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Performance Anxiety or ED? How to Tell the Difference in 2020

Updated: May 19, 2023

Hi, I’m Erika, the girl-next-door turned into your favorite men’s health educator. And I’m here to tell you about the difference between sexual performance anxiety and erectile dysfunction. Half of the men in their thirties struggle in the bedroom, which affects their sexual performance, so you are not alone. ED is one of the most common problems men have to face, and male performance anxiety is becoming more and more frequent. Those two issues are similar in many ways but also have significant differences. Here is how to overcome sexual anxiety and how to get harder erections.

Sexual Performance Anxiety

Men who suffer from sexual performance anxiety can have a hard time getting aroused, and even when they do, it can be difficult for them to get an erection or reach orgasm. It can be caused by the fear that your sexual performance won’t satisfy your partner, problems in the relationship, poor body image, or concerns about ejaculation and orgasms. Take a look at the movie, The Girl Next Door as an example.

There was a scene where Derek had insisted on being a part of Mathew's porn movie about sexual education. When he had to disrobe, he got sexual performance anxiety and wasn't able to do the scene because he wasn't hard. As Mathew needed someone to replace Derek, he too got performance anxiety and didn't go through with the part. But luckily, his closest friend Klitz volunteered for him and did the scene.

performance anxiety or ed how to tell the difference in 2020 bde style

Although this is quite common in the porn industry, we understand that the cause is psychological, and it can also have physical impacts on your sexual health to perform. This is regardless if you are a male pornstar or a guy with a girlfriend/friend at home.

Male performance anxiety is also linked to premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, linking those two issues together.  It can either cause it or maintain it. Up to 16% of women also suffer from this, and it can affect our lubrication and sexual desire. This is why we can understand what you are going through. While this can happen to both men and women, there is no real diagnosis recognized for any gender. This is why there is not much information on the topic and why it isn’t easy to find help.

How to Overcome Sexual Anxiety

Mindfulness meditation training and cognitive behavior therapy are possible treatment options that are effective against male performance anxiety. While seeing a healthcare professional is the best option, we know that most men are not ready to ask their doctor for help. I like to support my partners by letting them know that their sexual performance is satisfying even though they suffer from anxiety. We can take the time to find what works best for them. We can also find new goals when it comes to sex to have more realistic expectations. Vaginal orgasms and multiple orgasms are not essential, and women can be satisfied by a different kind of intimacy.

performance anxiety or ed how to tell the difference in 2020 bde style

Body image can also affect men negatively when it comes to sexual performance anxiety. Many men believe that their penis doesn’t measure up to their partner’s expectations compared to the average erect penis size. Men who believe they have a big penis are also more satisfied by their body and their face and are not ashamed of showing it to their partner. In addition, to body image and the way we view them, other factors like erectile dysfunction can play a role in sexual performance anxiety. When it comes to the physical aspect of things, stress also narrows blood vessels, which brings less blood to your penis, and can lead to difficulty having an erection.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Men who suffer from ED have a hard time getting an erection or having a long-lasting erection, which is also associated with a reduced sexual desire. While male performance anxiety is linked to psychological factors, erectile dysfunction can be caused by both physical and/or psychological causes. That includes heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, medication, substance abuse, and even sleep disorders can lead ED. Psychological problems can include relationship problems, stress, and mental health conditions.

We know sexual performance anxiety can cause or maintain sexual dysfunctions. But not knowing how to stay hard during sex can also lead to less satisfying sexual performance, more stress or anxiety, low self-esteem, and relationship problems. These two issues are not the same, but can still be linked to each other. This is why many men confuse male performance anxiety and ED and should see a doctor to confirm the diagnosis.

Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

The usual treatment for ED is prescribed by a doctor and includes oral medications, injections, suppositories, or testosterone replacements.

performance anxiety or ed how to tell the difference in 2020 bde style

Some men can even require surgery or implants to solve this problem. But even though healthcare professionals are the best people to help diagnose you, we know that there are some men who suffer from ED that are not happy with these treatment options. Other men have gone to their general practitioner to talk about this issue with no luck.

This is why we want to tell you about The Phoenix, an FDA registered medical device that works as a treatment option for sexual performance and reversing the decline you see in your performance in the bedroom.

You can order it online no matter where you live in the U.S and use it at home when you are alone. This at home acoustic wave therapy option is the same technology and clinical grade strength used at men's health clinics.

A good sexual experience equals more confidence in one's ability to perform. When you use The Phoenix device for a cycle of treatments, the average guy will notice realize how poor their performance was before starting this treatment option. It's truly liberating to know that you can solve these issues and sexual performance anxiety with a full treatment cycle in your own home. Order your Phoenix now to conquer your sexual performance anxiety! 

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