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Can't Get It Up? Smoking and Vaping Could Be Killing Your Vibes

Updated: Oct 9

Can't Get It Up? Are Smoking and Vaping Causing Your ED?

Puff, puff, pass...The days of classic smoking are changing, and a new monster is in the mix...E-Cigs. The CDC shows reports that 8.1 million Americans are vaping currently, and in addition to a slew of lung-related deaths, E-cigs, and vaping devices might affect something else...Your penis...Do we have your attention now?!

It’s true. Your erections could be suffering if you hit the vape, so before you take another puff, let’s get reading!

How Smoking Affects Erections

Smoking leaves a significant impact on your erections. The U.S. Surgeon General in 2014 included ED in the list of problems caused by smoking. Men who smoke are more likely to develop erectile dysfunction with time. The problem becomes worse when you smoke heavily and for a long duration.

How Smoking Affects Erections

Men need efficient blood circulation to the penis to get proper erections. Smoking affects the blood flow, causing reduced or no erections. It affects blood vessels and muscle tissues. Sometimes, it also leads to the hardening of arteries. In any such condition, your penis doesn’t receive enough blood to get erected properly.

Nitric oxide is a compound that plays an essential role in erections. Smoking can reduce the amount of this compound, leading to erection problems.

The Trend of Vaping and ED

Contrary to popular belief, vaping is harmful to your sexual health. Vaping is less harmful than conventional cigarettes, but still, it contains nicotine.

Nicotine is the real culprit behind erectile dysfunction. Even if you apply nicotine patches, you are likely to develop erectile dysfunction with time. Why is this happening, you ask? Well, nicotine has a negative impact on your blood vessels and circulation, two critical factors needed for a healthy erection.

When you use nicotine-containing products such as vapes, E-cigs, cigarettes, etc., you make your body work harder to get and maintain an erection.

The blood vessels and nerves in your penis are now not only dealing with other factors that might cause ED, but they are also dealing with restrictive nicotine flowing through your body!

Let’s take a deeper look into the problem!

man with erectile dysfunction

Nicotine Is the Real Problem

Studies show that nicotine affects your cardiovascular health in many ways. It forces blood vessels to contract repeatedly, disrupting blood circulation. With time, it damages blood vessels like stress, hypertension, obesity, etc. The amount of nicotine you intake is directly proportional to the damage.

If you are vaping or smoking equal to one cigarette per day, the impact will be limited. However, when you increase the amount of nicotine, you increase cardiovascular problems and erectile dysfunction.

Once the blood vessels in the penis are damaged, they can’t contain enough blood to cause erections. With time, you will notice reduced stiffness and erection duration.

Most importantly, it doesn’t only affect erections but sperm cells as well. If you want to have a child, you have a solid reason to quit smoking or vaping immediately.

Can You Reverse Smoking Effects?

Can You Reverse Smoking Effects?

Depending on your age and smoking or vaping patterns, you may or may not be able to reverse the damage done. However, things won’t get worse if you quit now. Moreover, you will reduce the chances of a heart stroke and lung cancer as well.

Besides quitting smoking, you need to make some lifestyle changes that improve blood circulation like exercise, maintaining blood pressure, etc. A healthcare provider will provide you a complete guide about lifestyle changes that will boost your sexual health.

man developing ed from smoking his cigar

Some studies reveal that men who developed ED because of smoking in their 40s are highly likely to get proper erections after quitting smoking. If you age more than 50, you might notice worsening of ED after quitting. However, you need to remain calm, and things will get better.

In case of serious erectile issues, you may not see any change after quitting cigarettes.

Unfortunately, you have damaged your blood vessels beyond repair without any medication. In such a situation, you need to take drugs to get erections. Every medication works distinctively and has some limitations.

Depending on your health and age, you may or may not be able to use some of these medications. Moreover, they may cause side effects as well.

Thanks to modern research, there are some other options as well. Acoustic wave therapy is one of the contemporary methods that repair your blood vessels with time, allowing you to get active in the bed.

Can Smokers and Vapers Benefit From Acoustic Wave Therapy?

Can Smokers and Vapers Benefit From Acoustic Wave Therapy?

Acoustic Wave Therapy is a modern treatment that heals blood vessels. Furthermore, it promotes the growth of new blood vessels that improve blood circulation. Once you have a better flow of blood, you get better erections.

For a while, this type of treatment was only offered at men's health clinics at a steep price. Usually it costs between $3000-$6000 for 6-12 treatments. But now, you can "do it yourself" with an at-home acoustic wave device in privacy and at a lower price point of $879. It's called The Phoenix and it uses the same acoustic wave technology that's used in health clinics.

It's better than Viagra, injections or surgery because it ACTUALLY treats the root cause of the problem, which is a lack of blood flow. Most guys start experience a decrease in blood flow after their 18th birthday. And if you smoke or vape, you're adding to that decrease. Don't be that guy that let's this go or goes to your local gas station for grab and go dick pills. These are only band aid fixes that last a few hours.

Effects from acoustic wave therapy can last up to 2 years so long as your healthy, don't smoke and maintain an active lifestyle. And, with The Phoenix it makes it easier to treat at home without anyone knowing you're doing it (so long as your home alone and no one is watching of course lol.).

What is The Phoenix Device For ED And Can It Help A Smoker or Vaper like You?

First up, you have to kill your habit of smoking by reducing this overtime. That's the main thing. Now with The Phoenix, it will help improve blood flow to your penis over time. This type of treatment therapy is a process, but the average guy generally sees improvement after the first 6-12 treatments.

By using soundwaves, What The Phoenix Does is penetrates the tissues in the penis while breaking up micro-plaque build up in the arteries. At the same time, it increases blood flow to those areas. Overtime, the increase in blood flow results in stronger and harder erections by a process called neovascularization that happens after a treatment cycle of 6-12 sessions.

The 6-12 sessions can be done in the course of 30 days. The creators of The Phoenix recommend treatment 2-3 times a week. So, if you follow that, you're golden!

But, just so you know, you'll see better results if you again, STOP smoking because smoking will counter the benefits of healthy blood flow going into your penis. This and smoking or vaping is just bad for your overall health.

The Phoenix It's straightforward to use with no side effects at all. You don’t need to visit any doctor to do this. All it takes is 15-20 minutes per session, and living an active and healthy lifestyle for the best results.

Start using the device (Link to GET Your Phoenix Here) and improve your performance in bed today!

Say No to Smoking and Vaping. Say Yes to Erectile Health!

As you can see, smoking and vaping are no joke! If you are smoking and vaping, you force your body to fight an uphill battle to stay healthy.

It isn’t easy to quit using nicotine-containing products, but it is even harder to explain to your partner that you can’t get it up because of a habit you refuse to quit! So, take the time to quit today and get your boner back!

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