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Commentary On The Current Reviews On The Phoenix Li-ESWT Device: Does It Actually Work?

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Commentary On The Current Reviews On The Phoenix Li-ESWT Device: Does It Actually Work?

What’s up everyone? It’s Rich. Today I want to do something fun and by fun I mean doing a commentary on the most recent reviews on The Phoenix Li-ESWT device. It has come to my attention that the question “Has anyone tried The Phoenix Shock Wave Device?” or any variation of the question, is constantly being brought up by men on various platforms such as blogs, YouTube videos/comments, forums, etc.

What these men don’t know is that this device has been out since 2019/2020 and has been used by thousands of men (including myself).

In 2021, I wrote my 1 year review and experience using The Phoenix and my 2 year update was published in December of 2022.

I’m not the only one who did a review on The Phoenix and I think it’s important for men to hear from more than just me about whether or not the Phoenix works. After all, we all have different bodies and different penises. At the same time, different health statuses and considerations.

good and bad reviews on the phoenix

For this reason, I’m going to do a commentary on the most recent reviews out there, which will include both GOOD reviews and BAD ones, too. Why? Because people need to understand what this device is actually supposed to do. If we can filter out the noise on the internet of misinformation and misinterpretations on Li-ESWT, then it could potentially help people who could actually benefit from this type of treatment.

On the same token, this will help point the people who are not considered good candidates for this type of treatment, to another strategy that might be suited for their specific type of sexual performance issue.

Ultimately, our goal of helping men on this journey of figuring out their sexual performance issues to learn and to form their own conclusions.

Disclaimer:, (We, I, Us) is a professional review site that tests men’s health products thoroughly and provides educational information that shouldn't be misconstrued as medical advice. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own. We are NOT doctors. We can’t diagnose you. If you need a diagnosis, prognosis or medical advice, go to your doctor. Read more about our policies and disclosures here.

Before you read further, let’s help those who are not familiar with The Phoenix, get a better understanding of what this device is actually supposed to do, or rather, what Li-ESWT is?

What Is The Phoenix Device And Does Li-ESWT Work?

The Phoenix is the first engineered at-home device to use Li-ESWT technology designed to help "get it up" easier and enjoy better sex and sexual performance. Li-ESWT is the scientific term for low intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy. The term is often used interchangeably with alternative phrasing such as acoustic wave therapy or sound wave therapy.

the phoenix device for erectile dysfunction

The Phoenix has been out since 2019/2020 and is currently going through the rigorous process of becoming FDA approved. Until that day arrives, more and more men who are learning about Li-ESWT are trying out the 90 day home trial with the Phoenix to see and reap the benefits themselves.

As of today, over 55,000 men have used The Phoenix and most of the men who have done a home trial are keeping their devices for the future. There are approximately 300 critical reviews on their website, reviews on various erectile dysfunction forums, YouTube videos (although the majority of these videos seem to be copying each other… in my opinion), and other blogs. It has also been featured in magazines like Maxim, and is used alongside other treatments offered at various men’s health clinics throughout the U.S., such as with Dr. Amy B. Killen, Dr. Kien Vuu, and a few others.

The biggest point here is that it’s been gaining a lot of traction as a “do it yourself” at home alternative and for a fraction of the cost as it would be to go to a men’s health clinic for shockwave therapy. The only setback is that men are not understanding what Li-ESWT is or the science that has been researched.

The Phoenix Shockwave Device Was Designed For Helping Men "Get it Up" And Performance Issues In The Bedroom

The Phoenix device has a specific protocol designed by partnered Urologist Dr. Paul Thompson, giving men the best success when using this type of technology. It consists of an initial protocol lasting 120 days, where a guy would use The Phoenix for a month doing 2 treatments per week (8 treatments for one month), followed by a one month rest period. After this initial cycle, you can repeat this process again totaling 120 days (minimum 16 treatments in those 4 months). From there, you evaluate your results and retreat as needed in the future or whenever results start to fade.

