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Can Shockwave Therapy Devices Be Used At-Home for "Getting It Up"? Beware of Drop Shipping

Updated: May 31

guy wondering about using shockwave therapy devices at home for ED

There is a rise in at-home shockwave devices being sold on platforms like Amazon, Ebay, etc. But, are these devices regulated, safe, effective and most importantly…can they actually help men with sexual performance? Beware of drop shipping and fake listings.

What’s up everyone? It’s Rich! It has come to my attention that people are still confused about the differences between clinical shockwave therapy and at-home shockwave devices when it comes to improving sexual performance and helping men "get it up". The truth is, not all shockwaves are created equal and not all devices are the same either.

Some medical professionals argue that the efficacy and safety of at-home devices are questionable. But at the same time, these are the same doctors that are creating medical mistrust by influencing men to come to their centers by shaming other centers for their own personal financial gain. It’s very comical when you start reading some of these articles online or watching YouTube videos from doctors on who is right and who is wrong.

If you really think about it, shouldn’t we all be on the same team here? I’ll definitely touch on that in the near future, but the main question everyone wants to know is “Can shockwave therapy devices be used at home to help me get it up?”.

Let’s take a look!

Shockwave Therapy Is Still Not Considered a Treatment Option for ED in Both Men’s Health Clinics & for At-Home Devices… Yet

Shockwave therapy, or Li-ESWT for short (low intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy is the scientific term) has been around for decades and has been an option for treating kidney stones (at a higher intensity), and the musculoskeletal system in the orthopedic and physiotherapy world.

man dealing with erectile dysfunction

At this time, the FDA has not approved this as a treatment option in The U.S. because we need a more uniform approach when it comes to the protocols for each device, each condition, the wave type used, the energy signature used, etc.

The point is…there is hope for the future as research is continuous and there are currently studies going on right now. Researchers just need the appropriate protocols worked out first so that future studies can follow the same example.

Until then, we need to be smarter as consumers because there is a lot of information about this topic, and with a rise in at-home devices, there is a lot of noise in the mainstream that can be confusing as to whether or not guys should go to a clinic for this treatment option or save thousands of dollars and buy a shockwave device for home-use instead.

Is Buying a Shockwave Device for Home-Use a Bad Idea?

I think it’s a bad idea to buy any product, supplement, device, etc. if you don’t do your research. So, when it comes to buying a shockwave device for home-use, try and answer these questions:

  • Are these devices regulated with the FDA or at the very least, registered with The FDA for the process to become approved (it’s a very long and rigorous process…)?

  • Have these devices been tested or have a current history of customers with testimonials and reliable reviews?

  • Do these at-home shockwave devices have a protocol designed for the penis/male anatomy (a manual or instruction)?

  • Do they partner with Doctors/Urologists?

  • Is the company selling the shockwave device legitimate?

  • What website are you buying this at-home shockwave device from?

  • Do they offer returns or trials for shockwave therapy?

  • Does the website or seller look like a drop shipper or does the listing looks fake (copy and paste features or descriptions)?

You can exhaust the list however you want or to your liking. At the end of the day, when it comes to buying a device like this, we mainly rely on what the scientific literature states. If not available, the next best thing is reviews of these shockwave devices and videos and protocols for them.

is buying a shockwave device for home use a bad idea infographic

Lastly, return policy and home trials are definitely a must when considering a shockwave device for home-use because there is a chance it may not work, especially for individuals with too many health complications or those who live an unhealthy lifestyle.

If a device doesn’t meet this criteria or YOUR own criteria when making a personal buying decision, then beware. It might be a pain in the ass to do this research ahead of time, but that’s why I’m writing this blog. To help you guys make a better and more informed decision. This way, you don’t waste your time or money and lose hope in regaining your sexual health back.

Beware of Drop Shipping & Listings of At-Home Shockwave Device That Include “Treatment for ED”

In my honest opinion, I think websites that are 3rd party retailers like eBay, Amazon, Aliexpress, etc. are a bad idea for buying a shockwave therapy device for home use. You really get what you pay for and the majority of the time, it’s not a device that meets the criteria mentioned above or it’s just not the shockwave device with the strength needed to do what has been done in the studies to improve sexual performance.

Not every shockwave device is the same and not every shockwave produced by one of these machines is the same. Shockwaves are acoustic sound waves. The verbiage is used interchangeably (acoustic waves and shockwaves). However, some devices sold on eBay or Amazon, etc. use every terminology for ‘shockwave therapy' possible so that the “seller’s” listing becomes more attractive.

beware of drop shippers for ED devices infographic

This is an example of “Drop shipping”. If you’re not familiar with the term, the basic definition of drop shipping is that it’s an order fulfillment business model allowing an entrepreneur… aka your average Joe or Josephina sitting in their basement to sell a product that they don’t have or make.

