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Getting Caught While Using The Phoenix Device At Home: What do you do?!

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

man caught using the phoenix device for ed

Oh shit! YOU got caught using The Phoenix device mid-session. You're sitting or standing there naked with your dick in one hand and a handheld acoustic wave device in the other, and then all of a sudden, your partner or roommate comes home from work early and catches you.

At some point, some of us will be that unfortunate guy. So, what do you do?!

As embarrassing as having issues "getting it up" already is, it will probably feel even more embarrassing getting caught in the act doing treatment with The Phoenix, especially when you didn’t hear someone walk in. And did I mention that The Phoenix is LOUD?

If you’ve read my personal summary and review of the device, it basically sounds like a jackhammer on your dick. So, number one, it’s going to be hard to hear if someone DOES come home early. And, number two, you have to be ready to do some explaining...eventually.

BDEStyle is your big brother who has dealt with stuff like this before and is here to help you out and keep you at ease.

Understand What Your Partner’s Reaction Means

Now we can’t predict how your partner will react. When shit hits the fan, the best thing to do is be calm and cool. They may stand there wondering what the heck are you doing, or they might leave and close the door feeling embarrassed too.

woman catching her man using the phoenix for ed

It all depends on your relationship dynamic, but if they stand there looking at you, then chances are they’re curious and open to knowing more.

Take that as an opportunity to put the Phoenix down and then sit with them to explain what you’re doing. You need to take control of the conversation as the educator since they don’t know anything about acoustic wave therapy. But, keep in mind that the goal here is to get them on board.

If they get embarrassed or feel weirded out and then run out while closing the door (because some couples value each other’s privacy), then expect to have a conversation later. But, be the FIRST person to initiate that conversation. The more you normalize the situation, the better. If you negatively react to them, it will only make the situation more awkward.

They could also be thinking that you’re hiding this from them because it’s “wrong” or something you’re not supposed to be doing. Remember the goal here is to get them on board. So, being calm and cool about it will help them be open to it/think it’s normal.

And, at the end of the day, it’s your body, your dick and you could do whatever the hell you want with it, regardless if they enjoy the benefits of it or not. So, let’s view some good talking points or lead-ins for how you explain it.

Explaining To Your Partner What The Phoenix Device Does

If your partner already knows you have sexual performance issues and trouble "getting it up" in the bedroom, then perfect! You can get through this awkward little hurdle the same way you got through the first talk about it with them.

Remember how we said that sexual performance issues are NOT a one-time conversation in our blog about how to talk to your partner?

Take this as a continued conversation and that you got this cool new device and are trying it out. The best “dumbed” down version you can say(or any variation really) when explaining what The Phoenix:

Improves bedroom performance and makes "getting it up" easier.

You can tell your partner that it’s loud (which they now know) because it uses sound waves. And by using these sound waves up and down your penis, The Phoenix helps prevent decline and restores your sexual performance.

Explaining to your partner what acoustic wave therapy is

Literally, take the above and spin it in your own words that’s easy to “hear” from the opposing side. You want to get the message across that it’s NOT a sex toy or that you’re doing something “sneaky” or “wrong”.

Now let’s say, for example, you were on your 4th treatment when they caught you. He or she might have already noticed some improvement in the quality of sex, but just didn’t know what was happening or how you became so hard all of a sudden. You can easily piggyback off this and say that the creators of GetMyPhoenix recommend at least one cycle of 12 treatments or Dr. Thompsons FULL 120-day protocol to see improvements in sexual performance (easier time getting it up or keeping it up) and that you’re just following their protocol and that it gets better from here.

Since they know you have trouble "getting it up" or "hard" in the bedroom...

You can say you’re using it because it's a safe and effective treatment. That and the results are longer lasting (results vary from person to person of course though).

Now if they don’t know you have sexual performance issues or they know, but you guys have never talked about it, then that’s a different story.

Opening Up About Issues "Getting It Up" In The Bedroom If You Guys Haven’t Talked About It Already

It’s time to drop your walls. He or she already caught you, and you’re standing there naked with a Phoenix in hand. It’s now or never.

Opening up about your trouble "getting it up" or hard in the bedroom, is the first step to really accepting it and working on your relationship to make the situation better. Believe me when I tell you that when I first bought The Phoenix in July of 2020, I felt a little weird telling my partner at the time. But, what helped me through it was that we already had our first talk about erection issues a few months prior.

