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Why You Should Bring A Bathmate To College: What To Expect

Updated: May 30, 2023

Why You Should Bring A Bathmate To College: What To Expect

What’s up guys, It’s Rich, and today we’re going to be talking about why you should bring your Bathmate to college. Whether you got one in secret after your 18th birthday or stumbled upon sites like ours on how to make your dick bigger, your curiosity is going to give you a competitive advantage when going away to college.

And trust me, you won’t regret it. I bought a Bathmate before going away to college over a decade ago and it was a hell of an experience.

Why? Because college is going to be FILLED with a lot of attractive people. There are going to be plenty of chances to experiment with new things, including sex. So, what better way to stand out than getting a Bathmate and experiencing the benefits of a pumped up sex life in action.

College Is Going To A Be FRESH New Start For You And Your New And Improved Dick

The best part is, no one is going to know you right off the bat. Colleges and Universities are huge in comparison to highschool. You may have been known as the guy who farted in math class or the guy who got pantsed at a pool party and everyone saw how small you were.

Bathmate sex is the best type of sex out there

The point is, college is going to be a fresh start to stand out in the right way.

With a Bathmate, you can expect big things in college. Specifically, in your pants. This revolutionary penis pump will be your best friend when it comes to hooking up, gaining confidence, and being known in college as the guy with a big dick.

But, before we dive into the why’s, how’s and what to expect, I’m going to share with you a personal story of what was going through my mind when I was 18 years old.

Insecurities About Sex, Size And Girls In Highschool

When I first went to college (over a decade ago), I wanted to stand out when it came to sex. I’ve always heard of bad sex stories from friends that were girls about guys in my grade. And to me, I actually found it resourceful now that I reflect on it today.

You see the thing is, girls are more graphic than guys are when it comes to talking about sex. You would think it’s the opposite, but these girls were so graphic when it came down to a guy’s size, what he was wearing, what he did in bed or his overall performance that you would feel awkward/terrible for this guy if you ran into him in the hallway.

girls talking about guy with small penis

And for the record, a lot of this information was unsolicited.

Now at first, it made me doubt my own size and sexual abilities. I also only had one girlfriend at the time to really experience sex. So, I wasn’t sure if I was a bad sex story for her at some point.

This lack of experience really didn’t help, especially at a young age when social media and porn were on the rise. And at the time, a lot of media would tell us guys that if we weren’t a certain dick size we wouldn’t be wanted as a sexual partner or we wouldn’t be able to satisfy anyone.

Reflecting On Expectations About Sex And Penis Size When I Was 18 Years Old

This still continues to be a thing 10+ years later…

Every new generation of guys entering adulthood have the SAME questions about their size and being good enough in bed like guys from 5 to 10 years ago. It’s a cycle and you can thank the media for that and guys for lying about their size to women thinking 8 inches is average...

But, to keep things in perspective, high school is full of naïve and inexperienced people. Half the crap I heard back then was immaturity at its finest. That and people's expectation of sex was so unrealistic. For instance, I learned that the average size penis when erect is smaller than you think. It’s closer to 5 inches.

You can make a woman orgasm from clitoral stimulation (without your dick), a g-spot orgasm (2-3 inches in for the average woman), and A/P-spot orgasms (6+ inches deep).

Sex is more than just size. Yes, it can help stimulate more if you know how to use it and move your hips, but it will always be a recurring question as to whether or not it matters in 5, 10 or 20 years from now.

bigger is better

But at 18 years old, I wanted more. What I got out of that phase in my life was that I wasn’t happy with being average and I really wanted to change that. I know that average is “fine”, or more than enough, but I wanted to be bigger. I don’t want to burst anyone's bubble, but sex is way better if you’re bigger and you know how to use it.

To me, I didn’t want to be a bad sex story or to second guess my ability. Yes, sex is more than just size. I learned this years ago. But, to me, I decided to make my dick bigger because I wanted to be more confident and fulfilling for my sex partners.

Penis Size Mattered To Me So I Did Something About it, Thanks To Using a Bathmate

Penis size and size expectation was an insecurity of mine. It mattered to me so I chose to do something about it. That’s something that a lot of guys struggle with today in society. A majority of them don’t do anything about the things they’re insecure about.

