The Phoenix for Erectile Dysfunction In 2020

What's the one thing that all men can agree that makes us a man? Our DICK! The piece of meat that dangles between our legs defines most if not all of us as a male. We take pride in our manhood and how others perceive it.


Now when we can't get it up in time for sex or aren't having the best quality of erections, we shrivel up and fear that we won't be seen as "man enough" to do the job. A man who wants to exude Big Dick Energy must take care of his erections and penile health. Yes, my friends, we are going to tackle erectile dysfunction with a solution that actually works! As a man who has ED, it can often feel emasculating that we can't get hard enough to please our women. Rest assured The Phoenix device is finally a product on the market that is going to truly help guys with ED and guys who want to add this to their P.E regime.


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The Phoenix for ED

The Phoenix, formally known as The Rocket, is an acoustic wave device that emits low-intensity shock waves into your penis. It is an alternative treatment to the Gainswave treatment that you may have probably read on the internet or heard about from your local Urologist. In 2019, Dustin Wolfe, Stephanie Wolfe, and a few others introduced The Rocket as a new treatment option for erectile dysfunction. Instead of coming to a clinic and getting a Gainswave procedure or treatment, this new handheld device allows you to skip the awkward trip to the doctors so that you can treat your dick all by yourself at the comfort of your own home. As the product was about to "launch" and be in hands of many guys in 2020, the team re-branded (due to a lawsuit) as The Phoenix with a more sleek and sophisticated look. "The Phoenix will rise again" is their new tagline opening new doors and opportunities for men who want to optimize their erections, and bring life to their "Phoenix" bird.


The creators have innovated something that is going to be the future of reversing ED and optimizing both men's and women's sex lives. Men who have erection issues, like Venous leaks, Peyronie's disease can now use The Phoenix to treat scar tissue and areas where there is a lack of blood flow. Men who don't have erectile dysfunction can also use the device to optimize their erections.

I've tried The Phoenix and have completed 12 treatments so far, and my woman and I are loving my NEW ROCK HARD DICK! 

You can get your Phoenix today by clicking the priority hyperlink here:

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What's the difference between The Phoenix and GainsWave?

For years Gainswave has been around as an erection hero for men that are tired of using the blue pill, Cialis, and other erectile dysfunction medication. As a more natural way to combat ED, Gainswave did just that and helped guys eliminate the erection headache and all the other negative side effects from ED pills. The only thing though, was that Gainswave is expensive and it is not for everyone. Gainswave can cost thousands of dollars before you can actually see really good results. It also works differently for everyone because we all have different bodies, different penises and we all heal differently. Setting up a Gainswave treatment plan with a provider can also be scary let alone embarrassing for us guys. Some us may or may not feel comfortable on a table, naked from the waist down with our legs up, while a provider, male or female holds our shriveled up flaccid dick. 

But, as The Phoenix rises in 2020, I can assure you that the at-home treatment is way better than a trip to the doctors. Just like you, I prefer to find an alternative route that is cheaper without breaking the bank. The Phoenix does just that. At a low price point of under 800 dollars, you can get up to 66 treatments with this thing. Gainswave normally charges 3000 dollars for 6 treatments. Most guys see results within the first 6-12 treatments. They're both the same thing except The Phoenix is a cheaper and more private way of fixing YOUR ED. 

It's a literally a no brainer. We'll break it down for you even further with a chart on how we view alternative ED treatment options versus the almighty Phoenix treatments.

Who is The Phoenix for?

So, who is the Phoenix for? If you are experiencing one or more of the following ED-related scenarios, you can easily benefit from using the Phoenix:

  • Sometimes you can get an erection, but not every time you want to have sex.

  • Other times you can get an erection, but it doesn’t last long enough for fulfilling or satisfactory sex. 

  • Some guys can’t even get an erection at all, and it can lead to poor marriage or a sexless relationship.

  • Guys that have been diagnosed with a Venous Leak in one or both of their Corpora Cavernous. 

  • If you have Peyronie’s disease that causes a curvature of your dick (In any direction)

How does The Phoenix device work for Erectile Dysfunction?

It's simple. The Phoenix breaks down the plaque in the arteries of your dick. As we age and eat garbage, our arteries develop plaque over time. This might affect a man's erection quality or maybe a cause of ED or weaker erections. The Phoenix treats this by breaking that down. In addition to plaque breakdown, The Phoenix also promotes angiogenesis, which helps promote new veins in your dick. If you think outside the box, what do more veins in your dick mean? More blood flow. As a result, this may lead to more fuller, harder, and stronger erections over time.