120 day protocol for the phoenix shockwave device

***Using a penis pump is optional to the protocol, but it is suggested to use one in combination to yield better results. Penis pumps have always been a treatment option for sexual performance in the past because they can help men "rise to the occasion".

man making healthy lifestyle choices for his sexual health

Although results with The Phoenix do vary per individual, it is important to consider your current health status, and lifestyle choices, and understand that sexual performance issues can be caused by numerous amount of other factors that the Phoenix may or may not address (Hormonal imbalances, performance anxiety, relationship issues, medication side effects, etc. are some examples/variables that The Phoenix cannot address).

If you are an avid reader like myself, have tried shockwave therapy in a men’s clinic setting and/or have tried The Phoenix, then you would know how great Li-ESWT is to not only prevent the natural sexual decline that men face with age, but to also be used to maintain performance for the years to come.

How Can Li-ESWT Help Men With Sexual Health Related Issues?

Li-ESWT technology was first used in studies for breaking down kidney stones in the 1980s. It was then experimented in the orthopedic world and finally in cardiology in the early 2000s.

man discussing sexual health with doctor

As of 2005 and up until now, there has been a plethora of studies done on shockwave therapy being used in a Urology setting at a much lower and safer intensity to help men with sexual performance related issues.

At this time, certain devices from these studies have been approved by the FDA, however, the FDA has not yet approved the use of these devices for treating men’s sexual health related issues in the United States. It is only used as an “off label” treatment at the moment.

So, if you’ve ever been to a clinic in the U.S for this treatment like I have, you may have filled out a form saying something like this before your consultation with your doctor.

(If you’re outside the U.S… Li-ESWT was recently approved and added as a regular treatment option in Europe as of 2021). More clinical trials are needed to provide a more uniform approach on the protocol for each condition, shock wave form used, device specifics, etc. for it to be considered a regular treatment option for men in the future.

So, What Exactly Is a Shockwave?

Shockwaves are acoustic sound waves that travel at a certain pulse, depth, and speed to cause a physiological reaction for the body to either:

  • Break down kidney stones (at a much higher intensity as discovered in the 80s)

  • Treat musculoskeletal issues (at a lower intensity for breaking down calcified scar tissue as discovered in the orthopedic world)

  • Help promote "getting it up" for men with sexual performance issues

what is shockwave therapy infographic by bdestyle

With that being said, there has been a lot of research and theories on the topic of Li-ESWT in the past two decades and there's more that's being done because research is continuous.

The hope is to continue to learn from the data and research as it improves on this type of therapy in both a clinical setting and the potential for at-home devices like The Phoenix, too.

But until then, we have reviews and anecdotes to look at to determine who this device is really for, who shouldn’t use it and for those who are misinformed, let’s get them pointed in the right direction.

My Commentary On The Recent Reviews On The Phoenix Li-ESWT Device

Rich from bdestyle doing research on the reviews on the Phoenix shockwave device and giving a commentary

In this commentary, I'm going to link to reviews and/or comments, giving the title of the user's review as well as explore different experiences that men face. I’m also going to include reviews that are both good experiences and bad experiences from real legitimate people that are not influencers/affiliates.

The reason why I’m doing this is because people have their own expectations when trying out a device like this. According to the literature on the mainstream office clinic shockwave devices, the researchers indicated what was a success and what wasn’t by using questionnaires such as:

  • The (IIEF)

  • the abridged version of the IIEF called the IIEF-5

  • and/or the EHS

The above were the most common assessments used to determine success when using Li-ESWT treatment.

But, let’s be realistic here… Not every man is going to know any of that terminology or think to calculate their scores before using The Phoenix and doing it after their “12 treatments” or 120 day Phoenix protocol. Although it would be helpful for the masses if everyone did it this way (just my own personal thought), everyone is going to have their own goal and expectation when using this device. I just hope that when you read my commentary on the current reviews out there, that you open your eyes and realize the confusion there is on the expectations from different men when it comes to Li-ESWT treatment.