But, it’s not about doing it for others or to prove anything. It’s my body and I can do whatever I want with it. I choose this route for ME alone and for nobody else.

BDE Style reviewed The Bathmate and recommends it for College guys

So, if you’re in the same boat, just know that it’s okay to want to be bigger. Gaining size is possible and doing it is not dumb or stupid. Don’t let anyone put you down for it. My best suggestion is to do it for yourself! And, I’m not saying you have to become huge because that will hurt others and limit your sex life. But, an extra inch or two is all you really need, especially if you want to reach a woman’s A and P spot (This requires at least 6+ inches depending on the woman).

With that being said, I found my solution and got a Bathmate when I was 18 years old.

My Experience With Getting A Bathmate BEFORE College Started

Fast forward to the summer before going to college. I came across Bathmate through a Google search about penis enlargement. And on a side note, Google search was a lot different 10+ years ago. But, I remember clicking deep into this search and found an old video of a guy in a shower putting on a Bathmate and then 10 minutes later, he took it off and his dick was huge.

My curiosity led me to this and I was honestly sold after that. At the time I had researched a lot about hydro pumping and watched other videos that I had to get this pump before I went away to college. And I did.

I saved up money from a part time job I had that summer and bought my first Bathmate pump called the Hercules (now called Hydro7). I’ll never forget buying it and running to my mailbox before my parents got home so I could try it out. Thankfully, I spent the last few weeks of that summer getting used to pumping because it was a whole new world to me.

I remember trying it for the first time for 5 minutes, and then when I took it off, I couldn’t believe how big I was after pumping. Although this was a temporary gain, It was the first step to what I had researched about pumping that made me smile, knowing that It was only going to get better as the months go by.

My Experience With Bringing My Bathmate To College

Getting a Bathmate changed my life forever. Bringing it to college was fun. I had 5 roommates in a suite, but thankfully we had two bathrooms with a lock on the door. Although I did this in secret, no one cared how long I was in the bathroom. We all had things to do and classes at different times of the day. So it was perfect to get my Bathmate routine going.

Bathmate in suitcase for college

I followed a 5-day routine with two days off. I did not pump for more than 15-20 minutes. I broke down the 15 minutes into 5 minutes in the pump followed by taking it off and massaging my dick. Then I would repeat this until my dick had completed 15 minutes total in the pump. It was that simple that you get used to it.

As far as sex...I started off under the radar and soon after I had some sizable gains, I started to have some hookups, and friends with benefits (“fuck buddies” as this was a trend back then). Now, I’m not saying I had this incredibly awesome game when it came down to talking to girls but having a bigger dick really made it easier, especially when girls would “talk” to one another.

College is about having fun and trying new things, so this really helped my college sex experience.

Now enough about me, because there are other things to consider about bringing a Bathmate to College than just getting gains or feeling “entitled” to sex. It’s more than that.

Expect College guys to be envious or jealous of your bigger package

According to Bathmate's site and my personal experience with Bathmate, you can expect results within the first two months of using it consistently. So, if you grab one NOW, you’ll already have one month of dick training before you go away to school.

You can read about what I wrote about Bathmate expectations, realistic results and more about Bathmate basics here.

Now, guys are going to be envious and jealous of you. It's a primal instinct to size up other guys to compete. It’s just human nature.

But, don’t let it get to your head. BDE Style (my site) is about confidence without the cockiness part. Using a Bathmate to make your dick bigger is supposed to be for you and YOU only. If you ever have an insecurity about your size, using a Bathmate will be a good first step to freeing yourself from these insecurities to having more confidence in yourself. We like to call it “Big Dick Energy”.

big dick energy approval for guy who uses a bathmate

The part about guys being jealous or envious is they might hear sex stories from friend circles or girls who talk about penis size. You might even run into one of these guys in the men’s bathroom trying to catch a peak to see if the rumors are true. Remember to steer clear from this mindset and toxicity and use your Bathmate for yourself.

You don’t want to be too cocky and one of these guys finds out and outs you for using a penis pump. At a younger age, most guys are still trying to figure out their insecurities and confidence, so this could be a blow to your self-esteem if you’re not too careful if the wrong envious/jealous guy exposes you.

