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Everything You Need to Know About Erectile Dysfunction & Age

Updated: May 30, 2023

everything you should know about erectile dysfunction and age

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is commonly associated with aging. According to Emedicinehealth, about 40% of men that develop ED are at the age of 40. On top of that, about 70% of men develop ED by the time they reach the age of 70.

These numbers may be intimidating and a common perception is that you will experience erectile issues as you age. However, there are many factors that contribute to ED, and not just your age.

Men experience ED due to obesity and other health issues like heart disease, sleep disorders, diabetes, and neurological problems. These diseases are harmful to nerves and blood vessels. Ultimately, it leads to erection problems. Age alone is not the connection between someone and developing erectile dysfunction.

Let’s talk about the connection between erectile dysfunction and age.

Erectile Dysfunction & Age

As you may know, erections are caused by blood circulation in penis blood vessels. Once these vessels are damaged due to age, health problems, health neglect, and other factors, you are highly likely to experience erection issues.

Age alone is not the reason someone may develop ED. There are quite a few things in our everyday lives and decisions that if not taken care of, will lead to ED. Some of those factors include:

  • Bad eating decisions, such as too much sugar

  • Performance anxiety and sexual confidence

  • Bad sleeping habits and not getting enough sleep

  • Surgeries that lead to ED

  • Cholesterol levels and blood pressure

  • Smoking and vaping

  • Porn and masturbation addiction

  • Dehydration and alcohol

  • Prescription medications

  • Low testosterone and psychological stress (depression, anxiety, etc.)

And that’s not all! This may seem like a big list, but these are all things that lead to erectile dysfunction if not properly managed. With this list in mind, let’s take a look at men’s age groups and how ED can develop from the above reasons.

Ages 20 to 45 Years

younger men with ED and health problems

Talking about young men, psychological factors are a major reason behind their erection issues. For instance, they may face stress-related, behavioral, or situational erectile dysfunction. In some young men, low testosterone levels are also responsible for psychological issues and a lack of drive.

Testosterone is the hormone that is needed for men to "feel" like men. While talking about low testosterone, it is important to understand that the hormone is not solely responsible for ED. However, it contributes to it, like helping with the production of nitric oxide for adequate blood flow, or in some cases, helping your mood. Your hormones will decline as you age.

When men already have low testosterone at a young age, it can drop even worse as they age. Ultimately it results in poor sex drive and erectile dysfunction.

Obesity and sleeping disorders also contribute to erectile dysfunction. If your ED is caused by obesity, you can reduce your weight to overcome the issue. By simply making better health decisions in what you eat, you can help prevent this from becoming an issue.

Young people who experience ED should consult with a healthcare provider. Together, you can identify the root cause and treat it. You can also use at-home devices now!

Ages 45 to 60 Years

middle aged men with ED and health problems

With age, people experience serious health issues with everything in their body, including things that contribute to erection problems. These conditions are vascular diseases, diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, and other diseases that affect blood vessels.

A few other diseases that can affect your blood vessels include stroke, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease. They will reduce the blood circulation to your penis. Ultimately, this results in serious erection problems and only gets worse if not treated. So the sooner, the better!

In addition, some medications that manage your blood pressure also restrict the blood flow to the penis. If you are taking any blood pressure medications, talk to your doctor and share your concerns. There have been cases across the world showing that medications can eventually lead to ED.

With age, men experience obesity and sleep disorders as well. As mentioned earlier, it leads to ED. Making smart decisions with your eating habits as well as your sleeping habits can play a huge role in your sexual performance.

If you are experiencing erection problems during middle age, you should consult with a healthcare provider right away. The majority of men that experience ED is caused by bad health issues or decisions. An early diagnosis can help you manage your health without compromising your sexual performance.

Age 60+

older men above 60 with ED and health problems

People in this age group typically will experience the most health issues and chronic health issues. Some of their existing health problems may get worse over time like diabetes, heart issues, and neurological disorders.

Middle-aged men who experience prostate cancer can experience ED in their 60s. Prostate cancer doesn’t cause ED but its treatment can lead to erection problems. Always check with a professional to see if the medication can lead to ED. If it does, ask for an alternative.

Improving Sexual Performance With The Phoenix

One of the modern ways to improve sexual performance is acoustic wave therapy. Until recently, there had not been any proven at-home devices to help improve men's ability to "rise again" for the occasion… Until The Phoenix came to the market in 2020.

Now men everywhere can "get it up" easier and better!

the phoenix

With the help of The Phoenix, guys can take control of their intimate lives by doing treatment at home themselves. Some guys see results after a few treatments while others will see the benefits from a cycle of treatments by the 60-90 day period.

The device promotes better sex by improving men's ability in sexual performance.

People who have the following issues will see the biggest improvements after using the Phoenix.

  • Men who have trouble "getting it up"

  • Men experiencing sexual decline issues

  • Men who want to improve their sexual performance

  • Preventative care for guys in their early 20s

It doesn’t matter what age you are to see benefits from acoustic wave therapy. Whether you have trouble "getting it up" or are just looking to optimize your performance, the Phoenix can help.

Apart from these, if you want to avoid sexual performance issues in the future, you can use this device to re-treat and maintain results.

***Remember…results from acoustic wave therapy may last up to 2 years. It’s YOUR responsibility to take care of your health by choosing to live a healthier lifestyle. If you already have a poor lifestyle (ex. You smoke, don’t exercise, or have diabetes), it’s time to take control of your sexual health and make the changes now so you can get better results in and out of the bedroom.

the phoenix reviews

Preventing ED & Building Stronger Erections

The bottom line for men is that you shouldn’t live with erectile dysfunction and sexual performance issues. Nobody wants to live a life without being able to get hard and be intimate.

Don’t think that is your destiny as you age. Most of the time, it’s health conditions that are causing your problems. Start by learning what causes these types of issues so that you can stop the cause. From there, you can use an at-home treatment device such as the Phoenix to return your performance in bed in a few simple steps.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Phoenix, reach out. BDEStyle is a community of men just like you, and are here to listen.

Also make sure to subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates on sexual performance, ED, sexual health, and our exclusive reviews.

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