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Jon Hoffman’s Passing: RIP To The Man Behind The Phoenix Li-ESWT Device

Updated: May 31, 2023

Rich From BDEStyle Pays Tribute To Jon Hoffman’s Passing: RIP To The Man Behind The Phoenix Li-ESWT Device

What's up everyone? It’s Rich. I know I’m a little late on this, but the CEO/man behind the creation of The Phoenix device, passed away earlier this summer. It didn’t really hit me until I started my 2-year maintenance protocol in July when I reflected on my journey and realized that the guy who basically brought us this incredible device is no longer with us. And no, I didn’t know the guy, but indirectly, he played a big part in my sexual health journey because If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be writing any of this!

As many of you have learned a lot about sexual health on my platform and have purchased a Phoenix from Getmyphoenix’s website in the past 2+ years, I want us all to take a moment to pay tribute to Jon Hoffman, the guy behind The Phoenix.

May he rest in peace!

I Bought My Phoenix Li-ESWT Device Over 2 Years Ago

I never thought my life would change because of a device. But it did in many ways.

Rich from holding his Phoenix Shockwave therapy device for at home use

At the beginning of 2020, I was getting ready to do a maintenance cycle of Li-ESWT treatment at my local clinic in New York, when I accidentally discovered The Rocket. Formally known as the Rocket (an earlier version of The Phoenix) and now called The Phoenix, I was hooked on the idea of doing shockwave therapy at home instead of driving an hour to the city.

It’s funny because I was initially doing some research on the P-Shot and was going to combine it with my maintenance shockwave treatment protocol at my local clinic when I came across a telephone number for The Rocket/Phoenix. You can call me “old fashioned” but I picked up the phone and called them up.

Now, I’ve heavily researched Li-ESWT in the past decade and I’ve done it at clinics to know that it worked for me as well as others. But, doing shockwave treatments at home was very new to me, and being that this was the very first device out there that can do that made me question everything from the protocol, to maintenance, how to use it if I’m not a doctor, the comparisons from at-home to in-clinic, etc.

I had A LOT of questions and after talking to James (Link to my 1-year review of The Phoenix, dated 2021), their rep at the time, I made a very critical decision to purchase one of their devices.

At that point, I didn’t know if I was going to regret my purchase or have it exceed my expectations. Ultimately, my goal was to save time and money spent on going to these clinics.

Always do your research!

It’s funny because my girlfriend always jokes that I’m too “research-driven” and that I’m always on the phone with everyone. But that’s just who I am. Our society has changed when it comes to learning and obtaining information, especially when people would rather text or have someone spoon-feed them the information.

But, that’s the thing about me, when I see something of value like The Phoenix, I research the hell out of it and I’ll call until I’m satisfied. And that’s what I did when I called these guys to make sure that I’m getting my money's worth.

That’s my advice to anyone out there. It doesn't hurt to call and find out more information. I encourage you all to keep learning, especially when it comes to your own sexual health.

I digress…

Jon Hoffman Saved My Sex Life With The Creation Of The Phoenix Li-ESWT Device

These phone calls to The Phoenix may have initially helped my purchase decision, but it was Jon who really saved my sex life. Without him, I wouldn’t even be writing any of this!

He may have brought us this idea/invention, but taking control of our sexual health is our job! It’s our job to be able to admit and accept our sexual performance issues and then tackle them head-on. Two years later, I can now say that Jon Hoffman did more than just save my sex life.

I’ve always been an advocate for myself when it came to my own sexual health. But because of his aspirations to help other men get Li-ESWT in their hands for at-home use, it sparked a fire in me to use my analytical and research abilities to help others when it comes to learning about sexual performance.

In a way, using the Phoenix and seeing a dramatic improvement in my performance propelled me to create as a resource guide for men looking to improve their sexual health.

I hope to inspire others and help build on what The Phoenix can offer men.

BDE Style is about male confidence without cockiness

Jon Hoffman’s Death Was Not In Vain

If we’re being honest, some of you probably bought your Phoenix, saw improvements, and moved on without realizing who brought us this amazing device, in the first place. But, Jon Hoffman’s death was not in vain and thankfully it’s still getting into the hands of men all over the U.S., today.

In the past two years:

Over 55,000 men, including myself, experienced the benefits of Li-ESWT at home, thanks to The Phoenix.

So, to everyone who has followed me up until this point, remember this:

  • Next time you use your Phoenix, remember that if it wasn’t for Jon, you wouldn’t have this device to help you “rise again”.

