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How I Used The Phoenix To Treat My Penis In 2020 and Why You Should Too!

Updated: 3 days ago

What’s up guys, It’s Rich. I am writing to tell you how I used The Phoenix to improve my sexual performance in 2020 and why you should too!

IMPORTANT: Even though this article is from 2020, all of this information is still relevant and accurate in 2024.

Now sex can be hard, especially if you have issues getting it up in the bedroom. But, I’m here to tell you that if you do have problems getting it up or maintaining hardness in the bedroom, that The Phoenix will help give you that extra push in the bedroom.

Here is a cool story that I want to share with you guys.

As a man living with sexual performance issues, I too, felt like I had nobody to turn to when it came to figuring out what was causing me to have issues with getting it up and keeping it up in the bedroom.

rich from

Popping Viagra or Cialis was the only solution I knew that worked, but it came with a lot of negative side effects that honestly scared me.

It had me constantly asking myself, should I be taking Viagra at all?

For instance, there are times when after having sex I feel like my heart is going rip out of my chest while other times I get a nasty headache, nasal congestion or both. We’ve all been there and it’s not a good combo. But, why do we have to go through all of this in order to maintain an active sex life?

Well, depending on your degree of sexual decline, the stress to "get it up" or worrying about keeping it up for your partner before you perform can also make it even harder to get one.

the phoenix for ed

Pharmaceutical companies realize this and try to push pills on us because they know we’ll buy it because we care so damn much about our dicks and the fear of not pleasing our women (or men).

At the end of the day these pills are only temporary and If you’re like me and you are tired of taking dick pills, I suggest you read further about The Phoenix. It’s an acoustic wave handheld device that emits low intensity shock waves into your dick that can restore sexual function (aka, you can get your dick back up!)

What My Penis Was Like Before I Used the Phoenix

If you’re a guy who has sexual performance issues, you know that it's a constant battle with time, especially if you’re trying to get these pills in your system before having sex with a loved one or a random one night stand.

That was me for the past 8+years!

Every time I had sex or wanted to have sex, the first thing on my mind was making sure I took a pill in time. The second thing on my mind was making sure my partner was mentally prepared to orgasm before I got them off physically.

How I Used The Phoenix To Treat My ED In 2020 and Why You Should Too!

It was a process drilled in my head because I knew my penis wouldn’t last long enough to do the job alone. Plus all women are different. Some need a little more and some need a little less.

Before using The Phoenix I had a horrible routine to maintain the performance I wanted in the bedroom.

I had it bad to the point that even on Cialis or Viagra, I would get hard with stimulation, but I would lose it if I didn’t penetrate or keep consistent stimulation. I didn’t know what was wrong with me considering I was taking medication.

It was also hard talking to partners about it because it's embarrassing. Although the pills helped, It made me think “Is sex really worth X amount of dollars, only to have a headache from these pills?” or “Is this what it’s going to be like for the rest of my life?”.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love sex and I will do what I have to do at the end of the day to have it, but sometimes you want to think about these things especially when your health is on the line.

Finding Out What Was Wrong With My Dick

As we all know sexual decline can be a physical problem, but it can also be caused by other mental and lifestyle factors like diabetes, high cholesterol, low testosterone, heart disease, not exercising or sleeping enough.

Now I ruled these other factors out because I’m a nutcase and I go to the doctor for everything. I’ve been tested for all of the above and have seen different doctors hoping to find something new... I was hopeless with the same result of:

  • “You’re a healthy young adult male”

  • “Here is a prescription for daily Cialis and some Viagra.”

  • “Have you talked to a sex therapist before?”

  • “You’re not 50 yet , it mainly affects guys who are 50 years and older.”

I’ve heard it all. Yes, I have been to a sex therapist, and it’s expensive. I’m 100% comfortable with my body and I openly communicate with the women I date or am in a relationship with. I’m not that young and sexual decline affects men of all ages. Don’t let anyone tell you any different.

That's called medical gas lighting.

rich and doctor

Now it wasn’t until I read more about getting a Penile Doppler exam to test the blood flow in my penis. I remember getting injected in my penis by my doctor and him telling me to get an erection while he waited outside.

A few minutes went by and he came in and I was able to get hard, but not fully hard.

I struggled to maintain that erection and my doctor was surprised that I couldn’t keep it up.

He concluded after the exam that I lacked blood flow in my left corpora cavernosa. He called it a Venous leak. If you have a venous leakage, it’s hard to keep blood in your penis. Basically, one or both of the valves in your penis aren't functioning correctly or have been damage causing an outflow of blood from the penis.

venous leak
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He told me that it affects some young men and asked if I was ever in an accident or had an injury to my pelvis. I said no because I never was in an accident or had an injury there. My doctor suggested that I could get surgery to fix my Venous leak.

But, I declined because the thought of surgery perplexed me. I've heard horror stories and there is no guarantee that surgery would fix my penis without some form of risk.

So, my doctor ended up writing me a script for tadalafil and sildenafil which I already had from a previous doctor.

Getting The Phoenix in during COVID-19

I refused to give up knowing that I had a Venous leak. I definitely did not want to go under the knife, get reconstructive surgery or get an implant, especially when I’m still considered "young".

