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Review of OMGYES Season 2: The Inner Pleasure Collection

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Review of OMGYES Season 2: The Inner Pleasure Collection

What’s up guys, I recently wrapped up a full review OMGYES collection 1, and now I want to share with you my review of OMGYES collection 2, "inner pleasure". So if you read my previous review on collection 1 (which if you haven’t already done so, you’ll want to read that first), then you know that its focus was around women’s pleasure and specifically around clitorial pleasure (techniques, insight, interviews, etc.). I also dove into the studies that OMGYES conducted supporting everything that they teach.

Collection or Season 2 is going to be inner pleasure, inner stimulation, and penetration that enhances pleasure for women. Like my previous review, I’ll be sharing some of the studies and statistics provided by OMGYES and give you insight into what this collection will teach you.

If you’ve landed on the blog and have no idea what I’m talking about or what OMGYES is about, you can check out my overview review of OMGYES, which will tell you everything you need to know!

With that being said, let’s dive into collection 2…

OMGYES Collection 2

Just like collection 1, there are 12 main sections in collection 2. This time, you’ll learn about 12 techniques including hip movements (for your thrusting game) that can increase your chances of helping your partner reach her big O.

Since I already provided a full review of the platform as well as a review of season one, in which I gave overviews of how the platform works, I won’t be touching on that here today. I also won’t be formatting this review like the other reviews.

cayda from omgyes season 2

Instead, I’m going to talk about what you can expect from each section, touch on some of the studies from each one, and let you know just what you’ll experience and learn as you move your way through collection 2.

In season one, its focus was around clitoral pleasure. This time we are talking about inner pleasure. For years, discussions about female pleasure have largely revolved around the clitoris, which is only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. But now, thanks to the increased interest from researchers and OMGYES, we are finally hearing about inner pleasure as well. This is an important step towards more pleasure for women and for men to become versatile in the bedroom!

There is more than just one spot on a woman's anatomy when it comes to sex and pleasure. The clitoris may play a significant role, but there are many other areas both in and around the vagina that can give intense sensations. The inner anatomy of a woman may be less visible, but is equally important.

We don't have all the research yet, but the fact that more attention is being paid to women's pleasure and sexual anatomy is a positive shift!

Now, with that being said, let’s jump right to it and talk about the first section.


This section is the preamble to everything else you're going to learn in this collection. It's the "touching" point right before inner pleasure.

It talks about the importance and joy for women within the first few centimeters of the vagina.

84% of women get extra pleasure from touch just inside the entrance to the vagina.

“Most of the actual sensation for me is in the first inch or so.”

It starts off with three different interviews of women talking about their experiences and just how much shallowing has changed their pleasure.

They provide some easy to follow graphics that show you just how to implement shallowing as well as text guides to walk you through it.

screenshot from season 2 on omgyes


What is pairing? Well it's pretty simple, it's the combination of penetration while also adding in clitoral stimulation.

This section has four different women interviewed with their insight on pairing and why it's so great.

In their studies, OMGYES found that only 18% of women have orgasms from penetration alone. While also finding that 73% of women orgasm by pairing.

Again, they provided some very helpful graphics and text that walk you through tips for pairing. BUT they also have walkthrough videos as well. Where one woman even does it "hands-free".

If she can do it hands-free, then we can certainly do it as well!


76% of women enjoy penetration that goes in and stays in... 76% guys. That's a lot of women.

women demonstrating techniques in collection 2 of omgyes

Rocking is when you penetrate and stay in while "rocking" back and forth. Versus, thrusting in and out, which we've been socially instructed to do because of what we've seen in Hollywood movies, pornography, and other misguided spaces.

I really love this section, because that provides some animations that explain it well. But they don't just stop with some animations and statistics. They get into specific techniques that you can use as well. Specifically 4 different techniques.

All with videos of women demonstrating, animated graphics, and very well-explanatory text.


Broadening is a technique that involves stimulating the entire area around the clit (including the clitoral structure inside that you don't see).

If you're not already familiar with this, you're going to want to now. OMGYES found that 87% of women find broad pressure pleasurable.

I really like this section because it also touches on an issue that I've brought up in many other blogs. And it's about communication with your partner.
demonstration on improving sexual pleasure through omgyes season two
They found that 46% of women push their hips, vulva, and clitoris against objects and more than 80% of them have never told anyone about it.

Making time to speak with, understand, and just communicate with your partner is going to help you make leaps and bounds in a relationship. Both in developing it and improving sexual pleasure. And this only solidifies that more!


No, we're not talking about showing off and flexing in front of your partner. Although it does involve squeezing some muscles.

Women can actually contract muscles on purpose to get an orgasm started.

72% of women squeeze muscles to enhance their sexual pleasure.

Again, they provide some really excellent interview and demonstration videos that goes over what women have experienced while flexing.


This section goes in-depth about the G-region for women. I think it may have been one of the best sections of the collection. They couldn't have made it easier to follow along and perfectly explain everything.

They talk about the G-region (not the spot) because it is an area, not like a little red button to hit.

You not only get the normal interview and demonstration videos, but you'll get several techniques to use. Which are accompanied by really helpful infographics showing buildup, process, intensity, and statistics.

