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Review of OMGYES Season 3: Toy Techniques

Rich from BDEStyle explaining his review of OMGYES season 3 of toys and techniques for women’s pleasure

Hey everyone, it's Rich again and today I'm here to share my thoughts on OMGYES - Season 3: Toy Techniques. If you've been following me for a while, you know I'm a huge fan of the OMGYES platform and its mission to educate and empower individuals when it comes to sexual pleasure.

You might remember that in Season 1 we were introduced to "the essentials" (external stimulation) of female pleasure. It was full of great starting points in female pleasure as well as going beyond with some more advanced techniques.

Season 2 took us on a deeper journey (literally) with a focus on Inner Pleasure and penetration. For me, it helped me put "labels" on some of the moves and tricks I was already doing that I didn't even know there was a "name" for.

It also helped me build my vocabulary on the other toy techniques and understand that these moves can expand into more variations than what you see (meaning you can become MORE creative than you think!)

If you haven't already read my reviews on both seasons, I highly suggest you go back and check them out.

I'll leave a quick link below for you:

Now, in Season 3, we're diving into toy techniques, something that I know many people have questions about that goes beyond the oversimplification our society does by saying "just turn it on and put it there".

There's MORE to toys than just that!

If you keep an open mind, you'll widen your range of what you can do in the bedroom that everyone else is missing out on.

quote from omgyes

What is Season 3 of OMGYES All About?

So, what can you expect from Season 3? Well, as the name suggests, this season hones in on Toy Techniques. We're talking about toys, gadgets, stimulators, whatever you want to call them, the tools that can take pleasure to a whole new level.

There's often a misconception that bringing toys into the mix is a sign of inadequacy or that it's too taboo. Or that toys are your replacement.

But let me tell you, it's quite the opposite.

If anything, this season shows just how much toys can enhance intimacy, pleasure, and yes, even communication between partners (Because playing with toys does require some communication between you and your partner after all).

It's like adding a new set of tools to your sex toolbox, and who doesn't want that?

screenshot from omgyes talking about how it smashes taboos about female sexuality

Why Toy Techniques Matter

First of all, using toys is a great way to spice things up in the bedroom. It adds new sensations and experiences that we might not be able to achieve on our own or with just our partner. And trust me, variety is important when it comes to pleasure, especially in LONG term relationships (to prevent boredom, complacency, redundant moves, the same positions, OR closing the orgasm gap! etc.)

But more importantly, toys can help to break down barriers and insecurities when it comes to pleasure. It's a way for individuals to explore their own desires and discover what works best for them.

And let's be real, we all have our own unique preferences and quirks, so why not embrace that?

In addition to that, it's not only just about our "own" desires but also our partner's desires. By trying out different toys and techniques, we can better understand and fulfill our partner's desires as well.

It's a win-win situation.

If that isn't enough to convince you that toy techniques matter, let's take a look at the statistics to see what they say because numbers don't lie!

Just as they did in Seasons 1 and 2, OMGYES conducted their surveys with thousands of women, and here are a few that I'll share with you now:

  • 67% of women love grinding by straddling toys and using their body weight to press down on it

  • 57% of women find extra pleasure as a toy is slowly pulled out of their vagina or butt

  • 48% of women have discovered pleasure from GIRTHY toys (don't worry, we'll talk about this in a few)

As you can see, toys are a popular and effective tool for enhancing pleasure.

screenshot showing research done by OMGYES

Diving Into the Techniques

Now, I don't want to give too much away because I really want you all to experience this season for yourselves. But let me just say, it covers everything from solo play to partner play and everything in between.

In season 3, they've split it up into three different sections:

  1. Great Starting Points (Covering some basics with how women enjoy using toys)

  2. Enhancing Pleasure (Showing different techniques that you and your partner can use to enhance their pleasure with toys)

  3. Going Beyond (Talking about more advanced and unique techniques/tips for using toys in different ways)

Let's take a quick peek at each one and what is covered in each section.

Great Starting Points

girl from omgyes platform in season 3

In the first section, we're introduced to concepts like "wrapping" and "rippling", which are ways to use a layer of fabric or vibrating from further away to enhance pleasure. They also touch on "streaming", which is steady stimulation with water.

