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Why You Need to Change Your Masturbation Routine & Technique

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Why You Need to Change Your Masturbation Routine & Technique

Why You Need to Change Your Masturbation Routine & Technique

If you’re like most men you’ve probably beaten your junior to hell and back over the years. From awkward moments with your pillow as a pre-teen to let me see how many times I can do it in a day marathons in your twenties…He’s been through a lot!

But through all those masturbation trial-and-error fumblings you’ve likely gotten beating your meat down to a routine science…anddd it’s probably time to change it…Like now.

Don’t worry! We promise your dick will say thank you. Make sure to stick around as this is an article you're not going to want to skip. Let’s take a look at why you need to change your masturbation routine and technique TODAY.

Idiosyncratic Masturbation

What the hell is idiosyncratic masturbation? It’s most likely what you are doing every time you jerk off. Idiosyncratic masturbation is a masturbation technique that is difficult or impossible to recreate with a partner.

Idiosyncratic Masturbation

What does that look like? It could be a specific way you hold your dick that in no way shape or form comes close to what you would experience during sex, or it could even be a safety blanket you use during masturbation like… the poor tube sock you use to catch your load.

After about 300 times your dick gets used to the texture and feel of these things and it becomes the norm you need to get off. Now let’s get one thing clear… It’s okay to have a bit of a routine and it’s important to jerk off.

In fact, studies show that masturbation can play an important role in improving sleep, reducing stress, and even lowering blood pressure, so don’t think we’re bashing your happy time. However, it’s just important to know that over time, your routine can affect your performance during the real thing… and after all, what’s the point of practice if you’re never going to play in the game!

Death Grip Syndrome

Let's talk about death grip syndrome, which is something we discussed before, but we want to touch on this again today. DGS… sounds scary right? Yeah, your dick thinks so too, so pay attention. Death grip syndrome is a syndrome caused by you guessed it… Gripping the life out of your penis during masturbation.

Death Grip Syndrome

With the syndrome, the penis loses sensation over time from overstimulation, creating difficulty in maintaining erections and reaching ejaculation during sex with your partner. With that being said, medical professionals agree that DGS isn't actually a medically recognized condition. This is because it hasn’t been studied enough yet.

Most doctors attribute the syndrome as reported by men to Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Delayed Ejaculation (DE) connected with one another; meaning they believe this is just an extension of those two problems rendered more severe, ED and DE.

So, what causes DGS? Well because of the lack of data, the actual causes of DGS need to be reviewed more. However, we can come to the conclusion that based on significant research related to friction and penile sensitivity, there are some contributing factors to DGS.

There are several factors that contribute to the syndrome including:

  • Age

  • Watching Porn

  • Medical Conditions Such as Peyronie's Disease

  • Medications Used to Treat Depression or Anxiety

  • Performance Anxiety

  • Low Testosterone & Erectile Dysfunction

These are just a few of the factors that may contribute to DGS, sometimes though, you might just be squeezing too tight!

Are You Squeezing Your Penis Too Tight

So, how do you know if you're squeezing your penis too tight...

Well, there are some signs you might be cuffing your carrot a little too tightly:

  • Difficulty reaching or maintaining an erection during intercourse

  • The need for an extremely tight grip during masturbation to climax

  • Loss of sensation before, during, or after masturbation

  • Broken capillaries on the penis

If you’ve noticed any of these signs it might be time to ease up for a bit. Consider taking a break from everything… Including sex… Just so that you can give your dick time to recuperate and regain sensation again.

The Porn Thing

So, let’s get this out here…Porn is hot, porn is great, and no one is knocking porn (at least we're not here at BDEStyle), BUT…It could be affecting your sex life negatively, starting with your ability to get off.

man sitting on a couch

Remember the first time you saw porn? Like most guys, you probably snuck a look at your Uncle’s titty-mag you found in the bathroom as a kid and mentally stored the images in your spank bank for months…

Jump to 2022 and within three clicks you're watching something live that would wake your Uncle Herman from the dead! It’s just too easy AND too much sometimes…and your boner knows it.

