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New Average Penis Size Study: Did Penises Actually Get Bigger?

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

New average penis size study by Stanford is claiming a new average penis size of 6 inches

When a new study comes out claiming to have discovered the average penis size, it instantly gets clicked on by almost every guy. After all, some, if not most of us want to know if we actually measure up to these standards that society has socially instructed all of us to worry about.

It seems that penis size will continue to be a topic of debate, indefinitely, because of the poor studies we've had up to date and poor mindsets that triggers men and individuals with penises to be worried about the size of their penis.

With that being said, there has been a recent meta analysis done by Stanford University that has gone viral talking about a new average penis size being "6 inches" in the news. Today we're going to dive into this study done along with a few others and dissect them.

We'll be taking an in-depth look at the new study about average penis sizes and why it may or may not be indicative of any real change in actual averages. We'll also be examining why looking at averages alone can be misleading when it comes to assessing size. So with that being said, let’s explore what the latest research says about the realities of average penis size.

Understanding The New Study On The Average Penis Size

The new meta-study that claims the average penis size has increased over recent years seems legit and on track with real information when you look at it on the surface level. However, upon closer examination of the study, many of its data sources are found to be of questionable quality or just downright unreliable.

According to the new meta study, "The average erect penis length has increased over the past three decades across the world.". They claim that the erect penile length has increased by 24% over the past 29 years, which is quite a huge increase in size.

However, after we've done some digging and looked through their new study, almost half of the information in the study seems to be questionable, even though they claim to have vetted all of the data.

Rich from bdestyle understanding the new study on the average penis size on his laptop

The Flaws in the new meta study on average penis sizes

After going through the study, we've decided to share with you some of the flaws and questionable information that we've found that could discount this study.

For instance, some studies relied on men sending in cards with their length (self reported versus measured by researcher) while others were done on those suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) and only measured to mid-glans instead of the full length.

Furthermore, other studies such as Siminoski 1993 had bad results and claimed an average stretched flaccid length size among 63 Canadian adult men of 3.7" (9.4cm), which also stands out in contrast to the assertions of this meta-study.

The Chrouser 2013 study had 93 subjects that were in the age groups of 19-49. However, they listed 253 subjects. And the Berookhim 2013 study only measured the shaft length of penises, excluding the glans.

Additionally, several studies used self-reported data and study groups composed of participants with an average age of over 60 years, all factors that can further skew data accuracy.

One last thing that we would like to specifically point out about this study is the regions used within this study. Because where that data comes from is going to make a big difference. It's a known fact that there are small differences in penis sizes regionally (America, Europe, Asia, etc). If you look at the studies from 2000-2010, they are based in regions that have statistically smaller penises.

If you take that data and then compare it with data from regions with statistically larger penises... well... you get the idea. The information just doesn't make sense.

Other Oberservations To Note

In the study, you can also find some conflicting data.

For example, in the graphs provided in the study, you can see that from 1940 to 2020 the average stretched penis size decreased from 14cm to 12cm. But in the graph next to it, it shows that the average erect penis increased from 1990 to 2020 from 12cm to 14.5 cm. Which is essentially contradicting itself.

graph for average penis size study

In addition to the graphs, it's also important to take note of two things that have had huge effects on erection health over the past 30 years... nutrition and the invention of PED5i's such as Viagra and Cialis.

Looking at what has happened in the last couple of decades in North America and our nutrition levels. The average American male is not exactly living a healthy lifestyle. Which could contribute to the loss of approximately a centimeter in penis size according to the data. At the same time, what else become very popular over the decades? Viagra and other medications increasing erection quailty.

Due to these missteps, it's easy to see why we're not taking this new study seriously and believe its conclusions may be just downright unreliable.

The Results of This New Study & Final Thoughts On It

In this journal study, it claims that the average penis increased by 24%. However, if you take a look at the exact numbers they even provide in this document at the beginning, it says that the flaccid stretched length is 13.93cm (5.4 inches). Which is not an increase of 24%.

So, to be clear...the average penis size is NOT 6 inches. At the beginning of this new study, they outright say that the average penis is 5.4 inches in the abstract.

The "6 inch" claim is coming from a graph mid-way through the journal that shows a mean of 14.55 cm. Which is not accurate in by itself and not accurate as an average penis size.

graph showing penis sizes from study

So anyone making this claim is essentially doing it for clicks and views. And they know they can get away with it because most people won't dif through this data to find out how inaccurate this claim is.

