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TAX Day Special: $175 Dollars Off The Phoenix Acoustic Wave Device

Updated: May 31, 2023

Hey everyone, It's Rich with a very important message.

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone who has followed along with my story, and my resource guides and has become a part of our BDE tribe. Our goal is to spread a positive affirmation known as "Big Dick Energy", also known as BDE to help others be able to express problems we face in and out of the bedroom. As our main goal is to help others address sexual issues like not being able to "get it up" and finding their inner confidence, our tribe will continue to grow in new directions. There are going to be some new changes coming soon. So, stay tuned for some emails in the near future.

As always, I want to keep everyone in the loop and announce to our BDE tribe that Launch Medical is having another huge sale on The Phoenix!

TAX Day Special: $175 Dollars Off The Phoenix Acoustic Wave Device

For those of you who missed out on previous sales like the St. Patrick's day discount or the Valentine's Day sale, here is a new one for those of you who have saved up some of your tax return and are ready to make a difference in the bedroom:

This coupon code will help you save $175 dollars when you purchase your Phoenix. The normal price of a Phoenix is $879 (879-175 = $704). You can literally own the device that men's health clinics use in their offices to start experiencing the benefits of making it easier to "rise to the occasion" and enjoy better sex.

USE this discount code when you check out: TAX175

This code will be valid from 4/18/2022 until 4/25/2022 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

This sale is no longer going on. HOWEVER, here at BDE Style, we have an everyday discount that you can use when there is not a sale going on.
You can still use the code: RED50

Why Invest Your Tax Return On Your Sexual Health And Performance?

If you have debt (credit cards, loans, etc.), I would highly recommend paying that off first. That's always a must! Unlike most people who are getting a return, have already gotten theirs, or haven't filed yet (the deadline is tomorrow...just so you know), I ended up paying taxes this year in 2022 and It SUCKED!

So, my first suggestion is to focus on your debt and expenses before anything. Next, I would suggest taking this time as an opportunity to invest in your penis too! After all, you deserve to be happy, sexually. You work so hard to ignore it or let it be put on the back burner. Sex is a major part of our relationships and our overall well-being. There are so many benefits to having sex and I recommend everyone have more of it.

Investing in our sexual health as guys is important so we can preserve our sexual performance, confidence, penis size, and elasticity when we get older. The truth is, age is not on our side. Blood flow to the penis naturally declines after the age of 18. We also develop plaque buildup in our arteries at a very young kids and testosterone also declines too!

Let's face it; our penises are very delicate (more than we realize) and having performance issues is a very complex issue. There is always more than one cause. But finding the root cause is the first step in regaining your sex life.

It's important to take actionable steps NOW to reverse the clocks on our sexual decline so that we can perform at our best and rise to the occasion once again.

That's where The Phoenix comes in...

I Bought My Phoenix Almost Two Years Ago And I'm STILL Seeing Results

If you're still on the fence about buying a Phoenix because you don't know much about acoustic wave therapy, then I recommend checking out my 1 year review after using The Phoenix. I answer the most common questions out there about The Phoenix. I go into detail about my personal experience with it and how you should adopt the mentality of taking control of your sexual health.

Confident Man With BDE After Using The Phoenix Acoustic Wave Device To Treat Erectile Dysfunction

I personally plan on doing a 2nd year review of The Phoenix in the next few months (SOON). I'll do the whole process again ( the recommended cycle of treatments/protocol, etc.) to continue seeing results with it and then I'll report back on any changes and improvements.

Am I still seeing results to this day from The Phoenix? The answer is YES! Most online publications like Pubmed, NCBI or even going to a clinic will suggest that results from this type of treatment may last up to 2 years.

I've tried in-clinic wave therapy in the past at local men's health clinics in NY, NJ, and CT, but the return on investment was costly. Although I experienced better and lasted longer versus your typical pill or injection, I bought The Phoenix because I didn't want to go to a doctor and spend thousands of dollars.