Plus implants require maintenance and need to be changed every so often. There are even some complications about guys losing penile length or having risks of getting an infection.

Luckily I came across "The Rocket" back in March of 2020.

Now on a side note... I was definitely hesitant at first because anything penis related that you would see online is often perceived as a scam.

But, the difference between The Rocket and an actual scam is that The Rocket is backed up by science and some of the research relating to low intensity acoustic therapy is found on some of the highest ranking resource websites that contain “.gov” at the end of their domain name.

Most scams you see out there have funky looking URL’s and they tell lies to grow your dick in 4 weeks or get rock hard erections on demand in seconds etc. But, The Rocket is the real deal!

The Rocket, now called The Phoenix (It’s NEW re-branded name), is an alternative treatment option to clinical office wave treatment that has been done for decades at clinics throughout the world.

rich's phoenix

The Rocket/The Phoenix is FDA registered and listed as a device that treats sexual performance issues that men experience in the bedroom. After speaking with one of The Rocket’s representatives over the phone, I had made my purchase before the COVID-19 pandemic.

I figured I’d give it a try because I wanted to avoid the awkward doctor visit. Plus, I was tired of the urologists in my area not helping men like me find the root cause to sexual decline.

My purchase of The Rocket/Phoenix was honestly the best decision I've ever made for my Sex-Life.

You don’t even need a medical background to use the device at home. All you have to do is just read the manual and look at the YouTube video instruction and you're good to go.

Sex Is Now Better After Using the Phoenix to Treat My Penis

For the guys out there that claim that you don’t need to penetrate a girl in order to give her an orgasm can turn in their man card right now. You have a dick that can be restored by a device that actually works...USE IT! I did and so have over 80,000 other men have reaped the benefits of The Phoenix.

How I Used The Phoenix To Treat My ED In 2020 and Why You Should Too!

I’ve personally completed 12 treatments in the span of 5 weeks (July 2020 to August 2020) and have used my penis pump as recommended everyday.

Getting treatment from The Phoenix is painless. It actually feels really good on some areas of my dick. What I’ve noticed so far:

  • More satisfying sexual experience

  • Blowjobs, handjobs and sex feels more sensational now)

  • Sex is more spontaneous! I literally feel my dick jump up when kissing, doing foreplay, or just by looking/thinking about sex.

I am now able to maintain hardness longer than I did before.

Use CODE "BDESTYLE" to take an additional $150 dollars off.

My sex life was alright before, but this is a game changer. My partner even noticed an improvement before I even told her about The Phoenix. I want to say that on my 4th or 5th treatment was when she noticed all of these changes. She would make comments about how she could feel me more and that I seemed larger and harder than usual.

If you're looking for ways to improve your sex life, this is one of the best ways!

***Update April 2021: It's a new year and even after my first 12 treatments with The Phoenix I'm still reaping the benefits. I've also cut back on a lot of PDE5i inhibitors like Cialis/Viagra that I was taking before.

I will say this as a tip for guys still contemplating on buying this device...

rich holding the phoenix

As The Phoenix can help reverse the causes of physical performance issues, you still need a man "Tune-up" every now and then. Why? because our lifestyle choices like sleep, drinking, smoking, eating poorly, etc. can ruin our penile health.

It's important to not only treat your penis, but treat other parts of your life too! You only have one body and I believe in optimizing for longevity. So adopt that mindset.

I call it a BDE mindset. Ride the wave and continue.

If you guys are interested in learning more about my journey, you can check out my latest update: My 3 year review of using the Phoenix.

Should You Invest in Your Sexual Health?

I recommend this device to anyone suffering like I did. No guy deserves to continue living with sexual performance issues, like struggling to get it up or keep it up. Or even taking dick pills with nasty side effects.

BDE Style recommends the Phoenix to any man looking to treat the natural decline all men face with age.The device is currently $879 dollars (As of April 26th 2021). Get My Phoenix (The company) offers a payment plan option and an extended warranty for guys that can't pay that upfront.

I saw results after the first few treatments. As some guys usually see it after at least 12 treatments (or more depending on the severity of the situation for others) the best suggestion I have is to have patience and give your penis some time to heal. Literally trust the process.

I personally spaced out my treatments 2-3 days a week. The device has a 36 hour lockout period. This doesn't mean "treat" or use it everyday (because you can't with the lockout feature). That and you have to give your dick some time to let the physiological benefits of Li-ESWT take place.

120 day treatment protocol with the phoenix

After a full treatment cycle of 12 treatments, or Dr. Thompson's 120 day protocol, the company, GetmyPhoenix suggests a month off to allow the penis to recover. From there, you evaluate results to see if you need more treatments or to just enjoy the benefits from that point on.

The good thing about owning the Phoenix is you can retreat in the future when results start to fade.

The creators of The Rocket/The Phoenix suggest replacing the device after 70 treatments. So, technically you'll probably have the device for a while. But, again every guy is different.

Here is our priority link to get YOUR Phoenix so that you can start treating your sexual performance issues in the bedroom.

You can use my code "BDESTYLE" to take an additional $150 dollars off.

If you like this personal review of The Phoenix acoustic wave device, share it with your guy friends who could also use a tune up. If you have questions about my experience, or would like to share your story, contact me at

I'm here to listen...

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