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The Phoenix Valentine's Day Sale - $175 Off

Updated: May 31, 2023

The Phoenix Valentine's Day Sale - $175 Off

What's up everyone? It's Rich again and I wanted to quickly let you all know that there is an EXCLUSIVE discount for The Phoenix Li-ESWT device going on right now for Valentine's Day 2023. You can get a whooping $175 dollars OFF right now!

valentine's day sale for the phoenix

Whether you know me or have read my guides before or if this is your first time here at BDE Style, I wanted to let you know that I also hold the longest experience using The Phoenix.

Over a year ago I published my complete 1 year review of using the Phoenix and most recently I published my completed 2 YEAR REVIEW of using the Phoenix to help treat my sexual performance issues. It's a complete dive into my own experience and why I'm still here today talking about it. If you haven't read it yet and you want to learn more about the Phoenix and hear a real personal experience with it, I suggest you go check it out!

With that being said, the deal that's going on right NOW for Valentine's Day is for $175 off The Pheonix Device. It's going on from February 10th - 19th 2023.

You can grab this deal by going through my priority link and using CODE: VD175 when you checkout.

At this time (Feb 10th, 2023), The Phoenix is priced at $879 dollars. $175 dollars off and you're looking at $704. It's simple math/subtraction, which helps knock off a portion the cost.

When there is NOT a sale going on, I usually have a discount code for $85 dollar off with anyone who joins our BDE tribe! The everyday discount when there is not a sale going on is code RED50

couple getting the phoenix on valentine's day

Valentine's Day & Sexual Performance

Valentine's Day is a special day that celebrates love... romance... and well sex. But for many men, it can also be a time of anxiety and worry due to dealing with issues downstairs.

Because of this Valentine’s Day can bring up feelings of shame and embarrassment. Which can lead to decreased libido and difficulty in forming intimate relationships. But I want to remind you guys to recognize that not being able to "get it up" does not have to put a damper on the romantic spirit of the day.

It is possible for couples affected by sexual performance issues to have a beautiful Valentine’s Day still together... if you take steps towards understanding the condition and making accommodations that allow you both to feel comfortable and connected.

1. Talk About

You should be talking openly about feelings around any issues you may be experiencing downstairs so that you can address any potential embarrassment or awkwardness you may feel while also reminding each other of your unconditional love and support.

The key is communication, talking openly helps build understanding between partners and encourages them both to be more comfortable discussing sensitive topics.

2. Physical Intimacy is Still Possible

Physical intimacy does not have to be off limits either, there are plenty of ways for couples dealing with sexual performance issues to experience pleasure without intercourse, such as massage, showering together, or other forms of erotic play. Just because you "can't get it up" doesn't mean you still can't have some fun.

Additionally, couples can find creative ways to express their love through romantic gestures like sending flowers or cards with meaningful messages inside.

3. Understand You're Not Alone & Support Each Other

Finally, it is important to remember that decline in sexual performance is natural and is a common issue and you are not alone in your journey. Projections for the prevalence of men dealing with issues such as not "getting it up" are expected to reach over 322 million men by 2025.

Take comfort in knowing that you are not the only man or couple dealing with sexual performance issues and that there are many resources available (such as our guides here at BDE Style).

And, most importantly don’t forget to support each other through the process! That means your partner should be willing to learn more about it and support you through the process of treatments and also you supporting them by being communitive and patient.

couple dealing with erectile dysfunction in bed on valentine's day

My Complete Review After Using The Phoenix For Two Years

As someone who has experienced trouble "getting it up", going back to before The Phoenix had come out, I use to go into a clinic for shockwave therapy treatment. Which if you have never gone or looked it up, it is very expensive!

As soon as I heard about The Phoenix and being able to use the same type of treatment but at a fraction of the cost AND at home, I signed up for it. After starting a routine of using The Phoenix and going through its treatment, I found that through my personal experience, it provided the same results as when I had been going to the clinic.

It's also important to point out that I experienced similar results in both 2020 and in 2022 while doing my maintenance "re-treatment" with The Phoenix.

As a real quick recap of my experience with the protocol, I saw that I had greater sensitivity with my penis, found it easier to "rise to the occasion", and I had a much faster response time. From my perspective, this device worked amazingly and helped me to regain control over my sexual health.

Get Your Phoenix here (USE CODE "VD175" TO GET $175 OFF)

valentine's day sale for the phoenix device

90-Day Trial For Shockwave Therapy At Home

Now, I want to make it easier for anyone who is considering trying the Phoenix. If you haven't purchased yet, you can get a 90-Day Money Back Trial if you sign up!

This means that you'll have all the time you need to see how this treatment works and decide whether or not it's right for you. That way, if it doesn’t work out as well as expected, you won't be stuck with anything.

I hope my review has been helpful in your search to find the best solution when it comes to dealing with issues downstairs. And I'm confident that The Phoenix will help millions of men around the world reclaim their sexual health and vitality.

The Phoenix Acoustic Wave Therapy 2023 Valentine’s Discount Code and Sale

The Phoenix right now is offering a HUGE discount for Valentine’s Day in 2023!

Simply use the code “VD175” at checkout to receive the $175 off your purchase. This sale is only valid through February 10th-19th, so don't wait too long or you'll miss out on this great offer!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Much Love <3



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