He starts to get bored, and the hot co-ed who gets stuck in the washing machine and banged by her ex-stepbrother just isn’t doing it for him anymore. He urges your brain to make you click on that kinky channel you’ve been curious about… and before you know it you’ve gone down some bizarre porn rabbit-hole and haven’t even started jerking off yet.

Well maybe it isn’t that serious, but you get where we’re going with this right? Basically, one of two things can happen…

Scenario A: You watch porn that is just so outlandishly wild that you probably wouldn’t be able to cum during sex even if you were with Gisele Bündchen.

Scenario B: It starts to take FOREVER for you to cum even when you masturbate. Nothing does it for you anymore.

Even if you’ve experienced a sliver of these feelings it might be time to pack up the porn, just for a bit. Tap back into your old spank bank and use your imagination. Taking a break from porn will help you from being overstimulated and give you some time to regulate yourself again.

Porn Addiction & Masturbating

Porn addiction can have devastating effects on your masturbation and getting off. Not only that but porn addiction is connected to ED as well.

man searching on phone for porn

Watching too much porn can lead to hurting your self-esteem, making you feel subject to watching it and hiding this fact from loved ones. You may develop unrealistic expectations about what women (or men) are supposed to be like when they have sex with you.

These ideas often don't match up with reality which could lead men into believing that the problem lies within them. This also leads individuals towards having performance anxiety - causing more erection issues and low self-esteem and possibly even situational erectile dysfunction.

Again, we're not bashing porn. It's a great thing that helps individuals to further enjoy masturbation and helps couples improve their sexual lives. Moderation in everything though is a must.

It’s 2023, Get Creative

Now that we’ve covered the brunt of what you might be doing wrong, let’s take about what you can do right starting with the routine. If you’re anticipating having sex the old guidelines and myths would tell you to jerk off, at least once, so you’d be able to last longer with your partner (fun fact: there is no scientific evidence supporting this).

That’s not your problem anymore - Stop jerking off! You’ve gotten so used to your right-hand man that sex just isn’t cutting it anymore. Give your body time to build up the excitement so that when the time comes you won’t have as much trouble getting an erection or climaxing.

Now as far as technique goes, it’s time to bring in something unique to masturbation… The Fleshlight. The ladies have been tapped into this secret literally since the dawn of time…

They’ve created an entire culture around being comfortable and enthusiastic about dildo use. They literally have parties and get together to buy sex masturbation toys. It’s about time the men jumped on this wagon and got comfortable about buying sex toys of our own.

The Fleshlight

The Fleshlight is a toy, or we can call it a tool, used for male masturbation. It is made to mimic the real-life human feel of a vagina, anus, or mouth rather than the artificial grip from your hand. You can even adjust the tightness of The Fleshlight as needed.

Using a Fleshlight is a great way to get you back on track for managing death grip syndrome and idiosyncratic masturbation. It will help you get ready for the real thing and can help you last longer with your partner.

We're fully behind the company and did a full review of the Fleshlight. They're really great because they listen to their audience. They don't have just one option, they have multiple options of Fleshlights, which all originate from requests. Which leads us to the next point, the Fleshlight was built to make you last longer in bed...

Last Longer in Bed with the Quick Shot Fleshlight

the quick shot fleshlight for stamina training

The company offers what they call a stamina training unit, which is specifically for guys to be more conscious about their thrusts while helping them learn to last longer. Easing your way into the bedroom with a Fleshlight is an excellent method for practicing self-control. You’ll be able to last longer and enjoy sex more, so you can say goodbye to premature ejaculation!

Changing Your Masturbation Routine & Technique

Masturbation feels amazing and it's healthy for you... but ultimately your technique, routine, and regularity can have a huge impact on your long-term sexual health and function. Change up your routine and technique, avoid things that can lead to death grip syndrome, and consider using toys such as the Fleshlight instead of your hand.

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