A good suggestion that can help you analyze penis size data is to use penis size calculators like CalcSD.

If you ask us, these calculators and group of individuals who took the time to create this for guys questioning the average size, are more trustworthy than the researchers who conducted the studies we've seen so far. They took the time to analyze the data and excluded the studies that had the most biases. Although it's not perfect because the studies we have so far aren't, it's the best analysis and tool we can use to gauge where we fall in line on the bell curve.

If you ask us, CalcSD in comparison to other calculators is by far the most updated and reliable calculator that analyzes studies on penis size with the least amount of variances or biases (again, it's the best we got because CalcSD is not performing the studies, it's the medical researchers who publish these studies with so many variances and biases that we have to factor when determining averages and variables to consider, etc.). CalcSD is just a tool that analyzes what has been published so far and has done a great job at keeping size in perspective.

The Realities of The Average Penis Size in 2023

In truth and backed by real and accurate data, the average penis size is approximately between 5.1–5.5 inches when erect and 3.5 inches when flaccid.

This is the average size of a penis in 2023 and it's important to note that this number will vary from person to person. Just like any other body part, people come in all shapes and sizes. But if you are an adult male scared about the size of your penis, there is no need to worry. You are most likely completely normal sized and there are plenty of other guys in the same boat as you.

You also have to factor in statistical analysis, range and standard deviation. Average means average of the population being measured. But most researchers also like to put things on a bell curve to determine ranges and other measurements that are +/- of the average (1 or 2 or 3 standard deviations over.... left or right of the average).

Here is an example of a bell curve for educational purposes.

bell curves and penis size

Again, this just an example of a bell curve, but if you've ever seen or heard that the "average range" is from 4.5 to 6.25 inches or 4 to 7 inches, these "ranges" hold the most "probable" measurement you'll see in real life with most guys being smacked in the middle with an average penis size length.

So, if you're with a group of friends (all male or individuals with penises), it's safe to say that it is very likely that all of them will most likely or "probably" have a penis size that is 5.5 inches.

Let's Keep Penis Size In Perspective...Objectively

Sure, most guys may be around 5-5.5 inches, a few of them may even be 6 inches, or some will be 4 inches, etc.

But If a guy you know is claiming they're 9 or 10 inches, it's most likely bullshit based on statistics and probability. They're probably:

  • Secretly competing with you (male to male competition)

  • Lying to women, which skews their perception on size (although, it has been speculated that women tend to already have a warped perception on size/measurments...aka "girl inches")

  • Lying on dating apps (as it appears this is common among LGBTQ dating/hookup culture)

  • Measuring incorrectly (yes! some, if not most guys don't know how to measure correctly)

  • Inflating their measurements because of a fear of embarrassment or wanting to fit in a category that our society has socially instructed us to believe is socially desirable (our society is fixated on the old notion of "bigger" always being better).

guys comparing penis size from the new average penis size study

This is why it's important to actually know how to read statistics rather than play a game of "telephone" with your friends on what they hear from others online or freak out if a friend says they have 10 or 12 inches below the belt.

It's also important to read a full study past the abstract to make your own conclusions. Reading a social media post or a headline on a publication site claiming 6 inches is going to do nothing but disrupt the internet while will triggering insecurities of men from all communities.

And I hate to add this next section to this blog post, but it paints a reality that some, if not most of us don't want to admit happens when we see conflicting information online like this.

Now For The Harsher Realities On Penis Size...

Penis size is something that men are pushed to obsess over because of societal expectations, movies and shows using huge prosthetic penises to portray male nudity, unrealistic pornography and a skewed perception of size and lastly, your typical bullying on social media or in the locker rooms.

And with some partners, size will matter. Unfortunately, you can't avoid or pretend these populations of people don't exist. They have their preferences and regardless of how good your sexual chemistry, technique or personality is, this may drive you to go down a rabbit hole in search of more answers about this topic.

size doesn't matter infographic

Sadly, there are still questions left partially unanswered about penis size in relation to pleasure, which is still considered a controversial topic to this day. If you ask us, size does matter in relation to sex and pleasure. That's our personal perspective. You don't have to agree, but keep an open mind, because the studies on preferences for both heterosexual women and LGBTQ men have biases and flaws themselves. Not to mention, these studies are rather older/alittle outdated to be considered relevant today.