These may seem simple, but understanding the "what" and how" really makes a difference.

Enhancing Pleasure

Next up, we have the section on enhancing pleasure. This is where things start to get a little more exciting if that's even possible.

This section covers techniques like "chilling", "grinding on toys", "outstroking", and "transferring". Each one focuses on different ways to use toys and take pleasure to new heights.

For example, OMGYES found that 55% of women have discovered pleasure from something cold gliding over their skin (Thus the cold temperatures section).

Going Beyond

Last but not least, we have the Going Beyond section. This is where things really get wild.

Here, they cover techniques like girthing (using a wider toy for stretch and fullness), mode play (utilizing built-in vibrations to enhance pleasure), and concealing (wearing toys under clothes for added excitement throughout the day).

Yes, you read that right. Some women love to wear a toy under their clothes for added pleasure during their daily activities.

Talk about multitasking! But in all seriousness, this season truly goes beyond the basics and explores new ways to use toys for maximum pleasure.

What Does Each Section Offer & Who Is It For

The format for the season is much like the first two, but in case you haven't already seen those or my full review of OMGYES, I'll briefly cover it here.

screenshot from the full review of omgyes by bdestyle

Most sections start with an interview with one (or multiple) women who where used in their studies. Usually covering whatever the topic is and their opinion on it.

That is usually followed up with some statistics from their research and surveys.

Next, the section will start going into specific techniques and this is where the platform really shines and stands out from any other platform I have ever seen.

Here they'll show techniques in multiple formats for ALL types of learners out there (visual, auditory or hands on).

Such as:

  • Video graphics showing you the technique

  • REAL videos of the women performing the technique (yes, they show you how to do it in an explicit video)

  • Interactive videos/graphics where you can practice the technique with your finger on a touch screen phone or tablet

After that, depending on the topic and section, you'll be provided with even more advanced techniques and supporting statistics.

Lastly, every section will end with a "Good to know" and "Most common challenges" section. Almost like in an FAQ form. Which is super helpful!

As you can see, it really does cover everything you need to know. I also want to briefly talk about who OMGYES is for. No matter if we are talking about seasons 1, 2, or 3 (you get all 3 seasons when you sign up for the platform).

For anyone who is thinking that OMGYES is only for women, it's not. Yes, women can and do use it for their own pleasure (or partner's pleasure). But OMGYES is for men as well!

It can help guys increase the pleasure for their partners as well as better understand who your partner is! Create a better and more fulfilling relationship. You'll probably even find that your pleasure is increased afterward as well.

Reviews from Real Guys Who Have Used OMGYES

Reviews from Real Guys Who Have Used OMGYES

My Personal Experience with OMGYES Season 3

Like always, I love how INCLUSIVE they are with their platform. There is no language that "men suck in bed" or negative talk that drives shame, blame or judgement.

As a learner in life, this mind wide open "community" allows anyone to gain perspective on this topic, which is something I think could definitely help other men understand toys more than just "turn this button on" and "put it here".

It gives you new vocabulary and understanding of sex toys combined with enhancing pleasure.

Again, If you're one of those people who tends to think that toys are taboo or something you wouldn't ever try, this season is going to challenge some of those preconceived notions.

The great thing about OMGYES is that it isn't just focused on one specific type or brand of toy. It actually doesn't recommend any specific brands at all. They cover a variety of toy types and techniques with a focus on actually giving you great advice on how to become what I call a “versatile” lover in the bedroom.

They genuinly care about closing the orgasm gap!

rich from bdestyle using omgyes with his girlfriend

Comparison with Previous Seasons

If you've been following along with me, you'll remember that seasons 1 and 2 were full of insight and techniques.

It’s meant for you to go through it in chronological order.

For those of you who think "sex is only penis driven" or have this limited idea of what sex can be (probably from whatever social learning environment or lack of sex ED that you probably didn't get), this season gives you full range and expands the possibilities of what you can do with your partner that goes beyond PIV or just hands and mouth stimulation.

graphic showing a group of people using omgyes season 3

What I Didn't Like About OMGYES Season 3

More like…”what’s missing” that I thought was a missed opportunity from these guys.

