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The Bathmate Review:
A Penis Pump That Works With Results 

the different bathmate model options

Before you read my Bathmate review on the Hydromax penis pump and it’s other models: 


Disclaimer: BDE Style is a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. We test each product thoroughly and provide educational information that shouldn't be misconstrued as medical advice. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own. Read more about our policies and disclosures here


I’ve created this site (BDEStyle) purposely to inform and pass on resources about men’s health and sexual health to guys like you. I’ll let you in on some excellent tips and secrets about male enhancement that you can use in the bedroom. 


BDEStyle is here to review the Bathmate Hydromax with results and cool tips and resources for guys starting a PE journey. Remember, We are not doctors at BDEStyle...We are advocates for men like you who give honest reviews and feedback about valuable products that can really change your sex game/life! So, if you are ready to learn more, let’s get started!

***And just a heads up this review is 3 pages long, so follow along and most or all of your questions will be answered. Currently, you're on Bathmate basics. Page two is Bathmate options and page three is Bathmate info to know. Go in order!



Table of Contents
For My Review On The Bathmate:

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1. Male Enhancement Isn’t Something New

How many of you have seen ads or claims that you can gain 4+ inches in length or girth in 4 weeks? We’ve all been down this road of “curiosity” before. Questions like:

  • Am I big enough?

  • Could I be bigger?

  • Is my dick small, average, big?

  • Is she(or he) satisfied with my current penis size? 

  • How can I increase my size fast?

  • How can I improve in the bedroom?

Male enhancement isn't new!


male enhancement sizes

Whether we saw it on a sidebar from a porn site or stumbled upon it in a magazine, improving penis size and performance will always be a controversial topic. 


This isn’t something new guys. Penis enlargement devices and other men’s sexual health products have always been around. It’s just that most devices or products out there on the market don’t work. Only SOME do…


Take Bathmate, for example, they’ve been around for YEARS, and they’ve grown to become one of the most respectable companies that offer guys the best hydro penis pumps around. They continue to make men and women smile in the bedroom because of the continuous results they give. And this is not one of those half-baked article reviews you read about bathmate.

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve hit the jackpot on legitimate information that will open new doors for your sex life. I’ve personally used a Bathmate and upgraded to their advanced models (like the Bathmate HydroXtreme) since 2012 (when I was in College). After years of experience in PE and male enhancement, I’m finally ready to talk about it.


Male Enhancement Isn’t Something New

2. What is A Bathmate

The Bathmate is an FDA-approved penile rigidity pump (in short, a penis pump). Instead of using only air like traditional penis pumps, a Bathmate can also use water. This “hydro pumping” action has made it more comfortable, easier and convenient for guys to pump while taking a shower or a bath.

Hydromax bathmate

The purpose of using a penis pump is to induce an erection that enhances your penis size in both length and girth (mainly girth). Over time you can expect size increases with consistent use and maintenance. 

If you think about it, just adding water and incorporating a bathmate routine into your schedule gives you more time throughout your day. There’s no need to stop your day by using a traditional air pump that you’d have to make an excuse to go use. 


We all shower or take baths every day (hopefully), so using a bathmate and doing hydro pumping during this time kills two birds with one stone.  

Already know what a Bathmate is and want to take the next step?

If not, keep reading!

What is a Bathmate?
Why Should You Use A bathmate?

3. Why Should You Use A Bathmate?

There are quite a few reasons why you should use a bathmate. A lot of guys get into PE or male enhancement for various reasons like wanting to increase size, getting better erections, or just wanting to add some fun into the bedroom. But, the major reason stems from the question “Does size matter?”. This topic will forever be an arguable question among men and women.

But, in my opinion, if size matters to you, then it matters…

Regardless of what anyone tells you, if you want an extra inch or two, do it for yourself. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you’re dumb for doing it, or less of a man for doing so. To be clear:


  1. It’s possible to increase size in length and girth

  2. Nothing beats seeing the expression of a partner (or new one) when you take off your pants and they see how big your dick is.

man searching for why you should use bathmate

Years ago, size mattered to me and I did something about it. The Bathmate and its other models were one of the first devices I used when discovering male enhancement. I have no regrets and I continue to have some of the best sexual encounters because of Bathmate. Thank you!

man holding a girl over his shoulder to take home.png

Using a Bathmate is honestly a lot of fun and it actually works. A lot of people who end up here or discovered Bathmate have either typed in a lot of things into Google like:


  • How do I make my dick bigger?