You'll get 4 different walk-through videos and animation for those techniques. As well as a really good graphic showing the regions along with percentages of what women like in those areas.

I mean they just really went above and beyond here. I don't think this could have been explained to people any easier to follow and understand.


Pretty much what it sounds like... the angle at which women have their pelvis during sex. Which was an overwhelming percentage of women using specific angles for better sex.

88% of women angle their pelvis to control and enhance pleasure during penetration.

Something I haven't touched on yet is that each section at the bottom will have an overview of "good to know" and "most common challenges" related to the technique. Which sort of acts like a FAQ that provides some really insightful and helpful information.

For example, in this section, they talk about how "deeper isn't always better" and go onto explain it as to why and what you can do instead.

So they not only tell you why along with statistics to back up their why, but they also provide you with a solution or an action.

screenshot from collection two


This is one of those sections that I think a lot of people may not know or even realize was a thing. It's basically about making that first "amazing touch" happen over and over and over again (aka renewing).

Through the different techniques explained in demonstration videos and graphics, you'll see how women have found brilliant ways to get their "first-touch pleasure" over.... and over... and over again.

"When it's just going in, it's wonderful, like 'this is what I've been missing' type of feeling."


Did you know that breathing can actually change your pleasure during both sex and masturbation? Well, now you do!

And OMGYES goes into just how to do that with some amazing techniques. They found that 44% of women enhance their pleasure by adjusting their breathing.

In this section, they'll show you 4 different ways you can do it on your own as well as an additional 2 for partners (which of course include videos and animations showing you how to implement them).


Yup, we're talking about the booty... more specifically about anal sex. A lot of guys enjoy it, but research also shows that women very much enjoy anal sex.

I really like their approach in the section, because much like I have done in many of my reviews and blogs, they talk about the "out of touch" and "fake" porn like sex.

Porn often paints this fake picture of what a certain type of sex and techniques are like and they all paint this extreme or unrealistic picture for people. Once people realize that, exploring other areas of sex becomes much easier and you may just find your new favorite thing in bed!

OMGYES found in their studies that 67% of women who now enjoy anal pleasure used to think they never would.

This section also goes into a lot of other insightful information around anal sex such as hitting the g-spot from the butt and that we have two buttholes (you'll have to learn about that on the platform!), and more.

And in case you were wondering, yes, this section also has full in-depth videos guiding you through the different techniques.

show and tell video from omgyes season 2


This section goes over the pleasure that women enjoy by stretching or pushing up against the walls inside of the vagina.

They found that 84% of women find added pressure against the walls pleasurable.

Going back to what I touched on earlier with "porn like" stuff, fingering can also seem gritty or "porn like" for some people. But if done right, it actually something very pleasurable and easy to do.

They do a great job of explaining this along with how to go about it so that it doesn't seem "porn like" and is actually pleasurable to your partner.

"It's a sort of primal good. Kind of naughty and powerful and intense. And there's an abandon to it like you're just letting it all in and getting filled."


This may be one of the most misunderstood and controversial topics around sex.

First off, is it even real? Many women have never experienced it, but squirting is 100% real. In fact, OMGYES revealed in their study that 41% of women have.

I'm not going to dive into the whole pee argument here but just know that the general consensus among sex educators and experts is that squirt is similar to pee but they are not the same.

leslie from omgyes in collection two

42% of women who squirt say they initially struggled with the way almost-squirting feels like almost-peeing. That concern goes away as you get familiar with the sensation, and realize that pee doesn’t actually come out (even though squirting does come from the same hole, so there are very tiny amounts of pee in it.) Some women empty their bladders beforehand, for extra peace of mind.

Again, they do an amazing job of explicitly explaining and showing you just how to use the different techniques to build up to squirting. Which has a few stages, but it's easy enough to follow and understand.


And onto the last section for season two, deep-ending. Which is penetrating deep into the vagina.

They go through a "mapping of the deep end" which offers you some very well-designed graphics that... well map you through the whole process.

A lot of women can find this uncomfortable at first, but then find that it leads to intense and full-body pleasure. In their studies, they found that 42% of women discovered this deep-end pleasure.

rich using omgyes season 2

Summarizing Season 2 of OMGYES

That's everything you're going to see and learn throughout season two of OMGYES.

Hopefully, that breaks down everything you guys wanted to know about the season and what you can expect.

I also want to point out that these studies are the first of their kind. OMGYES uses these techniques based on actual science and research.

In their studies, they used data from over 20,000 women from ages 18 to 94. They also even had a study done in 2021 showing the feasibility, acceptability, and preliminary efficacy of the platform itself.

Who is OMGYES for

Regardless of whether you are interested in just collection 1, collection 2, collection 3, or any future ones, you'll get access to all of them.

all three seasons of omgyes

They're designed for couples, women, and men. So ultimately, it's for anyone who wants to improve sexual pleasure, relationships, and sex.

emma watson recommends and uses omgyes

The platform is honestly nothing like I've ever seen before. The amount of information, detail, and demonstrations that they use is just amazing (Even Emma Watson uses and recommends OMGYES!).

So I'm going to leave you with that guys. Again, if you want more of an overview of the whole platform rather than a certain collection, go ahead and check out my full review of OMGYES.

If you want to use or check out the platform itself, you can do so on their website here.

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