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Alpha M “Finally” Tries A Bathmate Penis Pump And Shares His 30 Day Experience: My Commentary

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Alpha M “Finally” Tries A Bathmate Penis Pump And Shares His 30 Day Experience: My Commentary
As the title reads, Alpha M, real name Aaron Marino, FINALLY took the plunge and ordered a Bathmate to see what the hype is all about with penis pumps and if it can actually make your dick bigger.

What’s up, everyone? It’s Rich. Today I want to highlight something important that not a lot of people in the mainstream like to talk about, which are penis pumps, or rather “enlargement”.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve watched Aaron Marino on his YouTube channel as “Alpha M”, promoting men’s grooming tips while creating lifestyle videos for men to learn from. Most of the YouTubers I’ve watched from the 2010 to the 2020 era either moved on with their lives or fell off the platform (stopped creating). But Alpha M stayed and continues to be a leading authority, offering his audience relatable lifestyle advice from products and things he’s tried.

So, this blog post is going to be a commentary on one of his latest videos about his "30 day experience with Bathmate", which if you haven’t seen it, I’ll embed the video below in the section after this.

Rich from holding a bathmate Xtreme model and talking about aaron marino's review of the bathmate

And no, this isn’t going to be a “hate” blog or anything. In fact, It’s the complete opposite. I’m actually PROUD of Alpha M for getting personal and genuine in his video because, for almost a decade, he made multiple attempts to tackle topics such as “how to make your “package” bigger” or “how to make your bulge look bigger”, etc. but the output never truly “delivered” legitimate advice on how to actually make your dick bigger.

Other penis enlargement enthusiasts such as, “Derek” from More Plates More Dates, and others, even made their own commentaries on some of Alpha M’s older videos around penis enlargement advice, which to be honest, were things we’ve ALL heard before like:

  • “lose weight” or “lose body fat”

  • Eat healthier to promote better blood flow down there

  • Shave your pubes and things like that

Sure, all of this can make your dick appear “bigger”. But the fact that almost 10 years later, Aaron finally stepped out of his comfort zone to give The Bathmate a shot and report his 30 day “experience” is a huge turning point for men with insecurities around penis size.


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What Is A Bathmate Penis Pump And Does It Actually Work?

For those of you who don’t know what it is, a Bathmate is a penis pump that was first brought to the market in the late 2000s. I think it was 2007 or 2008, but since then, this company became global, offering men a way to use hydro-vacuum technology to improve performance and size in the bedroom versus your typical air pump.

But does it actually work? The answer is YES.

I first reviewed the Bathmate a few years back when I first started my website/platform (I’m 3 years old now). But I’ve used Bathmate’s line of pumps since 2012, back when Good Looking Loser was huge, and Chris Deuodes was one of the first online penis enlargement enthusiasts who bared it all and showed us how to use it on his own dick (thank you, for being you, Chris!). I’ve always been an advocate, and a “student” of life, gaining perspectives from people like him and others about self-improvement.

new bathmate out of packaging

As of 2023, Bathmate has had over a million users, including myself, see the benefits of hydro pumping. The feedback on Bathmate since the late 2000s is also undeniable and shows that it makes a big difference in the bedroom for many of these guys.

And that’s something not a lot of people want to talk about…

It’s crazy because there is a lot of pushback in our society around the topic of enlargement. When discussing “size” or enlargement, the conversation is usually “shut down” almost immediately because of a fear of talking about something taboo, or that they need to tread the waters around this topic because it’s a male insecurity that has been deeply rooted since the beginning of time (more on that later).

My Commentary On Alpha M’s Video On The Bathmate And His 30 Day Experience

Here is Alpha M.’s video on his 30 day experience.

Few things:

He takes a delicate approach on the topic of penis size...

Although he said “6 inches” was average, and I’m sorry, that's not “objectively” true. (This idea may have transpired because of the recent meta-analysis study on the average penis size, which myself and a few others have debunked a few months ago.) But, he makes the conversation around size insecurities “welcoming”, rather than taboo.

Unfortunately, size is something our society continues to socially instruct men to worry about.

Sure, some if not most of us are insecure about size, but doing something about it shouldn’t be viewed as “wrong”. Nowadays, people get implants (Aaron even mentioned that his wife has implants), and that they feel GREAT about it. And basically, we should feel great, too.

It shouldn't be any different than a woman wearing makeup or a guy growing out a beard because he feels insecure about his jawline, etc. we are all constantly improving ourselves.

It's normal, and I like how he approaches the topic including how he gets vulnerable when talking about his own size instead of saying it’s “wrong” for men to do or want to be “bigger”.

Oftentimes, people view penis enlargement as something “mentally” wrong with a guy for wanting that, whereas he admits that he wanted to find out if it works and shares more on his personal experience with his audience.

