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Men's Sexual Health Awareness Month in 2020: COVID-19 Edition

Updated: May 19, 2023

What’s up guys, it’s Rich. Today we’re going to talk about men's Sexual Health Awareness month in 2020. COVID-19 is still prevalent around the world, and it has caused some of us to refrain from having sex. But, I’m here to tell you that it’s okay to have sex! As some places around the world are lifting restrictions, some of us are resuming normal sexual activity. But, does that mean we still shouldn’t be safe when having sex? No. It just means that we need to be more careful when doing so. As the month is usually dedicated to reminding people about avoiding sexually transmitted diseases or unplanned pregnancies we still need to focus on not becoming a statistic or spreading COVID-19.

This year, I want to focus on something besides safe sex. Let's talk about experiencing pleasure and intimacy when desired, along with respecting everyone’s sexual rights during this time. You can still have sex or work on improving sex while at home. Some guys are taking this time to improve themselves in the bedroom or resetting their brains after watching so much porn lately. And, just because you haven’t had sex in a while does not mean you should stick your dick in whatever you want. Be smart!

At the end of the day, we're still going to have sex because it’s our right to do so. It feels good and when doing it with the right person it creates a sense of security and trust. This is what intimacy is. I always tell people that you shouldn’t be having sex unless its for the right reason and with the right person. You can avoid the unwanted STD’s and unplanned pregnancies if you start educating yourself on the topic and who you have sex with. BDE Style wants to inform all the horny people out there on what you can do for sexual health awareness month in 2020.

mens sexual health awareness month in 2020 covid 19 edition bde style

Sex in The Time of COVID-19

Safe sex during COVID, what is that? STD rates may have actually gone down this year thanks to the continued quarantine and social distancing. But, where I live, there are plenty of people who don’t follow the government’s “stay at home” rules. Some people go out in large groups while others have multiple sex partners. That’s probably why we might be getting a “2nd wave of Coronavirus” in the future if we’re not careful. I can imagine other parts of the world can say the same for some people in their community.

So, how does one have sex during COVID-19?

Well, if you’re already with someone then that should be your designated go-to partner. You don’t have to worry about where they are or if they’re out and about. For the guys who are single and are out trying to have sex with whomever, I suggest limiting the number of partners you have and getting tested for COVID-19 and STDs regularly. You should also keep a list of where you BOTH go.

Lastly, you should make an agreement. We’re all adults and we have needs that need to be met so why not make COVID-19 tests and STD tests a need too!

What About if I Can’t Find Anyone?

Some say that COVID-19 has made it harder to find a partner to have sex. Whether or not this is true, there are some guys who haven’t been able to get back out there because of the whole safety issue. But, you shouldn't take this as a bad thing. You can still work on your sexual health at home. It’s not a joke when I say this, but you are your safest sex partner at this time. Masturbation does not spread COVID-19. If you haven’t got laid in a while you can use your hands to start working on your erection quality so that you can increase your stamina and endurance. This way, you will do just fine when you do find a sexual partner.

You can also practice Kegels if you do have erection difficulties. A stronger erection is super important, and if you’re wasting it on watching porn, then you’re in trouble. You don’t want to desensitize your brain to what you see in porn. There’s no point in dating or having sex if you have porn ED. Ditch the porn, and visualize the features of a woman in your head that will turn you on. Make this your trigger to help rev up the engines.

Even if you do have a partner that you can’t see at this time, try to envision them naked. Think of their features that you’re attracted to. This will help keep you excited once you’re able to see them again.

Sexual Health is More Than Just Safe Sex

Some guys are taking this time to improve their bedroom experience or trying male enhancement so that they have the upper advantage when they return to the playing field. Male enhancement is not new, and there are plenty of devices, lifestyle changes, and techniques a man should be aware of when considering male enhancement. As mentioned earlier, Kegels and ditching porn are two completely different things that can help a man with his erections physically and mentally. But, what more can a man do to take care of his sexual health?

Well, there is The Phoenix device, and acoustic wave therapy for men has been proven to help guys "get it up" and "stay up" in the bedroom. COVID-19 is depressing, and as it continues to be around, we need something that will help boost our morale. This is especially for the guys who aren’t having sex. Now is the time to nip bad habits in the butt and take on new changes for your health and sexual health.

I like to think of it as reinventing yourself. But, reinventing your penis. That’s something no guy should pass up, considering that as we age, there is a natural decline that becomes problematic in our 40s, 50s and up.

Take this time to work on your dick and sex game at home.

Having sex after 50

You either got furloughed, let go, or have retired because of this pandemic. Your self-esteem has taken a hit, and no one is listening to you, including your spouse. Take this time to reinvent yourself too.

mens sexual health awareness month in 2020 covid 19 edition bde style

Age doesn’t mean a thing when it comes to sex. People have sex well into their 70s and 80s. But, what’s the correlation between sexual inactivity in men over the age of 50? Research has shown that some doctors aren’t educated to speak about sexual health to men at this age. Some older men also have a hard time talking to a doctor who is younger than them out of fear of embarrassment.

The problem is that there is a stalemate when it comes to the topic of having sex after 50. Not enough people are talking about it, and doctors aren’t taking the time to learn more about it! It’s as if you get a life sentence after hearing you have sexual health issues like erectile dysfunction or low testosterone. Most men feel like they just get handed a pill or an injection, and that’s it.

Sexual health is important for men of all ages and it shouldn’t be dismissed or silenced.

BDE Style is your resource guide for Men’s health and Sexual Health!

No matter what your age is, you will find something relatable here at BDE Style. We are your resource guide for men’s health and sexual health. We cover topics like male enhancement, erectile dysfunction treatment, relationship advice, sex tips, and much more. We’ve all experienced similar situations in life, and we’re here to listen and share our experience with you guys. BDE Style’s motto is confidence without cockiness. BDE is 100% attainable, and it’s a lifestyle to live by. If you have any questions or comments, leave them below. You can also email us for further questions or to just talk.

Always here for you!

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