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OMGYES Full Review

My complete review of the OMGYES platform for women's pleasure

What’s up everyone? It’s Rich. Today, I want to talk about an amazing platform called, OMGYES, a website that offers instructional videos and interviews with real women, focused on revealing techniques, experiences, and insights into female pleasure and sexuality.

It’s not like your typical sex education class taught in school where it’s usually limited to the topics of abstinence, STDs, and consent, or it just lacks depth, empathy, and a safe learning environment for the curious individual.

OMGYES is more comprehensive, or in better words, an “experience” that really takes you on a journey to understand and demystify female pleasure. They invite you to this conversation where they go into the “how to” parts, the “whys”, and narratives that users can relate to. 


They aren’t afraid of the big questions and research it takes to really address the bigger problem our society faces: The orgasm gap.

OMGYES users have better sex and happier relationships.jpg

Why Did I Partner With OMGYES?

OMGYES has dedicated their work to help break the taboo around female sexuality and challenge the stereotypes perpetuated by mainstream porn and Hollywood when it comes to sex.


Instead of being “labeled” as a statistic, like normal researchers try to do “unintentionally”, OMGYES really hones in on making you feel like you can relate to the women in these videos with the tools, language/vocabulary, and techniques to make new experiences as an individual or with a partner.

I wanted to partner with OMGYES, not because of the research they do (which I LOVE that they’re not afraid to break from the norm), but it's about how they approach this topic that I find very revolutionary and innovative.

rich researching OMGYES on his laptop

Whether you define yourself as heterosexual, another label, or you follow the Kinsey scale and are more fluid, OMGYES is for EVERYONE…


All parties involved in sex should be a part of the conversation, which is one of the reasons why I’m excited to talk about this company because they opened their doors to not just women, but to men, too. This makes it more inclusive rather than being exclusive to only women. 

I want to extend my platform and share this with all of you, so you can try it out and come to your own conclusions

Why I Partnered With Them

OMGYES From A Male Perspective

And yes, I may not have a vulva, but I can still try to empathize with everyone. I am a huge advocate for emotional intelligence and I believe that learning and understanding our emotions is a key part in fostering healthy relationships and having better conversations. Enhancing our emotional intelligence can also help us understand how we think and feel when it comes to creativity, decision-making, and talking to one another, especially about topics that are “uncomfortable”.

Sex is one of those “uncomfortable” conversations that some, if not most people still feel “awkward” talking about. 

But the same way, OMGYES wants to create a safe space to discuss these topics is the same mentality I have when discussing men’s sexual health on my platform,

women talking about her experience with OMGYES

That’s why I partnered with them because I too, feel like these topics are often seen as taboo, and having more spaces like these really helps deconstruct old ideologies and mindsets around sex that often gets passed down from generation to generation.

Think of it like continuing where the sexual revolution left off but with a focus on empowering everyone with sexual knowledge and confidence that is backed up by qualitative and quantitative research and real-life relatable experiences. Something that has NOT been done before.


Now, unlike most of the other reviews on OMGYES, which are mainly from women, I hope to give a new perspective that bridges the gap between men and women that will cater to both sides in this review. My hope is to be unbiased and empathetic, but also shed light on the challenges our society still faces when trying to close the orgasm gap.


So, please read my review in its entirety as my thoughts are my own and I appreciate anyone who listens. 


Much love,


Before you read my review on OMGYES: 


Disclaimer: BDE Style is a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. We test each product thoroughly and provide educational information that shouldn't be misconstrued as medical advice. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own. Read more about our policies and disclosures here.

A Males Perspective

The OMGYES Movement

What started off as a conversation between a group of friends turned into a website dedicated to giving back to communities a wealth of information that they couldn’t find themselves!

“We wanted this information for ourselves and couldn’t find it! Just knowing that ‘everyone’s different’ isn’t as useful as knowing the specific ways we’re different and being able to discuss them.”

In 2015, they conducted the first-ever, large-scale peer-reviewed and published research to get the details everyone wanted to know. They launched their first season of OMGYES “the essentials” (their bread and butter) and saw success, which led to seasons 2 and 3 (internal pleasure and sex toys).