They create a link from another manufacturer, and/or 3rd party distributor (wholesale) and then copy and paste it within Amazon or eBay or whatever site so that they could sell that particular listing and get a payout by Amazon or whatever vendor they’re associated with.

Drop shipping is very popular with Amazon, Aliexpress, eBay, Alibaba, and those platforms, especially in the 2010 era. We all see it every day, especially when buying things we need like a couch for our living rooms. You might see 10 listings for a couch you want and the one you end up purchasing might be the listing with the added features not mentioned in the other listings and perhaps a family photoshopped beside the couch or sitting on it.

They will also often just copy and paste listing information from other similar products. Meaning that the device they are trying to sell isn’t even capable of what they are claiming. There isn’t any research or understanding behind listing their product, just a copy and paste from another seller or article they found on Google.

I’m sure you’ve seen these devices. Let’s take a look at some of these “At-home shockwave devices”.

5 Examples of At-Home Shockwave Devices on Amazon, eBay, Etc. To Avoid!

1) Fake At-home Shockwave device from Amazon (This was the link)

screenshot of ed product on amazon

Take a look at this “extracorporeal shock wave machine” I found on Amazon for $84 dollars (now it's no longer available). I’m sorry but, this is FAKE as hell. The title of the product doesn’t even give the name of the brand of this product. It literally uses every keyword related to shockwave therapy, like “ED treatment”, etc. as a bait-and-switch tactic to get men to buy it.

At the same time, a real shockwave device is not advertised or used as a “therapeutic massager”. Real shockwave devices produce acoustic sound waves that penetrate in the penile tissue causing a cavitation effect to induce neoangiogenesis. It appears the seller of this listing most likely copied other listings and stuffed as many keywords to sell their listing over others.

What makes this listing even better (sarcasm) is that in the video section on how to use the device, there are no videos, instructions, or a manual for using it. At the same time, if you look at the device and how it works, it shows a percussion strike, which is not how Li-ESWT devices work.

Take a look at one of the questions about this device: “I would like to see a manual before buying, is it possible?”. If you scroll down and see the section that has “questions”, you’ll see this being asked multiple times, especially a manual for ED that the seller doesn’t even disclose or respond to. Here's a screenshot of this:

screenshot of fake listing on amazon for ed devices

2) Guys, here is another fake listing of a shock wave device found on Walmart’s website that advertises it can help treat ED.

Here's the link to this fake at-home shockwave device that claims it treats ED.

screen shot of fake shockwave therapy device for ed

Look at the title of this listing on Walmart’s website that says this “supposed” shockwave device can be used for “ED treatment”.

Now let’s take a look at the product information. Let’s laugh together:

screenshot of fake product features on amazon  ed product

Notice how there is no feature or product description saying that this device can treat ED…At the same time, look at the first bullet point. It’s the same exact product description as the previous “Amazon” Shockwave device I mentioned earlier. It also talks about two entirely different shockwave systems: electromagnetic and pneumatic, which are two completely different systems…

This is what I’m talking about. BEWARE of Drop shippers, guys!

Now, take a look at this…Walmart doesn’t even thoroughly check some of the products listed on its site. It’s no wonder why sometimes you’ll see suspicious URLs on Google with pornographic content and other unsafe links pointing to Walmart. So, the verdict on this shockwave device is that it most definitely does not treat erectile dysfunction.

fake erectile dysfunction shockwave therapy device screenshot

3) Fake shockwave devices for ED on eBay

This device seems to be EVERYWHERE.

screenshot of fake shockwave device on ebay

This fake shockwave device that is advertised on eBay doesn’t even have a brand name. If you scroll down into the description, there isn’t a name brand for this device. Does it even exist? Who knows? All I see is that in the title of the listing, it says “For erectile dysfunction ED treatment Shockwave therapy machine pain relief”.

But, if you look at the images, there are no settings or manual instructions for erectile dysfunction. It only covers neck and shoulder pain, head pain, ankle, back pain, etc. There is no indication that this machine treats ED making it a false shockwave machine being sold online.

4) Aliexpress also has fake shockwave devices for ED

Here's the link to this one.

screenshot of fake shockwave device for ed on aliexpress

Here is another example of a shockwave device on Aliexpress that looks similar to the previous listing. If you watch the video, the head of the machine does a percussion (striking) action, which AGAIN, is not what shockwave devices for ED are supposed to do.

For those of you who think massagers or percussion striking methods can be used on the penis, you’re putting yourself at risk of injury. Even reputable massage guns like Theragun who uses a percussion/striking head say not to use it on your genitals. Shockwave machines and percussion massage guns are two completely DIFFERENT devices that do different things.