  • What’s the average penis size?

  • Is my penis size normal?

  • Bathmate hydro pump reviews

  • The list can go on.

Behind these searches is a hidden curiosity about whether or not it's possible. I mean a lot of us saw the movie Austin Powers where he got caught with a penis pump right? How about the Magic Mike movie when Joe Manganiello’s character used a real penis pump before a scene (this was not fake).  


Although the above movies were for a parody or for performance, it still leaves a lot of guys wondering, “Does it really work?”.

4. Does the Bathmate Really Work?

Using a Bathmate for male enhancement DOES work, but it’s a SLOW process that’s not for everyone. You honestly have to have the right mindset to do it otherwise you will fail at it. Does the bathmate really work? Yes, it does!


Don’t expect 4+ inches in 4 weeks. That’s not going to happen.


Diving into a bathmate routine may seem easy, but the time and commitment put into it can often scare a guy away. It’s supposed to be a long marathon that’s both fun and rewarding. 

hydroxtreme wet
bathmate hydroxtreme wet.jpg

A lot of skeptical guys often underestimate the positive benefits of using a bathmate and the positive effect it can have on their relationships, sex lives, and overall confidence. But, when they do try it, they regret not doing it sooner.

Let’s put things in perspective for you guys on the outcome of using a bathmate:


  • A guy that has a smaller dick (less than the average 5 inches) can become closer to or to an average-sized dick from using a Bathmate.

  • Guy’s with an average-sized dick (around 5 inches) can get to the “big dick” title/range with the help of a bathmate

  • A guy with a big dick (anything above 6+ inches) can become huge with the help of a bathmate

  • Guy’s that are huge better watch their backs because now there will be guys with bigger dicks thanks to the bathmate.

woman in bed
man using the bathmate penis pump

Bathmate has over thousands of users, including myself and some friends that know this stuff really works. 


According to Bathmate’s site on a recent survey that was distributed to over 12,000 bathmate users in 2020 here is what some of the data uncovered about how well it worked:


  • 88% of the men who tried the Bathmate were left satisfied with the results.

  • 80% of HydroXtreme users reported size gains (in both length and in girth)

  • After 2 months, 81% reported better erections or larger penises

  • The majority of those reporting size gains claimed to gain at least an inch

The bottom line is, Bathmate works! 

bathmate HX9 Full Kit

As I mentioned earlier, I first came across bathmate in 2012. I had purchased their “Hercules” model, (which is now called the Hydro7). I went from having an average sized penis to having a well above average sized penis between my legs. 


Fast forward to 2013-2014, Bathmate created a new model called Bathmate HydroXtreme. I had upgraded my Hercules pump to the Xtreme model because it had a hose/hand ball pumper for more intensity/pressure. 

During this time, my dick was already conditioned to handle the higher intensity/more powerful pump like the HydroXtreme. From there, I grew even further and have used other devices like The Phallosan Forte (For length), and The Phoenix acoustic wave device (for better erections) to improve my results in the past few years. 


Overall my results have changed the way I view sex and I think it’s important to share this information with other guys because I think it can help save someones sex life (marriage, relationship, self esteem, etc.) 

If you follow Bathmate’s specific instructions on how to use the bathmate YOU will succeed. If you follow their routine, are consistent and patient, then you will get a bigger penis in the long run. It’s that simple. 


Understand the big picture now? Check out bathmate here with this BATHMATE RIORITY LINK and then choose a bathmate that works for you.


Still want to learn more? Let’s take a look at other REAL reviews and demonstrations on how to use a bathmate.

