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The 4 Most Common Penis Pumping Injuries (And How to Avoid Them!)

Updated: May 30, 2023

The 4 Most Common Penis Pumping Injuries (And How to Avoid Them!)

Penis pumps have been around for years, and you’ll often see ads on porn site banners for various pumps that promise to give you a bigger, harder dick. Now, let’s say you bought a penis pump and are ready to use one for the first time. You may have questions like, “how do I get the best gains from penis pumping without getting injured?”, or “How to get the fastest gains from pumping?”.

Truth is, there is no FAST way to do this. Why? Because you can get injured for going too fast.

WARNING: There are graphic images in this article showing injuries on the penis and surrounding areas.

Now, before we go further, you have to understand that penis pumps are used for DIFFERENT reasons.

1) Guys generally use penis pumps for erectile dysfunction and penile rehabilitation (to preserve size and function)

2) Guys use it for aesthetic purposes to look bigger temporarily for one time uses to impress a partner

3) Other guys use it as a method for their penis enlargement routine.

Depending on your reason for using a pump, you need to understand that they work by creating a vacuum pressure around your dick, and increasing blood flow to the area. Studies have proven the efficacy that they can help with rehabilitating the penis. By using a pump regularly, it can increase oxygen saturation, which is an important part of penile health. Basically, if you use a pump to safely increase oxygen saturation in the penis, you can preserve your penis size and penile health in the long run.

But, here is the thing. There are plenty of studies that show how great penis pumps can improve function, elasticity, and preserve your size so it doesn't shrink or get smaller with age (or from health complications), but there is also conflicting information on how to use a pump properly.

Too often, you'll see overwhelming information from forums or articles about guys 'abusing' penis pumps versus information on how to use one safely.

But, can you gain from using a penis pump? Yes, it can help you with function, improve blood flow, and increase length and girth. But, there is also some degree of danger associated with them. Depending on the pump you choose, you could face some common penis pumping injuries unintentionally!

the bathmate penis pump

The penis pump we recommend at BDEStyle is The Bathmate and it has proven to be safe and to deliver on its promise. That said, it’s important to follow some basic advice to make sure you’re getting the best out of the device you choose without any unwanted side effects or injuries.

In this guide, we’ll look at 4 of the most common penis pumping injuries and how you can avoid getting them.

BDE Style’s Penis Pump Injury Disclaimer

Disclaimer: BDE Style is a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. We test each product thoroughly and provide educational information that shouldn't be misconstrued as medical advice.

We are NOT doctors. If you need a diagnosis, prognosis or medical advice, please contact your doctor. BDE Style is independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own. Read more about our policies and disclosures here.

Penis Pump Injury #1: Bruising on the Shaft of Your Penis

One of the most common penis pumping injuries you’re likely to come across is bruising. This can occur when the blood flows to your dick too fast. The signs to look out for include a purple bruising on the shaft of your penis. You may see small pin-sized red spots on the skin’s surface. This is known as petechiae.

penis pumping injury petechiae

If you get this type of bruising, it will be because you’ve been a little too overzealous with your pumping. Generally, this type of bruising won’t cause you any pain or discomfort and should go within a few days to a week.

What you should know is that seeing purple is a sign of cell death or lack of oxygen for too long. The pressure inside a penis pump

How to avoid bruising on the shaft from penis pumping

To avoid bruising your dick as a result of your pumping, you need to take it easy. Slow down. Leave a gap of at least 30 seconds to 2 minutes (if you’re using a handball pump) between pumps. It should ONLY feel like a light tug when pumping. If you start losing suction from the pump or pressure is reduced, THEN you can "pump up" again to the light tug feel, nothing more!

Never forget that you’re dealing with your sexual organ here. This is not like pumping up the tires on your bike. Try taking a few breaths between each pump, this will help you to find a calming SLOW rhythm.

Once you find a comfortable pressure that doesn’t hurt or feel painful (should feel the pressure as a light tug), leave the pump alone and let it work its magic. You should never pump to extreme pressures as this may do more than just bruise your dick.

If you do get red spots or bruises on your penis, take a few days to a week off to recover. This will eventually go away if you rest. We hope that when you do return to pumping that you gradually work back to pumping with REDUCED pressure and time in the pump.


As a general rule of thumb when pumping (or taking the pump off): if you feel like your dick has a cold sensation, no sensation, or tingly sensation, then that's NOT good.

Purple or discoloration is a sign that the penis is not getting enough oxygen. So, reduce pressure, wait and then "pump up" to reintroduce fresh oxygen blood back into the penis. If the purple still doesn't go away. Don't freak out. Just call it quits for the day and take a few days to a week off. When you're ready, TAKE IT EASY MAN!

Penis Pump Injury #2: Bruising to the Base of Your Penis

Some penis pumps on the market have constriction rings attached to their devices that may lead to the base of your penis becoming bruised. At the same time, there are other pumps on the market that may require you to push the pump against the pubic area to create suction/pressure. This may cause additional bruising or soreness to the base and pubic area around your penis.

penis bruising from penis pumping

If you’re using The Bathmate, you do have to push the pump against the base/pubic area to create a suction (unless you use the Extreme models). However, Bathmate has instructed that you follow their suggested "15 minute" routine each day to not only see results, but avoid injury.

