I’ll explain more about that below, but overall It was a pleasurable experience. My partner was a little iffy about it at first, but after a couple of uses and seeing as she could also try it on me in the bedroom and around the house was a plus for her as my facial expressions eventually changed her mind about it.

After all, us guys can have toys, too!


Now, I did mention earlier that there are some important reasons why I advocate for Fleshlights and their line of different models and accessories. Let’s dive into that further, starting with Death Grip Syndrome.

Lifestyle & Health

Lifestyle and Health Factors For “Death Grip” Syndrome That Should Be Considered Before Using A Fleshlight

First and foremost, Death Grip Syndrome (DGS) isn’t actually a medically recognized condition because it hasn’t been studied in-depth in a controlled setting.


With that being said, medical professionals do agree that the syndrome has been widely reported by men, but some might point out that the reasoning for this delay in orgasm is because of health causes like low testosterone, diabetes that affects nerve sensitivity and other health considerations.


In most cases, doctors attribute DGS as a subset to Erectile Dysfunction connected to Delayed Ejaculation.

infographic showing how the fleshlight can help treat death grip syndrome

Another thing to keep in mind is your medicine cabinet. If you are taking any medications that cause you to have issues with penis sensitivity or impotence like antidepressants/SSRI’s, then you should talk with your doctor about what your options are for changing your medications. 

Since the term DGS has been used for almost two decades now, It has been referenced when discussing dissatisfaction in personal relationships and quality of life. The truth is, DGS can affect your relationship if there isn’t an honest and open dialogue about the syndrome and any feelings about it that could help your partner understand what is happening.

couple upset because of death grip syndrome

Sexual performance anxiety (another sexual issue) can cause all kinds of erectile complications, so being open with your partner about what is going on will take some of the pressure off of you as well as open new doors for you guys to try new strategies to help tackle this sexual issue. 

A Fleshlight is one of them, which is why I recommend guys try it. Whether you’re in a relationship or are taking a break from relationships, then this is a way to help break free from your current "bad" masturbation habits.

Beating DGS

Why Use A Fleshlight To Beat Death Grip Syndrome?

Sometimes you might wish you had premature ejaculation instead of Death Grip Syndrome (DGS). It’s definitely a good feeling to last long enough to make your partner orgasm multiple times, but not a good feeling when they finally catch their breath and notice that you’re having a hard time orgasming yourself! 

This is where Fleshlight or Fleshjack comes in. And I want you to think of it as a Death Grip Syndrome action plan to try to beat it. With a little discipline and understanding of the concept behind “conditional learning” I want you all to consider it as a way for you to not only be able to orgasm with your partner easier, but to move away from things like porn addiction and improper masturbation techniques that you have been doing with your hands for years. 

infographic showing how the fleshlight can beat death grip syndrome

In theory, when I refer to conditional learning, I want you all to think of Pav Lows dog salivating experiment. No, we are not dogs, but the experiment concluded that the dog salivating was a conditional learned response.

The Pavlov’s Dogs study is a psychological experiment that was conducted by Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov. The aim of the study was to investigate how conditioning affects behavior. In the experiment, Pavlov presented a stimulus (e.g. a bell) before giving his dogs food. After a while, the dogs began to associate the bell with food and would start to salivate when they heard it, even if no food was present. This type of learning is known as Pavlovian conditioning.

the turbo fleshlight sex toy

We have the potential to unlearn poor masturbation techniques and bad patterns of a death grip with the help of a Fleshlight. For this reason, Fleshlight offers many different textures, models and skins to mirror what a vagina or butthole feels like relative to your hand.


The idea is to become more responsive or sensitive to more than one kind of stimulation, so that you can enjoy more than one way of “getting off”...hence moving away from your conditioned death grip technique you’ve used the majority of your life.

Although Fleshlight is not a requirement or a guarantee to help beat DGS, a Fleshlight or Fleshjack can help prevent you from squeezing too hard and simulate the “thrusting in a hole” principle that is similar to sex.


You’re rewiring your body from orgasming from a death grip to a more hands-free way, just like sex would be like. That’s the goal in theory and can take a while to create or break a habit.