I also didn't want to have to deal with their medical staff touching my junk. Sometimes you would accidentally get erect (it's a common's called a reflexive erection) during treatment. This is why I went to a few different clinics in the area because of how awkward it was.

But now I have The Phoenix and I rather just do it myself when I need to.

My Results With The Phoenix May Not Be What You Experience...Here's Why

my results with The phoenix may not be what you experience

I STILL am able to "rise to the occasion" when needed and enjoy sex as I did when I first started using the Phoenix.

I still wake up with strong morning wood almost every day (I'm not perfect). And when I have sex, I can actually maintain performance. The best part is my partner can feel how hard it gets inside her.

Performing is a lot easier and my partner has been so supportive during this journey of mine that our sexual chemistry also improved.

But, all of this is because I now take my overall health seriously. And YOU SHOULD TOO!

On the other hand, I can see how results can decline faster for others or it can take longer for others to see results. Not everyone is a good candidate for Li-ESWT treatment with The Phoenix or has a healthy lifestyle to preserve these results.

Just like you, I'm getting older. We all are. The Phoenix is definitely a solution to help combat sexual decline, but it's not the only thing you should be doing to treat the whole body and mind. Sexual performance issues can ALWAYS come back if you don't take care of your health or take it seriously.

If you get a Phoenix and use it for a cycle of treatments, the aftercare is YOUR responsibility! Once you follow Dr. Thompson's 120-day Phoenix protocol, you should be making lifestyle changes like dieting, exercising, getting more quality sleep, managing health conditions, talking to your partner, etc. to enhance the results and enjoy "rising to the occasion" when you actually want to!

The Phoenix is also NOT a one time solution and it doesn't fix all of the "other" root causes you may or may not have. That's on you to figure that out and manage it with other strategies.

Exploring Other Root Causes Of Sexual Decline

Every man is different and my "chapter 20" will be different from your "chapter 20". The important thing is to really hone in on these root causes that are causing issues downstairs and then tackle them head-on.

Exploring Other Root causes of ED of men of all ages

For instance, one man can have diabetes and will not only have to manage their condition with their doctor but may or may not need more treatments with The Phoenix. Why? Because diabetes is a very debilitating disease that affects the nerves and blood vessels, especially when not managed.

On the other hand, another man who smokes tobacco, vapes, is an alcoholic and is overweight, will need to work on lifestyle changes in order to see benefits with The Phoenix. Smoking constricts blood vessels and alcohol is a sedative that impairs the brain.

Lastly, being overweight can lead to heart disease and other heart complications which contribute to a lack of blood flow to the penis.

Then you have examples of guys with performance anxiety or psychogenic problems downstairs. The Phoenix is not going to take away your anxiety! You may or may not have existing health conditions that is causing vasculogenic problems downstairs, but stress, anxiety, and fear of failure during sex will prevent you from seeing results.


If you want to learn more about this, we talked about how the nervous system plays a major role in sexual function and response. Go read it and then read our post on the three different types of erections to understand the mechanisms involved.

You're not a light switch that can "rise" on command, which is why guys with mental blocks will need to use additional strategies along with The Phoenix to help them become more sexually confident in the bedroom. These guys may need psychotherapy, CBT, counseling, and other strategies for anxiety and breathing to combat these root causes of psychogenic problems.

The list of scenarios can go on...

But, the Bottom line is....we need to tackle our own personal root cause to see results… not just relying on acoustic wave therapy with The Phoenix or going to a clinic.

Tax Day Special On The Phoenix Acoustic Wave Device Recap

USE this discount code when you check out: TAX175

This code will be valid from 4/18/2022 until 4/25/2022 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

This sale is no longer going on. HOWEVER, here at BDE Style, we have an everyday discount that you can use when there is not a sale going on.
You can still use the code: RED50

Again, if I were you and I had a tax return, I'd focus on paying off debt and credit cards first. The second best thing would be to invest in yourself. Why not invest in your sexual health where The Phoenix can actually help push you in the right direction to better performance in the bedroom?

That's all for now guys,

Thank you for always listening,



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