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Why Is OMGYES The Best Platform For Guys To Learn About Female Pleasure

Is OMGYES for Guys?

Think of your performance in the bedroom as being a master chef. Sure, you might be able to cook a decent steak, or even whip up a pretty tasty lasagna that gets rave reviews from your friends and family. But does this mean you should stop there and never look to improve those recipes or come up with new ones? Absolutely not.

A true culinary genius is always looking for ways to refine their skills, learn new techniques, and add more recipes to their repertoire. Just as a Michelin-starred chef never stops learning, men should also adopt the same mentality when it comes to their performance in the bedroom.

Don't just settle for being "good enough" - strive to be the best you can be through continued learning and improvement.

As guys, we like to think we're pretty good in the bedroom. Sure, we may have learned a few tricks here and there over the years. But, there's ALWAYS room for improvement. And I'm not talking about putting on a porn clip to try a new move, I'm talking about unlearning what you know, and reintroducing sex education. The right way.

OMGYES is that platform to help with that and it's not just for women, it's for guys who are willing to learn more about female pleasure, and what women think and feel about it.

omgyes quote

There Aren't That Many Platforms That Teach Men About Sex The Right Way

Not all schools are created equal nor do they require their students to receive an education about sex that goes beyond the topics of consent, abstinence, and STDs. If we're just talking about the U.S alone, there are only a handful of states that dive deeper into sex education where they discuss anatomy, pleasure and everything else in between. The rest, don't mandate sex ED or they just teach a small unit on it.

The bigger problem I see is that regardless of gender, society perpetuates the idea that sex only focuses on male pleasure or "PIV" thanks to movies, social media, and porngraphy.

If men (and women) are not getting comprehensive sex education taught in school, then they're most likely turning to poor resources like pornography or poor role models, to answer their questions about sex!

And we all know how this translates in the real world when all parties involved realize it's not like what they saw in that porn clip they watched the night before or what their friends 'subjective' experience was like.

(This is where the need for platforms like OMGYES emerges.)

Research Even Proves That We Need More Platforms To Educate Everyone About Sex

infographic showing the orgasm gap

The orgasm gap continues to be a topic that researchers are having a hard time closing. And the research we have so far shows that we lack the correct education and the capacity to have emotinally intelligent conversations that are open, honest and productive to close these gaps.

When talking about "bridging the orgasm gap," it is crucial to actively listen before responding. Oftentimes I see the "blame game" at the heart of these conversations.

And sadly, they continue to fail and spark the creativity and freedom of expression we are all looking for when it comes to closing these gaps in our relationships.

Instead of point fingers on who is right and who is wrong, let's drop our own biases and promote a healthy discussion on this topic that is inclusive and free of shame, blame, or judgement.

Why Is OMGYES For Guys, Too?

OMGYES is not just for women, it's for anyone who wants to improve and enhance their sexual experiences. When I first partnered with these guys, it changed my perspective and blew these sex researchers and book authors out of the water.

I've always been open minded when it came to sex and I was always curious about why we do the thing we do. I always wanted to make sure my partner felt heard and was satisfied in the bedroom. So, naturally, I was always reading and looking up ways to enhance my partner's pleasure. And I KNOW I'm not the only guy doing this because I've talked to many of you who also do the same.

But, honestly, I never liked (or trusted) any of these "self help" books or researchers who would try to teach you, but at the same time treat you like you were the worse human being for not knowing the ins and outs of pleasure. It was always a negative tone that directed blame to "all men". And don't get me wrong, the message is there (the orgasm gap needs to be closed), but their are BETTER ways to deliver information so that everyone involved has a safe place to learn, and reform.

This is why I blame society and a lack of sex education for creating this hostile atmosphere.

That being said, I propose a shift in the conversation. Instead, let's have a productive conversation that encourages more emotional intelligence. And this means finding a common ground to include everyone involved and not just one audience.

OMGYES Offers Men A Safe Place to Learn About Female Sexuality

The information and techniques provided on the platform can help men understand their partner's pleasure better and actively work towards satisfying them in ways they may not have thought of before.

