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How The Phoenix Acoustic Wave Therapy Device Can Save Your Valentines Day

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Valentines day is right around the corner...will ED keep you from rising to the occasion?

One of the realities of Valentine's Day is that many people have sexual expectations attached to the event. And for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED), these expectations make it even harder for them to meet the needs of their partners. Like it or not, you have a hard choice to make. Seek treatment or do nothing...

If you do nothing, you'll only make the problem worse as it can mess with you psychologically and it can impede your ability to perform in the bedroom. But, if you do something about it, you'll actually take a step towards better sex, a better relationship and acceptance that our bodies need a tune up every now and then.

I want to share with you guys about an amazing device called The Phoenix, that actually helps the root cause of physical ED. And, I'm talking about REAL treatment for ED. Not a gas station dick pill or counterfeit Cialis that you buy illegally online from India. I'm talking about treatment that gets to the root cause of your plumbing issue in your pants.

Here is how The Phoenix acoustic wave therapy device can save your Valentines day.

Using acoustic waves to treat your penis this Valentines day

Most guys don't realize this, but our plumbing is super fragile. Anything from eating poorly, drinking, drugs, smoking, health issues or Peyronie's disease can make our unit not function the way we want it to. What makes it worse is that there are tons of primitive medicines like Viagra, Cialis, Roman, Blue chew, Hims and other brands that are constantly promoted to "treat" ED, when really it only gives you a headache and running nose.

And, what if you're with a new partner that is not aware of your ED? If you take the pill too early, it may wear off by the time you get home to have sex. Nobody wants to "time" a pill in order to have sex.

While men are often afraid to seek a proper diagnose from a doctor, The Phoenix is an at home-use device that can treat the physical plumbing of your penis. We spend years building plaque in the arteries of our body. For men, we have arteries and veins in our penis too! A pill like Viagra will only temporarily relieve symptoms of ED. Not treat the plumbing.

Acoustic wave therapy on the other hand will help break down the micro-plaque in our arteries for improved blood flow. Additionally, the sound waves will induce angiogenesis, which helps promote the growth of new blood vessels and veins.

Who can benefit from The Phoenix this Valentines day?

There are tons of studies on sound wave therapy/acoustic wave therapy that shows success for guys with different types of ED.

Think about the guys who have Diabetes and poor circulation in their bodies. ED on top of Diabetes is a double whammy and it can be hard for a guy to manage or respond to ED pills if he has poor blood flow down there. Acoustic wave therapy with The Phoenix may actually help these guys get more blood flow and become more responsive to pills.

For guys with ED due to age that is non diabetes related can benefit from it too! Think in terms of longevity. If you're 40 years old, but your penis feels like its 80 years old, then it's time for a tune up. The Phoenix can help reverse the clock on your penis.

What to expect with the Phoenix?

How long until someone can see results? Although most guys see positive improvements in 6-12 treatments, it really depends on your case of ED.

It’s important to note that all men are different, have different dicks and different cases of ED. Sometimes ED cases are a result of Peyronie’s disease(curve of the penis) or a Venous leak, so this may require more treatment sessions.

BDE Style recommends The Phoenix device for ED and wants every guy (and girl) to enjoy sex filled nights this Valentine's Day and other days.

Why men should try The Phoenix acoustic wave device this Valentine's Day

The Phoenix is an FDA-registered device that helps restore blood flow. It is also non-invasive and improves the longevity of a man’s erectile function while helping reverse erectile dysfunction.

For years acoustic wave therapy has been around, but nobody talks about it because it was always an expensive treatment you had to get at a clinic that was always far away from home.

Now you don't have to go through all that trouble. You can use this portable acoustic wave device at the comfort of your own home and use it to treat or optimize your erections. The best part is that it's the SAME treatment you would get at a clinic, but at a lower and more affordable price

There are tons of guys who have used it and have experienced positive results from using it at home.

The gift of a Stronger and Better Penis this Valentines day!

Give your valentine a gift they'll appreciate every night.

If you haven’t checked out my personal review of The Phoenix for ED, I recommend reading the full post here. It goes into depth about my results after 12 treatments and how it changed my bedroom performance and experience.

If you haven’t checked out the best ED protocol with The Phoenix, I suggest checking out our post here. It goes into depth about what the product is, how often you should use it, how to use it, video concepts of acoustic wave therapy on the penis and the in depth science behind The Phoenix.

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