Using A Bathmate Will Make College Hookups A Little Easier

Again, using a penis pump right before going out to a college frat party is going to do you some big favors. We talked about the temporary gains you get from a post pump, and what to expect from long-term use (months to years of using a Bathmate).

hooking up after using a bathmate

Whether or not you meet someone at a party, they’ll most likely remember you based on what you’re packing. And, just like the envious or jealous guys, there will also be girls who are curious and will want to try out a “big dick”.

Remember, college is all about experimentation and trying new things, so you may be that guy that a girl experiments with for the first time. You’ll most likely be their first “big dick” to try. Using a bathmate will help make things a little easier, but remember to expand your horizons and not be picky when it comes to who you have sex with.

Bringing a Bathmate To College Will Also Make Grey Sweatpants Season So Much Better

College guys are notorious for their loungewear when going to classes. Most guys will wake up, roll out of bed, and put on sweatpants all year long. Depending on what time you use your Bathmate, you might be curious to rock a pair of grey sweatpants and sunglasses and see if anyone looks down.

Most likely they will…but, be careful not to be obvious otherwise you could get in trouble for sexual harassment. But, the point is, both women and men look because it’s out of the ordinary. Grey sweatpants do show some dick print, but if you use a Bathmate, it will be a BIG dick print. It could definitely help you to talk to someone new or perhaps lead to sex out of curiosity. But, that all depends on you and how curious that person is.

Having a big dick doesn’t mean you’ll have great sex in College

Whether you’re a virgin or have had at least one partner during Highschool, you’re not going to be some sort of sex god if you use a Bathmate in college. Girls and guys are here to experiment and explore both their bodies and each other. Just because you added an some length and girth to your dick because of your Bathmate does not mean you’ll be the “best” there is at sex.

a bigger dick from bathmate doesn't mean you'll be the best there is at sex

Having a big dick can hurt others if you’re not careful. Depending on your starting size and where you end up after months of consistent pumping and stretching, you can really hurt most girls during sex at a certain length and girth. For guys, it can also hurt too.

A lot of this talk about “bigger is better” comes from watching too much porn at an early age. Yes, a bigger dick can fulfill and stimulate more if you know how to use it, but if your technique is trash, then you’ll fall under the category of guys with big dicks that suck at sex. Try not to be this guy. But, it’s college. So, you’ll learn...eventually.

I would suggest watching less porn and learning more about the anatomy of your sex partner. Porn skews our brains into thinking sex is about thrusting “in and out” in piston movements. Yes, this is considered sex, but it is not considered great or amazing sex.

I’ll definitely cover sex, positions, and how to fuck better in a future post, but for now, if you don’t get her to cum the first time around, don’t beat yourself up. It takes two to orgasm. When you have more experience, you’ll understand that listening and communicating with your partner will help you learn to slow things down, not rush the sex (because most guys do), and focus on really understanding the female orgasm (it starts with her mind).

BDE Style Tips For Guys Trying To Find Time To Use Their Bathmate With Roommates In College

Remember, using a Bathmate is going to be a part of your college routine. We know this is a process that requires at least 15 minutes of your time to get your reps/sets in. So, plan accordingly if you do live with roommates and need to get in some Bathmate time.

If you have a bedroom and a bathroom all to yourself, then you’re all set. Feel free to do whatever you want naked. But, If you live with another roommate in your dorm or live with multiple people in a suite, then finding time can be a little tricky. Ideally, if your dorm or suite has a bathroom with a lock, then you should be able to do your Bathmate routine with no problem.

BDE Style tips on how to use your Bathmate with roommates in college

No guy is going to care how long you are in the shower. If they do, then that’s a little odd that they’re tracking what you do. You can always try making an excuse that you’re taking a big shit. College food does that to you anyway. Plus, we all take shits, so it’s the perfect excuse for them to leave you alone.

You could also limit your shower time to getting your sets/reps in. For instance, on the final set of your Bathmate routine (whether you do 3x3 or 5x3) you can turn off the shower to dry off and start putting your clothes back on except your boxers and pants. By the time you’re done toweling off and putting your clothes back on (or doing your hair), 3-5 minutes of your last set will have gone by and then you can remove the Bathmate pump off.