In the meantime, discipline yourself. Change positions, locations, time of day, making sure you have enough time to “self love”, etc. In a study on habits and changing behaviors, the researchers found that it could take anywhere from 18 to 255 days to break a habit or change one's behavior so that it becomes automatic. But, it really depends on the individual and the environment and any of these possible considerations:


  • How long you’ve had the habit

  • Whether you’ve fully integrated the behavior into your life

  • What rewards (social, physical, or emotional) you get from it

  • Whether other behaviors reinforce the habit

  • Your motivation

handing squeezing a rope representing DGS

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit (STU) Can Help Guys With Premature Ejaculation

Sex is supposed to be dynamic, sensual, erotic and most importantly, a good time. But some guys have difficulty lasting long enough for their partners to even experience what sex is supposed to feel like. It’s called premature ejaculation or what the Mayo Clinic describes it when a man:

  • Always or nearly always ejaculate within 1 to 3 minutes of penetration

  • Is not able to delay ejaculation during sex all or nearly all the time

  • Feels distressed and frustrated, and tend to avoid sexual intimacy as a result

sexy couple in bed doing foreplay

This is where a Fleshlight or Fleshjack can help. They have a stamina training unit specifically for guys to be more conscious about their thrusts while helping them learn to last longer.


Now, a word of advice, especially to those who are inexperienced or guys who are a virgin.


Piston movements that are “in and out” in a thrusting manner is considered sex, but not considered great and attentive sex. If you are using a Fleshlight to mirror what sex is supposed to be like, you need to be more dynamic by using your hips to navigate inside your partner, especially if your partner is a female. Piston movements or the “in and out” thrusts are more likely to make you explode faster or experience premature ejaculation. 

Stamina Training

Using a Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit to “Unlock” Your Hips

Rather than doing a piston movement that may or may not abruptly end sex in minutes for you, a good suggestion would be for you to take your time to be a little more sensual, while moving your hips in circles or doing less repeated “in and out” thrusts. Try switching up the tempo and rhythm so that you can condition yourself to last longer.

There is no need to exaggerate your hip thrusts like you would see in an unrealistic porn video, but rather, be more attentive as sex is often compared to as a dance.


From personal experience, as a latino, being taught how to dance and unlock my hips has helped my sexual technique, especially with women who were first timers when it came to penis in vagina (PIV) orgasm. And, yes, PIV orgasms can become common if you know how to move your hips, be attentive and have chemistry with your partner that can relax and open up to you.​

couple in bed talking about increase stamina for sex

If you’re not familiar with a pelvic roll (hip roll) or moving your ass in circles, google it. At the same time, take dance class (preferably bachata, Kizomba and salsa) that’ll help you unlock your hips, so you can be more sensual in the bedroom. 


The goal is to learn how to slow things down and be in sync with your partner or future partners with the hope that they, too, are as sensual as you in bed…..remember, It takes two to tango. 


Using a Fleshlight is a great way to practice this while building up your stamina. You can say goodbye to premature ejaculation and your partner will think you’re a sexual beast.

There’s NO Shame In Using a Fleshlight, Man

Come on guys…You’re here with me at where we advocate for men’s sexual health. This is a safe place to talk about stuff like this. There is no shame in using a Fleshlight or ANY toy, period. It’s your experience/pleasure, not anyone else's.

If you’re worried about cultural upbringing or religious beliefs that frowned upon sex toys, then there are plenty of models that Fleshlight and Fleshjack offer that are less human-like. Remember, the point is that masturbation is supposed to be healthy…

fleshlight product image

I don’t necessarily agree with NoFAP, No Nut November, No PMO and those trends that somehow still seem to be a thing, today. We need sexual release and the term “Use it or lose it” is a real thing. When you stop having sex, your body changes.


I talk about this constantly when it comes to men and erectile dysfunction. If you have ED, you want to be able to get an erection as much as possible, and organically. If you don’t have ED, you still want to be able to produce and maintain an erection and have them multiple times a day… Erections are strong indicators of our overall health.

stamina training unit fleshlight

You don’t want to condition yourself not to have erections at all or come out worse when doing one of these insane methodical systems based on poor research and anecdotes that gave birth to the term porn induced erectile dysfunction or “PIED”.


Porn is NOT a direct cause of ED. It’s an indirect cause that points more to a dissatisfaction in ones current lifestyle, performance anxiety and a lack of sex education as the reasons why someone has psychogenic ED. 

And no, I’m not encouraging you to watch porn or become addicted to it. All I'm saying is that you want to be able to produce natural and organic erections to preserve the size of your penis while making sure that blood flow is flowing properly throughout your penis. 

That’s more important than a debate on why porn is bad for you. And, if that means you have to rub one out or have sex, then use a Fleshlight as it is totally fine and safer for your penis!

No Shame
Guys With Big Dicks

Are There Any Fleshlights For Guys With Big Dicks?

It’s funny because the downside to every sex toy out there is that they are generally made for the average man. The majority of men out there are packing in between 5 and 6 inches in length and around 4.5 inches in girth on average. 


