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3 Alternatives on How to Naturally Get a Bigger Penis

Updated: Jun 3

woman showing natural ways to get a bigger penis

Before we get started on how you can naturally get a bigger penis, let’s talk about penis size and the reasons behind our desire for a larger size.

To get started, let's talk about some controversial question that gets brought up all the time.

Does size matter?

If it does to you, then it matters.

It's pretty normal for guys to wish that they had a bigger penis. After all, you can thank these societal factors for creating anxieties and insecurities around penis size:

  • Unreliable studies on penis size (self-reported surveys, which increase the chance of bias and larger "fictitious" averages)

  • Social Media

  • "Girl Inches" (Slang terminology for when a girl thinks that a guy's dick is much bigger than it actually is)

  • Guys lying to both men and women about their measurements

  • Male Body Shaming/Penis Dysmorphia

  • The male locker room

  • Mainstream movies and shows wrongly portray male nudity with large prosthetic penises (Euphoria, Spartacus, Minx, etc.)

  • Pop culture

  • Porn (Overexaggerating size with the use of camera angles, and using different proportions of actors and actresses to highlight size)

  • Poor sex education in schools/lack of sexual experience

  • Social desirability bias (People wanting to fit desirable behaviors or traits, ex: continuing to follow the old notion that "bigger is always better")

  • The list of reasons can go on, etc.

If you don't want to read about the REAL penis sizes, what women actually want, and studies we've provided, you can jump right the 3 ways to naturally grow your penis size using this link here.

rich and girlfriend searching how to naturally grow a larger penis

Penis Size Is Going To Matter To Someone (Whether You Like It Or Not)

For the reasons listed above, men continue to worry about the size of their penis and whether or not it is enough for their partners or potential ones.

This leads men to secretly search for ways to increase the size of their penises naturally in spite of the research and studies done on what women (or men) prefer in a sexual partner.

a cock representing men's penises

And of course, we now live in a more liberated society where it's not just about what women want in bed anymore, but it's also about what other genders want based on their sexual preferences.

Nowadays, some people are more open and expressive about what they want in bed, or what matters to them. There is nothing wrong with that, but sometimes it's a truth that is hard to swallow, especially if you're emotionally invested in someone and what you're packing may or may not be enough for them.

The ugly truth is size is going to matter to someone whether you like it or not.

We can't just pretend to ignore the population that does care about size. Now, some of you might think, but why care about these people or get involved with them if they're just "shallow"?

We do agree that a good majority of these people are shallow or that they follow the "social desirability" notion, but you're forgetting about the people who are actually sexually mature/experienced that prefer a larger penis.

man and woman in bed talking about penis size

You can read all the articles and studies you want that try to push their opinions down your throat about how "size doesn't matter", but it's still not going to make the population who is sexually experienced and prefers a larger penis to "disappear".

Yes, it would be nice to erase the shallow ones, but there's nothing wrong with wanting to make your penis larger for yourself or a partner wanting a bigger penis in the bedroom.

penis size does(n't) matter

Regardless of the reasoning, wanting a bigger penis is going to cross your mind at some point in your life.

Whether you want it for more confidence, better sexual performance, social desirability, or any other reason, you do have a couple of options that don't involve surgery and that actually CAN increase the size of your penis.

We’ve got 3 ways that can naturally help you get a bigger penis, so stick with us and we'll let you know them soon.

But first, let's debunk the myths about the "average" sized penis.

What is the TRUE Average Penis Size?

There have always been debates on what the average male penis size is as well as misconceptions about it being 7 inches (which is 100% NOT true).

You can thank unreliable studies dating back to the original Kinsey reports on the average penis size. They reported the average "range" (not average size) to be between 5-7 inches based on "self-reported measurements" submitted via mail (over inflated numbers and increased biases).

You can then guess what socially desirable "number" guys and everyone else claimed as average.

And yes, you guessed it right, it was 7 inches and not 5.

But, if the average is not 7 inches, then what is the true average penis size?

It's actually closer to 5 inches when erect.

If you really want to know the more accurate "average" penis length and girth for both flaccid and erect states, then you should be looking at studies where the researcher actually measures the participant's erect penis.

