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Is Too Much Sugar Destroying Your Sex Life?

Is Too Much Sugar Destroying Your Sex Life

According to the DHHS, the average American consumes almost 152 pounds of sugar in a year. This is equal to 3 pounds (or 6 cups) of sugar consumed in one week. Most people know that sugar is harmful to your health and leaves a huge impact on your belly and our diet is full of it! What you may not know is that sugar could be the reason for your poor performance in bed.

Are you finding that you're overindulging in sugar during the holidays? Too much can hinder your sex life.

Today we are going to talk about whether or not too much sugar is destroying your sex life.

Sugar and Your Sex Life

Sugar and Your Sex Life

Sugar can have a big effect on your health and one of those effects is that it can increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Although erectile dysfunction and diabetes are two separate diseases they do go hand-in-hand. High blood sugar is harmful to your blood vessels, which is a vital part of having a rock hard erection. High blood sugar can result in lower sensitivity, which means poor erections.

You might think that you won’t become a victim of this condition. However, the Diabetes UK states otherwise. They revealed that up to 75 percent of diabetic men experience sexual problems at some stage of their lives.

Does sugar have your attention yet? Let’s talk more about how sugar is disturbing your sex drive. Moreover, we will share with you the recipe to get rid of erectile dysfunction if you are already experiencing it.

More Sugar Means Less Energy For Sex

It’s plain and simple, healthy sex requires a lot of energy. Sugar does offer you a lot of energy but it doesn’t last long enough to have great sex. Unfortunately, the sugar high is unsustainable. It gives you a sudden ‘high’ and then ‘low’ which disturbs your natural system.

The more sugar you consume the higher the chance you’ll experience erectile problems when your blood sugar imbalances.

A recent research study has revealed that sugar is the main culprit behind erection problems, especially for diabetics.

More Sugar Means Less Energy

Sugar Decreases Your Libido

Did you know the leptin hormone monitors sexual behavior? It is the same hormone that tells us to stop eating. Unfortunately, sugar causes leptin resistance, which may result in a decrease in libido.

When you intake a lot of sugar, it gives you sudden energy and then makes you feel tired. On top of being tired, this will also compromise your libido. Moreover, this can also decrease your testosterone levels, which directly hurts your sex drive.