They plan on continuing their research, introducing more seasons, and expanding their evidence-based program, with more insight into human understanding of sexual pleasure.

The Research by OMGYES: The Specifics 

Dr. Debby Herbenick, Associate Professor, Indiana University Researcher, The Kinsey Institute

According to OMGYES, they’ve conducted:

  • Over 3000 in-depth interviews with real-life women based on their personal experiences involving pleasure and touch. 

  • They've also surveyed over 15,000 women conducting the first-ever nationally representative studies related to women’s pleasure 

  • And then more studies with over 4,000 women between the ages of 18-95 in partnership with researchers at Indiana University School of Medicine, Indiana University’s School of Public Health, and The Kinsey Institute. All of which have been peer-reviewed and published

In these studies, they wanted to get enough participants for a nationally representative study, across geographies, ages, and subcultures to give us better data to get insight into what regular people actually do and think without bias from the selection processes.


You can view their studies below, which I will be doing a deep dive over the next few months:

One important thing I wanted to highlight from their most recent published study in 2021 was on the feasibility, acceptability, and preliminary efficacy of the usage of their website.


They found users were able to improve: 

  • Sexual agency

  • Sexual knowledge confidence and positivity

  • Sexual pleasure self-knowledge

  • Experience of sexual pleasure in partnered and solo sex among a cohort of new users of the pro-pleasure website.

The OMGYES Movement
The Research By OMGYES

The Truth About The Science Behind Women’s Pleasure

The myth that intercourse is the only factor to female pleasure has been debunked on more than several occasions. But our society still has a long way to go to change their mindsets about this and include more sexual acts than just penis into vagina scenes as seen in Hollywood movies, pornography, and social media.

My article on the sexual response cycle in both men and women, also proves that sexual response or the way we respond is going to be different for everyone. But the process or stages of getting to arousal and then all the way to resolution, is NOT exactly a linear process, especially for women.

The truth is, women need to be aroused prior to penetration (and there are so many factors and conditions to be met to get there...

Including research proving there needs to be more sexual activities in the mix to encourage orgasm), otherwise, the vagina doesn’t lubricate, and the cervix doesn't pull back out of the way of the penis (OUCH is an understatement and is definitely a relatable experience for most women). 

At the same time, the clitoris is considered the center of pleasure. There is so much research behind this. If you still think sex is “only” about PIV, then I’m sorry to say this, but you need a reality check.

the intimacy based female sexual response cycle infographic

And sure, “finding the clitoris” and understanding the female anatomy is important, and not elusive for the average man or woman, but it’s more than just this sexual knowledge of labeling parts or saying “just use a sex toy” and then you “guess” on the rest. 

The Science Behind Women's Pleasure

OMGYES Isn’t Afraid Of The Conversation Around Female Pleasure

Although most doctors, sex coaches, and researchers in the past have thrown their hands up and said “what works for one person is going to be different for the next”, they are right to a certain extent. It’s just that this time, OMGYES wanted to dive into this research where most were “too conservative” to do so before.

Besides technique, I have yet to see your typical sex coach or researcher address sexual trauma, or put the two topics together, as some individuals do have a hard time finding pleasure again because they lost that feeling of control. I have also seen limited acknowledgment of the lack of comprehensive sex education programs in schools, something that OMGYES has studied and found that online accessibility for sex education resonates with everyone. 


Most researchers talk about statistics as if we are confined to only that, but the challenges in our society are more deep-rooted than this.

“Subtle variations in pressure or angle or consistency actually feel really different. What one woman calls a ‘circular motion on the clit’ could actually hurt for another woman who also likes a ‘circular motion on the clit.’ You really do have to get up close and actually see what the variations are — and why they feel so different.”

What OMG Is About
What Can You Get From It

What Can You Get From The OMGYES Experience?

According to OMGYES, it’s more than just the 12 techniques or angles or positions they found in their research that contribute to pleasure. They consider it as ingredients for you to use that you can combine in thousands of different ways as you make them your own.