  • For those of you buying a Phoenix for the first time, appreciate the fact that Jon helped fight to give us this device.

  • Seriously, If it wasn’t for this man and of course, the others involved in bringing this invention to the market, then you would all still be paying thousands of dollars for in-clinic shockwave treatment in the U.S.

Lastly, I wanted to re-share a message from one of The Phoenix's management team about Jon:

“Jon was not only a consummate inventor, accomplished writer/director, and savvy business leader of crowning intellect. He was a kind-hearted friend, a generous philanthropist whose dream was to elevate the lives of others. Sadly, Jon has passed without seeing many more of his life-changing inventions materialize.”

Moving forward, I encourage you all to share this device with men who could seriously benefit from Li-ESWT. Jon may be gone, but this device is his legacy to pass on to others looking to take control of their sexual health.

You can take an additional $85 dollars off your Phoenix kit by using my code RED50 --->Priority link to get your Phoenix Li-ESWT kit

Shipment Issues Over The Summer of 2022

Now, at the time I had bought my device, I didn’t know the world was going to shut down a week later. As some of you had emailed me throughout the summer of 2022 about The Phoenix's shipment issues, you all have no idea what I went through in March of 2020 when COVID-19 began.

I didn’t receive my Phoenix Li-ESWT device until July of 2020. It took me 5 months to get my Phoenix in the mail. You all have no idea the pain many of us had during that time when we ordered our devices from December of 2019 up until the summer of 2020 to when we finally got our devices and got to experience Li-ESWT at home.

There was even a Facebook group of over 2000 of us. Some men on this Facebook group complained like a broken record while others patiently waited as I did.

The point is, it’s worth the wait! If you are well versed on what Li-ESWT is and what to expect, then you’ll be happy with your very own at-home device. If you’ve never tried Li-ESWT, then the Phoenix is perfect for you to try it out. They now offer a 90-day trial to experience at least 2 cycles of treatment, which is more than generous and more than enough time for you to gauge results.

And if it’s not for you, then I recommend re-evaluating your specific root causes for sexual performance issues. You might have other issues in the mix that The Phoenix can’t help. I’ve talked about this numerous times (ad nauseum), but The Phoenix is NOT a “catch all” treatment for every type of sexual performance issue and The Phoenix is NOT a one time solution, either. So, there are health and lifestyle considerations that you may have missed or not considered carefully enough to actually see the full benefits of Li-ESWT. Is Here For You Guys

BDEStyle is a men's health platform that is here to advocate for men dealing with sexual health issues like erectile dysfunction, performance anxiety and more

Jon may be gone, but as we move forward, the goal is to continue on a positive slope. We must continue to shed light on men’s sexual health issues and be our very own advocates.

Jon and the rest of the team are examples of what BDE really is. They’re not afraid to talk about the sexual decline in men. They, in fact, took the time to talk about it and did something about it by offering us a solution to help aid our sexual health.

I plan to do the same but continue the conversation about sexual performance, men's health, sexual enhancements, ED, and more, and in every facet.

Lastly, I want to apologize for the time gaps in between my posts. I’m sure some of you have noticed some filler posts. I also know that some of you look forward to these free resources and information about sexual health that I continue seeing emails saying “can you write on this topic?”, or “when are you going to post again?” etc.

But, it’s a struggle trying to build this platform for you guys while keeping up with all of you. It takes up a lot of my time and I, too, need time to research, rest and live my life as well. But, I promise, there will be some new changes in the future with hopes of growing this platform so that we can hone in on every sexual health issue together!

Stay tuned my friends and thank you for always listening! <3


And If you have not already, take a look at what I’ve been working on in the past few months.

  • My review of Fleshlight. Yes, I know where your mind is going. But it’s not just a sex toy. I talk about how you can tie this into men’s sexual health issues, like premature ejaculation, poor masturbation habits, enhancing your bedroom experience, etc. It’s an entertaining read if you ask me.

  • I also partnered with Health Labs, a lab testing service without a doctor's referral. Yes, you don’t have to get a prescription or go through all the “red tape” to get the blood work you’re looking for. Health labs partners with LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics (and others), two of the largest lab testing corporations in the U.S to get you quick results on testosterone and other men’s health-related hormones (which I think is important for you to keep up with after the age of 30). After all, The Phoenix may help in one department, but if you’re not doing good with your hormones, you’re not going to see the results you’re looking for in terms of energy and drive to actually want to perform.

Lastly, as we aim to provide the best quality guides and information, we can’t do it without your help. See how you can support us in multiple ways.


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