Don’t be tempted to use it for longer assuming that you’ll get some magical results, because you won’t. You’ll just end up with a sore dick.

How to avoid bruising to the base of your penis:

The same rule of thumb as the above. Don't over pump by staying in it for too long or pumping to extreme pressures. Focus on intermittent sets so that your penis doesn't get too constricted inside the pump from extreme pressure or pumping too hard, too fast.

By following this simple routine, you’ll ensure that you don’t get any bruising. Always remember that less is always better. You should also avoid penis pumps that have constriction rings that are attached to the device because if you expand into it, the ring can add more pressure in that area inside the pump. We all come in different shapes and sizes. For us big guys, the attached constriction ring might be too tight because these pumps only come in one size.

This is why we recommend Bathmate because you don’t have to worry about this. They also come in different models and sizes for all types of lengths and girths.

Penis pump injury #3: Getting Your Testicles Sucked Up Into Your Penis Pump!

Unfortunately, there is some danger that you could get your balls sucked up into the device. If this happens while you’re pumping, you can probably imagine the level of discomfort that this could cause. Trust us, we know!

Testicles Sucked Up Into Your Penis Pump injury

How to avoid getting your testicles sucked up into your penis pump:

To avoid this from happening, whatever device you’re using, always make sure that your testicles are completely outside of the chamber of the pump. You should also make sure you’re “warmed up” before entering your pump. If you’re cold, your testicles will naturally shrivel up to or inside your body making it harder to avoid getting them sucked into your pump.

A good tip would be to take a warm bath or shower so your testicles hang low and away from your body. Then you can insert your dick into the device avoiding this from happening. Bathmate is a good choice because you pump while you shower or are taking a bath. It’s two birds with one stone.

Now, If you’re getting carried away and are rushing to put your pump on, then you will end up paying the price with sore balls later. Taking a few moments beforehand to make sure that your testicles are free from the device will save you from enduring the excruciating discomfort that a ball suck up may cause.

Penis Pump Injury #4: Water Blisters on Your Penis

Again, with overzealous pumping comes the danger of getting blisters on your penis. This can occur when you’re pumping too hard and too fast.

water blister from a penis pump injury

Gents, this is not a race. Your blood will flow to your penis in time, given the right approach of slow intervals or intermittent pumping. If you go at it too vigorously, you could end up with blisters on your penis that could potentially take up to two weeks to heal.

What happens if you get a water blister on your penis from penis pumping:

A water blister on your dick head is no laughing matter. If it pops you’ll need to cover it with antibacterial ointment and a Band-Aid! Because it’s an open wound, it’ll take longer to heal.

From our experience it’s usually 7-14 days if it’s an open wound and 7-10 days if the blister doesn’t burst open. Seriously...It's not a fun time...

During this healing process, you’ll need to wear a bandage to prevent it from rubbing against your clothes (underwear, or pants if you normally go commando). You won’t be able to pump, and there’ll certainly be no jerking off or sex until it’s healed!

By slowing down the pace and only pumping for the suggested duration, you’ll be able to enjoy blister-free penis growth that’s good to use whenever you need it!

Why You Should Choose The Bathmate As Your Penis Pump

If increasing the size of your dick is on your list of personal improvements to boost your sex life, then looking for a good-quality penis pump should be your number one priority. By investing in a well-made device, you’ll dramatically reduce the dangers associated with cheaper penis pumps like air pumps where the risk of injury will be much higher.

But, it also takes two to do the job. You are also responsible for your gains, as well as your injuries. So be smart and take things slow to avoid any mishaps.

BDE Style recommends the bathmate penis enlargement device

BDE Style recommends The Bathmate penis pump. With a range of hydro pumps available to suit your budget and penis enlargement aspirations, there are models and sizes for every guy no matter the size you are now. The hydro pump is safer to use on your penis, and with regular use, you’ll start to see improvements in the length and girth of your dick over time.

When you buy your Bathmate, make sure to read the instructions and our resources with supporting material we’ve put together here on BDE Style called ‘The bathmate basics’.

The Take Home: Patience Will Save You From A Penis Pumping Injury!

The bottom line is that you should have patience when using any penis pump. You won’t see the results that you’re expecting on the first use. They will take repeated uses over the span of months to years making the end goal worth it. There are no shortcuts to achieving this, and by pumping harder, faster, and for more prolonged periods than is recommended, you’ll just end up rendering yourself with some injuries that will put your dick out of action.

the bathmate penis enlargement device

A much better strategy would be to thoroughly read the instruction manual that comes with the pump you buy and starting off slow so you get the hang of penis pumping. We recommend that newbies use the first 2-3 months to get used to pressures and time inside the pump. What that means is to go slow and work your way up. Even if you think you can handle more, tell yourself NO. Work up to it slowly.

Ready to enjoy the benefits of a bigger dick and gain more confidence? Grab YOUR Bathmate today!

You can also email us at and we'll be happy to help with tips, bonus content and advice on penis pumping.

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