I’ll be giving a verdict at the end of each commentary in the form of a like a scale (just for educational purposes/entertainment):

  • Invalid Review

  • Somewhat Valid/Invalid Review

  • Valid Review

The following will be based on the legitimacy of the review: if they followed the protocol provided by The Phoenix and the user manual, did they divert from it, and how many variables there were to their story that affected their experience (other types of performance issues they experienced, are they P.E. enthusiasts, Do they have health conditions limiting their success, do they make poor lifestyle choices that affect their performance in the bedroom, etc.).

Good & Bad Reviews of The Phoenix

With all of that being said, let’s begin!

1. “Initial Review: The Phoenix Acoustic Wave Ultrasound by Launch Medical”

review of the phoenix

This review on The Phoenix holds the most upvotes on Reddit in the erectile dysfunction subreddit. There are approximately 60 comments from anonymous men talking about the device (a few that have used it as well) including the original poster who politely replied to some of the comments. It appears that this user became more responsive to PED5i (Viagra/Cialis) as he progressed through his Phoenix treatments. Unfortunately, this review was in 2021 (not that current) and the user apparently deleted his account or his account was deleted by moderators? (hence why the name says “deleted” at the top). However, the story of this 47 year old man is very up-lifting.

My Commentary (warnings about this review):

it appears the user (according to his story) is a P.E enthusiast (P.E stands for penis enlargement) and he discloses that he used to abuse penis pumps prior to doing Phoenix treatments (over pumping or penis pumping to extreme pressures can cause injury and damage to the penile tissues). Also, The Phoenix uses Li-ESWT technology and not ultrasound, which is a completely different waveform. My guess is he was probably misinformed by his Urologist, which I quote below:

“My ED/Urologist doc mentioned ultrasound about $4K for 12 treatments not covered by insurance. I could probably cover it, but I wasn't even sure it would work.”

What’s the verdict on this Phoenix Review: Somewhat Valid/Invalid Review.

Why? Although the user appeared to have ED (“arterial insufficiency'' as mentioned in his review) and tried to stick to the protocol that was given to him by the creators of The Phoenix, there are some variables that unfortunately somewhat invalidates his review. For instance, the reddit user no longer has an account, and there were no additional updates on his experience after the first 4 treatments in his post followed by his additional treatments (his follow up) in the comments of his posts.

With that being said, we can’t truly consider this a “Full review” considering the fact that the suggested protocol is supposed to be 120 days. Although he saw success and commented on that, and it was very thorough, I can only give this a somewhat valid/invalid verdict.

2. “Started with the Phoenix”

review of the phoenix on reddit

This review on The Phoenix is by reddit user “male1980” and he followed the 120 day protocol. He was actually one of the commenters in the previous review mentioned up top.

You can read the comments from the review mentioned earlier where this user also commented on his experience there and in the comments to his specific post on The Phoenix, too.

My Commentary:

Now, this guy apparently has pelvic floor issues, which The Phoenix does not treat (this needs a different strategy/a PT that specializes in pelvic floor dysfunction in men). He also disclosed that he was using a bathmate instead of an air pump along with the protocol. Although there is nothing wrong with using a bathmate (in my opinion), the reddit user seemed to have pelvic floor issues related to pumping. This user has not posted any updates since.

According to the dates of the posts, he should have finished the protocol by the Christmas season of 2021. I can only speculate that he is STILL enjoying those results as noted in his comments (if you actually look in his profile comment section).

What’s the verdict on this Phoenix Review: Valid Review

Why? He followed the ENTIRE 120 day recommended protocol and gave updates in his comments as well as comments in the 1st review I shared earlier. His interaction and mutual experience with the previous user showed legitimacy of his personal anecdote on using The Phoenix.