Resources & Studies On Penis Size

Here are some resources and studies we trust that we suggest you follow:

A recent review of research in 2020 of the average penis size. They concluded the average was between 5.1 inches and 5.5 inches when erect. BUT, the researchers also factored in volunteer bias and believed that the true average is closer to the lower end of that range.

Another study of 15,000+ men being measured by researchers that support the evidence of the lower end of the 5-inch average.

A resource guide that gathers all of the studies ever done on penis size. They exclude the least accurate studies and they also have a unique calculator to see how your measurements compare to a group of 1000 men in a room.

CalcSD currently shows a global average of 5.49 inches in length (boned pressed) and 4.58 inches in girth when fully erect. While the average penis size for a flaccid penis is 3.54 inches in length and 3.52 inches in girth

Why The Type Of "Research Study" On Penis Size... Matters

We highly suggest avoiding studies that have "self-reported" measurements. If you find a study with a large sample population where the researcher measures the erect penises of the participants, then there is more validity to the data.

This also reduces social desirability bias.

For example, men exaggerating their measurements is very common in a self-reported study whereas a guy can't lie when a researcher is the one doing the measuring.

Now, some might argue that "measured by researcher" studies can increase "volunteer bias", but there hasn't been any correlation or study on this (not from our research or that we are aware of).

couple discussing penis sizes

We personally believe, in theory, that people willing to be "measured" (volunteers) are guys that are more sexually liberal/educated and are secure with their own size.

If there is a study on this, or a future study, we would gladly support it because then we'll know what characteristics or behaviors do men "willing to be measured" have.

For instance, are smaller men less inclined to be put front and center by a researcher to be measured? Do bigger guys volunteer more for these studies than smaller guys? Etc.

What Penis Size Do Women Prefer?

There have been plenty of studies on this topic, but there is one study in particular that a lot of sex researchers, sex psychologists, and other researchers have been referring to for the past 5+ years.

This study was published around the mid-2010's where women were asked questions about ideal penis sizes for both a short-term relationship versus a long-term relationship while choosing between different-sized 3D models.

It was definitely a good attempt at trying a new research method (using 3D models) to make easier comparisons. But, here's what they concluded:

Women preferred a penis of slightly larger circumference and length for a one night stand/short term sexual partner (length = 6.4 inches/16.3 cm, circumference = 5.0 inches/12.7 cm) versus long-term partner (length = 6.3 inches/16.0 cm, circumference = 4.8 inches/12.2 cm)

These overestimated measurements/answers from the participants are all ABOVE the "true" average-sized penis that most men are packing.

But is this study valid enough to speak for the entire population?

It's funny because most sex researchers, licensed sex psychologists, and other media outlets only seem to point at the facts in the abstract while failing to mention the full extent of the study; the data set, methods, subgroups, demographics, etc.

man with larger penis standing next to his girlfriend

We think that's deceptive on so many levels and adds to more anxieties that men face about penis size. This "infamous" study only had 75 participants(women) between the ages of 18-65. 15 of these women did not answer their preferred size (measurements) of the models.

So, if you ever read an article or heard a licensed sex psychologist talking up how this study shed a light on "preferred" penis size, then chances are they probably did not read the full study and only scrolled down as far as the abstract. The true participants who gave an answer were only 60 women.

We would love to support a research study like this, but unfortunately, there isn't a lot of data to begin with to make these conclusions for the entire population (women and men).

The fact that there were only 60 "true" participants and sex researchers, licensed sex psychologists, and other media outlets are saying that this is the "end all" discussion about women's preference of penis size is pure sophistry.

man holding a baseball bat for his penis

A true study with good valuable data should have a larger sample population to increase the validity of the data/research.

For instance, one of the average penis size studies we mentioned earlier had over 15,000+ men getting measured. Why are people weighing so much on a data set of only 60 "true" participants? In our opinion, we think there should be a redo of this study, but with more participants to support the evidence of these claims.