4. Does the Bathmate Really Work?

Unlike other traditional methods like using your hands or weights, etc., using a Bathmate makes the process easier to make gains. It’s also a lot more fun to use and less time-consuming than using your hands or weights. Plus we mentioned you can do it while you take a shower or bath. 


You don’t even have to plan to take the time out of your day to do this when we all know we have to shower or bathe at least once a day.


In the long run, you will find that using a bathmate will become your most favorite penis enhancing activity that will give you the best results.

5. Other REAL Bathmate Review Videos and Demonstrations (NSFW)

When you buy a bathmate it comes with a user instruction manual with pictures. It tells you how to use the device and for how long. It’s easy to read for some guys, but for other guys, it takes a lot more hand-holding.

It is crucial to use the device correctly and for the right amount of time. Bathmate recommends that you use the device for no more than 15 minutes a day. 

This “15 minutes” is broken up into sets of 2-3 minutes inside the pump followed by light massage/stretching. You then repeat this 2-5 more times totaling up to the 15-minute mark.


To reiterate what this 15-minute bathmate session would be like:


  • 3 minutes wearing/using the pump. 

  • Take off the pump

  • 2 minutes of massaging/light stretching/light jelqing

  • Fill it up with water, pump again and then repeat the above 2-5 times 

See the image for simple instructions and demonstration   

bathmate review demonstration

For some reason there are still guys that will go against this recommendation or will still have questions on how to use the device. The only explanation for this is that some guys need more visual education and need to see it in action multiple times to hardwire it in their brains. And that’s fine. We all learn differently and it’s important to get this right and to follow directions.


So, here are a few demonstration videos on how to use the HydroMax model and the Bathmate HydroXtreme model. Both are pretty much the same, with the exception that the HydroXtreme model has a hose/hand pump for added pressure.

Now if you STILL, don’t understand how to use a Bathmate pump after watching this instructional video of these 3D animated guys using it, then I suggest clicking on the button below to see it in action on two real life guys who barred it all. (NSFW)

In this link, you’ll see and watch a 6 week journey of two respectable guys who went on camera to show their before and after results. (Make sure to open a new tab and keep us here because there’s still a whole lot more to talk about the Bathmate below…so keep reading!)

In the link above, Ellis Lacy, a former American Idol contestant and Dan Green share their bathmate experience/journey. Both had remarkable gains in this short time frame and they both answered common bathmate questions during their demonstrations.

This visual experience demonstrates that if they can do it, so can everyone else. 


Easy enough. You can grab your bathmate today with this BATHMATE RIORITY LINK


Now, besides these instructional videos and two bathmate before and after videos, other bathmate reviews can also be found in forums from other sites like:


There are plenty of other forums and sub threads from bathmate users and other guys doing P.E that have before and after photos and videos of their results/themselves.




The only thing I will say about these “other” forums is to be careful and STEER clear of the “idiots” who post crazy routines that go against bathmate’s recommendations. This, and to stay away from the guys that pick up a bathmate and use it for a few weeks and then complain about not getting the “unrealistic” 4+ inch results in 4 weeks. 


Guys who don’t put the time in, are too lazy, unmotivated, or expect results on a silver platter are the guys who will FAIL at P.E and penis pumping.

fit and healthy man
5. Other REAL Bathmate Review Videos and Demonstrations (NSFW)

6. What About Negative Reviews of the Bathmate

Although it’s nice to see negative reviews for any product in general, the majority of negative reviews of the bathmate and their line of penis pumps are again:


  • From the guys who didn’t educate themselves about pumping and will ask the same questions over and over when it’s already been answered hundreds of times (please read, if not, then it’s not for you)

  • Guys who don’t follow directions and make up their own ridiculous experimental method 

  • Men who got injured from over pumping/training (again not following directions)

  • Or didn’t use the bathmate long enough to see TRUE results (guys who used it for less than 3-6 months) 

Young Muscular Man
6. What About Negative Reviews of the Bathmate

7. Can You Gain Size With A Bathmate?

Let's keep things in perspective. Results with the Bathmate come from CONSISTENT and LONG TERM use. Results are not overnight and you’ll definitely not see them in a few weeks of use either. But, can you gain size with a bathmate? Absolutely!