Alpha M’s wife even commented on his Bathmate experience

I commend Alpha M for actually including his wife in the video. Although she didn’t go on camera and there’s nothing wrong with that, his approach was very honest and painted a picture when discussing size with a partner. I believe that talking about this with a partner is important, especially if they’re your life partner or you’re in a long-term relationship. Why? because they’re going to notice and it’s better to communicate that than secretly going about it as if you’re hiding something or doing something wrong.

He even says “You also said, I didn’t need it”, which was a funny comment (and an “eye opening” moment) that came from Aaron, to his wife, because she was only highlighting his increase in girth.

Why is this important? I think because he shares his wife’s perspective, it confirms and validates a lot of what Bathmate users report when it comes to their "partner’s reactions" and experiences of them using a pump and them noticing differences and improvements in the quality of sex they’re having.

avoid penis pumping injuries with Rich's guide on

Aaron Marino also briefly talked about “over pumping”, which is important to know for a first-time Bathmate user…

I also like that Aaron briefly addresses penis pumping injuries as he didn’t just use the baseline model that Bathmate offers, but also went with their top of the line pump, which is the Bathmate Xtreme model that comes with the handball pump and hose attachment to create additional pressure inside the pump.

He makes a valid point of how at one point, he “over-pumped” by accident and said to be careful as it was a learning experience. This backs up a good point that a lot of penis pumpers know from trial and error that one can become overzealous and “over-pump” accidentally, if not too careful.

This also reinforces the idea for a newbie or a beginner like Alpha M. to approach pumping with health and safety in mind, versus “let’s see how big I can get in this thing and how fast” approach, which is a mentality that often leads new users (and even experienced users) to penis pumping injuries, which I’ve talked about in the past.

His “cheesy” smile and approach on this topic is truly genuine and undeniable

Another thing, I want to conclude my commentary on this video with is the “smile” on Aaron’s face.

Usually, he has this cheesy smile in his videos (nothing wrong with that), but you can tell the happiness and excitement on his face when talking about his Bathmate experience.

And from his interaction with his wife in the video about his results, which is also a real genuine “reaction”, shows us how a guy who may or may not have been successful in the bedroom before the Bathmate, is NOW cheesing at the fact that using a Bathmate made a noticeable improvement in not only his sexual confidence but also in the intimacy part of his relationship (I could be over analyzing this part).

I don't know. But to me, It’s not the “same” smile that he puts on in his other videos, which was one of the first things I noticed. And, being that he was able to openly communicate (emotional intelligence) this with his wife shows growth, not only as an individual but for their relationship as well.

It’s not uncommon for long term relationships to get "bored" in the bedroom or excitement wanes. I'm sure that introducing a Bathmate to their relationship, created a new dynamic for them to explore sexually in the bedroom.

two men smiling because they've been using bathmate for months and it has not only made their dicks bigger, but their the quality of their sex lives 10 folds better

Is Alpha M Considered An Expert On The Bathmate?

In my opinion…No.

He even said in his video that he spent time researching and looking into forums BEFORE buying a Bathmate and that he started off with a “beginner” mentality while claiming that all the “other stuff” was way too “advanced” for him... which is something that should always be considered when approaching penis pumping or ANY P.E activity. Researching is always important before jumping into something that could potentially be too advanced for you.

He also only used his Bathmate for 30 days (going on more days now) and is nowhere near experienced as many of the individuals on online forums and spaces who’ve used pumps for years.

And I’m not saying that to offend him or anyone. 30 days is just not enough time, and oftentimes, is considered “experimental” or a “learning phase” for most users. I know my first 30 days were trial and error until my dick got used to the pump.

In fact, it was more than 3 months of use until I got the “hang of it”.

I’m unsure where he got “60 days” from or how this came to be as a measurement of time for someone to “truly” experience the benefits of The Bathmate. I think it’s because Bathmate offers a 60 day return policy. But, if you ask me, I think 60 days gives you an idea if you have the mindset and motivation to keep going or not (maybe to build the habit or see if you like the process, etc.).

In my opinion, 60 days is not a time frame I would tell anyone considering buying a Bathmate that they’ll get these “monstrous” results if that’s what some of you are thinking or are "after".

Yes, you’ll gain size in 60 days based on what most users and what Bathmate reports, but most forumers and longtime P.E. guys know the real truth about "P.E" gains.

Usually things become “noticeable” after months of use or the "consensus" of 1-2 years of consistent use (which has been the consensus of many guys doing this in the past 10+ years now.)

Beware of the “Expert” Talk On Forums

Rich from investigating culty forums on penis enlargement

At the same time, Aaron doesn’t claim to be an expert and I’m happy he didn’t use that phrasing/language in his video because then it would have been very misleading to a non-user or someone considering buying a Bathmate or any penis pump for the first time.

If you ask me, there is NO SUCH THING as an “expert” in this realm because a lot of what you hear or read online is STILL very much anecdotal and subjective to one’s life and “routine” as opposed to what we have in objective research (which there is limited research on penis enlargement, specifically on extenders and traction therapy).