The only concern I have, which doesn’t change my verdict, is that pelvic floor dysfunction is something that men can face as well. This is something I hope this particular reddit user considers as a threat to their sexual health and that they should combat it in the future with a Urologist/PT that specializes in men’s pelvic floor dysfunction.

man on his phone writing a review about the phoenix

3. “The Phoenix ED shock wave machine at home”

online review of the phoenix device for ed

Warning: This is a forum/website dedicated to men who use a myriad of penis enlargement tools, devices and exercises to enlarge their penises. I’m giving you (anyone reading this) a warning because P.E(penis enlargement) is an ENTIRELY different niche/activity that some men practice. There are risks and dangers involved that can actually cause damage to the penis, resulting in potential/permanent ED. Although I am a P.E enthusiast myself (I’m not going to deny this), using The Phoenix alongside P.E practices could potentially be dangerous as well as “cancel” out/ limit any success you would see with The Phoenix. At the same time, if you really want to see if it works, don’t add these types of variables that can limit your success. Just my 2 cents…Stick to the Phoenix protocol if you actually want to see if it works and don’t add in too many variables that will cancel out or make it harder for you to see if it works or not…I digress.

My commentary:

Now this user named “Motor23” on the Biohacker forum tried 12 treatments from Sept 15th 2020 and stopped replying on October 31st of 2020. Just an FYI… this “12 treatments” was a former protocol or a similar protocol to in-clinic treatment protocols. The 120 day protocol as mentioned earlier consists of a minimum of 16 treatments in that time period. During this 1.5 month period, this user continuously updated his review on The Phoenix reporting ups and downs on his mental health, performance anxiety, morning wood and frustration.

It appears that he had issues maintaining his erections and was having difficulty maintaining them in certain positions (if you follow along each page on his thread). This could possibly be a pelvic floor issue (I’m just speculating).

What’s the verdict of this Phoenix review: Invalid Review

Why? Because the review was not thorough enough. The user had an expectation that he was going to be able to produce a “strong erection” in a short time frame. This is not what the Phoenix will do for any guy looking for a quick fix. Li-ESWT takes time and usually takes time to see results. It was also not clear as to what success he had.

For instance, on some days he indicated he had good erections (strong morning wood), while on others he had nervous tendencies and performance anxiety related issues with sexual partners. He also mentioned he had issues with erections laying down versus standing and while on his knees when using his fleshlight. This to me seems like it might potentially be related to pelvic floor floor issues.

highly reviewed and recommended phoenix device for ed

4. “Um, the Phoenix really works.”

reddit review on the phoenix

My Commentary

This review is from Reddit and was done about 8 months ago. It seems pretty straightforward and the reddit user, “Ready_1999” talked about how he was seeing a decline in response to PED5i treatment (Viagra/Cialis) and that he claims he sprained his penis which led him to supposedly developing “Peyronie’s disease”. He claimed he was going to do 12 treatments in his post.

If you look at his post history it appears he commented on another thread related to shockwave therapy in general (clinical…not the Phoenix) where he mentioned he shared he was at treatment number 6 with his Phoenix and saw results.

What’s the verdict on this Phoenix review: Somewhat invalid/valid Review

Why? More information is needed. Although this review was 8 months ago, you still had to check his post history to see if he had a concluding follow up of performing the 12 treatments he said he was going to do. The reddit user didn’t elaborate on this or gave a follow up. This post was also one of the first posts I found that had a “suspected” Peyronie’s disease from a sprain/injury during sex in his post. We can only speculate/assume that he was in the acute/early stages of Peyronie’s (PD) and that the Li-ESWT treatment with The Phoenix helped in some way.

What would’ve helped validate this review is if he explained if he had a curvature or pain and disclosed any information on the specific degree of the curve (before and after). At the same time, we don’t know the end result of the 12 treatments nor know why he chose to do 12 treatments as opposed to the suggested 120 day protocol.

couple in bed with the phoenix device

5. “Phoenix Device First time”

screenshot of an online review of the phoenix

My Commentary:

This was a post on Reddit from user “Noturboyfriendsorry” and he chronologically shared threads from his very first Phoenix treatment all the way to treatment number 12. This was shared about 7-8 months ago. He reported slight improvements and random observations about his penis and lifestyle (sleeping issues and his girlfriend).