Another study from UCLA that was published in 2006 claims that 85% of women are satisfied with their partner's penis size. The good news is that this study had a large sample population of men and women (over 50,000) making it a more interesting/valid data set to refer to.

Although this study is over 15 years old, it does make a good point about the perceptions of penis size between men and women and how "masculinity" and "perceived" body image satisfaction can easily influence how men rate their own penis size.

We think because this study was first distributed in the early 2000s, the older notions about "masculinity" and what it meant to be a man were more toxic than they are today in 2022. It would definitely be worth redoing this study as well, because society has made some improvements since then and has recognized toxic masculinity in the recent years.

chart from study on women's preference on penis size

Another thing to point out, is that only 45% of the men who participated in this study (There was a total of 25,594 were heterosexual men in this around 11,517) wished they were bigger. Out of the 45% of men, the majority (around 91%) rated themselves as small, wishing they had a larger size.

It is also interesting to point out (in the screenshot of the chart above...94% compared to 86% and 32%) that there was an increase in satisfaction for women, especially if their partner had a larger penis size. This is something we think researchers did not want to highlight because it would increase the anxieties men had about penis size.

The bottom line is, penis size will continue to be a debate among society. The research is still limited and we need more fresh data as society changes over time.

But, for now, this is all we got.

Now, Let's Reframe The Question: Does Size Matter?

If size does matter to you, or you feel like you could be bigger, what size would you feel more confident at?

It's QUIZ time!



Now, let's take a look at girth... After all, most studies tend to point out that girth matters more than length. If you had the possibility of increasing your girth size, what size would you feel more confident at? (Ranges taken from measurements plugged into CalcSD).

Now, when it comes to sex, we want you to know that it's more than just penis size. Size is only one part of the equation. If we're just talking about heterosexual sex, then the female orgasm is mostly dependent/starts in the mind (it starts outside the bedroom, guys). The same way that erections start in the brain for a guy, arousal/desire starts in the brain for women, too.

Then there is chemistry, foreplay, size, and then technique. It's about understanding the female anatomy and learning your partner so that you can become a better lover and not just "penis centric".

Most of the nerve receptors are located in the first few inches inside the vagina (g-spot) meaning that guys with smaller than-average penis sizes can reach this no problem.

woman tied up for sex

Some females might need clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm while being penetrated, while some might not need anything, but just your penis. Different strokes for different folks (everyone is different and communication is key to improving your sex life).

Now, some studies suggest that it can take a women anywhere between 15-20 minutes (sometimes longer) to get aroused/orgasm. This usually depends on how long you've been with your partner.

You still need to create desire to induce arousal if you're in a long-term relationship (It takes two to tango and to keep the spark alive!), which is why it can take longer to build this up.

But, let's be real here. You can reduce this time by creating more desire at the start of the day, leading up to the time you have sex. Try sending flirty texts, sexting, doing strip teases, touching her erogenous zones, and then walking away, etc.

In the end, the build up will be more EXPLOSIVE.

As for the A-spot (anterior fornix) and P-spot (posterior fornix), you might need a length over 6 inches to reach these areas because, during arousal, the vaginal canal lengthens and widens. The "true" average-sized penis might not be able to reach these areas unless you try positions where you can thrust deeper into your partner.

Bigger Isn't Always Better, Guys!

When guys say they "wish" they were larger, the size increase they're looking for is not exactly linear. Some say they want to be 12 inches or 10 inches or 7 inches, but you have to understand the average female vagina is between 3-4 inches when unaroused.

When aroused, it can expand up to 200%. If you do the math (3 x 200% and 4 x 200%), the average would around 6-8 inches when aroused. Some women might be at the lower end of the average while some might be at the higher end.

But, that's if they're even aroused! So, foreplay and mental stimulation is a MUST before you even penetrate. At the same time, there is a thing about being "TOO" large or becoming too big.

If you refer back to CalcSD (one of our favorite resource guides on average penis size), to be at the threshold or considered "above average"...or "big" you would have to be around these measurements (we plugged into CalcSD for you):

  • Erect Bone Pressed: 6.17 inches

  • Erect Girth: 5.1 inches

  • Flaccid: 4.11 inches

  • Flaccid Girth: 3.9

If you have these measurements and were in a room of 1000 men (that's how the calculator works), only around 150 men would be bigger than you. If you ask us, a guy who is average is more than capable of becoming above average with the help of penis enlargement devices and tools to naturally get you there over time.

