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Bathmate Routines,
Finding Sizes, & More

We're going to cover some bathmate routines, how to find your right size, as well has a bunch more info about the bathmate!

bathmate sizes

Outgrowing Bathmate Sizes and Knowing the Right Size Bathmate to Buy

***You're now on page 3 (the last page) of my Bathmate review. If you need to go back to the previous pages, Bathmate basics (page 1) or Bathmate options (page 2) click the links.

Now, I’ve talked about outgrowing your Bathmate and buying the larger sizes. Let me explain further.


There are a few different Bathmate sizes. They have multiple options to choose from based on YOUR dick size and the power/strength of the bathmate model.

The Hydro7 only comes in ONE size. It’s the OG (original Bathmate model from a decade ago). Again, it’s the perfect starter pump for guys in the 5 inch to 7 inch erect range (most guys are around 5 inches anyway).

If you’re looking for more strength or power, the Bathmate HydroMax series (intermediate pump) is the next grade up. It’s up to 35% stronger because of the design (the gaiter used when pumping for suction). The Hydromax has smaller versions for guys who are smaller than 5 inches and for guys bigger than 7 inches (most likely you are in between 5-7 because again MOST guys are).

Lastly, the Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme (For advanced users) can be used by guys of ANY size. You can use it with the handball pumper or without.

bathmate sizes

My Bathmate recommendation for you: 

If you ask me. I’d recommend getting this one because it’s the most powerful bathmate out there. As it is recommended for advanced bathmate users because of the handball pumper/hose attachment, you can just use the bathmate without it, if you’re starting off. 


I’d wait until at least the third month of figuring it out, adjusting to the pressures inside the bathmate, and getting used to a routine for you to then “add on” the handball pumper/hose attachment for the additional pressure. Again, waiting at least 3 months is a good time frame so that you can adjust to the bathmate first, and understand how it works so that you can avoid the common rookie mistake of over-pumping/training/injuring yourself too quickly or unintentionally.

Example of purchasing the right-sized bathmate for your penis:


Say for example, you are 5.5 inches erect and your girth is 4.5 inches, you could go with the Hydro7, HydroMax 7, or the HydroXtreme 7 since you would fall in the 5 inch to 7 inch range.

What If I’m in Between Bathmate Sizes?

Here is an offcial bathmate size calculator for recommending the best penis pump size for you. As this is great if you’re starting at a whole number like 3,4,5,6,7, etc. you could also be in between bathmate sizes making you question if you should go up a size up or down.


Say, for instance, your starting size is 6.75 to 6.9 inches erect. Bathmate's size calculator will probably tell you to stick with the 7's (Hydro7, Hydromax 7 or HydroXtreme 7). Although you can do this, a good suggestion would probably be to go up a size with the HydroMax 9 or the HydroXtreme 9 because this size handles the 7 to 9 inch range.


Logically speaking, this would make the most sense since the hydromax 7, hydro7 or hydroXtreme 7 is only for the guys in 5-7 inch range. This is what I mean about in-between sizes and not knowing whether to stay or go up a size. So to answer the can go up a size if you want to. 

choosing the right bathmate sizes

Now, If you have the money you could always just buy the Hydro 7, HydroMax 7 or the HydroXtreme 7 since you’re still in the 5 and 7 inch range.


But, you would then have to buy the HydroMax 9 or HydroXtreme 9 in two+ months or whenever you “outgrow” it. But, again that’s if you have the extra cash to buy two pumps at once. 


It would only be stupid if you were 5.5  inches in length, 4.5 inches in girth, and wanted to buy the HydroMax 9 or HydroXtreme 9 because you figured  “I’ll just grow into it”. You'll grow, but not in the direction you want to (meaning you'll gain girth instead of length).  

In theory and from personal experience, the wider the pump in ratio to your penis size, would focus more on girth expansion than length based on the pressure space in the pump. 


If girth is what you’re after, go for the “wide boy” models which are only available for the HydroMax 7 and the HydroXtreme 7. This wide boy line is meant for the guys that are 6.5 inches + in girth. 