What’s the verdict on this Phoenix review: Valid Review

Why? Unlike the other reviews who mentioned they were going to do “12 treatments” as opposed to the 120 day protocol, the user at least kept a time stamp and made multiple threads after each treatment and shared what he was experiencing on the same day of each treatment. Although he made observations on sleep, pelvic floor and improved sensitivity, he was at least consistent, which is why I consider this review to be more valid than the ones that claimed they were going to do 12 treatments, but didn’t hear back from them or any follow ups.

6. Shockwave therapy?

This first link below shares a review, but the second one is also for a helpful comment that will determine the legitimacy of this review.

screenshot of help review on the phoenix

This review is not from the original posters (“trytostayhopeful18” and “Ill_Avocado814”)

My Commentary:

The REAL review is from the top comment on both of these threads from user “Benttrow” who had an injury during sex, which appeared to have happened 9+ months ago? In his post history in the Peyronie’s support subreddit, he claimed 3 months ago that he had this injury for over 6 months (that’s where I got the 9+ months from) and had visited 2 Urologists who recommended him to use an extender or Xiaflex injections.

He did however, mention in the 2 links above, how he tried The Phoenix and was not happy with the results he had wanted, which was to fix the curve and break down the plaque/scar tissue. It appears in his post history that when doing the Xiaflex injections he did not see any results either (spending 26,000 from insurance) and the Urologist commented that he had a lot of plaque/scar tissue at the site of the curve.

What’s the verdict of this Phoenix review: Valid Review

Why? He mentioned he tried out the Phoenix for 3 months (assuming it was the 90 day home trial) and didn’t see the results he expected to have, which was to straighten out the curve he had. Although this isn’t a post dedicated to reviewing the Phoenix, if you dive into his post history you’ll see him talk about it in Peyronie’s support subreddit. As far as the condition, I’m curious to know if he had experienced any pain considering this time period (the “9 months”) is still considered the acute phase and that based on the mayo clinic, deformity may continue throughout this period.

writing review on laptop

7. Phoenix - Home treatment blog

online review of the phoenix home treatment

I’m sharing Three links (week 1, week 2 and week 3).

My Commentary:

This is a 3 week review from reddit user “Professional_Ant9738” (age 38). From this date, this weekly review was 7 months ago (February/March of 2022). In his first post, he talked about how he had the device for 6 months, but never got around to using it as recommended because of time constraints.

He made these posts to get motivated and document his results. This user noticed improvements in flaccid hang, erection quality and lasting power (week 2 observations). In his 3rd week review of The Phoenix, he admitted he was going slower than most Phoenix users (time constraints as he is a “busy guy” to do treatments and use the penis pump protocol). But, at this point he was 7 treatments in and then never spoke about The Phoenix since April of 2022.

What’s the verdict on this Phoenix review: Somewhat Valid/Invalid Review

Why? It seemed like a good 3 weeks where the user appeared to be motivated to document and track observations while going through the 120 day Phoenix protocol. However, he stopped short at treatment #7, reported good results, but hasn’t spoken on the topic since April of 2022.

If you look into his post history it appears he’s actually going through some hormonal issues (imbalances) causing low libido and arousal, which is a separate issue that can affect erections and being in the mood for sex. Again, just speculating, but as much as I would like to validate this review, it was cut too short and there are some other underlying issues that are not clear. More information would’ve helped to show long term effects.

8. Tekcon: The Phoenix Review - First 90 Days (30, 60, 90 and 120 days)

tekcon review of the phoenix

Warning: I would like to warn you again (anyone reading this) that the links below for this specific review goes to a forum dedicated to penis enlargement discussion and experimentation.

BEWARE when reading these types of reviews because they may or may not divert from the protocol/manual The Phoenix provides. Doing P.E (enlargement) is a risk in itself and can limit the success you have when trying to determine if the Phoenix works for you. At the same time, P.E is an experimentation that can potentially cause damage to your penis causing potential/permanent erectile dysfunction in the first place.