Sure, bigger isn't always better, but what constitutes "big" or the perceptions of what people mean by what they think is "big" is going to be different among the masses. Again, if you ask us, size definitely matters. But based on the current data on this topic, and on anatomy and attraction, we don't think a "huge" dick is the ideal notion here. We believe somewhere in between 6-8 inches may be the "sweet spot", which many of us fall short of.

Despite what we know "objectively" about penis size, it does not always translate to what men experience "subjectively" in their own personal lives or in the dating world.

Poorly Designed Penis Size Studies And Debates May Trigger Men To Explore Penis Enlargement

Poorly Designed Penis Size Studies And Debates May Trigger Men To Explore Penis Enlargement

And Despite the warnings and risks associated with penis enlargement, some of you will go down the rabbit whole of starting a penis enlargement journey. If that is something that you truly want to start, regardless of the initial reason, there are ways to go about it right and wrong.

Now before some of you call me a hypocrite or that I'm giving contradicting information ("Do it" versus "don't do it") because I am a PE (penis enlargement) enthusiast, practitioner, too, or whatever you want to call me. I'm going to give you both sides.

For me, I also fell victim to these inaccurate penis size studies and social norms that made me worry about the size of my own penis.

But having that be the "only" reason to fuel your penis enlargement journey is not the way in my honest opinion.

When I first started my self improvement arc, this was back in the early 2010s where the internet was a crazy place and we were limited on technology and devices to explore. I didn't know how to think objectively or to check out penis size calculators who already did comprehensive analysis' on the topic, or to realize in the locker room showers that the majority of men had similar average sizes as me to get over my body dysmorphic feelings.

I was insecure, and I will admit, my reasonings got the best of me. I mistakenly chose to make my dick bigger because of my ego, whereas I should've taken the time to explore the topic more. For instance, made a pro's and con's list, or focused on myself while improving the sexual experiences I was partaking in, etc. before jumping into penis enlargement.

At the time, I approached PE wrong because my mindset was about "being the biggest" my partners had, or that my desire was to be better than anyone else (again, ego focused).

I can now say, If I had to start all over, I would throw my ego out the window because sex is more than size.

I guess you can say "I effed around" and "found out" when going down this rabbit hole of PE.

(I love this video by Roger Skaer...perfect example of what I mean)

But, I will say this...PE does work. It has its rewards, but it also has its risks. It's not for everyone because some people lack the attention span to learn more about it or they neglect warnings around injuries.

But for me, following this path not only made my dick bigger, but it also improved my sexual confidence and knowledge about my own body. It even improved my desire to learn more about how to make the quality of sex better with my partners over the years.
In my opinion, it almost gives you a competitive advantage, not because of size, but because of the mentality and emotional intelligence you gain from learning how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable and rising above all the negativity and ignorance around penis size and other topics around sex. That I think is the most rewarding aspect to all of this.

Should You Consider Penis Enlargement Activities?

The important thing is to read up on the topic before jumping into anything! If you're only jumping into penis enlargement because social media is telling you that your average 5.5 inch penis is "small" because they're referring to the new penis size meta analysis study claiming 6 inches, then you need to FIRST read the study to see that it does not say that.

Rich from BDEStyle talks about the reasons why men should consider penis enlargement

Secondly, screw those social media memes and accounts. They're just posting it for clicks and to be disruptive. This doesn't meant you have to jump into doing penis enlargement because you have a normal average sized penis that most men around you also have as well.

Next, I would ask yourself this question...

Does Penis Size Matter To You?

Sometimes this topic will strike a chord or some will argue penis size down to the decimal or what their perspective is on whether or not it matters in the bedroom. But the most important thing to remember is that size does not always equal pleasure for either partner during sexual intercourse.

Good sex comes down to communication, technique, comfortability with each other, and yes sometimes even size (if both partners prefer specific types). So focus on having great sex based on what type makes both parties feel satisfied. Penis size is only one factor and not the be all or end all for what guarantees "pleasure".