Most guys get caught up with the “immediate” gains they see. This is called a “Post Bathmate pump”. To be clear, it’s only temporary and will fade/go away after 3-24 hours. Usually these “immediate/temporary gains” are around .25 to .75 of an inch in length and around .5 to 1 inch in girth (It varies per person).


It’s often hard to see what’s permanent at first because you’ll constantly be in awe of the immediate gains. This is because there is a mental component about using a bathmate that gets you hooked. Bathmate is well known for the “immediate post pump” look where your penis hangs long and heavy for hours.


Visually, it’s aesthetically appealing to both women and men because everyone knows this “post pump” is what excites women (or guys) when they see you bulging in shorts, sweat pants or when the underwear comes off and they see it in bed.


But again, this temporary gain will fade after X amount of hours depending on your level of experience/how long you’ve been pumping. 

What makes these gains “permanent or longer lasting” are from following a routine, being motivated, and using it consistently for many months/years to come.

guys bulging in grey sweat pants from using a bathmate

You have to dedicate time to see results. And with a bathmate, you won’t even notice the 15 minutes go by as this will be a part of your regular routine. Before you know it, 9-12 months will go by and you will either look down or in front of a mirror and appreciate that you took the time to do it right. 

Heck, you’ll even have partner(s) reacting to it (positively) or a buddy in the locker room saying “holy shit” if they see you changing or in the shower.

big dick energy approval in the locker room

The point is, you have to set realistic expectations. Growth is not going to be 4+ inches in 4 weeks like the ads you see on a porn website.

7. Can You Gain Size With A Bathmate?

8. My Experience On What’s Actually Realistic In The PE World

Realistically, in the P.E world, a guy who dedicates months/years of doing a combination of pumping, stretching or any other method (emphasise “in combination”) can see up to 2 inches in length and up to 1.5 inches in girth in a span of 1 to 2 years (results will VARY from person to person).

Penis pumping is mainly for a girth workout/routine, but if you combine it with other devices and methods (Like The Phallosan Forte), your permanent gains will come faster and will be bigger than using a bathmate alone.

Not everyone can do it everyday or as long as the average person. You have to experiment slowly and adjust to what YOUR dick can handle.

And, Just because it says on the manual or bathmate’s website suggests that you can use the bathmate for a maximum of 15 minutes per day, does NOT mean that you have to do that.

As I mentioned earlier from Bathmate’s survey (12,000+ men), 81% of these guys reported immediate gains after 2 months of use. 


Personally, I believe it takes a little bit longer than 2 months to see results with just a bathmate alone...


Why? Because the first 30 days is a learning curve on how to figure out how to use the bathmate. It also takes a little bit of time to condition your dick to handle the vacuum pressure inside the pump.


Lastly, it’s also about finding the right routine for your body/dick. 

fit man

For whatever reason, some guys read “15 minutes” and everything else around that is blurred out. I don’t know why, but to be clear, maximum means maximum. 


Here is a question for any guy considering buying a bathmate….What makes you think YOUR dick can handle the maximum 15 minutes on the FIRST try?

If you ask us, I’d tell you to work up to it slowly. And, I’m not talking about 1 week go slow and then week 2 you go from 0 to 100. It’s all about progression guys. It’s that simple.


There are plenty of guys who don’t read or follow the directions (we mentioned this earlier) and will try to do these insane workouts that DON’T work or will work against you:

  • “Over pump” (Longer than the recommended 15 minutes resulting in serious fluid retention, discoloration, tired erections from being worked out too much)

  • “Over train” (Training more than once a day or too many times a week to the point of fatigue; where getting an erection after is tired/floppy)

  • “Pack the pump” or “Chase the pump” (Wanting to fill the pump and touch the walls of the pump because they think it means gains when it does not)

  • “Pump to extreme pressures” (This one is for the guys with the Xtreme models who squeeze on the hand ball pumper too many times creating an insane amount of pressure). This can lead to injuries like water blisters or “red splotches” or red dots (broken capillaries).

bad erections from overpumping with bathmate

If I had a dollar for every time a guy has asked me to comment on their insane routine that goes against the recommendations and includes one or more of the scenarios above, I’d be rich. Please don’t fall into this category.

less is more with the bathmate

If you feel like your penis can’t handle the recommended 15 minutes in the beginning of doing this, then start off with a maximum of 5 or 10 minutes. LESS is always better, especially when doing things right and keeping safety in mind.