That’s a lot of men, so of course the common dimensions of a Fleshlight will cater to the grand majority. However, I did take the time to research big dick Fleshlights and all sorts on the internet to see if I can find more information on how to find one specific for us guys on the larger side. 

infographic showing the average size penis compared to the fleshlight

Now, what it comes down to is…girth. 

Length is not the issue when it comes to Fleshlights as most of their models have an insertable length of at least 9 inches. This exceeds the average sized penis and even the above average lengths out there.


But, their size guides and “Fleshlight assist” websites don’t really help men like us, a P.E enthusiast who made their dick bigger with the help of penis enlargement devices like extenders, weight hangers, pumps, etc. OR the naturally bigger than average guy, find a Fleshlight or Fleshjack with a wide circumference to accommodate our girth measurements!

Which Fleshlight Models Girthy Guys Should Avoid

Most standard or regular Fleshlight models can ‘supposedly’ accommodate guys up to 7 inches in circumference or “girth”. This is what is stated on their FAQ page. But, I’ve read otherwise on other forums and reviews. So I had to investigate this further… Also, it’s best to make your own judgment before buying one as it can be tighter than expected and their return policy doesn’t allow you to return it if you open it and try it out (You would be dumb to try an return a used Fleshlight…and that’s gross). 

According to Fleshlights site and looking at the different sleeves and models, these are the Fleshlights/sleeves/orifices to avoid if you have a thicker penis:


  • GO Fleshlight models (because they’re smaller and more compact)

  • The Quickshot 

  • the Flight models (also because they’re smaller and compact versions of the originals)

  • Any Super Tight Sleeves (which they have a page specifically to choose your sleeve type)

  • And even the butthole orifices could pose an issue for the girthier guy because it’s tighter at the point of insertion

fleshlight quickshot

The Quickshot appears to be the only Fleshlight that states on its landing page that it can only accommodate men with a girth of up to 5.5 inches. This means that anyone who is thicker than that will have an issue. 


But, the GO models, and the other ones I mentioned appear to just have a tighter vaginal, oral, or anal canal that could be uncomfortable for the bigger guy. This and the orifice is smaller for the point of insertion.

full image of a fleshlight pink lady

With that being said, their Original Pink Lady model is currently the largest in diameter at 1 inch (but don't be fooled as the Fleshlight material can expand. It's just the case that’s the limiting factor for thicker guys and how the material expands). 

Fleshlight Mod For The Girthy Guy

There is, however, a mod that I found on Reddit from a user called “GirthReviews” who cut/modded his Fleshlight. Although this diverts from using the Fleshlight to its fullest, the guy claims he has a 7 inch circumference (that’s considered huge according to CalcSD…and also very rare) and found this method to be more pleasurable and less tight on his specific measurements.

woman shocked by penis size

So, if you’re a really thick guy (statistics points that this is highly unlikely), or you pump or do clamping that gets your penis circumference there, then you should check out his suggestion on modding your Fleshlight. 

This guy apparently used a scissor to cut around the surrounding parts of the Fleshlight opening and the outer ring so that he would be able to use it. It is a very interesting modification so I suggest guys on the girthier side, to try it out, but with a warning to be careful when cutting your Fleshlight as this mod could potentially rip the sleeve and then you’re out of a Fleshlight. 


So, for the grand majority who are average or have a girth from 4.5 to maybe 6-6.5 inches around, then you’re good. Just rule of thumb is to use more lube if you’re on the thicker side

How Do You Choose a Fleshlight That’s Right For You?

First, I would suggest getting familiar with their products and going through their list of different Fleshlights or Fleshjacks. They do a really good job at categorizing each of their products from toys, to male and female stars, to accessories and more.

fleshlight with assortment of accessories

Next, I suggest writing down your top sexual needs when choosing a model. Consider these points:


  • “I want a stamina and training unit to help with premature ejaculation”.

The Fleshlight STU model is best for this reason and is what most beginners use.


  • “I want to try to beat death grip syndrome and move away from a tight grip with a more relaxed and complete fit”

The original Pink lady model or any of them that are not Fleshlight girl or Fleshjack butt textures, the GO models or any of the super tight ones as you want to move away from the tight “death grip”.


  • “I travel a lot and need something that can fit in my carry on bag”

The Quickshot is small and portable. It’s open on both ends and can fit easily in your bag when on flights. There is also the Fleshlight Go which is a compact version of the original. Both are good for travel. 


  • “My Dick is on the bigger side of average and I want a Fleshlight that can accommodate my girth”

From what I’ve read online, try to avoid the Quickshot because it doesn’t accommodate a girth size of 5.5 inches or more. The same can be said about the super tight sleeves. The original pink lady has the largest diameter canal. I would recommend checking their different types of sleeves here to consider if you want a more bumpier and ribbed texture or a smoother one for your thrusting needs.