If you take a look at anatomy and what researchers have looked into on pleasure, you would know that older studies on female pleasure indicate that around 31-40% of women experience orgasms in general, 51-60% experience more orgasms through assisted stimulation (clitoral) and for those who orgasm strictly from intercourse alone (no other stimulation) is 21-30% of the time.

girls gossiping about new average penis size study

Again, this is a limited study that most people refer to, but the important things to take away from this is (because it's the only data we have so far):

  1. Society continues to make fun of men for not knowing where the clitoris is. And in the study above, women were more likely to orgasm from clitoral stimulation or "assisted" stimulation during intercourse. Surprising? Yes and no. Although the study on female orgasms is now considered around 7 years old and we all have easier ways to access to the internet, by now, if you DO NOT have the thought process to look up a simple diagram of the female anatomy on Google to know where the clitoris is located, then you're already approaching heterosexual sex wrong. Come on guys, can we evolve from this nonsense?

  2. The g-spot or zone for a woman (another pleasure zone) is roughly 2-3 inches deep. This area can be easily reached with your fingers or an average sized penis or a penis size of that specific measurement.

Altogether, if you focus on these areas, with your mouth, fingers and penis (not one or the other), you'll be a step head of the game, here.

Even LGBTQ Men Might Have A Size Preference!

For some reason, men who have sex with other men are socially instructed to view a guy with a bigger penis as the guy who is going to "top" or lead the direction of how the sex will fan out for the "bottom".

So, size in this situation, may unfortunately matter.

Although there are not that many studies out there on LGBTQ men and size preferences, it appears that it will matter most on dating/hookup sites as these situations are more straightforward about what size they're looking for and will also be grounds for men to either reject or praise their partner for the size of their penis (some, if not most will be "brutally" honest).

For LGBTQ men or men or have sex with men, the prostate is also roughly around 2-3 inches inside (just like the g-spot for women). So, bigger might not be better if the individual "bottoming" has a hard time relaxing the muscles at the entrance.

Foreplay, including lube is also considered important during anal play along with relaxing the muscles to accommodate larger sizes. So, it will depend on the individual and there are stereotypes and expectations that exist that can be potentially damaging for both partners mentally.

Still Worried About Penis Size?

If the above information is still not a good enough answer for you to keep things in perspective, then size matters to you and that's okay! Most guys, heterosexual or LGBTQ men, wish they had bigger penises for a variety of reasons.

Going back to penis enlargement and the possibility of becoming bigger through the use of methods and devices out there, you will want to know the facts first.

millions of guys are doing penis enlargement in secret communities

If you ask us, the theories on penis enlargement are still limited and inconclusive. But it does work, because millions of guys including myself continue to experiment with different devices and techniques showing success in the past two decades.

Don't believe me? Google it and you'll find plenty of communities and "straightforward" men who have revealed not only their methodologies, but their full out nude bodies/dick pics showing before and after videos and imagery sharing their progress and noticeable size increases that is UNDENIABLE!

So, yes it is possible to make your dick bigger. Any article or social media meme telling you it is impossible, is false or has not looked at the studies on this topic or have not looked into the millions of men from these communities who do these activities.

Penis Enlargement Is Becoming More Mainstream in 2023

The studies done so far on this topic have shown success with penis extenders for extension training and penis pumping as another activity that has shown success at rehabilitating erections and causing expansion/growth over time. The rest is experimental among other tools that compliment routines that is subjective to the individual practicing these methods (example: penis weight hangers, other "do it yourself" extension systems, etc.).

The consensus of "how much?" or "how long until I see gains?" among PE guys including myself is around a 1-2 inch gain in approximately a year or 2 of consistent training. Results do vary based on erection health/overall health, injury mitigation, and the users knowledge, methodology and approach on the topic.

Again, PE is not for everyone. And no, I am no expert on the topic because it is STILL very much anecdotal as opposed to what we have on research/paper. This is because most guys modify routines and add many different variables to their approach (making it subjective to one individual, rather than linear for the average guy).

In fact, there is no such thing as a PE Guru or a PE expert on the topic because the guys who claim they are have biases towards products and devices that have only aided their own gains based on their own anatomies.

What Are Some Ways To Make Your Penis Bigger?

At this time, there are natural ways to enlarge your penis and the action most people refer to doing so is called "PE". Thanks to certain pioneers and speakers in this space who have brought more attention to it in the past 2 decades, we have a better idea on "how to start a penis enlargement journey".

This next part is going to be subjective. There is NO generalized routine or "standard" that is going to fit every demographic/guy out there. Everyone has a different perspective and starting point. Some guys will gravitate towards certain devices while others will prefer manual (hand) PE exercises, and that's okay!

