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Labor Day Savings 2023: Get $200 Off The Phoenix

labor day sale for the phoenix

Hey guys, it's Rich again, and I hope you're doing well. I'm thrilled to bring you some fantastic news that will boost your confidence and enhance your intimate experiences. The Phoenix is back with an exclusive Labor Day 2023 sale. This is your chance to reignite your passion and vitality, all while keeping your wallet happy!

In celebration of Labor Day, The Phoenix is offering an impressive discount of $200 off its regular price. Yes, you heard it right! For a limited time, you can own The Phoenix for just $679 (Instead of the normal $879) when you use the code LD200 during checkout.


But don't wait too long, as this exclusive Labor Day discount won't stick around forever. The sale ends on September 11, 2023. So, seize the moment, claim your discount, and start on your journey toward a more fulfilling and more satisfying relationship.

Discount Details:

  • Save $200

  • Use Code: LD200

  • Sale Ends: September 11, 2023

the phoenix

Other Things to Know

If you're new to The Phoenix, here's some extra good news. When you purchase this incredible device, you'll also receive a 90-Day Money-Back Trial. This means you have plenty of time to experience the life-changing benefits of The Phoenix completely risk-free.

Not only do you get the 90 day home trial, but you also get a 1 year warranty. This means your device is going to be covered for an entire year for any kind of minor accidental damages.

Now, let's talk numbers. The regular price of The Phoenix is $879, but with the LD200 code applied, you can own it for just $679. It's an investment for sure, but after personally using it, I can tell you confidently that this device works and will help you renew your own confidence, pleasure, and intimate satisfaction.

Lastly, The Phoenix also offers opportunities for financing the device. So if you don't want to drop $679 all at once, you can make payments on it. Through their partnership with Affirm, you can get The Phoenix with payments as low as $43/mo at 0% APR.

If you've been considering trying The Phoenix or waiting for the right moment to make your purchase, the time is now... It's on sale, you're saving money.

Ready to Get Your Phoenix? Head over to The Phoenix website now and take advantage of this great deal.


rich taking a picture of the phoenix new out of the box

The Phoenix & My Experience With It

I've personally experienced remarkable results with The Phoenix, and those benefits continue to enrich my life even to this day (Now 3 years after using it for the first time). It has significantly restored my sexual health, making it easier than ever to perform and "rise to the occasion" whenever the moment strikes.

Additionally, it has deepened my connection with my partner, adding a new level of intimacy to our relationship.

For those of you who haven't read my in-depth reviews, I highly recommend checking them out:

rich holding the phoenix

As I always emphasize, The Phoenix is not a one-time solution or a universal remedy for all underlying conditions.

Taking charge of our health and well-being is crucial as we age. This includes maintaining a healthy lifestyle, getting regular exercise, prioritizing sleep, managing any existing health concerns, and fostering open communication with our partners.

I also want to point out that everyone's journey is unique. While The Phoenix offers an effective solution for improving sexual performance, it's essential to take a holistic "MULTI STEP" approach to your health for long-term benefits.

Is The Phoenix Right for You?

If you've been facing challenges in the bedroom and are seeking a natural, non-invasive solution, The Phoenix is undoubtedly worth considering. It's backed by comprehensive clinical trials and positive reviews from REAL users.

Finding the solution to your sexual performance should always start with finding the root cause. Once you know what that is, you can start the right path toward fixing or reversing that root cause.

If you're having trouble getting it up and "rising to the occasion", then using a device such as The Phoenix to improve your sexual performance is one of the best solutions on the market today.

If you want to try The Phoenix for 90 days, I suggest doing it now while it's on sale! Use code LD200 at checkout to save $200 on your order. This Labor Day sale is one of the best opportunities to invest in your sexual health, so act now before it ends on September 11, 2023.


the phoenix

Other Ways To Improve Your Sexual Performance & Relationships

If you feel that The Phoenix isn't right for you (Which it isn't for everyone), there are still other options out there that can help you improve your sexual performance and improve your relationships.

If that's you, then I suggest checking out things such as:

  • Try using OMGYES (A platform designed to take you on a journey to understand and demystify female pleasure.)

  • Try using a Fleshlight (Using it for building up your stamina or beating death grip syndrome)

  • Use The Bathmate (If used properly, you can increase size in length and girth, which can lead to better pleasure for both you and your partner in the bedroom)

Of course, there is still more to improving sex and relationships than what treatments can help you with. Making real lifestyle changes is important and should be used alongside treatments. It's also critically important to be open and communicate with your partner.


Lastly, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your continued support and readership.


Thank you for always being there.

- Rich

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