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Performance Anxiety: How to Reclaim Your Sexual Confidence

man with Performance Anxiety from ED

In a previous article, we discussed how the nervous system controls erectile dysfunction. We learned that when we’re in perceived danger or under considerable stress, our sympathetic nervous system kicks into action and diverts blood flow from less essential parts of the body such as the penis, and sends it to the muscles needed to get us out of danger.

We also touched on how this can cause real problems in the bedroom. When we’re stressed or anxious, it can make getting it up challenging.

Today we’re going to discuss those mood-killing feelings further and talk about performance anxiety. It’s something that many guys experience and can leave us limp, bewildered, upset, and feeling as though we may never have successful sex again.

There is a way out of the black hole of performance anxiety. In this guide, we’ll talk you through some of the steps you can take to reclaim your confidence and overcome the anxiety that could potentially ruin your sex life.

What Is Performance Anxiety?

Performance anxiety comes about when you’re feeling self-conscious about your ability to please your partner sexually. This may stem from a feeling of inadequacy about the size of your penis, it may come from worries about how attractive you are, or it could relate to your general sexual abilities.

Performance Anxiety in bed

You may have failed to get it up once or twice. This could have been down to stress or having too much to drink. However, worries about erections can return whenever you find yourself in a future sexual situation.

While it may all be in your head, performance anxiety is a very real and serious concern, and it’s something you shouldn’t feel any shame about. It’s something that affects lots of guys, and it’s definitely possible to overcome it.

If brushed under the rug, performance anxiety could lead to sexual anorexia or even erectile dysfunction. Performance anxiety can also be confused with ED often times, so it's important to find out which one you are experienceing, performance anxiety or ED.

What Is Sex Avoidance and Sexual Anorexia?

One unfortunate and extreme side effect of having long-term issues around performance anxiety is the chance of developing sexual anorexia. This is a form of sex avoidance.

While it may be hard to imagine, sex avoidance can be a very real problem that lots of guys face. So much so, that the condition is recognized by the American Psychological Association as Sexual Aversion Disorder.

Sex Avoidance and Sexual Anorexia from fear over time

When the anxiety associated with sex such as the worry that you’re not going to be able to sustain an erection or please your partner builds up, this can make you fearful of sexual encounters. Over time, these fears can cause you to avoid sexual encounters completely.