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The Phoenix for Erectile Dysfunction In 2023

(updated review January 2023)

What's up guys, it's Rich, and today I want to talk about an amazing device I came across in 2020 called The Phoenix. Now, I'm just an ordinary guy like you with a common problem that happens to many of us in the bedroom. Erectile dysfunction or ED is the man "plague" many of us are told growing up that we will get it "eventually".


Whether you experience it now or later, Erectile Dysfunction is not a life sentence. It can ONLY be treated and managed If you educate yourself on how to prevent it and how to improve your situation if you do have ED. A lack of blood flow is usually the root cause (leading cause), and if you use The Phoenix device, you'll see the benefits of improved blood flow, more spontaneous erections, and increased sensitivity like I did. 

For me, I chose to treat my erections with the help of The Phoenix Li-ESWT device because I have found this type of regenerative treatment method to be more effective and safer than pills, injections, surgery and other alternatives. If you've made it here, you already know the struggle of achieving or maintaining an erection when you need it most. I can't tell you how many times I had to "time" or plan when I had to take my pill before a date or right before sex. These things take time to work and at the same time, they don't last. And having to do this every time I wanted to have sex was honestly mentally exhausting.

I had enough and The Phoenix proved to be a better solution for me. 

Before I dive into my review of The Phoenix acoustic wave device...aka the "At-home acoustic wave therapy/soundwave/Li-ESWT device", READ MY DISCLAIMER.

We, at have tried many different male enhancement devices and penis enlargement products like penis pumps, penis extenders, penis weights and male enhancement pills to take care of our penile health and erection health. As we grow we will review more products and help others out with information based on experience and science we research. Disclaimer: is a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. We test each product thoroughly and provide educational information that shouldn't be misconstrued as medical advice. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own. Read more about our policies and disclosures here

The Phoenix Acoustic Wave Therapy Device for ED

The Phoenix, formally known as The Rocket, is the world's first at-home acoustic wave therapy device (also known as Li-ESWT) that emits low-intensity acoustic waves into your penis (wave therapy). It is an alternative treatment to clinical wave treatment that you may have probably read on the internet or heard about from your local Urologist. In 2019, Dustin Wolff, Stephanie Wolff, Dr. Paul Thompson, Jon Hoffman (RIP) and a few others introduced The Rocket as a new treatment option for erectile dysfunction. Instead of coming to a clinic and getting acoustic therapy treatment, this new handheld device allows you to skip the awkward trip to the doctors, avoid the doctor fees, and everything else in between.


Men can now own the solution at-home for a fraction of the price to clear micro-plaque/scar tissue that's causing a blockage in the arteries of the penis while increasing blood vessel formation to these areas for maximized blood flow. All of this brings the benefits of acoustic wave treatment to men looking to improve erection quality, spontaneity, and sustainability of results.

As the product was about to "launch" and be in hands of many guys in 2020, the team re-branded (due to a lawsuit) as The Phoenix with a more sleek and sophisticated look. "The Phoenix will rise again" is their new tagline opening new doors and opportunities for men who want to optimize their erections, increase blood flow in their erectile tissues and bring life to their "Phoenix" bird.

the phoenix for erectile dysfunction

Increase Blood Flow and Treat Scar Tissue In The Penis With Acoustic Wave Therapy


The creators have innovated something that is going to be the future of

reversing ED, preventing ED and optimizing both men's and women's sex lives at-home. Men who have erection issues, like Venous leakage, or Peyronie's disease can now use acoustic wave therapy or Li-ESWT at-home to treat scar tissue as an additional treatment option while increasing blood flow to their erectile tissue. Men who don't have erectile dysfunction can also use the device to optimize their erections and provide their penis with a healthy blood flow.

I've personally tried The Phoenix when it first came out in 2020. I completed their recommended initial 12 treatments, and my woman and I are loving my NEW ROCK HARD DICK! --> (July 2020). 

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Treatment for erectile dysfunction

My Personal Experience With The Phoenix Acoustic Wave Device (UPDATED Review November 2022)

As I mentioned earlier, The Phoenix is a better and safer alternative than pills, surgery or injections. What I noticed after using the device for the recommended "12 treatments" back in July of 2020 was the following:​

  • More prominent veins/new veins on my penis (Some of the existing veins grew bigger in diameter). More veins/larger veins mean an increase in blood flow. An Increase in blood flow means stronger and fuller erections.

  • Increased sensitivity (Blowjobs, handjobs and sex feels more sensational now)

  • Bigger erections ( Like I mentioned earlier, I feel harder and at full length with increased blood flow). Before I couldn't achieve a full 100% erection and now I am able to. 