In the format of seasons, you get:


1) First-person video and text narratives

2) Precise terminology for pleasure-promoting techniques

3) Statistics from the nationally representative quantitative study 

4) Interactive animated diagrams and touch demonstration videos; and 

5) Touch and communication simulations

Here’s the breakdown for each season


  • Season 1: The researched/evidence-based “12 techniques”, and the mental, clitoral, and stimulation conversations

  • Season 2: Explore more into partnered scenarios, internal pleasure techniques, rhythms, and conversations

  • Season 3: Sex toys, interviews, and more insights

learning styles captured by OMGYES

My Personal Experience Using The OMGYES Platform

OMGYES takes feasibility and accessibility to the next level. You have an easy to navigate library of information, interviews, tutorials, and “live” activities to sort through. But, when I tell you that the platform get’s “ interactive” and “hands-on”, I mean it. 


When I think of learning something new, I think of, “how do I maximize” my learning potential.

We all have different learning styles where we learn best. OMGYES caters to all learning styles, giving you not only all the resources you need to succeed but in different ways, too:


  • Visual

  • Auditory

  • Read/Write 

  • and Kinaesthetic

rich with his girlfriend using OMGYES to improve their sex life

Quick funny story:

I remember going through the first season of OMGYES: “the essentials” and going through the interview sections where I got surprised by the variety of content. By the time I got to the demonstrations, I was like, “okay, what better way to learn than having a vulva front and center to you”. It was the vulva from the same woman who was previously clothed and sharing her experiences in the previous videos, but now she’s sharing her experience with you in a live demonstration.

At first, it might feel jarring to the average person because they bare it all and actually show you the techniques themselves that may come across as explicit (No, it’s NOT porn, guys. It’s educational and brilliant if you ask me). But what really threw me off was the reverse card they pulled, UNO style, and said “Okay, now it’s your turn!

infographic showing you it's time to practice what you learned on the OMGYES platform

And with the same woman who demonstrated the techniques, she will prompt YOU to try it (Touch her vulva using the techniques on your screen) and she’ll give you feedback on what feels right, up until she orgasms.


I was like “OMG, what?!” And then I said, “OMG, YES, LET’S DO IT!”.

I’m not trying to sound gospel, but OMGYES really found a way to get the visuals of these women (and their vulvas) and “hard coded” everything to give users a TRUE interactive experience. I also want to give a huge shout-out to the women who barred it all and the amount of hours that went in to film these demonstrations.

How Much is OMGYES

How Much is OMGYES?

In 2015, OMGYES had only 1 season, again, known as “the essentials”. As of today, the feedback and success led to season 2 and 3 and now they are working on future seasons and a series for male pleasure, too.


At this time, OMGYES is inexpensive and currently $99 for the full access of THE CURRENT seasons, or $49 for just the 12 techniques, and the mental, clitoral, and stimulation conversations ( which is very important).

Although I purchased the $99 version, and again, I’m not trying to sound gospel, the difference between the two is not having the “explore more” part, which I don’t think anyone should limit themselves when learning something new.


Even if they launch a new season in the future, I’m going to buy a new season and check it out. Just like a new book and a new perspective to interpret and report back. 


Could you experience the full benefits of OMGYES with the $49 version? Sure. Maybe you’re strapped for cash or a high school or college student. But if you ask me, what would you rather choose?

comparing the price of OMGYES and other products infographic

$99 spent on your average video game, pair of boots, overpriced TikTok leggings, one night of poor choices at a bar.




A chance to really hear from the horse's mouth (no pun intended) on what female pleasure is, how it’s currently viewed in our society, insight from real women who share what their lives were before and after OMGYES, and access to the research that backs up their findings on these techniques…

Why Do We Need OMGYES

Why Do We Need OMGYES?

Because there weren't really any studies on the actual techniques and understanding of female pleasure and sexuality to add to these discoveries that allowed for more exploration amongst couples and individuals looking to close the gaps. It actually left some women feeling confused or thinking they were broken because these researchers would talk about them as if we were a percentage rather than a “human” being. 


