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Is Too Much Sugar Destroying Your Sex Life?

Updated: May 30, 2023

Is Too Much Sugar Destroying Your Sex Life

According to the DHHS, the average American consumes almost 152 pounds of sugar in a year. This is equal to 3 pounds (or 6 cups) of sugar consumed in one week. Most people know that sugar is harmful to your health and leaves a huge impact on your belly and our diet is full of it! What you may not know is that sugar could be the reason for your poor performance in bed.

Are you finding that you're overindulging in sugar during the holidays? Too much can hinder your sex life.

Today we are going to talk about whether or not too much sugar is destroying your sex life.

Sugar and Your Sex Life

Sugar and Your Sex Life

Sugar can have a big effect on your health and one of those effects is that it can increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Although erectile dysfunction and diabetes are two separate diseases they do go hand-in-hand. High blood sugar is harmful to your blood vessels, which is a vital part of having a rock hard erection. High blood sugar can result in lower sensitivity, which means poor erections.

You might think that you won’t become a victim of this condition. However, the Diabetes UK states otherwise. They revealed that up to 75 percent of diabetic men experience sexual problems at some stage of their lives.

Does sugar have your attention yet? Let’s talk more about how sugar is disturbing your sex drive. Moreover, we will share with you the recipe to get rid of erectile dysfunction if you are already experiencing it.

More Sugar Means Less Energy For Sex

It’s plain and simple, healthy sex requires a lot of energy. Sugar does offer you a lot of energy but it doesn’t last long enough to have great sex. Unfortunately, the sugar high is unsustainable. It gives you a sudden ‘high’ and then ‘low’ which disturbs your natural system.

The more sugar you consume the higher the chance you’ll experience erectile problems when your blood sugar imbalances.

A recent research study has revealed that sugar is the main culprit behind erection problems, especially for diabetics.

More Sugar Means Less Energy

Sugar Decreases Your Libido

Did you know the leptin hormone monitors sexual behavior? It is the same hormone that tells us to stop eating. Unfortunately, sugar causes leptin resistance, which may result in a decrease in libido.

When you intake a lot of sugar, it gives you sudden energy and then makes you feel tired. On top of being tired, this will also compromise your libido. Moreover, this can also decrease your testosterone levels, which directly hurts your sex drive.

Apart from the short-term issues, it starts hurting you in the long run as well. It is high time to keep an eye on your sugar intake to ensure maximum performance in the bed.

Sugar Promotes Stress

Sugar Promotes Stress

Let’s face it, we all experience a lot of

stress in our lives and we certainly don’t need it anymore. Unfortunately, sugar is responsible for elevated levels of cortisol. Cortisol is the hormone that makes you feel stressed and fatigued and this is not good news for your penis. When you are stressed, your brain diverts all energy to other parts of the body, which means you may have trouble getting or maintaining erections.

The next time you decide to grab a candy bar, you may want to ask yourself, is it more pleasurable than an orgasm? I don’t know about you, but my thought is definitely not.

Clean Eating Equals Better Sex

Most people probably think that sex starts in the bedroom. But actually, your kitchen and the food you make is responsible for your sex drive. Healthy eating is the key to having increased libido and better performance in bed. It maintains your energy level so that you can get better and harder erections.

Let’s say that your body is an exclusive machine that requires a specific type of fuel. Would you add compromised fuel to it or the fuel that it was made for? Would you take a risk by fueling it with something that could potentially kill it?

When you overload your body with sugar, you are doing exactly that to your penis and sex life.

Clean Eating Equals Better Sex

Healthcare experts recommend that you should maintain your energy levels throughout the day. You must spread your meals evenly. When you reduce sugar intake or cut it completely, you feel better. It cuts the chemical reactions in your body, which are responsible for more stress and less testosterone.

The Phoenix Helps Improve Sexual Performance in Bed

Cutting sugar is a great start to help enhance your sexual performance. But, what if you are already having problems "getting it up"? Chances are it's your body’s natural decline in sexual performance from age or health-related conditions that are giving you trouble getting it up.

The last thing you need is to hide in secret and buy expensive pills at gas stations. This or buying a PED5 inhibitor like Viagra or Cialis. They may work for a few hours, but they DON'T solve the ROOT problem.

This is why we suggest you tackle your sexual performance issues head-on instead of putting a band-aid on it. Through acoustic wave therapy, you can enjoy better sex, restore sexual performance, and make it easier to "rise to the occasion".

The Phoenix is the Best Solution for ED

The Phoenix, an acoustic wave therapy device, has helped over 20,000 men "get it up" once again. With acoustic wave therapy, the soundwaves from The Phoenix penetrate the tissues inside the penis and restores it to its previous glory.

By doing 2-3 sessions a week for one month followed by one month of rest, you'll notice the benefits of acoustic wave therapy progress with each treatment. But, the long-term benefits are what makes acoustic wave therapy better than any other option out there.

It's like reversing the clock on your penis.

Live a healthier lifestyle for the best results with The Phoenix

The Phoenix is the key to having better sex and not having to worry about whether or not you'll be able to "rise to the occasion". But, like I tell everyone, you have to treat the whole body, and not just the penis.

We know this because we tried The Phoenix and saw the benefits and still see them to this day because we understand that sexual performance is complex and treatment works if you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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