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Death Grip Syndrome: Is Masturbation Killing Your Mojo?

Updated: May 30, 2023

Death Grip Syndrome: Is Masturbation Killing Your Mojo?

Masturbation... At this point, we should all be comfortable talking about it, especially considering that studies show at least 78% of adults are doing it! With that being said, there are some aspects of the ol’ solo handshake that might not get the attention they deserve, such as death grip syndrome (DGS).

DGS isn’t widely discussed; however, it could be why you are having trouble finishing the final act when you are with your partner. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about DGS before Rosy Palm ruins your actual sex life for good!

What Is Death Grip Syndrome?

So, what exactly is death grip syndrome? Well, according to physicians, DGS isn’t actually a medically recognized condition because it hasn’t been studied in-depth in a controlled setting. With that being said, medical professionals do agree that the syndrome has been widely reported by men. In most cases, doctors attribute DGS as a subset to Erectile Dysfunction connected to Delayed Ejaculation.

man thinks about DGS as a subset to Erectile Dysfunction

The name DGS really is self-explanatory. When you jerk off, your penis becomes accustomed to your grip. As time goes on, your sensitivity to your grip changes and your grip gets tighter and tighter, eventually leading to...The Death Grip!

Over time your penis could become severely desensitized, and the nerves in your shaft could be affected. When sensitivity occurs, it can become next to impossible to ejaculate without replicating the grip.

DGS or Erectile Dysfunction: Understanding the Symptoms

As we said, Death Grip Syndrome and Erectile Dysfunction are related. Let’s take a look at some of the symptoms more commonly associated with DGS.

For men with DGS, it can be hard to identify the problem until the time comes to be intimate with a partner. Solo masturbation is the primary reason behind the symptoms, so until a man tries to ejaculate in a different way...The problem might go unnoticed.

With that being said, there are a couple of signs to take into account. If you find that you need firmer pressure when masturbating than before, it could be a sign of DGS. Another symptom of DGS is delayed ejaculation, or anorgasmia with, or without, a sexual partner.

Keep in mind that delayed ejaculation, along with other symptoms like difficulty maintaining an erection, can be symptoms of erectile dysfunction rather than Death Grip Syndrome on its own. Let’s take a look at some other factors to consider regarding the causes of DGS.

reading about DGS or Erectile Dysfunction

Contributing Factors of DGS

There is not a lot of conclusive research regarding Death Grip Syndrome causes and treatments. With that being said, there is substantial research regarding friction and penile sensitivity. So, it is safe for us to draw conclusions from this data regarding the effects of pressure and friction on the penis.

For example, a study of cyclists in 2001 showed that 61% of the male cyclists experienced some form of genital numbness or impotence. Obviously, masturbating with a harsh grip and riding a bike are not the same. However, the principle behind the study shows that harsh pressure and/or friction are known to cause erectile dysfunction in men.

depressed man with Death Grip Syndrome

Another contributing factor could be. According to a Harvard University study, 1 in every 10 Americans are currently using anti-depressants. Of those men taking anti-depressants, 60% report some form of penis sensitivity issue or impotence.

Because of the anti-depressant’s effect on the penis’ sensitivity level, some men might find that they are applying more pressure or a firmer grip while masturbating. The combination of medication and DGS could lead to further ED complications.

Finally, some health conditions can play a role in the sensitivity levels of the penis resulting in men feeling the need to have a firmer grip when masturbating. Issues with the Thyroid or with low Testosterone can cause problems related to ED or DGS. Additionally, Peyronie’s Disease could lead to Death Grip Syndrome.

Treating Death Grip Syndrome

Before you lose all hope of ever reaching a climax with your partner again...Just take a breath and relax. Stress is one of the most significant contributors to erectile complications, so do your best to stay relaxed and focus your energy on learning these new techniques!

Treating Death Grip Syndrome

One of the first things you can do to get your DGS under control is to take a break from vigorous masturbation...And porn.

Give your mind and body a chance to reset, and your sensitivity to touch will begin to adjust back to normal.

As for the porn thing...If you are suffering from DGS, then it is probably time to take a break from porn. There is psychology research to show that while porn does not directly cause sexual performance issues such as erectile dysfunction, it can play a role in DGS and Delayed Ejaculation. So, instead, use your mind to visualize while you masturbate...Or...If you are feeling adventurous...Make a video with your partner to give you something authentic to watch!

Another thing to keep in mind is your medications. If you are taking any medications that cause you to have issues with penis sensitivity or impotence, then you should talk with your doctor about what your options are for changing your medications.

Don’t forget to be open with your partner as well. If your DGS affects your relationship having an honest dialogue about the syndrome could help them understand what is happening. Sexual performance anxiety can cause all kinds of erectile complications, so being open with your partner about what is going on will take some of the pressure off of you.

You Can Also Beat Death Grip Syndrome With A Fleshlight or Fleshjack

We know what you're may sound funny, overly sexual, or inappropriate to use a sex toy instead of your hand but hear us out.

These masturbators actually mirror what a vagina OR anus feels like versus you squeezing the life out of your penis.

fleshlight designed for treating death grip syndrome

Fleshlights are also versatile. They can be used with your hands or hands-free. They have add-ons like a shower mount so you can use it while you shower, hands-free (simulating sex if you get the idea). They even take it a step further and have two options called the Quickshot Launch and the Universal Launch, where one can enjoy masturbation where the device uses a Quickshot or another line of their Fleshlight models to stroke your penis for you.

If you feel shame in using one of their modeled vagina or anus ones because of your religious upbringing or just shame because of inexperience, then there are standard or "less human" looking Fleshlight/Fleshjack models that you can build on their site.

The main goal is to simulate what sex would be like if you're currently not having any, are single and taking time off from relationships, or are trying to beat DGS in your current relationship, etc.

You want to avoid using tightly gripped hand strokes that desensitize you and instead use a fleshlight to retrain your body or condition it to ejaculate from the same action as you would during sex. This is why Fleshlight is not just a sex toy, but a great multifaceted tool that you can use to cure your death grip syndrome at home.

And, of course, you'll still need to communicate this with your partner if you're dealing with DGS in your current relationship. The goal in mind is to beat it together and have them on board with your plan to fix it. And, remember, It's not just a sex toy. Fleshlights can also help with stamina training, and/or they can add another element to your bedroom experience that'll elevate both of your sex lives.

Treatment options for Death Grip Syndrome

You Can Always Try The Phoenix Acoustic Wave Device To Gain More Confidence In The Bedroom!

rich from bdestyle holding the phoenix

If you are having trouble "getting it up" or death grip syndrome is keeping you from having the erections you want, acoustic wave therapy may help!

We've talked about the benefits and reviewed The at-home Phoenix acoustic wave device before, but here is a quick breakdown:

The Phoenix improves bedroom performance and makes getting it up easier for men. It does this by using clinical-strength Li-ESWT. Li-ESWT uses powerful, targeted soundwaves to create a physiological change in the body.

We've personally tried it, and "rising to the occasion" is not only easier but also more pleasurable.

Since cutting back on porn is not an easy task, using The Phoenix and using a Fleshlight, can help distract you while bringing your dick back to life.

Moving Forward: BDE Style

So, if you think you might have Death Grip Syndrome...Don’t worry! You are not alone, and with the help of this article, you can manage your symptoms and get back in the game with confidence like a beast.

We are here to support you. At BDE Style, we are advocates for men worldwide who want to take charge of their manhood and say goodbye to sexual performance issues! So, visit the rest of our site or shoot us an email so you can learn more about the BDE Style of life.


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