This may also allow you to reach new areas with your partner if you're unable to with your average size.

Since the A spot and P Spot is located near the cervix, being careful around this area is also important to avoid causing pain to your partner. Some women might like it, but some do not and would prefer a more slow and sensual pace.

Setting Realistic Expectations When Considering Natural Penis Enlargement Methods

Now, if you are average and are thinking about becoming naturally bigger, we suggest only becoming "slightly" bigger versus thinking that you need to become a 12-inch swinging guy.

That's why we reframed this question about what size would you be more confident at.

couple in love

We believe the 6-8 inch range (notice how it's in the parameters of the average female vagina when aroused), would be more than enough to help your partner experience different kinds of orgasms (G to A to P).

From our experience, going from average to above average (just adding a small 1-2 inches) really makes positions easier when a woman is on top, or when you're on top moving your hips to stimulate her sweet spots.

And, a bigger size doesn't mean you'll become a lazy lover. Some people think that "most" guys with big dicks are bad in bed.

This is not true at all!

It's what you do with it that matters and saying the word "most" is not a good representation of the whole population.

This is why we (at always refer to others as "some" people, so that we're not making the same mistakes that sex researchers and bloggers do by making generalizations or strong claims about the whole population (or majority) based on older studies, when society continues to evolve every year.

With that being said, whether you’re bigger, smaller, or right around that average size, if you’re reading this article, chances are, you’re interested in how to naturally get a bigger penis… regardless of your reason, we’ve got a few ideas that work.

Now, this topic is still up for debate among the medical community because most researchers do not want to put their names behind these devices and methods without proper/adequate research. There is only limited research... Also, because some guys have a hard time following directions that they injure themselves and then it becomes a legal issue.


The truth is, any penis enlargement device or method does have it's risks (injuries), which is why we suggest you continue to do your own research and to take extra precautions to avoid injury when using a device or method out there on the web. We are not doctors and our advice should not be misconstrued as medical advice. We only support a few natural methods that are very popular among the PE (penis enlargement) communities that have shown to produce results based on our results/experience and the pictures and videos (before and after's) these communities have logged in the past two decades.

These can easily be "looked" up with a quick Google search for your knowledge and curiosity.

Now let’s talk about ways you can naturally get a bigger penis.

man measuring his penis size

3 Alternatives on How to Naturally Get a Bigger Penis

We have not included in this list any type of medical or gas station pills, injections, surgeries, or anything else that would not be considered natural. These are options that you can increase your penis size naturally at-home.

In addition to that, these are not in order of preference or effectiveness.

With that being said, here are 3 alternatives on how to naturally get a bigger penis.

3 natural alternatives to getting a bigger penis

1. Penis Stretching Device Or Penis Extenders

Let’s talk about using a penis stretching device. This is perfect for those looking for the ultimate lazy man’s penis enlargement. When talking about how to increase penis size without much effort, this wins the crown.

A penis stretching device such as The Phallosan Forte, is a device that increases your dick size by ... well... stretching it.

The Phallosan Forte,

The Phallosan Forte is a German engineered device that has over 20 years of clinical studies and research done showing proven results.

It works in a way that is similar to how we grow our muscles in the gym by lifting weights. By stretching out your penis, it’s breaking down the tissues inside, which are then regrown bigger and stronger over time. Much like when you are bench pressing or curling.

The average length growth results for those using it properly have seen a 3.6 cm increase in penis length and for the average girth growth results, they have seen a 1.5 cm increase in girth size.

When it comes to natural ways to getting a bigger penis and not having to put much effort into it, The Phallosan Forte is a great option.

