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Q&A After 1 Year Of Using The Phoenix to Fix the Leading Cause of ED

Updated: May 1

The Phoenix ED Device Q&A With Rich After Using It For 1 Year

What’s up guys? It’s Rich, and today I want to talk about my experience with The Phoenix after using it for 1 year. I received my Phoenix Li-ESWT device in July of 2020 and immediately started following Dr. Thompson's 120-day protocol to improve the health and performance of my erections.

For those of you who have followed my journey, you'll remember my popular "12 treatments for better erections" post. I've tried to document my journey so that everyone can learn from my experience and make an informed decision about improving their sexual health.

This article will give you a full recap, including my honest opinions after 1 year with The Phoenix. Keep reading to see if I'm still experiencing stronger, fuller erections! Some sources indicate that the benefits of acoustic wave therapy should last for up to 2 years. Thankfully, I own The Phoenix, so I can perform additional treatments as needed to maintain my gains.

I've tried to answer as many of the questions I get in a Q&A format, getting into the nitty-gritty details so that you'll know what to expect at the 1-year mark.

Now, before we go any further, for those of you who are new to The Phoenix, and debating on whether or not to get one, here is what you should know.

What is The Phoenix Li-ESWT Device? Can it help guys like you?

The Phoenix is the only medical-grade at-home acoustic wave therapy device. It's patented around the world and has the same FDA registration as devices used in clinics for more than a decade.

Even though its groundbreaking entry into the market was overshadowed by the international struggle against the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, more than 55,000+ men have used The Phoenix to restore blood flow where it counts, for better performance in the bedroom.

Some men see an improvement after only a few sessions, but more than 94% experience a more noticeable improvement after 90-120 days of consistent treatments.

What The Phoenix Device Is And How It Can Help You

The home treatment protocol was designed by Dr. Thompson, a Urologist and Surgeon with more than a decade of experience using Li-ESWT in his clinic (the same therapy provided by The Phoenix) to help men turn back the clock on the natural decline in blood flow that happens with age.

Over the course of multiple treatments, Li-ESWT helps in two important ways. (1) The targeted sound waves safely dissolve the plaque that has collected in existing blood vessels. (2) As the low-intensity shock waves travel through the tissue, they create microtrauma. It doesn’t hurt, but it is enough to trigger the body’s natural healing response, which rushes stem cells and other vital nutrients into the area to help tissue recover - resulting in improved performance and more blood vessels to maximize blood flow.

Men who make repeated trips to a clinic for this treatment spend, on average, $500 per treatment. That adds up to thousands of dollars, plus the hassle of making appointments and taking time off.

Thanks to The Phoenix, men can now own the solution for $879. It’s rated to deliver over 70 full-strength treatments from the comfort and privacy of home, without a prescription. An equivalent number of treatments in a clinic would cost over $30,000.

I encourage you to keep reading to learn more about The Phoenix. When you're ready to pull the trigger, use my priority link and enter our code “RED50” in the promo section for a special $85 OFF DISCOUNT at checkout. You'll also find options to finance your purchase with 0% interest - helping every man afford this life-changing technology.

Now, let’s dive into our Q&A with Rich about his experience with The Phoenix!


BDE Style’s Medical/Legal Disclaimer Before The Phoenix Q&A With Rich

BDE Style, (We, I, Us) is a professional review site that tests men’s health products thoroughly and provides educational information that shouldn't be misconstrued as medical advice. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own. We are NOT doctors. We can’t diagnose you. If you need a diagnosis, prognosis or medical advice, go to your doctor. Read more about our policies and disclosures here.


Now, without further ado, let’s answer the most common questions about The Phoenix and questions for Rich about what his results look like a year later.

common questions about The Phoenix

Q: Did You Have ED Before Buying The Phoenix?

A: Yes. I was diagnosed with a venous leakage in my left corpora cavernosa. I went to a handful of Urologists over the past couple years, and got tested and evaluated for ED (doppler test). They all concluded the same result and prescribed me PEDi5 inhibitors (Viagra and Cialis).

I was offered to do surgery, but I was scared to do so because of the risk of infection or something going wrong.

Q: Why Would A Guy Need Acoustic Wave Therapy With The Phoenix?

A: To put it simply, as we age, blood flow naturally decreases to the penis. What makes blood flow decrease or constrict even more is plaque build up in the arteries and vessels from health conditions, eating habits, and poor lifestyle choices. By using The Phoenix, the sound waves produced by the device help break up plaque build-up in the vessels, and encourage the growth of new vessels for better blood flow.

