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Review of OMGYES Season 1: The Essentials Collection

Review of OMGYES Season 1: The Essentials Collection

What’s up everyone, I recently did a full review of a platform called OMGYES. Which is a platform that offers instructional videos and interviews with women that is focused on showing techniques, experiences, and insights for female pleasure. My full review talks about everything the platform has to offer as well as everything you can expect from it. However, my review doesn’t go into the separate collections that the platform has.

woman on the omgyes platform on her cell phone

As of right now, there are 3 seasons and I want to dive into collection 1 and talk about everything that is included in it. I also want to focus on the studies specifically that were used for that collection .

In a nutshell, collection or season 1 of OMGYES is like a roadmap to the art of pleasure enhancement for women. It's an invitation to embrace the present, communicate openly, and explore uncharted territories of sensation. Basically, this collection provides you with the insights and techniques to be a compass, guiding you to a realm of deeper, more authentic connections and sensations.

Before we get started, if you haven't already checked out my full review of OMGYES, I highly suggest that you check that out first.

The Focus & Overview of Collection 1

Collection 1 starts right off the bat with the experience of real women. They asked thousands of women about their pleasure, techniques, and experiences around what actually “works for them” and what “doesn’t work for them”.

“When there’s no worry about ’taking too long,’ that’s when I have the best orgasms.”
sonya from omgyes in season 1

In collection 1, OMGYES provides research and evidence-based techniques. To be more specific, it provides 12 techniques along with mental, clitoral, and stimulation conversations.

Here is a brief overview of what those 12 techniques will go over:


Which is a focus on pleasure itself. Turning off any distracting thoughts and being in the moment of... pleasure. It also has some great insight into what women wish they had known and also shared with their partners.


As you might have guessed, this is honing in on signaling between you and your partner. Guiding each other through the experience and giving feedback.


"Not harder, not softer, not faster, not slower - exactly the same.". When a woman is ready to orgasm consistency is key and that's the focus here.


Zeroing in on the rhythm that works best for her. Finding the motion, whether it's rubbing, tapping, or anything else. Which can really take things to the next level.


A technique that is around a woman's clit and the hood. Which 2 out of 3 women found this to be very pleasurable (which we'll talk about here shortly).


Everyone loves a little tease and anticipation. It just makes sex that much better. The build up to it. This focuses on this approach and just how to do it right.


If you didn't already know, the build up to arousal for women is incredibly important. Here you'll learn about how to go through those stages towards amazing sex and orgasms.


Switching it up and getting out of the "routine". Consistency is key but adding a bit of spice here and there can make a truly pleasurable orgasm.


This section talks about strokes. Do women love the left side or right side of the clit? It goes in-depth about what women prefer and how to go about it.


Most women prefer some sort of circular motions around their clit... but what about the location, pressure, direction, and combinations?


Many of you have probably heard of edging, but if you haven't it's about repeatedly coming close to orgasming, but then stopping right at the last moment.


What's better than an orgasm? How about multiple orgasms. This section branches into rebuilding towards a second orgasm.

What You Get From Each Section

There isn’t really another platform out there like this one, which is one of the biggest reasons I wanted to partner with them. The amount of information, insight, and just all-around helpful content that they provide is amazing.

It takes feasibility and accessibility to the next level. In each section, you can expect several things:

  • Interviews

  • Tutorials

  • Interactive

  • Studies

screen shot from omgyes season one collection

(Above is a screenshot showing interactive demonstrations that you will be using through season one)

They usually start off with an interview of 1-3 different REAL women. Who basically talk about their personal experiences on that specific subject. They share insight into what it’s like, what they do and don’t like. What I really love about this is that they aren’t afraid of having a conversation about female pleasure. They don’t shy away from it, in fact, they are very much open and up front about it in every aspect.

OMGYES conducted over 3,000 interviews about women's personal experiences around pleasuring and touching. I think the interviews through the section paint a real story behind the techniques that they talk about. It provides and shows you that this really does work and it’s not just some sort of off hand advice for improving your sex life.

On top of the interviews, you’ll also see tutorials for each of the techniques and when I say tutorials, I really mean it. The same women in the interviews will walk you through the technique on themselves. And not over their clothes or blurred out so that you can’t see what they are talking about it. The provide the tutorial up close and naked so that you can actually LEARN what they are talking about.

quote from a girl using omgyes

After you watch their tutorials, they also take it a step further… they uno-reverse you and make you have a go at it through an interactive experience. So whatever technique you just watched in the tutorial, you’ll now practice that same technique through an interactive video. Which to be honest, I was very surprised with how high quality it was.