If you have a shared bathroom or a communal bathroom, you should buy a case for your Bathmate and shampoos. There should be shower stalls so you can close the curtain or door to go about your business. Your case for your Bathmate and shampoos will be able to conceal everything. As far as the routine, you can do the same concept as above with the exception that you don’t have to lie about taking a shit. It’s a shared bathroom filled with other college guys and no one is going to pay attention to your shower since they’re only there for their shower.

Pump up your College sex experience with a Bathmate

Bringing a Bathmate to college is going to be fun and will definitely open doors for you with potential hook ups and to make new friends. Steer clear from the toxic and envious guys, and have a positive mindset about this. Making your dick bigger is possible and is a good first step to freeing yourself from any size insecurities. Thanks to Bathmate you can make that possible. But, don’t forget to enjoy the process. SO, have sex when you can and learn how to have sex better (I will cover this in a future post).

pump up your college sex experience with a bathmate

In fact, using a Bathmate is a long process. Before you know it, your second semester will be over and you may need to upgrade your Bathmate size because you outgrew yours.

It happened to me and I had to buy the next size up. If you have the money or get a part time job on campus you can plan ahead so you can buy it when you need to.

On a side note: A Bathmate is really not that expensive compared to a low end pair of Jordans, an air fryer, an outfit at Express, Apple Airpods, etc. so you can realistically save up for one of these bad boys no problem.

Think of this as an investment for your dick and sex life. Is someone really going to care or remember you for that one outfit you bought from Men's Express? Or are they going to remember how good you piped them down after using a Bathmate.

Bathmate also comes with a 2 year warranty if you buy from the manufacturer. On the other hand, Apple Airpods requires you to pay for Apple care and support incase of damage. Clothes and shoes also don't have warranties. So that 100-200 dollar pair of shoes will become trash after wearing them down.

The bottom line is, bring a use a Bathmate while you're in college!

Lastly, just have fun. I can go on and on about wild stories I had about using a Bathmate before sex. (I normally recommend pumping at least an hour or two before sex, so your dick can get better blood flow by then.)

And, be open to anything out of the ordinary in college. For me:

  • I’ve been caught using a Bathmate by a roommate, a girlfriend, or they found it in my drawers/stuff. It was awkward, but you just have to own it. It’s my body, I can do what I want with it.

  • I’ve gotten injured from over pumping (this is a big NO). I will cover pumping injuries in a future post so you can avoid this.

  • Your roommate may also have a Bathmate too (It will feel like you're not alone in this process).

  • I’ve been asked by a married man to have sex with his wife after seeing me in the locker room showers (Not college related, but I was home one summer from college and I remember being asked at my local home gym.)

  • I’ve also been watched while having sex (It's weird at first, but kind of kinky).

  • Anything could happen…

In four years (or however long you'll be in college) you’ll probably experience something similar in college.

Other than that…here are some important Bathmate links for you to know: (Go in order!)

Bathmate basics: What it is, my personal experience/ P.E experience, how to use a bathmate and more.

Bathmate options: What size should you get based on your size and for how much.

Bathmate info to know: Cool tips when using a Bathmate, and more.

Below is a summary of choosing the right pump for your size.

Choosing The Right Bathmate Pump Size To Bring With You To College

First and foremost, you have to get the right sized pump so you can reap the benefits of a bigger, stronger and harder dick in college.

Most guys are average and the average penis size when erect is actually smaller than you think. It’s not 6 inches like most people think it is. 6 inches is actually considered bigger than average. Average on the other hand is closer to 5 inches.

If anyone in college says they have an 8+ incher, they’re lying.

Seriously, plug your measurements into Calsd. It’s the most informative penis percentile calculator from datasets/studies across the world.

Bathmate modesl to choose from to take with you to college

But, If you do fall in that 5-6 range, I would suggest getting either:

  • The Bathmate Hydro7- (it fits guys in the 5-7 inch range, also it’s the cheapest for any guy on a college budget)

  • Hydromax 7 (It fits guys in the 5-7 inch range, It’s up to 30% stronger than the Hydro7 and it’s budget friendly)

  • Or the HydroXtreme 7 (It also fits guys in the 5-7 inch range. It’s meant for advanced users because of the hand ball pump accessory making it the strongest water pump out there, but if you have the money, you should get this one so you can use the hand ball pump after at least 3 months of using it without it to get used to it.)

Make sure to read our review on Bathmate options and which size to get.

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