But, if you want to grow in both length and girth, get the right size, or add stretching routines to complement your bathmate workout so you can eventually assimilate to the right size.

Awesome. I understand sizing and I know my dick size

Now, after all of this information, how do I get the best results? Keep reading brothers!

Is There A Bathmate Routine For The Best Results? 

When talking about bathmate routines, bathmate recommends on their site that you don’t use it longer than 15 minutes in 24 hours. You’ll probably see a similar iteration of this direction in the Bathmate user manual when getting your bathmate in the mail.


But, to be clear again:


Use the Bathmate pump while you are flaccid for up to 15 minutes a day broken down as follows:

  • Pump for 2-3 minutes, followed by a 2-minute massage. (The massage in between sets mean light jelqing, rolling it in between your palms, helicopter, or a very light massage along your shaft so that healthy blood flow can fill your penis)

  • This can be repeated 2-5 times (15 minutes total in the pump over 24 hours).


BDE Style Bathmate Routine Tip:

The above is a good baseline to follow when trying to improve in size. So long as you don’t “over pump”,  “overtrain”, or “use too much pressure”, you will see benefits in the months to come. 
Overpumping or overtraining is when you don’t follow the manufacturers direction (Aka the divided sets totaling the “up to” 15 minutes maximum per day) and you either pump longer than this, more than once a day, or pump too fast depending on the model you have. 

man using the bathmate routine

For instance, the Bathmate HydroXtreme model has a ball pump that can be attached to the valve. 


Common injuries like penis water blisters on the penis head or ruptures may occur if AGAIN, you over pump, pump way too fast, or pump with too much pressure inside the bathmate . 


Seriously, there is no need to rush or “chase” the pump (staying in the pump longer than recommended because you’re obsessed with the post-pump...aka heavy hanging dick). 


Swimwear Model

Again, if you feel your dick is fatigued, are in pain, desensitize, then you need to dial back and do less of everything. It’s okay to take a day off or two or however long you need. 


Gains happen during recovery, not by overdoing it because you heard someone else got 1 inch in a year and you wanted to be just like that guy. Remember, we all have different penises and sensitivities. Go based on YOUR dick and what you can handle.


Penis Size Concepts and Using a Bathmate for Sex

Before I summarize my Bathmate review, here are some penis size concepts that I want you to take home.


Penis size is still one of the most arguable topics about whether or not it matters. From my personal perspective, I believe it matters on the following:

hydroxtreme for enlarging your penis size
bathmate for penis size enlargement

Using a bathmate helps in all these aspects. 


When I tell you that going down the rabbit hole of P.E helped my sex life, I mean it. When I was average (most guys are) you really underestimate what an additional 1-2 inches in length and girth can really do when it comes to sex. 


When it comes to size, there are so many blogs, articles and statistics that help shed light on what the real TRUE average penis size is while debunking the 7-8 inch average myth. 


Newsflash, the average is closer to 5.


But, the one thing that makes me cringe are the authors of these blogs, articles and statistics giving the typical pat on the back saying,  “it’s okay, sex isn’t everything” or “you can use your mouth or fingers to give a girl an orgasm” or “most girls can’t even orgasm”. 


First off, anyone can use their mouths or fingers to please a girl because the clit is located on the outside and their g-spot is 2-3 inches deep (on the average woman). And, second if you're average, you can definitely give a girl a g-spot orgasm. The only issue is when they want more...And I'm talking about reaching the A-spot and P-spot....aka filling them up.

Poolside Model

When it comes down to it actually happening there will always be that unfulfilled “now fill me up” look they give you, but you can’t because you lack in size. There's something primal about it, because deep down, our animalistic nature makes us crave this type of pleasure and fulfillment.

Although penis size isn’t the primary driving force for a female to orgasm, it still plays a part. I can attest from my own experience that adding an inch or two in length and girth is really a game-changer. Don't underestimate what you can do to a female if you have the ability to reach and fill up a woman further than most guys.

On a site also amazes me that a lot of women have yet to experience a vaginal orgasm. Now, I don't want to say size is everything because it's not. It’s mainly the mind and fighting the resistance most women have about having an orgasm in the first place. 

