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Condoms and Erectile Dysfunction: How to Make It Work!

Updated: May 30, 2023

Condoms and Erectile Dysfunction: How to Make It Work!

In honor of April being National STD Awareness Month, we are going to have a little chat about...Condoms!

Now, before you rush away from this blog, keep in mind that this isn’t a crackdown on condom advocacy or even an overhaul on STD awareness; this is about the bigger picture…The problem that almost every guy worries about is when they go to slip on their latex glove.

Here’s the thing, condoms cause a lack of sensation, and getting one on in the heat of the moment could cause your hard-on to be long gone before you even start. With that being said, there are over 20 million new STD infections each year, so we have to find a way to make the condom a friend...Not a foe!

So, before you lose another battle with the ol’ rubber... Read this article and get the tips you need!

Do I Have Erectile Dysfunction or Do Condoms Just Suck?

Ah...The age-old question...Is it me, or are condoms the worst thing ever? Well, according to a 2015 study, a majority of men presented some sort of condom-related erection problem. Whether it was a loss of their erection while putting a condom on or a loss of erection during intercourse, most men had some sort of issue.

So, is the answer: condoms suck, or is there another factor that we aren’t considering? Well, probably a little bit of both, but at least we can do something about the latter. Let’s take a look at some factors that can be changed to make wearing a condom not only doable but enjoyable.

woman in bed ready to have sex

The Right Size Condom

Now we know the general theme here is no one likes condoms. Still, we have to illuminate the fact that according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, early condom styles were made from fish guts and animal skin...Suffice it to say, modern styles have come a long way!

With that being said, if you ask around about condoms, most guys are not going to know much about sizes and fit beyond Ribbed For Her Pleasure and Magnum. The thing is, if you are using the wrong fit of condom, you could be blowing your chances of ever keeping an erection while putting the condom on...Let alone keeping it up while you have sex!

Think of your penis as a snowflake...A uniquely shaped snowflake that, if not handled in the right conditions, will literally melt. Okay...So that was a little dramatic, but you get the point! Your dick needs to find the right fit, or it won’t stand a chance.

Too tight of a condom and you will restrict the necessary blood flow needed for a hard erection, and too loose and you will lose sensation. Luckily there are a variety of brands with all kinds of shapes and fit to suit your needs.

Here is a simple guide from Medical News Today to help you determine your fit:

  • Snug Fit: 4.7” Girth and Below

  • Standard Fit: 4.7”- 5.1” Girth

  • Large Fit: 5.1”- 6” Girth

A better fit can help you avoid a loss of erection during the heat of the moment. Additionally, certain styles of condoms come equipped with lubrication to help heighten your sensitivity which can help you maintain your hard-on during sex.

Getting It on... Literally

Now just because you have found a condom that fits right doesn’t mean getting the condom on is going to be a cakewalk. In case you were not already aware… YOU MUST BE HARD TO PUT ON A CONDOM.

It might sound obvious, but with only one-third of Americans actually using condoms, it begs the question...Do you even know how to roll one on?

man with an STD from not using a condom

If your penis isn’t hard while you put your condom on you, run the risk of breakage, leakage, and the unsightly image of a latex sock hanging from your soft dick...Not a turn-on...Trust me.

That being said, putting a condom on doesn’t exactly exude sexiness, and if you dealing with sexual performance issues and can't get it up... What can be done?

The Phoenix Acoustic Wave Therapy Device... a product that was made for men dealing with a hard time getting it up. The Phoenix works by emitting low-intensity acoustic waves into your penis, which in turn creates a physiological change in the body and makes it easier for men to "get it up". That way you don't have to worry about staying hard while rolling on a condom.

Don’t be afraid to get your partner involved, either. Putting a condom on doesn’t have to feel like a science project. Have your partner seductively slide the condom on for you so you can focus on staying hard and in the moment!

Think Outside the Box

Okay, so chances are, every time you put on a condom, it is right before you are about to have sex, right? Well, if you think about it from a psychological perspective, then it is no wonder your erection says bye-bye every time you try to get a condom on your dick.

You are literally programming your penis to know that it is about to feel less sensation. So...It’s time to think outside the box. Start wearing a condom every time you masturbate. Now, before you shut it down...Hear us out…

Number one, clean-up is easier! Number two, when you wear a condom when you are masturbating, you are training your penis to get used to the sensations of putting the condom on and experiencing pleasure with the barrier. If you only put a condom on when it is time for sex with your partner, it feels foreign and uncomfortable, making managing your erection more difficult.

So, give it a shot!

man Managing Erectile Dysfunction

Managing Erectile Dysfunction

Just because you have ED, it does not mean you have to avoid condoms. Skipping the condom puts you and your partner at risk, and it could lead to a lot bigger issues than erectile dysfunction.

Instead, take control and start managing your sexual performance. As we mentioned earlier, The Phoenix is a fantastic product that can help make it easier to rise to the occasion. The technology puts the power in your hands to heal your body from within. The device uses sound wave therapy that both doctors and experts recommend.

We at BDE Style are committed to helping guys take back control of their manhood. We are advocates for men everywhere who want to learn more about effectively managing their sexual health, and ED, and enjoying their sex life once again.


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