Lastly, they back all of these claims, techniques, interviews, and insight by real studies. Which is my favorite part about this platform and why I ultimately decided to try it out for myself and partner with them. Which I want to dive into next because I believe it’s one of the most important aspects of what OMGYES does.

OMGYES Studies

In 2015, OMGYES conducted the first-ever, large-scale peer-reviewed research for Women's Experiences With Genital Touching, Sexual Pleasure, and Orgasm. Which they published and used to launch collection 1. This is essentially the bread and butter behind the first collection which is focused on women’s pleasure and clitoral stimulation.

In the study, they found:

  • Only 18% of women report intercourse alone was enough for an orgasm

  • 36% of women need clitoral stimulation for an orgasm during intercourse

  • 36% of women said that clitoral stimulation isn't necessary for orgasm, but makes it much more pleasurable

With those three statistics alone, you can see just how important clitoral stimulation can be for women. Which is why this is the basis on which season 1 focuses on. But they don’t just stop there with those reports, they go in-depth and support everything they teach you on the platform with backed-up data.

- Debby Herbenick, PhD, Professor at Indiana University and the Kinsey Institute

Before we dive into some of the studies about clitoral stimulation used throughout collection 1, I want to talk briefly about a study done on the OMGYES platform itself. This study found a remarkable transformation in how women perceive, discover, and advocate for sexual pleasure.

The digital landscape becomes a canvas of empowerment, where women unearth their desires, communicate openly with partners, and elevate the experience of pleasure and orgasm, whether in solo or partnered endeavors.

Basically backing up all of their claims about actually helping women and partners improve their sexual pleasures.

With that being said, let's move on to some of the studies they used for season 1.

Studies on Clitoral Stiumlation

Now, I’m not going to cover every study they provided throughout season 1, you can see them all as you progress through each section. However, I would like to highlight and talk about a few of them here just to give you an idea of how in-depth they actually get.

jillian showing a demonstration on omgyes season one

2 out of 3 women found touching the clit through the skin is more pleasurable.

This goes back to their layering section.

Which many of you may have found it surprising with such a high number of women enjoying their clit being touched and played with over the hood.

77% of women who report varying levels of orgasm intensity say the more intense orgasms result from spending more time to build up arousal, bit by bit.

If you’ve ever gone out of your way to read an article or watch a video on improving sex with your partner, you’ve probably heard them talk about building up to the moment. This study really solidifies that.

“At first, it’s about building anticipation. It’s sort of like when you have an itch—your brain tells you something is tingling and that feeling grows until it’s relieved.”

7 out of 10 women want stimulation to be non-repetitive at some stage of arousal.

I love this one because it’s one that you may not have thought about or have been told by a women before. Usually, when you talk about clitoral stimulation it is all about consistency (which it is), but at the same time, you can see that during some stage of the arousal, most women want something that isn’t as repetitive.

8 out of 10 women love some sort of continuous, circular motion around the clit during arousal.

woman from omgyes season 1 showing techniques

Speaking of consistency, getting down the right continuous and circular motions are just as important with 8 out of 10 women wanting it that way.

Which during collection 1, they provide not only graphics to show you the right location, pressure, and motion movements but also demonstrate in a real video and have you try it during their interactive experience. They really want you to learn and apply these techniques.

“I love when he moves the skin over my clitoris in really tiny circles. It really matters where his finger is holding the skin, though - so, each time, he tries a few times till I tell him when he’s on the perfect place.”

65% of women found repeatedly nearing orgasm but preventing it before it happens builds longer and more intense orgasms.

Known as edging, this can be incredibly satisfying for both women and men.

These are only a few of the many different statistics that they share throughout the whole season and are incredibly important for backing up everything they show on the platform.

Not only did OMGYES survey over 15,000 women (which is the first-ever nationally representative study around women’s pleasure by the way) but they also conducted over 4,000 studies with women between the ages of 18-95 in partnership with researchers at Indiana University School of Medicine, Indiana University’s School of Public Health, and The Kinsey Institute. All of which have been peer-reviewed and published.

omgyes reviewed and recomended by cbs news and other outlets

If you want to truly improve your sexual experiences, I highly suggest that you check out the OMGYES platform and give it a try.

“We were already having incredible sex. And these helped take it to the next level. These aren’t ‘problems’ with ‘solutions,’ they’re things everyone has going on at least a little—and techniques to make it even better.”

rich and his girlfriend using omgyes season one

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