Most females feel embarrassed to orgasm, or have too many things going on in their mind during sex that makes it harder for them to concentrate to orgasm. Thoughts like:

  • Feeling fat

  • If you think they’re ugly

  • Do they smell bad

  • Are you enjoying it 

  • If you like them

  • Anything random like the dishes

  • etc.

woman not cumming.png

Can stop them from being “in the moment” with you. There are also other factors like trauma or not feeling in control (rape) that might make them reject being able to enjoy sex with you. 


This is where chemistry comes in (and not the boring school kind). You have to be sexually compatible and make a woman feel safe so she can trust you. By doing this you’ll help them to open up and not feel like you’re going to be some asshole who will use her as an object.

Now, I don’t want to dive into female oppression and the battle of the sexes because this is not what this site is about, but for a long time it was frowned upon for a woman to express herself, to have/feel pleasure, etc. So there is still a good majority of women who don’t know how to orgasm because they’ve never experimented with how to make themselves explode.


So, a good idea would be to encourage it, and make them comfortable to experience and feel pleasure without judgement. You can even have them masterbate in front of you or give them homework to explore by themselves. This will help them be able to experience more orgasms with you.

bathmate hydropump products

I will personally go over this in a future post, but once you remove the mental roadblocks and establish chemistry, then size and technique comes next on the list of what matters for sex. 


We also mentioned earlier that you need to be able to reach the A spot and P spot (at least 6 inches) for a woman to truly feel whole/ experience a full body orgasm. Using a bathmate to get to a bigger size can help with this and make the quality of sex better.

  • The old notion of who is the better contender for sex (a bigger penis hands down makes the quality of sex better)

  • A bigger (bigger, not huge) penis helps stimulate the nerves inside a woman's vagina easier than a smaller penis (huge dicks 7+ inches are more likely to cause pain).

  • Reaching the A and P spot ( You need to be at least 6 inches to reach this, but for some women, you need to be a little bit longer than this because some vaginas are longer in-depth/ longer when aroused or the placement of the cervix during their menstrual cycle can rise).

  • Being more confident overall (BDE or Big dick energy is not about having a big dick. You can make your dick bigger, it will give you more confidence, but take it with a grain of salt. It’s not about acting like a dick or being lazy when it comes to sex. Educate yourself on the female anatomy and psychology and become a sex god).

  • Keeping the sex in a relationship or hooking up with new partners exciting and fun will help you differentiate from OTHER men. When sex becomes boring, or stale, the relationship starts to turn for the worst. 

My Bathmate HydroMax Penis Pump Review Summarized

Results depend on your lifestyle choices, the bathmate pump you use, how your body reacts to it, and your commitment to the recommended routine by the bathmate.

You’re going to see both temporary/immediate gains and long-term gains with consistent and maintenance use. Results do vary from person to person, but the consensus between other bathmate reviews and users and myself is around 1-2 inches in length and up to 1.5 inches in girth after 1-2 years of commitment. But, in the meantime, enjoy the immediate “post bathmate hangs” to either pick up girls (or guys).

You can ALSO combine the Bathmate with other tools like:

The Phallosan Forte (For length)

It's a traction device that can be used all day to keep your ligaments stretched out (optimal for healing after an active P.E workout or to focus on length gains). Or The Phallosan Forte can be used as an extender with the Plus+ addition. 

The Phoenix acoustic wave device to help make "getting it up" in the bedroom that much easier. The Phoenix uses Li-ESWT technology that is used in clinics to restore sexual performance in men.


Bathmate as stand alone device gives results, but if you want better results, we recommend adding both of these devices to get BETTER results overall.

the phoenix

There is a learning curve on how to use it. So remember to watch the videos I mentioned above and to give it time for you to adjust (at least 90 days).


Take my warnings mentioned throughout this review about penis pump injuries and to go the “slow and steady” route. If you feel like you’re overtraining, reduce time and intensity. Don’t be afraid to take a day or more off if your dick needs a break. 