The big problem I see is that our personal knowledge builds on what every previous generation has discovered

If you actually look at the bigger picture, the 2010 to the 2020 era was a time where we had major advancements in technology, giving us new ways to send and receive information (although not always accurate, and can result in misinformation and misconceptions about anatomy and pleasure). The technology era was also a catalyst for research as we now have newer ways to reach people for surveys, interviews, and more. 

But, being that this era highlighted two important studies on orgasm disparities between heterosexual women and men, it led to this phase where some, if not most sex coaches and sex researchers became stuck on moving the needle to close the orgasm gap.

Most traditional research on orgasms are about the general behaviors such as, “this percentage of women use a vibrator” or “this percentage of women orgasmed from penetration as opposed to clitoral stimulation”, etc. At the same time, most researchers and doctors are still deflecting the questions around the “how to part” for pleasure. Even the media are getting it twisted and just throwing in a one-line sentence in their articles saying “just find the clit” when it’s much more than that!

OMGYES users have better sex and happier relationships

It barely grazes the surface on the actual experience. 


There was no elaboration or exploration. There was no common “vocabulary” or language to help describe what ways to pleasure women besides “stimulate”, “rub the clit”, or “fingerbang”, etc. 


Not until, OMGYES decided to explore it for us.

“Women who are able to talk specifically about what makes sex more pleasurable for them are 8x more likely to be happier in their relationships!”

Who Can Use OMGYES?

While it seems like everyone can use it. I recommend it to anyone looking to truly understand female pleasure and sexuality in its entirety. From the questions on how to ask or get more pleasure, to the techniques and different demonstrations, it’s the next steps on closing the orgasm gap and taking the conversation to the next level.

According to OMGYES, the people who purchase the program are roughly around 50% men and the rest are women.


But, it goes DEEPER than that. When I think of this platform, I think of the different categories of people who will benefit the most from this:

OMGYES can benefit high school and college kids

Not all schools are created equal nor do they require their students to receive an education about sex that goes beyond the topics of consent, abstinence, and STDs.


If you didn’t get a comprehensive sex education in high school, then you’re probably not going to get it in college either because at that point, your college education is going to be specific to what you want to be when you graduate and that might not include a sex course.

At the same time, college is a time of exploration of one’s identity and a catalyst for self-discovery in the bedroom.


Why go through it unprepared when OMGYES can help clear up some of your doubts and give you the sexual knowledge and knowhow to be able to not only find techniques that work for you, for your partners, teaching each other and having those conversations, etc. (close the gap at an early age)

season one of omgyes platform

On the same token, young guys in high school/college will have the opportunity to empathize with women and actually learn more techniques and skills to actually provide a better experience rather than resort to learning from pornography that creates false narratives around sex and pleasure for both parties.

OMGYES Can Even Help “Grown” Adult Men Have Better Sex

You can be the most intuitive guy in the bedroom who has had success “giving” orgasms and pleasure. But it doesn’t mean that your learning has to end after trial and error after so many years to find these “few techniques” or tricks that may or may not always work for you.


There are more techniques out there, and broadening your skill set will not only create variety, but it can potentially solidify the intimacy in your relationships on different levels. 

woman talking about her experience with omgyes

Even myself, who has had success in the past, still finds the new perspectives from the women interviewed on OMGYES to provide invaluable insights that are worth reading and listening to.


I was able to draw new connections and actually PUT A NAME to some of these moves that I was doing, but didn’t realize had a name. Plus, the feedback on these techniques from the women interviewed on OMGYES helped me reframe my perspective on the whole thing as well as validate some of the things I’ve learned throughout my life, both in subjective experience and the little “nerd” in me who likes to read and dissect research online.

OMGYES Can Benefit Women Who May Have Lost Hope In Orgasming

I don’t blame the “average person” for the ignorance on the clitoris or their personal “lack of sex education” or knowledge. I blame the states and countries governing what we learn in school. The media who twists people's words, the doctors who shrug their shoulders and gaslight women that there is something wrong with them ...etc. 


I get why some women are frustrated or may have lost hope in orgasming or may have become resistant to wanting to explore it.

browsing the omgyes platform on mobile device

But, I implore you to check out the interviews from these women and truly empathize with them because sometimes, our emotions, the unpleasant ones, especially from bad encounters can prevent us from opening up or encouraging our orgasms. And that’s from our social and emotional learning environments that are often hard to navigate.