Treatments for erectile dysfunction

The Phoenix also helps treat venous leak and Peyronie’s disease. There is scar tissue that needs to be broken down when treating Peyronie's disease. The Phoenix helps treat that. When it comes to venous leak, angiogenesis helps promote more blood flow and new veins to hold and maintain your erections. Using The Pheonix to combat ED should be a part of every guy's routine when it comes to male enhancement, treating ED, and optimizing erections for sex.

But, what if I don’t have Erectile Dysfunction, Can I still use The Phoenix?

You can still use a tune-up! Optimizing your erections can lead to better sex and a happier sex life. A happier sex life means that as man, you can take control of your relationship. Lousy sex equals miscommunication, more fights, resentment, and more. The list can go on. Using The Phoenix to get a bigger, harder, and stronger boner is worth it. You might not need as many treatments as someone with erectile dysfunction may require, but hey, you get up to 66 treatments with this device. You can use it for maintenance for the next few years. It’s the best of both worlds for both you and your partner =).

So, how do you use The Phoenix for ED?


Just a fair warning


The Phoenix is loud and noisy, so be prepared with an excuse or explanation to your partner if she hears a jackhammer sound while you are in the bathroom. If you prefer to do it when nobody is home, then why not. 

Now before we go into treatment paths, I wanted to point out that we all learn differently. Some of us are visual learners and like to see it in action. Some just read it, and it’s self-explanatory from there. Others like to hear it from someone else until they get it down to a T. 

You honestly don’t need to see someone else do it on their dick for you to do it yourself. Remember, your dick is different from everyone else. The same goes for ED. Everyone has different causes of ED; like venous leak, age, low testosterone, or Peyronie's disease. Your treatment is going to be tailored based on how YOU feel when doing it and what type of ED you have. It is NOT by watching someone else do it to their dick when they have a different dick than you. 

Now, if you follow the instruction manual for The Phoenix and you are the type of learner to; read and then do, then you will have no problem doing this. We highly suggest watching The Phoenix demonstration videos. The creators show how use the device for 3 different types of treatment: Peyronies, Venous leaks and regular ED optimization treatment. 


With treatment taking up to 15-20 minutes, you will follow the “treatment” paths recommended by The Phoenix creators. The regular treatment paths are based on a clock (See image):​

  • 12 O’clock

  • 2 O’ Clock

  • 10 O’ Clock

  • 8 O’ Clock

  • 4 O’ Clock​


You will run The Phoenix up and down the treatment path. You’ll notice there’s a dial on the device where there are 5 blinking lights.  When one of the lights turns green, that’s when that particular treatment path starts. You’ll run the device on that specific treatment path, up and down your dick 10 times. Then you’ll move to the next path (10 times). Once you’ve completed all 5 treatment paths you’ll do another round for the same 5 treatment paths on the clock. Once completed The Phoenix will shut off for 36 hours to prevent overuse and to cool down the device. The creators of The Phoenix recommend doing 2-3 treatments per week.  

What's the Best protocol for using The Phoenix?

Don't over complicate things. The best rule of thumb is to try to get in 2-3 sessions a week. If you can do that, then you're golden. However, there is no rush in getting the treatments in. The creators of The Phoenix supplied most if not all of us with penis pumps to help give us the best results of plaque breakdown and more vein growth.

A sample of what protocol we suggest you follow when using the Phoenix is:

You should be using a penis pump AFTER using The Phoenix. Doing it before will make it harder for you to grip your penis when stretching it out for treatment. Remember, you're trying to penetrate the tissues and veins inside your penis. Pumping before will only make this harder with the extra skin.


  • Don't "over" pump by using it longer than the recommended time

  • Don't pump to extreme high pressures. Be smart and safe. High pressures may cause penile blisters all over your shaft and may cause veins to burst.

  • Always pump in moderation. If it feels good then stick with that. If it's too painful then release some pressure until it "feels" comfortable. You should only be feeling a light pull/tug sensation.

Closing thoughts about The Phoenix

This type of treatment is so valuable and cost effective that you don't want to miss any more opportunities to treat your erectile dysfunction. BDE Style recommends this product for our tribe as an effective ED treatment device.

All you have to do is just trust the process and let The Phoenix do the rest. All results vary and some may take longer than others to see positive results. BUT, at the end of the day it does work just trust the process!

Again you can get The Phoenix by using my priority link here. This affiliated link will get you to The Phoenix page to learn more and to order yours today.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about what to expect we invite you to connect with us! We're more than happy to hear your story, share ours and help point you in the right direction.

Always here for you guys! 

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