There is a very delicate vascular structure on the top side of the penis (where the dorsal vein and other important veins and arteries are). Using a machine like this or a percussion massage gun will put you at risk of hurting your penis. It’s common sense. At the same time, don’t fall for these machines that say they’re something when they’re not.

5) Is this At-home Shockwave device even real?

Here's the link to this one

screenshot of fake shockwave device for sale

It took me a while to find another portable shockwave device that wasn’t like the rest above. It appears that the device is popular on these platforms (but just worded differently). Again, it’s no wonder drop shippers are so competitive and will throw multiple claims into the title of the listing just for you to click their link.

As for this listing, “Power Station” looks like a fake shockwave device. The logo is photoshopped on the device and the box itself looks photoshopped or imposed by some graphic artist (my guess is that it’s 2D animated?). In the title of the listing, they put “Gainswave alternative” which is in fact…NOT an alternative. They even put a description below addressing guys with erectile dysfunction, about using this device.

It’s really sad that people are getting scammed by sellers like this. I just hope more men realize this and that these people are not the manufacturers nor do they have the knowledge on these devices, let alone have used it themselves.

Why Don’t These At-Home Shockwave Devices Work for Erectile Dysfunction?

After looking at the 5 examples, I'm sure some of you are still wondering why they don't work for ED. After all, the prices are very attractive as opposed to spending $3000 to $6000 for 6-12 treatments at a men's health clinic in the U.S. It might seem like a no brainer, but you have to READ and be smarter as a consumer before you buy a device like this!

The bottom line is that it comes down to the science behind shockwave therapy. The 5 at-home devices mentioned above have not been researched for this condition, nor do they have the technical setting or strength to create the physiological response that the research on Li-ESWT suggests.

And some of these devices we mentioned earlier mimic the same function as a percussion massage gun, which is a completely different device that does not do what Li-ESWT does.

guy doing research on at home shockwave therapy for ED

Lastly, if you research a device and it doesn’t have the specifications listed in a manual or has a legitimate website to learn more about the device, or a protocol for treating ED, then that's a red flag right there. You shouldn't be "freestyling" or using a device as such on your penis without knowing how many treatments or possible side effects with these devices.

Your penis is very delicate and you already know this because you're probably sitting on your laptop or phone right now looking up shockwave treatment. I was once YOU! But this is why you should investigate and do your own research so you can educate yourself on the topic and so that you can have better conversations when going to a clinic to receive Li-ESWT treatment or getting it done at home with a real at-home Li-ESWT device.

Is Buying The Phoenix Shockwave Device For Home-Use A Good Idea?

Unlike the other devices promising shockwave treatment, there are other shockwave devices for home-use that actually do meet the criteria you’re looking for when trying to enhance sexual performance. The Phoenix Li-ESWT device has been out since 2019/2020.

the phoenix at home shockwave therapy device for erectile dysfunction

It was created by Jon Hoffman (RIP) for treating the penis and performance issues caused by a sexual decline.

Partnering urologist, Dr. Paul Thompson who uses the device in his clinic, designed a 120-day protocol so that Phoenix users can get the best results and improved sexual performance.

The company is owned by Launch Medical and they are very transparent on their website and communications across the board. They offer a user manual, video instructions, customer support, and specs on the design of The Phoenix.

It has a patent for its tip that propagates both focus and radial waves that can maximize results. They even offer a section in their user manual on limitations and considerations for men that are not a good candidate for Li-ESWT treatment. It has also been reviewed by many guys including myself in the past 2+ years.

Lastly, they offer a 90-day home trial, which is very generous considering most men should see improvement by that time frame. If you want a device that actually helps with sexual performance and helps you "get it up", then the Phoenix is the device you're looking for!

Concluding Thoughts on At-Home Shockwave Therapy Devices

Let’s face it; most guys don’t like using injections like trimix or taking a pill right before sex. It honestly ruins the spontaneity and it becomes mentally and physically tiresome when trying to plan to take your next pill.

man in bed reading about at home shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction

At the same time, some of you might suffer from unwanted side effects from these pills, or guys with certain health conditions can’t even take these medications because they can cause imbalances with current medications that treat blood pressure disorders and other diseases.

Shockwave therapy on the other hand has the potential to help men enjoy better sex while also making it easier for them to "rise to the occasion".

There are hundreds of clinics around the U.S (and around the world) that offer Shockwave therapy in their clinics. But, because it’s not regulated in the U.S. yet and the cost of going to a clinic is expensive, at-home devices are going to continue to appeal to men looking to explore the benefits of Li-ESWT at a cheaper and more private way.

Like I always tell you guys, always do your own research and form your own conclusions. This is why I try to include the necessary information for you so that you don’t have to spend hours like I did researching this to find out what works and what to avoid. Thank you for always listening and having the desire to keep learning.

Much love <3


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