Realistically, if you keep things in perspective with goals and safety in mind, you’ll get a bigger dick while avoiding unnecessary injuries.


And as you get bigger, you should also be upgrading pump sizes to see more gains and solidifying your results. 

This is awesome. I’m ready to try out a bathmate and FOLLOW directions. The button below shows the different models (PRIORITY LINK)

Still skeptical? Keep reading on more tips and important information about gains, the bathmate models, having sex, and more below. 

8. My Experience On What’s Actually Realistic In The PE World

9. Misleading Information About Gains With The Bathmate

There is a lot of misinformation about whether or not gains are permanent. Some guys have different interpretations of what “permanent” really means. There is also misinformation on the internet about how to effectively use a bathmate, bathmate injuries, and concepts on pumping.

“I heard that you lose all of your bathmate gains if you stop”

“You can’t gain with a Bathmate”

“Bathmate is just a sex toy”

“You can injure yourself with a Bathmate”

“I heard you have to pump everyday to keep your gains”

Let’s clear up some of this misinformation...

Fitness Analogy And Penis Enhancement

If we use a fitness analogy on gaining muscle to penis enhancement, both use a similar concept in terms of growth over time. Both require time, working out, and recovery in order for growth to take place,


Let’s take a look at bodybuilders as an example. Most bodybuilders have a long term goal of getting bigger. So they go to the gym until they hit their genetic ceiling where growth caps off. From there, most bodybuilders will find loopholes or add in other methods to increase size. After years of doing this and then deciding to “completely stop” (hence “completely stop''), they’ll lose mass over time. BUT, not all of it.

Strong Man

For someone starting a workout regime for the first time, they tend to see results quickly. If you dedicate a year or more to it, results will solidify and you’ll have a good framework to work with if you want to improve from there.


The same thing applies to penis enhancement and using a bathmate. Someone using a penis pump like the Bathmate hydromax, or any of the other bathmate models for the FIRST time (A NEWBIE)  will see an increase in results faster than someone who has used a penis pump in the past or has “PE” experience. 


Again, it’s a slow process. But, if you keep at it and keep growing, those results solidify.

If You Want To See Growth You Have To Progressively Work Up To It

The purpose of having options for bigger bathmate sizes are so that once you gradually get bigger and bigger you’ll end up upgrading your penis pump to a bigger size (Needing a bigger sized pump means you’re outgrowing your pump, which is a GOOD thing...aka results) 

The above happened to me. I started off as average and I worked my way up.  As soon as I reached the maximum length in the Hercules model...aka hydro7, I upgraded to the bigger pump (the Bathmate Xtreme model). This helped me gain more size along with other methods of P.E (Traction devices like Phallosan Forte for length).

Bathmate Hydromax upgrading diagram

The goal in theory is to gain as much as your genetics allows you to and then modify to induce more growth.


If hypothetically speaking, you’re 5 inches(average) and 4.5 inches in girth(average) and then you gain 1.5 inches in length and 1 inch in girth from using a pump like Bathmate to aid your PE routine, you will most likely solidify most of that in a few years (results vary from person to person).

What We Mean by “Gains Are Permanent, If You’re Consistent and Do This Long Term”

If you choose to completely stop or abandon PE in 3,4,5 years from now, etc. you’re not going to “lose all of your gains”.  


Your penis won’t go from 6.5 inches back to 5. You’ll only lose some of it (realistically, up to 50%). But, even then that’s still a huge difference and more dick you have now than you did when you started.


There are other factors you should keep in my that’s not related to bathmate that will contribute to a loss in penis size.