Although there are plenty of videos and pictures of guys showing their dicks and before and afters (with a quick Google search), there still needs to be a moderated approach or accountability for those with large followings to promote a safer approach, rather than “do this, because I did it”, or “this worked for me” without considering all the variables we all have.

I am not a doctor/urologist and we all have different bodies, different dicks, and different starting points. Even though I’ve used a Bathmate and their different line of pumps for years, I don’t go out here misusing my platform and claiming I’m an expert, giving “routines” that only worked for me and forcing people to follow me.

That’s normally what you see on forums and online spaces, which comes off as “cult” like if you ask me.

Do You Have To Use A Bathmate, Or Is Any Pump, Okay?

The whole “I am an expert talk” on forums and online spaces can sometimes be misleading because someone’s experience may not include some of the issues or variables going on in your life. We all are going to arrive at our goals differently and it’s important to keep an "open mind" to multiple perspectives to arrive at your own conclusions as well.

For instance, I often see the controversial argument of using a Bathmate, or other water pumps, as opposed to a traditional air pump or other types of pumps on the market.

Rich from holding different types of penis pumps that men use to make their dick’s bigger

Oftentimes, if a user uses an air pump for the most part of their goals and journey, they’ll switch and use a water pump for a short period of time (to try it) and say, “oh I like air pumping better, because XYZ” when all of their “gains” came from air pumping. They’ll give their feedback as if they had this “expert” opinion on “all pumps” when their experience is already biased and limited to their gains mainly coming from air pumping only.

No one ever talks about the above or even recognizes this. The same can be said vice versa, where a guy uses a hydro pump like a bathmate for all of their journey or routine and then somewhere down the line, they switch to air pumping and will claim, “water pumping” is better.

If we come back to the universal “umbrella” reasonings as to why we men, use penis pumps, they are:

  1. Penis pumps have been studied in literature to help men with rehabilitating penile function after surgeries like prostatectomies or as an “additional” strategy for guys with more severe erectile dysfunction, which pumping could potentially help complement other strategies like PED5i treatment (your typical Cialis or Viagra) or Trimix, or shockwave therapy, etc. to work in conjunction with or help make them work better.

  2. Some guys use penis pumps as a novelty sex toy. Some nights, "penetrative" sex includes their normal penis “size”, whereas other nights, it's a bigger “pumped up dick” kind of sex night, creating a different dynamic or an elevated sex experience in the bedroom. To each their own.

  3. The rest...use penis pumps as a part of their penis enlargement routine and will usually avoid manufacturers pumping guidelines and will experiment with different routines and other devices like weight hangers, traction therapy, clamping, and other “P.E” activities.

Concluding Thoughts On My Commentary For Penis Pumps

Again, the universal reasonings are there and everyone has their own reasons for using a pump or whatever else they’re into. If you are using a pump to chase “size”, then start researching and being conscious about how to mitigate the risk of injuries and avoid "overpumping". It’s also not a “get big fast" trick or something you do for 30 days and the you put the pump away. That’s just unrealistic and not enough time for you to really understand the concept of male enhancement.

brand new bathmate penis pump kit

If you’re going to give Bathmate a try like Alpha M did, then really give yourself enough time to truly experience it and get used to it for you to form your own conclusions.

Personally, I wonder if Alpha M will make a follow-up video in a year from now to really see the “before and after” of a year’s worth of experience and consistent usage. Right now, I'm assuming he'll make a "60 day" follow up in the near future.

Bathmate also has a 60 day return policy when you buy with them, to see if it’s something worth your time (privacy, convenience, and consistency). This is probably where he got “60 days”, but again, if you ask me, I personally think you need more time than this to really solidify results as well as get used to it.

One of the reasons why I used a Bathmate was because of privacy and convenience (you use it in the bathroom and it's a part of your shower or bath routine).

Some people might object because of the price. But if you really think about it, it’s not that expensive. Sure, it might be expensive for your typical college guy looking into it, but I think the convenience of using a pump while you shower and the benefits of using water is something I prefer more than air pumping.

LeLuv penis pump with gauge talked about on
But, to each their own.

You can also choose a traditional air penis pump and you'll STILL arrive at your goals, too. Amazon has a bunch of air pumps, like LeLuv, and other air pump brands, if that's your preference.

I would just make sure to clean your pump often as some guys have poor hygiene habits than others.

Again, I’m not here to force my opinions on you. I’m just giving a different perspective for you to digest and to add to your research on making your own conclusions.

Lastly, I want to thank Alpha M again for sharing such a powerful video and approach on a topic that usually gets shut down or dismissed in our society.

Sure, P.E may not be fully “mainstream”, but it’s a topic that if you really think about, has come a long way since the early 2000s when the internet introduced “Google images”, websites and online communities who paved the way for us to learn about Bathmate and other P.E activities over the years, etc.

All of this is just going to get recycled in the next 5-10 years for newer generations.

It’s just food for thought and I had fun writing this post. I hope you enjoyed it.

Much love <3


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