  1. Reddit user “Teckon” first 1-30 days using The Phoenix Li-ESWT Device

  2. Teckon’s Rest Period (30-60 days)

  3. Teckon’s 60-90 days (re-treatment)

  4. Teckon’s 90-120 rest period / the end of the protocol

My Commentary:

Reddit user “Teckon” is a 41 year old penis enlargement enthusiast who claimed to have caused his erectile dysfunction from years of injuries and improper technique of penis exercises and devices since 1996 (from his first post). ED medication such as tadalafil and Viagra haven’t seemed to provide him any success prior to The Phoenix.

He is also currently on testosterone medication (pellets), is seeking counseling/therapy for depression, anxiety and stress (also taking medication for this) and is on statins for cholesterol. At this time, he is currently going through the suggested 120 day Phoenix protocol for ED with hopes of addressing his erection concerns of achieving and maintaining an erection. Here is what noticed in the first 90 days:

  • By the end of the first 30 days he noticed improvements in sensitivity and being able to go from an erection hardness score of a 2 to a 4 with manual “intense”(vigorous) stimulation. He also noticed an increase in orgasm intensity.

  • By the rest period between Phoenix treatments from days 30-60 (the 2nd link mentioned above), Teckon noticed improvements in overall erection quality (EQ) in this rest phase of the treatment protocol. He saw more response to PED5i treatment than when he did prior to treatment.

  • After the rest period Teckon started the retreatment phase of The Phoenix for days 60-90 where he reported many inconsistencies in his review, such as the technique he was using to apply the Phoenix, over pumping and pumping longer than recommended, he added the performance tip mid 120 protocol and then his device incurred a few technical problems that he felt was worth noting.

What’s the verdict of this Phoenix review: INVALID REVIEW

Why? As mentioned earlier…this is a forum dedicated to experimentation of penis enlargement exercises and devices that can potentially damage the penis. As a P.E enthusiast myself, I know these risks and in his 3rd post about his re-treatment, he mentioned over pumping and pumping longer than the recommended time, which can decrease sensation and/or further increase risk of injury of the penis.

He also mentioned in his very first post during the first 30 days of Phoenix treatments that he is currently taking medication for depression, anxiety, statins for cholesterol, etc. and has a few mental components that in my opinion can limit his success. He also disclosed that he has a vigorous masturbation technique, which may or may not also be a potential culprit to weaken erections and a lack of sensitivity.

Although he made a thorough review that was a little more organized than the others, it had one too many variables to consider, which urges CAUTION to anyone reading this that the more variables you add, the less likely to accurately define what exactly were the results. This also raises concerns/questions about "Teckon's" overall safety both mentally and physically.

The user also increased the bias of his own review as he claimed that The Phoenix is not the same as clinical treatment (No way, really!?..sarcasm), but yet he wrote he has never experienced clinical treatment, which contradicts his statement.

The user thinks he had solved 50% of his performance issues, but it appears that from days 60-120, his original “positive” view of his results from days 0 to 60, changed as soon as he had a technical issue and bad experience with getting the correct technical support for his device--which has nothing to do with his actual experience through the protocol. (This further increases bias).

9. “Is Shockwave Therapy Safe And Does It Work?”

screenshot of the phoenix review on reddit

My Commentary:

This is a general post asking about shockwave therapy, which asks if it works and if it’s safe. If you look in the comments, the top comment by redditor “Spotswood69” states they own a Phoenix and have used it 3 times a week for 4 weeks. The user noted they saw an increase in sexual improvements as the user progressed through the treatments.

What’s the verdict on this Phoenix review? Valid Review

Why? Because it was straight to the point. They stated the amount of treatments they did and for how long. They also stated their observations and what they elaborated on their experience, which is the point of a review.

What Have We Learned From These Current Reviews On The Phoenix Li-ESWT Device And Treatment?

I’ve spent hours reading reviews on The Phoenix in the past 2+ years. Although there are more reviews out there than what was listed in my post, the ones listed above stood out to me because they came from real legitimate people that offered information that some of you may have been looking for.

rich from bde style holding the phoenix

Personally, I excluded any of the “one or two liner” reviews of The Phoenix, which seems to be common on these platforms and not exactly helpful, especially if they didn’t elaborate how many treatments they did or didn’t explain their experience thoroughly.