  • “I’m looking for a masturbator similar to a blowjob”

They have specific designs for mouth orifices to simulate a blowjob.


  • “I need an automatic or hands-free Fleshlight experience”

Then I would suggest considering the shower mount or the Universal Launch that can accommodate any Fleshlight or masturbator for a hands-free experience. If you’re on a budget, you don’t necessarily need them, although they do make it easier for you...

However, you could easily put your Fleshlight by itself under a pillow to simulate a missionary position in bed. You could also put your Fleshlight in between the pillows of a couch or in between a mattress and bed frame to do doggy style. You could also do spooning by placing your Fleshlight in between two pillows and thrusting into that.


The ideas are endless if you get what I mean. But, it’s definitely much safer than primitive ways like thrusting into a pillow or doing “prone” masturbation which can hurt your penis.


  • “I’m looking for a specific porn star mold for my Fleshlight”

Check out any of these Fleshlight girls or Fleshjack boys. They have a wide variety of molds from your favorite stars like Riley Reid, Luna Star, Dillion Harper, Boomer Banks, Johnny Rapid, and a whole lot more!


I’m not going to include privacy or how to be discreet as a “consideration” when buying one. If you live at home with family or with roommates, that’s your responsibility to clean up after yourself and to store it somewhere in your room if privacy matters to you. Fleshlights are well known and they’re pretty big, so it will be obvious if you leave it in the shower or next to your night stand. 

If you live alone, then perfect!


Lastly, I would suggest looking into the deals as they seem to be better than buying the models, or sleeves, and accessories by themselves.

Choosing A Fleshlight

Other Considerations & Frequently Asked Questions About Fleshlights

How Long Does A Fleshlight Last Before Replacing?

According to the Fleshlight brand, it can last up to a lifetime so long as you clean it, maintain it with their aftercare products and store it away from dust and other bacteria and you should be fine.


I’ve read/heard of people having the SAME Fleshlight for over a decade. I’ve also heard of people buying more than one or multiple sleeves so that they have them for travel or to swap out different sleeves each week. It really depends on how hygienic you are and your means of cleaning and preserving things.

What types of Lube Can Be Used With A Fleshlight?

Using lube with your Fleshlight is absolutely essential and although their are plenty of different types of lubes that can be used for sex and masturbating, there is only one lube brand that should be used in the Fleshlight. This is their lube and it is water-based. This is the only type of lube that is compatible with Fleshlights.

They do have three different types to pick from though, fire, ice, and their normal one. 

How Do You Clean Your Fleshlight?

When it comes to the Fleshlight, there are pockets, ridges, and bumps on the inside, so you will need to keep it clean. The best way to keep it clean is by using a condom, which prevents you from leaving behind any bodily fluids. However, if you don't want to use a condom, then you can use hot water, the Fleshwash cleaning solution, and Fleshlight Renewing Powder after each use.


Don't use anything else such as soap or alcohol, as this can damage the inside. Only use the Fleshlight powder cleaning solution. 

Do You Need To Warm Up Your Fleshlight Before Using It??

Yes, The Sleeve Warmer is technically an “upgrade device” that warms your SuperSkin sleeve to a sensual temperature that even further mimics the feel of a real-life sexual experience. It doesn’t melt it or ruin the sleeve. By using the Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer, it creates and mimics the feeling and sensations of a real-life sexual experience.  

Can I Use My Pillow Or Some Other DIY Masturbator Instead?

As mentioned earlier, some guys develop poor maturbation techniques and bad patterns that make it harder for them to enjoy real life sex. There is a bad technique called “prone masturbation'' where a guy lies face down and thrusts into a mattress, pillow, or hand that may cause injury for men who try this. 


Research suggests that frequent prone masturbation can lead to sexual dysfunction and other complications. When this happens, it’s known as traumatic masturbatory syndrome.


I wouldn’t suggest any cheap masturbators or using a pillow as a “DIY homemade Fleshlight alternative”. This masturbatory style is not exactly healthy or good for your penis. At the same time, cheaper quality masturbators you find online might have a lesser storage life or can rip if it’s made poorly. The cost would outweigh more than if you would just get a good deal on Fleshlights website and actually took care of the sleeve with the cleaning and aftercare products.

Order Now

Order Your Fleshlight

pink fleshlight with gold case

Using a Fleshlight can really increase your satisfaction when it comes to masturbating. It takes it to the next level! Not just that though, the Fleshlight is also:

  • Realistic feeling

  • Customizable

  • Ton of accessories

  • Different types/options

  • Helps with DGS & Premature Ejaculation

  • Helps with stamina training

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