Remember Bathmate recommends no more than 15 minutes maximum in the pump per day. This 15 minute session is broken down into 2-3 minutes in the pump and then you massage and do a light stretch. Then you repeat this 2-5 times. Your first try does not warrant a full maximum session. Less is always better. So in the beginning, make sure you give yourself some days off or do less time in the pump/less intensity. Then work up to the maximum time once your dick is conditioned to do so.

Model in the Water

Getting a bigger dick does not mean she’ll orgasm. It’s mainly mental so get her there first!


If you’ve made it this far, I appreciate YOU! 


BDEStyle is your older brother who has tried a bunch of products and is happy to help in any way possible. If you do end up purchasing a bathmate through our advocate link and have an exciting story about your experience with Bathmate, please share it to


An example could be your progress after 6 months or a year. It can even be a sex story about how you banged some girl (or guy) after gaining in size with a bathmate.


We will feature you in a future post (anonymously if you prefer)! 


Thank you! And here are some cool tips and resources on Bathmate that I promised you all…

BDEStyle’s Cool Bathmate Tips For You!

Here are a couple of BDE's bathmate tips!​

  • Do NOT buy a bathmate from eBay or Amazon or some random website. Most of these pumps are FAKE and you’ll lose money if they break. Here is why….  

  • The true manufacturers are and If you buy from them directly, you get a 2-year warranty keeping you safe against any malfunction. Just make sure to register your hydro pump to activate your warranty (which you do when you get the packaging and registration information when you get your pump in the mail). You also get a 60-day return policy minus shipping costs if you buy from them directly. You don’t get any of this if you buy from some 3rd party vendor like eBay, etc.

  • Shave your pubes, dick, and balls, or at least trim down the hairs to create a better suction. If you do this, you will get a better suction from the pump. This isn’t the 70’s guys. Plus a shaved or trimmed look makes your dick look bigger anyway.

shave your pubes.png
  • CLEAN your bathmate! If you leave it in the bathtub or shower and don’t clean it often, it can build up bacteria. You don’t want to pump with that and risk the chance of an infection or sticking your dick into your partner's parts and then they get a UTI, yeast infection, etc. You can buy a cleaning kit with Bathmate here, if you did not buy one. You could also just use an antibacterial soap and some paper towels to deep clean your bathmate.

  • Can you jerk off or have sex after using your Bathmate?!? If you’re going to wear a condom, I would make sure to pump at least 1-2 hours beforehand (it honestly depends on how big your girth is, to begin with). You’re going to get thicker over time and the “post bathmate pump” is usually thick as soon as you’re done pumping. So wearing a condom might be tough. Your penis will also be a little fatigued after a workout. So waiting a good 1-2 hours before sex to pump will help you fit into a condom and be able to rise to the occasion for when you do have sex. I’d also hold off on jerking off because after expansion you want to recover and stay in that state. Jerking off right after will only make your little guy and the muscles around contract making your penis “turtle up” during a refractory period (the period after cumming and time your dick takes to be able to get hard again).

  • Avoid underwear if you can. If you’re home and just did a bathmate session, don’t wear underwear. You’re home so who cares. Just wear basketball shorts and freeball. If you need to wear underwear when going out, choose a big pouch style underwear or loose boxers. Anything constricting will affect your gains and blood flow. For whatever reason fashion trends in the past decade want us, men, to wear tight constricting underwear. Although it keeps things together, it can work against you for it to breathe fresh blood.


  • You could also wear The Phallosan Forte if you want to keep your penis stretched out. By adding The Phallosan forte after a bathmate session, your penis will heal/recover in a stretched flaccid state. Check out my review of The Phallosan Forte here.

  • Fluid retention aka edema, aka doughnut effect. This happens if you stay in the bathmate pump for long periods of time. To reduce fluid build-up (which goes away so don’t worry if it happens to you) reduce time in the bathmate and split your session up into sets as the recommended bathmate routine suggests. This and to massage your penis and/or perform light jelqing to even things out.

This list will continue to grow for your convenience. 

guy freeballing.jpg

Ready to Order Your Bathmate?

The bathmate works... and it works well! All you need to do it order it and use it. Use the button below to order your priority bathmate! If you guys have any questions, comments, or concerns, reach out!

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