This made it a heck of a lot easier to get it off my chest and lay the cards out on the table. And, guess what, she was cool with it AND on board with it. You just have to lead the conversation in a cool and calm manner. Tell them to hear you out and to JUST listen.

Tell them that you’re getting older, you're not as healthy as you once were, and that your dick isn’t working like it’s supposed to. You then saw an opportunity to improve your sexual health and quality of sex with the least amount of side effects.

That, and a lot of other guys are using The Phoenix with great results, so it's nothing out of the ordinary. Hear what other guys have to say about The Phoenix (Phoenix success tribute)

The best thing you can do is again, normalize the situation and not make it weird.

If your partner is a female (and I’m not being sexist), try to relate it to daily or monthly things they do as a part of their routine that you may not understand. For instance, daily birth control, periods, waxing different parts of their bodies, getting their hair done, etc.

The only difference is that you're using a handheld jackhammer….aka erection reviver on your dick 1-2 times a week. This is YOUR routine until you see results and when you need to retreat in the future.

Make it a NORMAL thing.

Now, If your partner is a dude, then he might be somewhat understanding since you guys have similar parts and he may also want to try it out.

The phoenix for ed
Normalize getting treatment for erectile dysfunction

The bottom line is, communication is key, and being mature will help your partner see things at your level. And remember, talking about sexual performance issues is NOT a one-time conversation.

At first, it may seem like information overload, but continuing the conversation down the road will get easier and better for both of you. Additionally, it will help your sex life exponentially while taking the pressure off of you to perform (mentally).

What If My Roommate Walked In On Me Using The Phoenix Device?

Plot twist. Your roommate caught you with your dong out. Their reaction will probably be a whole lot different than if you had a partner who has seen you naked on a regular basis.

Roommate catching you using The Phoenix device for ED

Your roommate has not seen you naked (I’m assuming), so their reaction depends on their maturity level. If you have a male roommate, I can imagine they would probably either freak out and leave, or you guys will probably joke about it later on.

Some guys are curious, and they might even ask you about it. The best thing you can do is explain what acoustic wave therapy is and how it can make your sex life better.

But, If they get angry and freak out (because it’s weird or uncomfortable to them), the best thing to do is to avoid talking to them about it and to act as normal as possible.

Literally, go about your normal day and talk to them like nothing happened so that they see you’re not weird about it. This way, they’ll think they’re crazy for being the one that’s weird about it and will soon lighten up or forget about it.

It’s all about setting the right vibe. So own it. It’s your dick and not theirs. If you choose to have better sex with a new and improved dick, that’s your talking point so they can back off or lighten up.

And, if they’re curious, just say you heard from a friend that it helps men "get it up" easier, then send them to GetMyPhoenix’s website, if they want to learn more or to try it out.

ED is very common and not a laughing matter

In the worst-case scenario, they could joke about it, or make you feel less of yourself. However, no guy is perfect…every guy experiences issues with "getting it up" at some point and when they mature or become level-headed, the tables will turn and they’ll soon realize that they can use a tune-up, too.

guys talking about how to improve their erections with BDE Style

Remember, the goal is to normalize this and not be weird. The cat’s already out of the bag and there’s no rewinding time for them to not "see" you naked. The best you can do is own it and be a mature guy.

Now, if you have a female roommate (yes, this can happen), she may feel weird or question it. But, hey, if it opens a door for a friends-with-benefits situation, then go for it. She might find it kinky or interesting that you’re trying to take care of your penis health. Most guys can’t even admit that they’re struggling with their erections. So, it would definitely be a good talking point to hook up with your roommate if you’re willing to cross that line.

Now, If she has a boyfriend, then seeing you naked may cause a fight between her and her man if she tells him. So, watch out. It may even cause her to question her man if she finds out what The Phoenix is and why he's not using it.

The possibilities for different scenarios are endless. But, you get the big picture

BDE Style invites you to share your Phoenix Device story with us

Share your Phoenix Success story with BDE Style

BDE Style is a group of guys just like you who have tried a bunch of these devices and products and are here to share our experiences and funny stories with you.

If you have a funny story or want to share how The Phoenix made it easier for you to "get it up" in the bedroom, go to our contact page and tell us your story. Also, feel free to join our mailing list at the bottom of the page.

We’ll feature you in a future post (anonymous if you prefer) and we’ll have some fun.

Remember, there is nothing wrong with getting treatment for sexual performance. If you ask us, we rather optimize our sexual performance and have as much "quality" sex as possible.

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