Remember earlier when I cited the research from OMGYES and they showed that "48% of women have discovered pleasure from GIRTHY toys"?

As someone who is deeply interested in research and understanding the science behind human behaviors, and why we do the things we do, topics related to sex and pleasure interest me.

But, it surprised me to not find any information in this season around the use of penis pumps or guys using them to enhance their size for a "Girthier" experience.

Penis pumps are considered toys, too!

reclaiming ones truth and sorting out truth from distortion about society making believe that penis size shame is all in guys heads when it's not. It is a society issue that continues to affect millions of men

Oftentimes, there is a lot of misinformation and gaslighting around whether or not size matters in our society. That being said, I don't think we should "shield" men from the "what if" scenarios. After all, in 2024, we have made progress in opening up about our preferences and desires that can contradict what the media has been saying for years.

I call it the 'bubble boy' effect. Similar to the movie where the parents put their son in a plastic bubble to protect him from germs and viruses, this concept can overlap into this discussion where our society will gaslight men into thinking size doesn't matter and that the people who do prefer larger penises or the experience of pleasure from girthier toys 'don't’ exist.

If we're being honest with ourselves, you never know someone's preferences right off the bat nor will you find out if there is a compatibility issue until the clothes come off or hidden desires emerge at some point in a relationship.

If you ask me, It's important to acknowledge that individuals' preferences are not always immediately apparent, and it's essential to remain open-minded and respectful toward those who prefer deeper or girthier experiences.

Sure, OMGYES gives you the research and skills to become a versatile lover in all areas: toys, inner pleasure (penetration) and external and clitoral stimulation (very important). That's all that any guy or woman can ask for when it comes to REAL accurate sex education and application.

That being said, it's crucial to recognize that even with that information, there is STILL a diverse population of women and men with preferences for girthier or longer penises or pleasure with larger toys.

Understanding this diversity is important, especially considering that the average penis size, based on objective research and data, is around 5.16 inches in length and 4.6 inches in girth that may or may not give that experience these individuals are looking for.

And that's okay!

Penis pumps are toys that can increase pleasure for women and men too!

As penis pumps are often cited as a medical device for guys with erectile dysfunction, they're also recognized as a novelty toy for enhancing the size of ones penis and something that couples do use in the bedroom to enhance the sexual experience. Most media sites who talks about penis pumps don't ever talk about the temporary enhanced length and girth men get after using a penis pump.

Whether you're enhancing erection quality or using it to switch up the dynamics of your sex life; one night it's average size sex and another it's a more "pumped" up dick experience, there are options that are NOT just limited to the toy being the only one that is girthy.

That being said, I think Season 3 of OMGYES missed an opportunity to be the first to talk about this.

For those who have read my other blogs, I'm also an advocate for P.E aka penis enlargement, and I believe there is room for this topic to be included in the conversation of pleasure. For instance, Bathmate, a company who makes hydro water penis pumps have been around since 2007.

With over a million users, including myself, using a pump like this can allow for the exploration of "pumped" up sensations, thereby expanding the options for enhancing pleasure beyond just girthy toys.

And not to say that I don’t like dildos, I think they’re GREAT! They can be a helpful tool to add a different dynamic in the bedroom or for a guy or woman to adapt to a comptability issue, if there is one.

The point of this rant is to say that there are OTHER options that shouldn't be ignored and should be talked about more often.

Final Thoughts On OMGYES Season 3

I want to thank you all for following me on this journey of exploring the OMGYES platform. It has been such a pleasure (pun intended) to share my experiences with you and I hope it has helped you in some way.

It takes a lot of courage and vulnerability to try new things, especially in the bedroom.

If there's one thing that I've learned from this platform, is that female pleasure is a beautiful and diverse thing. And the more we talk about it, the more we can embrace and enhance our own pleasure, whether that's through techniques or toys.

So, if you're ready to take your pleasure to the next level and learn all about toy techniques, do yourself a favor and check out OMGYES.

And as always, if you guys have any questions or concerns about the platform or season 3 specifically, feel free to shoot me over an email. I try to respond to them all as soon as possible.

Much Love <3


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