OMGYES is a platform that offers in-depth instructional videos and interviews with REAL women. Not doctors or lab coats telling you to trust them because they have a title (doctor) in front of their names) It actually provides valuable insights into female pleasure and sexuality, something that most guys gain from.

By exploring the different techniques and experiences presented on OMGYES, guys can learn how to better satisfy their partners and understand female pleasure in a more nuanced way.

female from the omgyes platform showing techniques

It's not just about where to touch and how hard to touch, it's about understanding the different ways women experience pleasure and learning how to communicate with your partner in the bedroom.

In the format of 3 seasons, you get:


1) First-person video and text narratives

2) Precise terminology for pleasure-promoting techniques

3) Statistics from the nationally representative quantitative study 

4) Interactive animated diagrams and touch demonstration videos; and 

5) Touch and communication simulations

The platform offers a wealth of knowledge that can help you build on what you already know, and take your sexual skills to the next level. Think of it like going to the gym, you wouldn't stop going just because you hit your target weight, you keep going to maintain and build on your progress.

screenshot of the omgyes platform for guys

Not to mention, they've conducted numerous studies backing up their research and everything they believe and teach on the platform.

The platform currently has three seasons:

  1. On The Essentials of Female Pleasure

  2. Inner Pleasure of Females (something that some people still believe is not possible, but is actually possible)

  3. Toy Techniques for Better Pleasure

Each season focuses on a different aspect of female pleasure, covering everything from basic anatomy to more advanced techniques. If you're interested in getting more insight into what is actually offered in the seasons, you can check out our Season 1 Review of OMGYES and Season 2 Review of OMGYES.

Or you can check out our full review of the OMGYES platform for a more in-depth overview of everything offered.

So to answer the question, "Is OMGYES for guys?", YES! It's a valuable tool for anyone looking to improve their sexual knowledge and skills, and ultimately enhance their overall pleasure and satisfaction in the bedroom.

rich from bdestyle improving his sexual performance by using omgyes with his girlfriend

Other Ways to Improve in The Bedroom

We already talked about how OMGYES is backed by a ton of research and surveys done by thousands of women. In one of their studies specifically, they found that 48% of women discovered pleasure from more girthy toys.

What does that tell us?

Well, technically, that means girth does matter... or at least for 48% of women.

Most men & women may not realize this but the average penis size is actually much smaller than most think. Only being around 5.1–5.5 inches when erect and 3.5 inches when flaccid---and girth being a "rough" 4.6 inches for the average guy.

So yes, not every woman is going to enjoy a larger penis, but it’s also not fair to assume that all women would prefer a smaller or average-sized one either. Every person is unique and has different preferences and desires (and that's okay!).

Regardless of that thought, whether you're below average or maybe even above average, if you want to increase the size and girth of your penis for more pleasure, there are ways you can do it safely.

Devices such as The Bathmate are specifically designed to help with maximize size and girth. It's a hydro water pump that be used while you shower---killing two birds with one stone.

the bathmate for increasing penis size and girth

Keep in mind though that we're not saying that size is everything. As we discussed earlier, emotional intelligence and communication are also crucial components in the bedroom. And of course, improving on your techniques by using platforms such as OMGYES.

BUT if you're partner prefers more girth or you just want to be larger, The Bathmate is a proven device that has helped thousands of men increase in size (As long as you follow the right protocols that is!).

And if you want to explore other brands, there are quite a few other effective penis pumps on Amazon that work very well too.

Enhancing Pleasure Through OMGYES

In conclusion, it's important for both partners to have emotional intelligence and open communication in the bedroom. This allows for a deeper understanding of each other's desires and can lead to more fulfilling sexual experiences.

So whether you choose to use tools like The Bathmate or continue learning through platforms like OMGYES, remember that improving in the bedroom is a journey and there are always ways to enhance your pleasure and satisfaction.

Keep an open mind, actively communicate with your partner, and don't be afraid to try new things. Who knows what kind of pleasure you may discover along the way.

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