  • Bigger loads (The increase in sensitivity made my ejaculations more explosive)

  • Sex is more spontaneous! I literally feel my dick "jump up" when kissing, doing foreplay, or just by looking/thinking about sex. 

  • More confidence (I created this site "BDEStyle" because The Phoenix is big dick energy...aka BDE) I have a hell of a lot more confidence now when having sex than I did years ago when I was on the little blue pill. 

I'm not here to sugar coat or BS anyone. I used the device because I had weak erections. I had spent the last 10 years dealing with this and going to different doctors hoping I would find something that would work better than pills. The "acoustic wave"/ Li-ESWT technology from The Phoenix really opened my eyes to new possibilities. It worked for me and it can most definitely work for a lot of guys out there. But, it's not for everyone. 

When you do a treatment cycle of treatments, the results are not permanent. Acoustic wave/Li-ESWT treatment is meant to last for up to 2 years. With that being said, your lifestyle and overall health are strong factors/indicators for how well acoustic wave therapy will work for you and how long it will last. So, the aftercare is YOUR responsibility.


And, if you need to retreat with The Phoenix device in the future, you can! The Phoenix device for ED was engineered to last up to 70 treatments before replacing or when there is a noticeable decline in power of the device (obvious wear and tear). So, you can do another cycle in a year or two (and more later on). 

I haven't even gone over 30 treatments yet with my Phoenix device in the past year and a half! About a third of those treatments were experimental treatments on my shoulder (past injury from sports) and the base of my penis for the venous leakage "off brand" treatment line. 

It takes very little effort to maintain results if you're on top of your health (This is the key!).


If you're unhealthy, have a poor lifestyle, and don't want to change, then don't expect to see the same results as someone who actually prioritizes their health. I get plenty of emails from guys looking for a quick magic fix, or they blame the world or their partners for their ED problems. The best part is these guys don't want to do anything about their current lifestyles or health. Making lifestyle changes for the better and not the worse can make a huge difference for them to see successful results.

The truth is, you are the first to blame for the way you live and for your own health. You are responsible. If I could virtually smack some sense into guys with negative mindsets I would do it everyday. But, I can't because these guys have to realize the dark clouds over their heads first before making the changes they need to fix themselves.

That's where I draw the line. If you're into staying healthy, or wanting to improve in areas like sexual performance, then you can start with The Phoenix for improved erections (Get yours here).

Now let's take a look at "In-clinic" acoustic wave therapy and how we now have this awesome option of doing it ourselves at home.

What's the difference between The Phoenix Acoustic Wave Device and The Clinical (At the Doctors Office) Acoustic Wave Treatment?

The Phoenix "At Home" Device for Men is the SAME clinical strength and treatment as you would get at any men's health clinic across the country.

For years, clinical Li-ESWT wave therapy has been around as a safer and natural treatment option for men with different types of erectile dysfunction. Men that were tired of using the little blue pill, Cialis, and other traditional erectile dysfunction treatment options like surgery found that acoustic wave therapy was a better alternative that treated the root cause of their ED (A lack of blood flow).


As a more natural way to combat ED, clinics who offered wave therapy helped a lot of guys reverse their ED without negative side effects from ED pills or irreversible effects from unsuccessful surgeries. Their wave devices basically brought a guy to the fountain of youth. Who wouldn't want to try something as effective as clinical wave therapy? The only problem is that clinical wave therapy at the doctor's office can be very expensive and it is not for everyone.


In-clinic acoustic wave therapy/Li-ESWT can cost thousands of dollars before you can actually see really good results. It also works differently for everyone because we all have different bodies, different penises and we all heal differently. Setting up an in-clinic acoustic wave therapy treatment plan with a provider can also be scary let alone embarrassing for us guys. Some of us may or may not feel comfortable on a table, naked from the waist down with our legs up, while a provider, male or female holds our shriveled up flaccid dick. 

Thankfully, we now have The Phoenix device and can DIY (Do it Yourself acoustic wave treatment). No more embarrassing trips to the doctor.  

Here is a full breakdown of the difference between The Phoenix Acoustic Wave Device VS In-clinic Acoustic Wave Therapy.

Force Plate Comparison Between The Office Device And The Phoenix Acoustic Wave Device


Check out this video on how The Phoenix "At Home" Device for Men Uses the SAME clinical strength as the devices used in an Office clinic.

The Phoenix ED Device - Cheap and Effective


As The Phoenix ED Device rose in 2020, I can assure you that the at-home treatment option is way better than a trip to the doctors. Just like you, I prefer to find an alternative route that is cheaper without breaking the bank. The Phoenix does just that. At a low price point of 879 dollars, you can get up to 70 Full Clinical Strength treatments with this thing. 


