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Why You Need To Always Clean Your Bathmate Penis Pump

Why You Need To Always Clean Your Bathmate Penis Pump

Let's face it, managing good hygiene for ourselves can be a challenge at times and we're not always good at it. We get it, being clean isn't necessarily the most exciting thing in the world. AND before you jump to the conclusion, "I don't know what you're talking about, I AM clean!", really sit down and think about it. We're creatures of habit and often do things consistently every day and never think twice about it.

We're not here to talk about your general cleanliness today though, more specifically, we want to talk about cleanliness with penis pumps, such as the Bathmate. If you're using a Bathmate penis pump, or ANY other type of penis pump, putting in that extra bit of effort to keep it squeaky clean is VERY important.

You see, when it comes to your penis health, having a clean Bathmate is important, as if you were to use an unclean penis pump, neglecting this simple task could end up having serious consequences.

So why exactly is it so important to make sure your Bathmate penis pump is clean before each use? Let's first have a quick chat about hygiene and stereotypes.

Hygiene & Stereotypes With Men

male hygiene products

Alright, guys, while it's very true that the mainstream stereotype about "all men are gross" isn't necessarily true, there is still some truth about it.

There are quite a few men out there that choose to neglect their personal hygiene. We're not saying that there are women who do the same, but I would venture to say that there are more men than women who do.

The truth of the matter is some men don't practice good hygiene and it's not ideal when using a Bathmate, especially before sex!

Why It's Important to Clean Your Bathmate Penis Pump

It is important to make sure your Bathmate penis pump is clean before each use for a few reasons... And this is regardless of what type of hydro pump you have!

1. Removes Bacteria and Other Potentially Harmful Pathogens

Firstly, a clean penis pump will help prevent any bacteria or fungi from entering your body and causing infections or other health risks.

Bathmates are designed to be used with water, making them susceptible to bacteria and other potentially harmful pathogens.

I think I speak for everyone when I say that the last thing we want is bacteria being rubbed all over our dicks.

Regular cleaning will help remove these contaminants, ensuring that the device remains safe and hygienic for use.

In addition to germs and bacteria building overtime, some of you may be using a lubricant on your penis before entering your pump. Depending on the lubricant base, this may lead to debris and other gunk buildup inside the pump and in the pump valve.
bacteria growing

2. Minimizes The Risk of A Penis Pump Injury

Secondly, properly sanitizing and cleaning the equipment can also help minimize the risk of injury while using the pump.

This is because dirt, grime, and other debris can accumulate on (or in) the device over time, which can cause it to malfunction or even break down completely.

If the device breaks because of a loose component, or there is a dirt/debris filled part, I don't think we need to explain the recursions of a penis pump injury.

A "dirty" Bathmate or one that is not functioning correctly because of poor hygiene/debris preventing you from getting the correct pressure inside the pump, may potentially make a guy "think" he needs to pump harder or squeeze the handball pump "extra" (for the Bathmate HydroXtreme series) when all he needs to do is clean his pump/take care of his pump more often.

It's logical how this may unintentionally lead to an injury because you're not cleaning the pump valve or the inside of the pump often. It's not uncommon for your average guy to misinterpret the lack of pressure or a bad pumping session with needing to pump harder to make up for it.

By keeping your pump clean, you can reduce the chances of any accidents occurring while using it or from accidentally overpumping or pumping too hard because there is debris / buildup preventing you from getting the suction/pressure you need.

3. Cleanliness With Your Partner

Let's paint a quick picture for this one. You're home from work and you have a couple of hours before your date later today. You use the Bathmate but neglect to shower or clean the Bathmate before you use it before your date. You go on your date and it eventually leads to sex... That's a problem.

Using an unclean Bathmate (If you didn't clean it then, you probably don't clean it very often, if ever) and then having sex with a partner leaves TONS of room for germs and bacteria to grow. And now you've just INSERTED those germs and bacteria into your partner... Which is probably going to cause a UTI as well as many other issues.

See where we're going here? It's just NOT OK.

If you're using a Bathmate penis pump, you should definitely put in the extra effort to make sure that it's squeaky clean before and after each use!

cleaning products for the bathmate penis pump

But The Bathmate is Hydropump And Used In Water, Why Do I Need To Clean It?

Yes, the Bathmate is a hydro penis pump, meaning it's used with water. But a quick rinse in some tap water is NOT CLEANING IT.

Your Bathmate hydro pump is made up of many different moving parts, all of which are designed to function in a specific way. Again, if there is a build-up of bacteria, junk, and residue can prevent different parts from functioning the way they were designed.

So it's highly suggested that proper cleaning and scrubbing after each use is the only way to keep your Bathmate pump working... and preventing germs from living and thriving.

Alright, now let's talk about how you can properly clean your Bathmate.

Tips On How To Properly Clean Your Bathmate Penis Pump

Thankfully, cleaning your penis pump isn't a time-consuming or difficult task. Shout out to Bathmate for recognizing that this task needs to be simple and easy.

rich from bdestyle using a bathmate cleaning agent to clean his penis pump
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With that being said, here are a couple of quick tips on properly cleaning it.

  1. Fill your sink or something you can submerge it in with warm water and some mild soap.

  2. Use the Bathmate Cleaning Kit or some sort of antibacterial cleaning spray and spray it all over.

  3. Submerge the inner chamber of the pump in the water, and let it soak for a few minutes.

  4. Use a cleaning brush (or a sponge) to scrub away any dirt or debris from the inside of the pump.

  5. Rinse off the pump with fresh water, then dry it thoroughly with a clean cloth or towel before storing it away safely.

bathmate cleaning kit

It's also important to clean the valve on your pump as well, as this area is the most susceptible to a build-up of bacteria and other stuff. According to Bathmate, they recommend cleaning the valve once a week or after every 5 uses.

"We recommend that you remove the valve from your hydropump once per week, or after every 5 uses if you’re not following the recommended routine, and clean thoroughly in warm, soapy water."

- According to The Bathmate Team

It's not rocket science, it's simple and easy!

Honestly, using the Bathmate Cleaning Kit is going to be the easiest way, so that's what we recommend.

Also, on a side note, it's important that you guys are using the right routine with the Bathmate. If you're using it for erection quality or for gains in size, you'll definitely want to follow their manufactures guide, for safety reasons.

All other "uses" or misuses are at your own risk (P.E, etc.).

How Often Should You Clean Your Bathmate Penis Pump?

Again, we don't mean to pick on some of you guys, but if the last time you cleaned your Bathmate (or whatever penis pump you own), was 6 months ago, then this post is dedicated to you.

As mentioned in the section above, the valve needs to be cleaned every 5 uses or every week. So, If you can clean your Bathmate penis pump at the very least once a week, then you're doing a whole lot better than most guys.

If you have the time to clean it more frequently, we highly suggest it so you can preserve your Bathmate and not have to worry about bacteria growth, or using it and then without realizing, sticking your "dirty" dick in your partner (trust us, that's gross, man)

Hygiene And Your Bathmate

To wrap up, the use of penis pumps can be really beneficial for men, whether you're looking to get a bigger penis or struggling with erectile dysfunction. Regardless of why you use The Bathmate though, it's critically important to keep them clean in order to avoid health risks, and that means cleaning it after each use.

If you guys don't have a penis pump yet and are still researching about them, make sure to check out our full in-depth review of The Bathmate to get all of the insight you need!

Hopefully this answered you're questions today about the Bathmate and cleanliness. If not, feel free to reach out here or leave a comment down below.

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