Most of these would either sound like: “Yep, it worked for me” or “I tried it, and it didn’t work for me” and then these users didn’t elaborate or explain more from there.

I wish I could’ve found a more detailed review on Peyronie’s disease that was outside of the reviews on getmyphoenix's website (especially from which is a large forum dedicated to men with Peyronie’s) as the majority of Phoenix reviews seemed to be geared more towards guys with poor blood flow.

There are, however, reviews on GetmyPhoenix's website from guys with other sexual health issues that are worth reading. Are those legitimate reviews? Yes. You just have to take the time to read and form your own conclusions. I personally don’t have Peyronie’s, so I can’t really relate to someone who does, but I can only share what others experienced that was specific on this.

Closing Thoughts On These Reviews Of The Phoenix

Some of you have reached out to me over the years to say “thanks” for the guides and information while others continue to remain skeptical. Whether you think of me as some “Phoenix Guru”, a shill, or a “black sheep” at the end of the day, I care about you guys and would rather see you guys get pushed in the right direction when it comes to this journey of finding the root cause to your sexual performance issues in the bedroom, versus remaining confused, frustrated and angry with yourself and those around you.

product image of the phoenix device for erectile dysfunction

The truth is, the Phoenix device is not for everyone. The Phoenix is not a one time solution and it’s not a “catch all” treatment either.

It does, however work for a majority of guys and it seems to be with men with problems getting it up or keeping it up in the bedroom, more than guys with multiple types of sexual performance issues (mental, hormonal or other issues) or a combination of this and other variables like poor lifestyle choices.

I do, however, encourage you all to continue to have a desire to learn and take control of your sexual health. This includes having a positive mindset and being able to speak about these insecurities, especially with your partners or someone you can express yourself in an emotionally intelligent way. I define this as true BDE and finding your inner confidence to work on yourself as you are the best project you can ever work on.

Just remember these words below:

  • Don’t be that guy who waits until ED comes knocking at your door to actually do something about it. It will be harder to approach it if you wait too long.

  • Don’t be that guy with a “half glass half empty” kind of mindset

  • Stand up for yourself when it comes to getting an accurate and defined diagnosis of your type of ED (sometimes it means “doctor shopping” and getting someone to truly listen to you and one that offers more than just a script for PED5i’s)

  • Don’t automatically assume if something is not working right away that it means you’re broken or the only thing left to do is to get an “implant”

  • Be YOUR own advocate and be optimistic and willing to explore and exhaust all options out there first before even going the route of surgery

There is no need to throw your arms up in the air if something doesn’t work right away or because you had aimed really high when it came to your expectations or results. Set realistic expectations, document your own journey, and make your own decisions and conclusions after careful thinking and consideration.

If you choose to do your own review of The Phoenix or shockwave treatment at a clinic, fill out an IIEF long questionnaire form, work on your lifestyle and relationships and then use that as a baseline to compare to after getting a full protocol/cycle of treatment. The IIEF questionnaire forms are used for a reason. They’re not just a one time form to fill out. Researchers use these forms to compare over time when using treatments. So, keep that in mind.

iief questionnaire for erectile dysfunction

Moving forward with The Phoenix Li-ESWT For Longevity

In 2021, I wrote my 1 year review on The Phoenix and answered some pretty good questions, especially if I was seeing results after my first initial cycle of treatments in July of 2020.

I just finished writing my 2 year review as of December 2022, after completing my first maintenance treatment protocol as of October 2022. My interpretation of this treatment was that after my initial treatment in 2020, I wanted to purposely see if I could make those results last for 2 years or see how long I could make them last for.

Since I don’t really have any data to compare my results with for this specific device, I can only compare it to my treatments that I did while going to a men’s clinic in NY in the years prior. For me, it seemed as though results could potentially last up to the 2 year mark like studies on Li-ESWT have suggested (that’s my own personal experience as results can vary for every man/non gendered individual with a penis, out there). This took time and consideration of my own current health status, which included making smarter health choices.

And as always…

Thank you for listening,

-Rich <3


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