  • You don’t use your penis at all…no regular occurring erections (use it or lose it)

  • You have some form of blood flow issue (erectile dysfunction which may lead to shortening of the penis from poor blood flow) 

  • or you get FAT (your body fat is a factor when determining and measuring size because we all have “fat pads” in the pubic area). An example would be, the fatter you get or the more body fat percentage you have the bigger the fat pad making your available dick (non pressed length) appear smaller to the proportions of your larger frame(body).

Hydro 7 bathmate penis pump

So, if you follow a routine and are consistent, you’ll gain from using a bathmate. If you follow the “upgrade your bathmate size method” (outgrowing your bathmate and then going up a size) and possibly adding other manual hand exercises or extenders to your routine, you’ll have better gains so that if you do stop, you won’t lose that much.


You have to logically think outside the box for this. If you stop using a bathmate in a couple of years, it’s not bathmates fault you lost some of those gains. Stopping isn’t the primary reason you lose your gains. It’s actually dependent on a variety of lifestyle choices you make as we mentioned above about erectile dysfunction, becoming fat, blood flow issues or health conditions from aging, etc.

Penile Health Is Really Important When Trying to Keep Gains

If you ask me, most of my results remained even if I took breaks or extended time off (months off). I’ve been doing this for over a decade and while I’ve experimented with time away from PE, I noticed what really helped was dieting and making sure I had adequate blood flow to my penis. 


I believe penile health is super important. Maintaining a lower body fat percentage and eating foods that promote good blood flow and circulation helps overall penile function, making it fuller and more engorged.

If you do the opposite or work against your body’s health you’ll have poor erections, poor quality of sex, lack of energy, imbalanced hormones, etc.


Personally, I’ve had fluctuations in weight over the years where if I was on the skinnier side (10-12% body fat) my dick would look really big as my pubic area barely had any fat. If I gained weight and I was in the 12-16% body fat range, I’d lose size. 

This loss of size would convert into bone pressed size (measuring by pushing a ruler into your fat pad). If I was on the heavier side due to poor eating habits, then my erections would also suffer.

comparing fat men

Other factors include sleep, recovery, and everything else related to what makes us men functioning at our very best.


Do you see all of the correlations here?

And, NO, You Don’t Have to Pump Everyday Forever

If you use a Bathmate consistently for many months/years, you will see results like many other bathmate guys have reported, (including myself). I won’t deny that if you stop, you will lose some of it, but another good way to preserve gains, in the long run, is to do a bathmate maintenance program/routine after you achieve your desired results.


Say, for example, your routine consisted of pumping 5-6 times a week for 2-3 years and now you’re content and want to sit back and relax. You can weed off of this routine, and pump 4 times a week and then slowly decrease this time to 2-3 times a week.

surfing the internet about bathmate reviews

It takes very little time and effort to preserve gains. Using it 5-6 times a week and then reducing it down to 2-3 for maintenance when you achieve your desired results isn’t the end of the world. 


Again, it’s like working out 5-6 days a week and then maintaining those muscle gains 2-3 times a week when you’re ready to do “less”.

Overall, this process is supposed to be fun guys, and adding bathmate sessions to your routine will make things more exciting in the bedroom when your partner notices or experiences your growth over time. 


And If you decide to stop one day, just reduce the time slowly. For me personally, I still use it on a regular "maintenance" basis. On the days I do use it, it’s definitely a good addition/element in the bedroom.

This I can attest to and seeing your partner's reaction is one of the best feelings out there. Hands down!

If I can do it, so can you! Repeat after me:


You know what? I can do this routine no problem to get a bigger dick and to start having some REAL big dick sex. I’m ready to give bathmate a try for a year (or more) and then work to maintain those gains after.


Use the button below for a priority link to bathmate! (Our Advocate link).

You’ve mentioned different types of bathmates and other models. I’m not sure what that means. What are the different types and differences? Keep reading guys!

9. Misleading Information About Gains With The Bathmate

Want to Learn About Bathmate Models and Sizes?

If you're ready to learn more about bathmate models and sizes, we've got it all compiled for you on one page! Click on the button below to head over and check it out!


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