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St. Patrick's Day SALE For The Phoenix: $175 OFF

Updated: May 31, 2023

$175 discount sale for the phoenix during st. patricks day sale

Hey Guys! It's Rich. I wanted to make sure that none of you missed out on the latest sale going on RIGHT NOW for the Phoenix. You can officially get $175 OFF the Phoenix through their St. Patrick's Day SALE.

This EXCLUSIVE DEAL is only going on for a short time, so if you have been contemplating whether or not you should get it, now is the perfect opportunity to jump on it and save some money while you're at it.

This deal is currently going on from NOW THROUGH MARCH 21st, 2023 for a total of $175 off. You can get this deal by going through my priority link and using CODE: SPD175 when you go to checkout!

This is a huge discount and you don't want to miss out on it!

At this time (March 13th, 2023), The Phoenix is priced at $879 dollars. With a $175 dollars off and you're looking at only $704. This knocks off a good portion of the cost and you're not going to see a better discount.

Use CODE: SPD175

On a quick side note, when there is NOT a sale going on, I usually have my own personal discount code for anyone to use for a total of $85 dollar off!

The everyday discount when there is not a sale going on is code RED50

Review of The Phoenix

NOW, for those of you who follow along in our community and read through our in-depth reviews of the Phoenix, then you know that I hold the longest period of personal experience using The Phoenix for my sexual performance and the ability to "get it up".

st. patricks day sale for the phoenix

For those of you who are new around here, I've put a lot of time and effort into going through TONS of research, personal experience, and use, and writing the most informative and comprehensive reviews and guides related to The Phoenix.

SO, if you're wondering about whether The Phoenix is even worth trying or right for you, I've put together all of the information you need to find that out.

Back in 2021, I wrote my first in-depth review of using The Phoenix. My 1 year review of The Phoenix goes over everything you need to know about the device as well as my own personal experience with it (after using it for a year). I also go over a ton of frequently asked questions, so it's perfect for anyone just starting to learn about the device. If that's you, I highly recommend going to check it out.

In addition to my 1 year review back in 2021, I recently just published my 2 YEAR review of The Phoenix. I had a ton of guys asking about whether or not it still works after a year and whether it's worth it or not still. So I've again, sharted my personal experience of using it after 2 full years. This in-depth guide goes through a ton of questions, my results after using it to improve my sexual performance, and what kind of maintenance I did throughout that whole time.

the phoenix shockwave therapy device

The Phoenix Summarized

With that being said, let's do a quick overview of what The Phoenix is and how it works. The Phoenix is the world's first at home shock wave therapy device (Li-ESWT). It works by creating low intensity acoustic waves. These waves move through your penis to help increase and improve your overall sexual function.

This is the same type of treatment that you would receive from a doctor by going into a men's clinic. However, this is a handheld device that allows you to safely and effectively use at home. Avoiding the clinic and its OUTRAGEOUS fees.

Li-ESWT treatment works by using powerful targeted soundwaves to create a physiological change in the body. This in turn makes it easier for men to "get it up" and enjoy better sex. Simple, yet effective.

Does The Phoenix Really Work?

There is a ton of misinformation on the internet with just about everything and that includes The Phoenix. Which is one of many reasons I chose to share my own personal experience and extensive research on this subject and device. With that being said... The Phoenix really works.

the phoenix device for ed

My experience of transitioning from getting shock wave therapy at a clinic in New York to using just the Phoenix has been the same as my in-clinic experience. My results have been similar when I did maintenance treatments with the Phoenix back in 2020 and in 2022 (My re-treatment).

Some of you may need to retreat with the Phoenix every 6-24 months depending on your health status and lifestyle choices. I want to point out that The Phoenix isn't a one time miracle solution for every guy dealing with issues downstairs.

This depends on the type of sexual performance issue (or combination of issues), you may have that can be a variable to how responsive you are to treatment, or how long it will last. It also matters about the lifestyle choices you make (Yes, that's huge for improving sexual performance).

This is why I highly recommend that you go back and read my two year review of The Phoenix for helpful tips on making your results last as long as possible and understanding what this device is and who is it truly for.

The Phoenix works amazing for men/individuals with penises of all ages :

  • You could be a younger guy trying to prevent the natural decline in sexual function

  • You could be a guy fighting this sexual decline and are unhappy with current treatment options like pills or injections

  • A guy who routinely does Li-ESWT at a clinic, but looking to maintain results at-home on their own time instead

However, if you're still making bad lifestyle choices, you're going to have a hard time treating your issues downstairs, even with the help of The Phoenix. Lifestyle choices such as the following can have dramatic effects on your sexual and erection health:

  • Smoking and/or vaping

  • Uncontrolled/unmanaged diabetes

  • Unmanaged high blood pressure

  • Being overweight or obese

  • A poor diet (causes inflammation and plaque build-up)

  • Imbalanced hormones

  • Prescription meds that have side effects of sexual dysfunction, etc.

  • Being inactive (not working out)

  • Excessive use of drugs or alcohol

rich holding the phoenix device during st. patricks day sale

90 Day Trial For The Phoenix

If you are a good candidate for The Phoenix and want to use it so that you can "rise to the occasion", you can get a 90-Day Money Back Trial when you purchase one!

That allows you to use the device for 90 days and decide if it's right for you or not. So, even if it didn't work out or wasn't right for you, you're not stuck with it.

So to recap, right now, you can not only get $175 off The Phoenix, but you also get a 90-day money-back guarantee for it. It's a win-win!

Use CODE: SPD175

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day With Better Sex

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day by treating yourself to The Phoenix Li-ESWT device! I really want to encourage you to jump on this exclusive offer will get you $175 off this revolutionary medical device.

I've personally used The Phoenix to help improve my sexual function with amazing results. The Phoenix has made a big impact in improving sexual health for so many men and now you can get it at a discounted price during the St. Patrick's Day sale. So don't wait, take advantage of this amazing offer for a better sexual life!


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