The Phoenix basically treats the naturally decreasing “blood flow” issue a lot of guys have at some point after their 18th birthday. And, yes, you read that correctly. Us guys start building up plaque in the arteries of our penis at a very early age!

So, treating now is a good way to keep things clear while preventing a lack of blood flow from becoming more problematic in the bedroom down the road. It doesn’t matter if you have ED or are not there yet...Just improving blood flow alone makes a huge difference.

Q: Does Treatment With The Phoenix hurt?

A: No. It doesn’t hurt at all.

When I bought the device it came with a few packets of 4% Lidocaine numbing cream, but I didn’t need it. Before starting treatment, you want to make sure you place the tip firmly on your penis. Eventually, you’ll get used to the sensations from the sound waves as well as how to hold your penis while moving the device up and down the shaft on each treatment line.

Trust me, there will be a small learning curve in the beginning because it will feel a little awkward doing treatments. But, it gets easier and it’s self-explanatory - especially with the tutorial videos that I was able to follow along with.

Q: When Did You First Notice an Improvement in Your Erections After Using the Phoenix?

A: For me (Me only), I noticed after the 3rd and 4th treatment. I was still taking my ED medication at the time, but what was noticeable for me was the increase in sensitivity, hardness, and the veins I developed as the treatments progressed. I know this is too much information for some of you, but when I was having sex, I remember looking down in shock because I had noticeable veins running along my shaft that were never there before.

To me, that was definitely a big sign that the treatment was working, in addition to the increase in fullness and hardness of my erections.

Q: How Many Treatments Did You Do With The Phoenix?

A: Last year in July 2020, I did 12 treatments. It took about a month and a half to complete. Through conversations with the support team, I learned more about the best way to perform treatments.

Dr. Thompson recommends that guys follow his precise treatment protocol:

  • 2 treatments per week for 30 days

  • 30 days of rest / recovery

  • (repeat at least once, then as-needed)

An optional part of the protocol is using a penis pump. Pumping 2 times per day during the weeks you’re performing treatments helps pull oxygen-rich blood and stem cells into the treatment area, which further supports tissue recovery.

Angiogenesis occurs during the 30 days of rest between treatment cycles. This is when new blood vessels will form and improve blood flow.

I reached out to their amazing 24/7 support team in the following weeks, because I wanted to know if there were more improvements to come. Turns out, it’s a total of 60-120 days to see full improvement with The Phoenix.

Again, for me (Me only) I noticed initial improvement after the 3rd and 4th treatment. Results can vary for different guys depending on their current health condition or lifestyle.

Q: How Important Is Recovery in Between Treatments With the Phoenix?

A: There’s a 36 hour lockout feature for a reason. I personally did 2-3 treatments a week initially and found that to be great for me. I didn’t rush to treat myself once the 36 hour timer was up. I just made sure I got my 2 or 3 sessions in the week and that’s it.

man using the phoenix for ed

Q: Do You Have To Stop Having Sex for Treatment to Work?

A: No. You can have sex on the same day. There is no downtime.

Whenever I used the device, I had sex later that day with no problem.

Q: Are You Still Seeing Results From the Phoenix a Year Later?

A: When it comes to improved blood flow, yes. I will say that my results have stayed. I did a few experimental treatments earlier this year in January, to see if I would notice anything different. I’m still able to get hard and maintain an erection at the same level from when I had treatments last year in July 2020. I really like knowing that if I need to, I can always grab The Phoenix and do additional treatments. It makes me feel like I’m in control of my sexual health.

I think the most important thing is to maintain these results by living a healthier lifestyle and communicating with your partner if you’re in a relationship. After all, it’s not a one time fix and getting your partner on board not only makes things easier, but makes the sex even better.

Q: How Did You Initially Hear About The Phoenix?

A: I remember having a bad side effect from the little blue pill that caused me a really bad headache and a stuffy nose last year in March. It was also allergy season and it made having sex less enjoyable for me. It was honestly the last straw and I remember telling my girlfriend at the time that I wished there was a cure or an alternative solution without the side effects that pills gave me.

One night I was deep into a Google search when I stumbled upon the P-shot. This is a completely different treatment than The Phoenix, but a few clicks away and I landed on a page that talked about The Rocket and acoustic wave therapy. It looked interesting and I googled acoustic wave therapy and found articles and journals about it being done at clinics around the country (I’m from the U.S btw).