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The Phoenix Shockwave Device - $180 Off This Christmas 2022 Season

Updated: May 31, 2023

What's up everyone? It's Rich with an important message for our BDE tribe. Today, I want to share an EXCLUSIVE discount for The Phoenix Li-ESWT device for the Christmas 2022 season. It's time to "rise to the occasion"!

The Phoenix Li-ESWT device is 180 dollars off this Christmas 2022 season

For those of you who have read about The Phoenix on some other blog, a YouTube video, or elsewhere and are still contemplating on whether or not to get one..... read my personal Q&A review of The Phoenix Shock Wave device after using it for 1 year.

I currently hold the longest experience with The Phoenix to date. My 2-year update should be posted before the end of the month.

The 1-year update in the link above is my experience 1 year later (July of 2020 to July of 2021). The 2-year update will cover the full two years (July of 2022 up until now) with new research, results, and new questions I will go over.

Stay tuned!

RIP To Jon Hoffman Who Brought Us The Phoenix Li-ESWT Device

If you haven't read my tribute, I encourage you to read it. Jon Hoffman (RIP), was one of the guys who brought us this device. He literally took the time to make something disruptive to the "pill" industry that has to potential to help solve a universal problem that men have been facing for years.

I don't regret buying this in early 2020 and I'm happy to say that this was one of the reasons why I started to research and write about men's sexual health. It's a complex frickin topic. There are one too many causes. If it wasn't for Jon (even though I didn't know him directly), I would've just moved on with my life. But because he wanted to help so many men, it lit a fire under my ass to take it a step further and do even more.

That's when I came up with the idea and was born. Sexual health is important and I want to help guide men to solutions that actually work!

The Phoenix Is A "Must Have" To Prevent The Natural Decline In Sexual Health

I recommend that all guys should own this device at home to treat performance issues or to prevent it. I literally STILL have the same device from when I started in July of 2020 and it still works and there are still plenty of treatments left that I can use in the future for when I get older and when results start to fade again.

You can read why The Phoenix is not a one time solution here, which the OBVIOUS answer is sexual performance issues can always come back if you don't take care of your health (you're overweight, you don't manage your diabetes, you have high cholesterol, etc.), you make poor lifestyle choices like drink, smoke, do drugs, take beta blockers, etc.

Remember the aftercare is YOUR responsibility!

The Phoenix works, and it works very well. I constantly tell guys that are a part of our BDE tribe to look at their whole health too. The Phoenix only helps improve sex and makes "getting it up" easier. The rest is up to you to maintain a healthy lifestyle to get the best results with The Phoenix that will last longer than a guy who doesn't take care of themselves.

Getmyphoenix's Christmas 2022 Deal For The Phoenix Shock Wave Device:

The Christmas 2022 deal that's going on right NOW

12/19/2022 through 12/27/2022 at 11:59 pm Eastern time

---> By going through my priority link use CODE: CS180 when you checkout.

Shockwave Therapy Does More Than Just Make It Easier to "Get It Up"

As we all age the plumbing in our pipes.... aka our penises start to get clogged up and aren't working as they should. Why wait for the problem to come knocking at your door?... Literally!

This isn't a device that treats the penis, but it also helps maintain results in the future. But, like I mentioned earlier, you should change your mindset about your sexual health and prioritize your sexual health moving forward.

You only get ONE DICK!

If you’re the type of guy that’s into biohacking, self-improvement, or overall optimization, The Phoenix can take you steps further with improved performance. If you're suffering from performance issues, then The Phoenix is the perfect device to get you back on track.

The Phoenix offers a 90 day home trial for shockwave therapy for erections

Still Skeptical? They Even Have A 90 Day Home Trial

2 full treatment cycles in 90 days is a minimum of 16 treatments. That's literally almost 1/4 of the use of the device that lasts up to 70 treatments.

At the same time, 90 days is MORE than enough time for YOU to see improvement in that time frame. It's literally the protocol where the average guy sees the most successful results.

Unlike others, results will vary for different reasons. For instance, let's say your Uncle Joe is overweight and has diabetes that is poorly managed. Of course, he's not going to notice results as fast as Bobby who lives down the street who has no health issues, and is active in the gym.