We consider The Phallosan Forte and The Phallosan Forte Plus+ a passive and active workout. The Phallosan Forte (with the belt) is a great passive workout after doing a more strenuous workout like traction extension with The Phallosan Forte Plus+ (active workout).

the phallosan forte for penis enlargement

The Phallosan Forte (with the belt) can be worn discreetly under clothes while you go about your normal day. So, you can log in a number of hours unnoticed by others. The Phallosan Forte Plus+ (the extender/active workout) should be considered at home because it is somewhat noticeable underneath clothes.

Why use both?

The traction therapy from the extender (Phallosan Forte Plus+) can help you reach higher tension levels in a short amount of time, while extending your penis outward for a good stretch (more growth).

Wearing The Phallosan Forte (with the belt) right after doing a session with the Plus+ model is great for recovery and keeping your penis from "turtling" (shriveling up), so that your penis can heal in an extended state.

2. Penis Pumps

Now let’s talk about penis pumps… You may have already heard about these or seen ads for them. There are also many misconceptions about penis pumps as well, however, if you look at the results by those that have used them properly, it may surprise you.

The keywords there are "USED PROPERLY".

For those that have used a penis pump and seen results, some men have self reported an increase in around 1-2 inches of length and 1.5 inches in girth.

Quite a bit of growth.

The Bathmate

However, it’s important to know a few things:

This isn’t a “get-big fast” thing. This is a long term process. You won’t see those results in 4 weeks. Those 2 inches come after using it properly from 1-2 years and it can vary from person to person and penis to penis.

If you’re in this for the long haul though, willing to use it properly, and want to see those inches in growth, the best Penis Pump out there is The Bathmate. It has thousands of positive and result-driven reviews.

The Bathmate

We also highly suggest pairing a Bathmate with The Phallosan Forte for more optimal results.

3. Work on Your Appearance

For our last option on how to increase penis size, let’s talk about appearance. We're not talking about making you look better, we're talking about making your penis appear bigger.

The way you look before and during intercourse matters and does have an effect on the appearance of your penis size.

There are a few things that you can do to help with the appearance of your penis size.

First, shave your pubes.

If you have a whole garden and shrubbery down there, the fact is that it’s going to cover up some of your penis. It’s going to actually hinder the way your penis looks in size. With a clean shave pubic area, your dick will look larger.

Next, let’s talk about weight. Losing weight won’t change your penis size either, however, if you have a larger belly and/or thighs, it could change the perception of how the size your penis appears. It works as an optical illusion.

Not to mention that this can help you stay healthier overall and having an unhealthy dad bod can even have a negative effect on your penis size.

How to Increase Your Penis Size Naturally

I'm sure you're all wondering why we did not mention jelqing, penis weight hangers or other methods. Jelqing is considered an "older" method to increase the size of your penis.

However, it continues to be a controversial topic among PE communities (PE stands for penis enlargement) that jelqing is unsafe and can do more damage than good.

Historically, jelqing has been around for a long time, but it became very experimental in the early 2000s to 2010s as an old school "PE" method on thundersplace, whereas nowadays, new and improved devices have replaced jelqing because of inconsistencies in pressure with your hand grip, which can be hard to replicate with every single Jelq.

With a penis stretching device like Phallosan Forte or using a penis pump, you can monitor the time/pressures versus jelqing.

On the other hand, penis weight hangers (another method) has been gaining a lot of popularity among the PE community for faster length gains, especially at the base of your penis (suspensory ligaments). It is another good option. We haven't had the time to fully review this method yet to give you a good guide on it, but we will in the future. Stay tuned...

For now, these are the best ways on how to naturally get a bigger penis without surgery. Whether you want to use a penis pump, penis stretching device, or to work on the appearance of your penis size, these are some very good options to help improve your confidence in the bedroom.

The Penis Pump and Penis Stretching Device we mentioned have some literature, data and proven reviews. However, they take commitment and need to be done properly if you want to see results. That's the key to gaining size.

If you ever hear about others not gaining anything, then it's most likely because they had the wrong approach, unrealistic expectations, have poor erections to begin with (erectile dysfunction---you need good blood flow/blood vessels to do this), and lastly, have not been doing it long enough or consistently to see real results.

If you guys have questions on any of these methods for increasing penis size, just want to weigh in, or provide some of your own experiences, leave a comment down below!

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