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Pelvic and Spinal Cord Surgeries and Injuries That Cause ED

Updated: May 30, 2023

pelvic and spinal cord surgeries and injuries that cause ed

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the most common sex problem that men report to their doctor. It affects millions of men globally. Yet, it is the most disturbing and heartbreaking problem for men. From smoking and diabetes to porn and much more, there are many reasons why you may experience ED.

Today we are going to discuss whether there is a connection between pelvic surgery and ED.

Can Pelvic or Spinal Cord Surgery Cause ED

Many people have to go through surgeries to save their lives every year. For instance, prostate cancer is a common disease among men. One in seven men gets prostate cancer during their lifetime. Thankfully, it is highly treatable. Healthcare experts perform surgery and remove prostate glands to save your life.

can pelvic surgery cause ed

The problem and concern with these surgeries is when they may need to remove a nerve or they could possibly damage one. Unfortunately, this can lead to erectile dysfunction. Nerves are responsible for sending a signal to blood vessels to expand. It increases blood flow and this is how you experience an erection. When a nerve is damaged, you are less likely to have or maintain that erection.

Pelvic Surgeries and ED

According to NCBI, The incidence of pelvic fracture is approximately 20/100,000 for men. Making pelvic injuries very common among men. From a simple fracture to prostate cancer, there are many reasons why you may have to get surgery. Depending on your injury, you may or may not develop erectile dysfunction after the surgery. However, it is common to experience erection issues after pelvic surgery.

One of the major causes of ED is damaged nerves. In fact, according to The Bone & Joint Journal, the rates of ED being caused after surgery are as high as 30%. This is a very high rate and a huge cause of concern.

man finds out he has ed from pelvis surgery

As an example of this, people have to get a radical prostatectomy to remove prostate glands. The prostate gland covers the urethra. The urethra is the passage for semen and urine. During the surgery, it is possible that the experts need to remove the nerves if cancer has invaded one or both nerves. Moreover, there is a chance of damaging these nerves even if they are not being removed.

In both situations, you can experience erectile dysfunction after the surgery. Depending on the condition, it can take a few weeks or even a few years to recover from ED. Sometimes, you may need treatment to manage the symptoms and have a good sexual life again.

How to Manage Your ED after Pelvic Surgery

If you have experienced a pelvic injury and are having trouble in maintaining an erection, you need to visit a healthcare provider. They will examine your condition and suggest a line of action.

couple manage ed

However, if you had pelvic surgery and can’t get erections, you may have damaged nerves. From shock wave therapy to conventional treatments, there are many ways to regenerate those nerves. With time, your nerves will heal but the process is slow and tiresome. Hence, you can talk to your doctor to decide on the best treatment plan for you.

With the right treatment, you can improve your erections and speed up the healing process. Get to the doctor and talk about your situation to find a way.

Making it Easier to "Get it Up" With The Phoenix

One of the most popular ways for men to easily "get it up" again is by using the Phoenix. Without any surgery or needles, you can enhance your sexual performance with this simple-to-use device. It involves acoustic wave therapy which improves sexual performance for men and helps prevent sexual decline.

If you are suffering from issues "getting it up" after pelvic surgery or injury, The Phoenix is definitely a good tool to have in addition to, physical therapy, penile pumps, and other strategies (a MULTI strategy) to restore sexual health. Depending on your situation, it may offer you some relief and may help increase your chances of resuming a satisfactory sex life.

The phoenix acoustic wave therapy device

ED and Surgeries

Erectile dysfunction is a harsh reality for men to experience. Some men experience it due to injuries while others are due to old age or many other reasons. However, medical science is evolving with time and providing us with solutions. Thankfully, we have discovered ways to help.

Similarly, erectile dysfunction is treatable in most cases. If you had pelvic surgery, you may be able to have erections again. Visiting your doctor should be the first step to making an action plan.

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