Usually, the first 3-6 months (in my opinion) is considered a trial and error period to experiment and find out what works for you.

What works for one person may or may not work better for someone else though....

Now if you ask us, we prefer devices over hand exercises. Both work, but we prefer devices because of convenience as some of us have busier schedules that doesn't allow enough private time to do manual penis enlargement exercises. We also believe devices hold better value because "when used correctly", you can isolate variables like tension and time, whereas using your hands will come with a lot of inconsistencies such as pressure and grip technique.

We believe that ONE of the best devices for increasing penis size in 2023 is the Phallosan Forte. The device works in three ways"

the phallosan forte

  1. Penis traction (resistance training or a force pull)

  2. Mitosis (Scientific term for forced cell division or new cells)

  3. Continuous healing (State of healing and filling of new cells)

Essentially, the Phallosan Forte and it's extender model can help provide that tension your penis needs to encourage growth. We did an in-depth review of the Phallosan Forte explaining the Phallosan Forte and Phallosan Forte Plus+ extender, so make sure to check that out.

You can also check out our review of the Bathmate, as this device was one of the pioneers of water penis pumps and is still the most widely used devices for most guys looking to enhance their penis size. Most guys use penis pumps for one or more of the following 3 reasons:

  1. Penis pumps have been studied and used to help increase blood oxygenation in the penis and pumps have also been used to help rehabilitate erections in cases of erectile dysfunction (ED)

  2. Guys who use pumps occasionally because they're looking to add a new element to their bedroom fun, enjoy pumping to a larger size to experiment with their partners (the temporary "after" pump look feeds their fetish or novelty of having a "bigger dick" for the appearance/for having sex)

  3. Guys who add pumping to their PE / Penis enlargement routine, mainly for girth training and some length, will overtime see permanent incremental increases after regular use over a span of months/years.

sketch design of Rich from bdestyle holding his bathmats penis pump for penis enlargement
all images are copyrighted on

Now of course, there are plenty of other devices out there that do work, too. If you read the previous section, you'd know that the device you choose may or may not change the experience you will have versus what Johnny is doing down the street with a completely different device or system.

Concluding Thoughts

At the end of the day, the average penis size in 2023 is somewhere between 5.1-5.5 inches when erect and 3.5 inches when flaccid. If a news article or social media account is claiming that it is 6 inches or larger without looking at real research first, then don't believe it.

If a guy claims he has 9-10 inches in your friends group, then most likely they're bsing you, measuring incorrectly, competing with you, inflating their size because they fear embarrassment or they want to fit socially desirable situations because our society continues to socially instruct all of us that bigger is always better.

Remember though, no matter what your penis size is, good sex comes down to communication, technique, sex education, chemistry and comfortability/confidence. Focus on those things first before worrying about the size of your penis or focusing on size as the only factor.

Next, if you're still concerned about how you compare, then take a look at the penis size calculator we mentioned earlier (CalcSD) to give you a general idea of how your current size compares to others based on the statistics we have so far. This way, you'll see that your size is more common among others and that if you're in a group of friends (all male or individuals with a penis), the likelihood of them packing 5.5 inches is most probable.

Rich talking about his concluding thoughts about the average penis size study done by Stanford, what to know about size statistics and explaining the topic of penis enlargement rewards and risks
all images are copyrighted at

Finally, if size matters to you, or your partner, or you just feel like you just want to "get bigger" for "yourself", then know that penis enlargement is a real thing. The one thing I cannot stand that most journalists, publications, and social media claims is that you cannot change what you were born with, or some bs variation that penis enlargement doesn't work.

Millions of guys including us have experimented with penis enlargement activities that do work! There are plenty of methods out there including the use of PE devices that can help you not only achieve your goals, but save time when going down this path. It's not a sprint, but a marathon that requires knowledge on the topic, being consistent with a routine, and being self aware of your body because your body is different than other men and of course, you want to reduce your chance of injury.

Hopefully, some of you guys found this information helpful, and remember to always research things before believing the first thing someone claims on Tiktok or a headline that you see. If you guys have any questions on this information or about penis size, feel free to leave a comment down below or shoot over a message!

If you want to increase your penis size, there are natural and safer methods out there such as using a device like Phallosan Forte that backs up the data we have on penis extender studies so far.

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