For me personally, I saw results right away after my 3rd and 4th treatments. I'm very active. I try to eat healthily, get good quality sleep, and hydrate, to name a few (good lifestyle choices).

Others, depending on your current health, age, and lifestyle, might need more treatments to see results as well as make lifestyle changes.

The point is, it works for most guys, but at different rates. At the same time, a 90-day home trial is very generous for you to actually experience a few cycles of treatment to see results.

And The Phoenix is for men of ALL ages.

You Are Part Of The Solution, Too!

Men are often afraid to go to the doctor because of embarrassment or being seen as “less of a man”. Enhancers, cockrings, medications, and surgeries have always been an option in the past, but they NEVER solve the ROOT problem of not being able to "get it up".

You are part of the solution to your sexual health problems

They only act as a Band-Aid fix and most of the time if you have performance anxiety, a pill like Viagra is not going to work if you're nervous in bed.

You literally have to work on yourself and go to therapy, too. I've come across way too many guys, both young and older who complain about anxiety-related issues, but they don't want to own up to the problem.

They think they need a pill or that there is something physically wrong with them, when in fact, they have too much stress or nervousness going on in their lives that is preventing them from relaxing and getting hard.

On the same token, the guys who want to pop a pill for the rest of their lives don't really think about the consequences of living a poor lifestyle. What if you end up getting heart disease or diabetes when you're older? Popping a little blue pill won't be an option because of the dangers of mixing medications for diseases like high blood pressure and nitrates like tadalafil or sildenafil.

At the same time, your arteries will be so clogged up from poor lifestyle choices and not taking care of your health that medication like Viagra will lose its effect or not work at all. And yes this can happen to you if you ignore your health.

This is why you are a part of the solution, too! The aftercare is your responsibility!

Shockwave Therapy With The Phoenix Should Be A Part Of Your Multi-step Approach for Improving Your Sexual Health

Just like going to a clinic, using Li-ESWT technology will help reverse the effects done from years of poor lifestyle choices or sexual decline that is natural with age. But, using the Phoenix alone is not the only solution. YOU still need to take care of your health and optimize in other areas that need to be addressed as well.

  • Whether it's psychotherapy for mental performance anxiety

  • Hormonal treatment because your hormones are out of whack (low sex drive/libido)

  • Pelvic floor work because you have a tight or weak pelvic floor (can affect your erections)

  • Communication with your partner on how to have better sex (don't neglect this area of your relationship and don't be afraid to talk about sex)

  • The list can go on.

Remember, you are the only one who is in control of your sexual health. It's time to take charge!

Take The Phoenix Quiz To See If You Are A Candidate

phoenix quiz for ed

The quiz uses a SHIM questionnaire/score system, which is commonly used when going to a Urologist's office to assess performance. It basically addresses your sexual health score. The Phoenix Quiz also addresses your sexual health age and any health conditions you may have that could limit your success with this device.

It literally takes less than 5 minutes to do.

We also broke down in a previous post about What it takes to be a good candidate for acoustic wave therapy treatment and who is a bad candidate. To summarize who is a bad candidate is:

  • Someone who smokes

  • A guy that has uncontrolled/unmanaged diabetes

  • Someone who is obese

  • Eating poorly

  • Imbalanced hormones like Low T

  • A guy that is not active or works out

  • Someone who does drugs or drinks excessively (alcoholism)

  • Other unmanaged conditions resulting from poor lifestyle choices.

If you're NOT a guy that fits the "bad" candidate checklist above, then shock wave therapy will most likely work for you. If you DO fit that checklist then it will probably be harder to see positive results. Work on yourself and speak with your doctor on how to get your health back on track.

Say Goodbye To Performance Issues, And Say Hello To The Phoenix

woman sleeping next to a guy who just used The phoenix device for erectile dysfunction

Start Investing In Your Sexual Health Today, By Getting a Phoenix Li-ESWT Device this Christmas 2022 season

I wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, And Happy Holidays!

Much Love <3



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