You are not broken and you are not alone when it comes to your feelings about your personal experiences. This is why, I’m happy that OMGYES provides that aspect of real-life experience versus a scientist or researcher in a lab coat telling you what you should or shouldn’t feel.

According to OMGYES

The most effective way to truly bust the myths around women’s pleasure is to really see the actual diversity and variability. Not the concept of it, or a description of it -- but the reality of it. With actual relatable women who love almost opposite techniques. And real anatomy, not just abstract line drawings with arrows.

In this way, everyone can realize, through real experience, what we’re trying to get across - that it’s impossible to ‘already just know the moves’ with a new partner or with the same partner on a different day. That the best way to approach a lover is with an open mind, listening, and asking for feedback.


That giving and getting feedback doesn’t have to be awkward but can be really sexy and fun. That sexual pleasure can get better and better with exploration. That things that may feel ‘abnormal’ actually aren’t. That there are always so many new things to try - and staying curious makes for far better sex and happier relationships.

The Bottom Line…
Should You Get It, Gift it to a friend? OMGYES!

Again, I definitely think it’s perfect for multiple types of people, especially single men who don’t have a partner to try this on, single women trying to rediscover themselves or couples looking to improve their skills in the bedroom. OMGYES really sets the bar high and I’m happy to be involved and share this with all of you.


I’m also excited to see how OMGYES grows in the future. Again, shout out to the researchers involved, and their teams for bringing this to all of us. And shout out to the women in these videos. Truly remarkable people.

As always. Thanks for listening.

Much love <3



FAQ On My PERSONAL Experience

Q: Can I watch all 3 seasons of OMGYES in one weekend and become an expert on this topic?

A: I don’t recommend anyone rushing to finish this in one weekend. I mean, sure, you can probably binge all 3 seasons in a weekend, but you probably won’t remember every little detail, or actually develop the skills and language needed to make a big difference in your sex life. Not right way, at least. 


As for me, I’m still exploring it after a few weeks. I didn’t write this review in one day, either. It takes time to fully understand a topic that has been taboo for so long and is still an uncomfortable topic for most individuals. 

Treat it like a course in college or a lifelong integrated commitment to go through the journey, revisit topics and continue learning from time to time to really get a good grasp on it for yourself and your partner. Plus, OMGYES only has 3 seasons so far. There will be more in the future…so, you still have to look into that and revisit that in the future, too.

Q: Should I tell my partner I’m learning from OMGYES, or Should I tell her later?

A: When I first came across OMGYES, I didn’t tell my partner. I eventually did because I wanted her perspective on the topic and her views on her own pleasure because we all have different upbringings and social learning environments that may have affected our views around sex while growing up. 


If your relationship is healthy and your level of communication is constructive and you both are curious, then OMGYES can easily be brought up on a date night to explore and have fun. Or if you want to fully immerse yourself for a few weeks and then introduce it to your partner, then that’s okay, too. Staying open minded, and empathetic is key to improving something that is already good and making it even better.

Q: Why Should I Pay For OMGYES? Shouldn’t This Information Be Free?

A: That’s the thing. Research isn’t free. Try conducting a large national scale study yourself. You’ll find out it’s not as easy as it sounds and actually requires funding and expertise to get the ball rolling. OMGYES is very transparent on this. All the proceeds go into future studies and seasons for people to explore new topics that haven’t been fully researched.


As of 2023, they have 3 seasons filled with so much content that will give you a better experience in the bedroom. $99 is not going to break the bank. If you’re a grown adult with a job, then why not gain a new perspective into all of this and unlearn the myths and misconceptions of sex you learned growing up. 


As for younger generations, if your priorities are to buy an Xbox video game or the new “makeup kit” from a TikTok video, then you should really consider the education you probably did not get in highschool or college. That video game or makeup kit is not going to prepare you for the realities of sex, nor is it going to teach you the ins and outs of pleasure and sexuality.


Ready to Try OMGYES?

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