An in-clinic wave therapy treatment at the doctor's office normally costs $3000 dollars for just 6 treatments. Most guys see results within the first 6-12 treatments or within 6 weeks. They're both the same thing except The Phoenix acoustic wave device is a cheaper and more private way of fixing YOUR blood flow issue. 

It's literally a no-brainer. We'll break it down for you even further with a chart on how we view alternative ED treatment options versus the almighty Phoenix treatments. Plus provide The Phoenix acoustic wave device reviews!

Who can use The Phoenix Acoustic Wave Therapy?

So, who is the Phoenix Soundwave Therapy for? Most guys have different cases of ED or other performance issues. If you are experiencing one or more of the following ED-related scenarios, you can easily benefit from using the Phoenix:

  • Sometimes you can get an erection, but not every time you want to have sex.

  • Other times you can get an erection, but it doesn’t last long enough for fulfilling or satisfactory sex. 

  • Some guys can’t even get an erection at all, and it can lead to poor marriage or a sexless relationship.

  • Guys that have been diagnosed with a Venous Leak in one or both of their Corpora Cavernous. 

  • If you have Peyronie’s disease that causes a curvature of your dick (In any direction)

It is important to point out that even if you have been suffering from prolonged erection issues, whether it's 15 or 20 years of it, The Phoenix can help improve blood flow to the erectile tissues and unclog built up micro-plaque in the arteries of the penis. Think of it like reversing the clock from years of damage.


What The Phoenix does through neovascularization is induce the growth of NEW blood vessels. Ultimately, this process will give you the blood flow needed to "rise again".


Even if you weren't responsive to ED medication like Viagra or Cialis in the past, The acoustic wave device technology from The Phoenix opens up the possibility of helping you become more responsive to medication if still needed. Once, you're having good results, you'll tend to use it a lot less for maintenance or "touch ups". We mentioned earlier that acoustic wave therapy or Li-ESWT usually tends to last up to 2 years before re-treating. As this usually depends on the health/lifestyle of a guy, it is definitely a more preferred way of improving sexual performance in the long run.  


***Remember, ED is VERY complex. What caused a lack a blood in the first place can always come back if you choose to continue poor lifestyle choices like smoking, drugs, eating artery clogging foods, or not managing medical condition like diabetes, obesity, etc. 


Don't assume that improved blood flow will be the magic trick here. It's only a piece of the pie to better erections. 

How Does The Phoenix Acoustic Wave Device Work for Erectile Dysfunction?

It's simple. The acoustic waves emitted from The Phoenix uses sound waves to the target the tissues of the penis. When applying The Phoenix along the shaft of the penis, the sound waves penetrate the vascular channels, while breaking apart the old, hardened flow constricting plaque build-up that prevents proper blood flow.


Essentially, The Phoenix treats the naturally decreasing “blood flow” issue a lot of guys have after the age of 18. As we age and eat poorly, our arteries develop plaque over time. At the same time, if we live a poor lifestyle and neglect our overall health, then this "blood flow" issue can become more problematic and reoccurring in the bedroom. 


This is why we should aim to optimize our bodies and improve blood flow to where it counts to prevent and reverse the clocks on our penises. 


In addition to plaque breakdown, The Phoenix also promotes angiogenesis, which helps promote the growth of new blood vessels. As you progress through your treatments with The Phoenix, the improved blood flow and vascularity (more veins/larger ones) may lead to more fuller, harder, and stronger erections over time.​

acoustic wave device for ed

Videos on How The Phoenix for ED Works By Using Acoustic Wave Therapy

Using The Phoenix takes time!

But, it should be a part of every guy's routine when it comes to male enhancement, improving erection quality and performance in the bedroom

But, What if I Don’t Have Erectile Dysfunction (YET), Can I Still Use The Phoenix?

Sexual decline usually happens after the age of 18. Our hormones (testosterone) start to decline and our bodies are not producing as much nitric oxide needed for our erections to occur in the first place. If you factor in poor diets and lifestyles, we're then building up plaque in our arteries at a faster rate and developing health conditions (like diabetes) that can affect our erection quality even more.

If you really think about it, we should all be using acoustic wave therapy for preventative care because most guys tend to face noticeable performance obstacles in their 40s, 50s and 60s. In my personal opinion I think it makes no sense to wait until you're 40+ to start treatment when our bodies have already been damaged from years of inflammation, poor dieting/artery clogging foods, poor lifestyle choices, etc. 

