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Bathmate Hydro Pump
Models, Sizes, and Cost

bathmate hydro pump models

This is page 2 of 3 for my Bathmate review. If you need to go back to page 1...aka Bathmate basics, click here.

We mentioned earlier about how the bathmate hydro pump sizes and upgrading if you “outgrow” your bathmate. But, first you should know about the different types of models that Bathmate offers.


Bathmate manufactures 3 different types of pumps and offers different sizes for all types of guys (their dick sizes).


Here are the models:

  • Bathmate HydroXtreme ( – The most powerful Bathmate hydro pump out there. Comes with a handball pumper for added pressure/intensity. Perfect for advanced users or guys that have more experience using penis pumps.​

  • ​Bathmate Hydromax – Up to 35% stronger than the Bathmate Hydro7 because of the gaiter/suction. It’s basically an intermediate pump for guys who are new to pumping or wanting to upgrade from their Hydro7 pump because the Hydromax has more pressure/suction.​

  • Bathmate Hydro7 – Originally called the Bathmate Hercules. The Bathmate Hydro7 is basically a beginner pump. It’s perfect for newbies, guys starting out slow, college guys who can’t afford the better/stronger pumps. I started with this model back in college 2012. (This one's for you newbies)

hydroxtreme wet hydro pump
bathmate hydroxtreme hydropump

How Much is Each Hydro Pump

The cheapest or price-friendly bathmate hydro pump is the Hydro7 (The beginner/Starter pump). It’s $110 USD and I recommend it to college guys who are on a budget. You can always upgrade in the future.

The hydromax series is the intermediate pump that’s up to 35% stronger than the hydro7 starts from $129 USD to $199 USD (See image below)

hydro pump sizes and cost

As for the advanced pump, The bathmate HydroXtreme is the most expensive hydro pump, but for the most bang for your buck, because it's the most powerful pump and it comes with a handball pump attachment. Prices vary from $249 USD to $399 USD (See image below)

hydro xtreme sizes and cost

The Bathmate Hydromax and the Hydro7 have a choice of color for red or blue. All Bathmate hydro pump models (HydroMax, Hydro7, HydroXtreme) come in a “clear” option. My preference is the clear option because you can see what’s going on inside the Bathmate. The colored options would be hard to see in my opinion.


All bathmate models (Hydromax, Hydro7 and Xtreme) come with detailed instruction manuals (with pictures) on how to use the bathmate. They all also come with a detachable cushioned comfort pad.

The Bathmate HydroXtreme model is the ONLY penis pump line that comes with a few more things like:

  • A carrying case with a lock and key

  • A cleaning sponge/tool for cleaning the bathmate

  • The Handball pumper (for more pressure/intensity)

  • A red hose that attaches to the handball pumper

  • And a shower strap in case you want to use the bathmate freehand

hydro pump Full Kit

FYI...the shower strap isn’t essential for the process. You can still use the device and still shower without holding onto the pump. The main purpose of the shower strap is so you can continue your shower (you know...lathering up, shampooing, etc.) hands-free. 


But, again, it’s not essential for the session. If you have a good suction then you can wash your hair, face, body, etc. no problem!


Now let’s take a look at knowing your penis size and choosing the right bathmate for your size.

Learn How to Find the Right Size and More Details

If you're ready to learn more about how to use the bathmate for best results, finding the right size, and other details, we've got it all compiled for you on one page! Click on the button below to head over and check it out!


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