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Support BDE Style is the only research-driven platform that provides product reviews and informational guides for men looking to improve their sexual health.


But, in order to keep helping men overcome erectile dysfunction, understand the basics of penis enlargement and further our research, we need YOUR support.

Unlike other health websites and forums, who use traditional online advertisements (Ex: pop-up ads or "spammy" links) as a form of revenue to stay operational, we DO NOT because this makes a bad experience for everyone involved, and we want to avoid this at all costs. 

With that being said, the only way we bring in revenue to provide these valuable resources is through our affiliates or by donations. Our goal is to provide the best recommendations for products you can use at home based on our personal experiences and research on the most up to date literature.

rendering structure male reproductive system representing the BDE Style brand

We never talk about a product unless we personally use it. This makes for a more transparent and authentic experience giving you the information you need to make better decisions about your sexual health.

Thank you for always listening and having the desire to continue learning <3


male torso and testosterone formula

Why Support BDE Style 

BDE stands for Big Dick Energy, a positive affirmation that celebrates masculine-coding energy that is constructive rather than toxic (the opposite of toxic masculinity), and respectful rather than violent.


Since men's sexual health is usually "tied" to our confidence, it is still considered taboo and somewhat misunderstood in most communities.

Unfortunately, this makes men fearful of expression because they fear that they'll be judged for making a choice for themselves rather than following the herd or archaic ideologies of what a great man is "supposed" to be.

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For this reason, our mission continues to shed light on these topics so that all men can find their inner confidence (BDE) to speak up about their insecurities, goals, sex, and sexual health so that they can grow as individuals in a more emotionally intelligent way.

We cannot continue our mission without the help of others though. We spend a lot of our time researching, testing, and educating so that we can provide valuable and helpful information.

Support Us Directly

If you would like to donate cash to us directly, rather then via our affiliate, you can do so through Paypal. We appreciate any and all donations as they help us stay afloat and provide us with the means to keep this community running!

For more information, please contact us at to discuss the arrangement, tender, platform, etc.

Direct Support

Support Us Through Our Affiliates

the phoenix review

The Phoenix for Men

Backed by dozens of clinical studies on NCBI, Pubmed, ResearchGate, and other publications, you can now experience Li-ESWT at home. The Phoenix is the world's first at-home Li-ESWT device helping men improve their performance in the bedroom.

the bathmate review

The Bathmate

Bathmate is your go to hydro water penis pump that can be used in the shower or while you bathe. It's FDA approved and has both beginner and advanced options for guys of ALL sizes looking to get bigger and harder in the bedroom. 

the phallosan forte review

The Phallosan Forte

The Phallosan Forte is the lazy man's penis stretching device that can be worn under clothes or behind closed doors. If you're looking to increase size (length), improve your curvature from peyronie's disease, you'll want to know more about the The Phallosan Forte! 

omgyes review


OMGYES offers in-depth instructional videos and interviews with real women. It reveals techniques, experiences, and insights into female pleasure. It's perfect for individuals and couples who want to improve female pleasure.

fleshlight review

The Fleshlight

The Fleshlight was created to give men the best masturbation experience. It can help men treat Death Grip Syndrome as well as improve overall their performance and stamina in the bedroom. 

health labs review

Health Labs

Affordable lab testing service without the hassle of getting a doctor's referral. They partner with Quest Diagnostics and offer a wide variety of male hormone testing for you to make better health choices.

Know a Product We Should Review?

If you know a product that you think we should review and consider adding to our affiliates, let us know! Head over to our contact page and send us a message. 

Guest Posting

Interested in writing a guest post for our site? Under certain circumstances we do allow guest posts and love to hear about new colaboration ideas.

Please make sure that it is relevant to our site, content, readers, and community. 

If it is, head over to our contact page and send us a message! Just remember that we only work with reputable brands for collaborations and we only accept high quality and highly researched content for our guest posts. 

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Guest Posting

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