You might not need as many treatments as someone with severe erectile dysfunction may require, but hey, you get up to 70 treatments with this device. You can even use it for maintenance for the next few years or for preventative care.

Unboxing The Phoenix Acoustic Wave Device For Men

Check out the The Phoenix "UNBOXED" video below to see what you get with your Phoenix. 

How Do You Use The Phoenix for ED?


Just a fair warning


The Phoenix is loud and noisy, so be prepared with an excuse or explanation to your partner if she hears a jackhammer sound while you are in the bathroom. If you prefer to do it when nobody is home, then why not. 

Now before we go into treatment paths, I wanted to point out that we all learn differently. Some of us are visual learners and like to see it in action. Some just read it, and it’s self-explanatory from there. Others like to hear it from someone else until they get it down to a T. 

You honestly don’t need to see someone else do it on their dick for you to do it yourself. Remember, your dick is different from everyone else. The same goes for ED. Everyone has different causes of ED; like venous leak, age, health conditions like diabetes, Peyronie's disease, etc. Your treatment is going to be tailored based on how YOU feel when doing it and what type of ED you have. It is NOT by watching someone else do it to their dick when they have a different dick and health status than you. 

Now, if you follow the instruction manual for The Phoenix and you are the type of learner to; read and then do, then you will have no problem doing this. We highly suggest watching The Phoenix demonstration videos that come with the instructions when you get the device in the mail. The creators show how use the device for 3 different types of treatment: Peyronies, Venous leak and regular ED optimization treatment. 

Video And Image On How To Use The Phoenix Acoustic Wave Device 

I know at first, using The Phoenix device will be a little confusing and awkward. But, it get's easier and self-explanatory as you do more treatments.

The idea behind the treatment is to place tip of The Phoenix directly against the shaft of the penis while moving back and forth along 5 specific lines of travel. This treatment protocol is created by doctors who are experts in the field and have done clinical wave treatment in their offices. Getmyphoenix recommends these 5 treatment lines based on a clock.

Again, it's very self-explanatory. You just hold the tip of your dick (the head) and stretch it out with one hand while you use The Phoenix in the other hand.  

clock for The Phoenix for ED.png

With treatment taking up to 15-20 minutes, you will follow the “treatment” paths recommended by The Phoenix creators. The regular treatment paths are based on a clock (See image):​

  • 12 O’clock

  • 2 O’ Clock

  • 10 O’ Clock

  • 8 O’ Clock

  • 4 O’ Clock​


You will run The Phoenix up and down the treatment path. You’ll notice there’s a dial on the device where there are 5 blinking lights.  When one of the lights turns green, that’s when that particular treatment path starts. You’ll run the device on that specific treatment path, up and down your dick 10 times. Then you’ll move to the next path (10 times). Once you’ve completed all 5 treatment paths you’ll do another round for the same 5 treatment paths on the clock. Once completed The Phoenix will shut off for 36 hours to prevent overuse and to cool down the device. The creators of The Phoenix recommend doing 2-3 treatments per week.  

The Phoenix ED DEVICE

What's The Best Protocol For Using The Phoenix? (UPDATED Protocol May 2022)

***Hey everyone, this is an update. I'm not going to delete the "older" protocol below. I just want to explain what's being recommended today versus 2 years ago.


2 years ago I wrote:


"Don't over complicate things. The best rule of thumb is to try to get in 2-3 sessions a week. If you can do that, then you're golden. However, there is no rush in getting the treatments in. The creators of The Phoenix supplied most if not all of us with penis pumps to help give us better results" 

I also shared with you guys a sample protocol that was provided to me 2 years ago when I first started treatment. Basically it was a framework to follow when using the Phoenix before they gathered data on Phoenix users

When The Phoenix first came out 2 years ago, using a penis pump was a part of the protocol. ***It is now optional.

the phoenix treatment for erectile dysfunction

As of today, It is recommended to follow Dr. Paul Thompsons 120 day Phoenix Protocol . Dr. Thompson is a urologist and the inventor of The Phoenix. He has personally used the device in his men's health clinic in Texas on patients there.  


According to Launch Medical, their new surveys indicate at least 94% of men who complete Dr. Thompsons 120-day protocol experienced the best results and are satisfied with their purchase to maintain results in the future. 

The 120 day protocol is as follows:

  • 30 days of treatment (2 times a week / 8 total for that month)

  • 30 days of rest (this rest period is when neovascularization starts kicking in for the growth of new blood vessels and nerves)

  • 30 days - re-evaluate your erections. You can do another set of 2 treatments per week (8 total for that month). 

  • 30 days off - rest. By this point you should be experiencing the full benefits of acoustic wave therapy. If not,  (example: you have severe blood flow issues or health conditions limiting your success) then perform another cycle of treatments as needed.

​***results vary from person to person.

And to continue being a broken record...

YOU are responsible for the aftercare. You have to take care of your gut health, hormonal health, live a healthier lifestyle, etc. to not only maintain results, but to just be better overall. Seriously, take control of your sexual health. I plan on having sex until my 70s and 80s. That's my goal. Using The Phoenix was like a wake up call to get my shit together and to start being more healthy. I may not be perfect, but I like where I am now. I like the quality of sex I'm having now and feeling more confident with my erections and overall health. 

sorry I digress...

Penis pumping is now optional for The Phoenix Protocol.


I personally benefited from using a penis pump because it induces an erection and it increases oxygen saturation in the penis. Pumping twice per day during the weeks you're performing treatments helps pull oxygen-rich blood and stem cells in the treatment area, which further supports tissue recovery.


Penis pumps have always been used as a treatment option in the past to rehabilitate erections. I think it serves as a compliment to the results you get with The Phoenix.

On a side note: The Penis Pump I recommend guys using is a Bathmate. I own one for other purposes like enlargement, but it also helps serve its purpose of helping guys get better results with The Phoenix. I mentioned that using a penis pump can help induce an erection. The more erections you have, the better for you to have them more often. Your goal here is to become more sensitive to having more erections per day (This is a good thing!).


You can read my Full review of The Bathmate here.


GetMyPhoenix usually supplies a lower end air pump for guys to use, but it's too small for bigger guys, and it's not the most effective model out there on the market. (sorry guys. I love you for The Phoenix, but not the pump you gave us.)

***New update: A fellow member of our BDE Tribe pointed out that the recommended time to use the air pump from the older Phoenix protocol conflicted with the recommended time Bathmate recommends its users. 

To set the record straight...

Bathmate is a completely different/separate company that offers hydropumps (water pumps) instead of traditional air pumps. Again, hydropumps are my preference. You don't have to use their line of pumps or a pump in general after using The Phoenix.  However, let's not be ignorant here. 

Air pumping 5-10 minutes twice a day (old Phoenix protocol) versus Bathmates recommended (maximum) 15 minutes a day.

For starters, what makes you think you have to do the full maximum 15 minutes?

You can easily do 5 minutes with a bathmate after using The Phoenix, followed by 10 minutes with the Bathmate in the evening. It's simple math and common sense that I hope you all have.

Hear From Real Honest Phoenix Reviews and How Acoustic Wave Therapy Has Changed Their Lives

It honestly doesn't matter how old you are to start treatment. Whether you're in your 20's, 30's, 40's and above, The Phoenix will work for anyone to improve performance in the bedroom and to regain their sexual confidence.


Check out these great videos from users who have benefited from The Phoenix shock wave ED device.

The Phoenix Acoustic Wave Device Reviews​

Here are a few more Phoenix reviews from men that have used it!

Fit Man with Skipping Rope

Wayne B.

The best money I ever spent. I no longer need ED pills that stopped working after 8 years of use. Only took 4 treatments to see the benefits.

Darial C.

It works great. I've tried pills, the P-shot, rings, and everything in between; and, this Phoenix had me seeing results after the 2nd treatment.
I'm almost six treatments in and I can see the effect it's having. I feel really confident.

James E.

Works like they say it would. Not painful. Thanks

Additional Resources on The Phoenix Device on BDE Style (Our site/blog, Updated August 2021)


The below are clickable links for stories, information and insight on The Phoenix and sex in general:


MORE topics are covered on BDE Style's Blog

Closing Thoughts About The Phoenix ED Device

This type of treatment is so valuable and cost-effective that you don't want to miss any more opportunities to treat the root cause (poor blood flow) of your erectile dysfunction. BDE Style recommends this product for our tribe as an effective ED treatment device for vasculogenic ED.


***Remember this device is not a "catch all" treatment. The aftercare of taking care of your health and mental health is your responsibility as you may have other root causes of ED that may require additional strategies for you to take control of your sexual health. 

As far as The Phoenix treatment and protocol...all results vary and some may take longer than others to see positive results. BUT, at the end of the day, it does work... just trust the process and take the steps to improve your overall health and lifestyle! Acoustic wave therapy is the way to go!

Again you can get The Phoenix by using my priority link here. This is our advocate link and will get you to The Phoenix page to learn more and so you can order today.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about what to expect we invite you to connect with us at BDEStyle! We're a platform that encourages conversation about men's health topics. We're also more than happy to hear your story, share ours, and help point you in the right direction.

Always here for you guys! 


man increaseing blood flow with the phoenix
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