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Dehydration and Erectile Dysfunction (ED): Hydration is Key!

Updated: May 30, 2023

man experiencing erectile dysfunction from dehydration

Have you ever gone a whole day without water? How did you feel physically and mentally? Horrible right? When it came to sexual performance did you notice your erections were a flop? If so, then it’s time to hydrate.

Hydration is key when it comes to performance and making sure your vital organs are functioning at optimal levels. On the other hand, dehydration leaves a negative impact on blood volume and mood levels. Although there are other physical and mental reasons why men experience ED, hydration levels play an important role in bedroom performance, specifically penile health.

And, if you do have erectile dysfunction from other causes, it doesn’t help if you’re not staying hydrated. There is a strong connection between ED and dehydration. This is why it’s important to drink the right amount of water so you can achieve and maintain better erections.

BDE Style is here to help you learn how to improve your erections with hydration tips, facts, and why you should add a lemon to your water.

How Does Dehydration Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

We already mentioned that dehydration can affect mood levels and blood volume. But, how does it affect your erections? If you’re not getting enough water it can affect the amount of oxygen being delivered to the tissues and arteries in your penis. As a result, the body releases a hormone called angiotensin that restricts blood flow to the penis and other parts of the body.

When your body doesn’t have the required amount of water, it could also affect you mentally. From perfect blood flow to the right mood, there are various things needed to get an erection and to maintain it. But, If you’re dehydrated the mind and body are not going to work together.

Dehydration and erectile dysfunction (ED): Hydration is key!

Studies suggest that even the slightest dehydration of about 1-2% affects cognitive function and memory. This study also concluded that at 4% your body temperature increases, performance decreases and you start to get headaches and become more irritable.

For example, when a man is sexually aroused, the brain sends a message to increase blood flow to the penis, which results in an erection. When a man is not properly hydrated, there is not enough blood volume to produce and maintain an erection. Your blood vessels become constricted reducing blood flow to the penis and other parts of the body, especially the brain. The probability of a man not getting a good erection decreases as a result of this.

Dehydration Affects Blood Pressure

Blood volume is the amount of fluid circulating in your blood vessels (think about air in a balloon). Without normal blood volume levels, it becomes difficult for blood to reach all tissues. When blood volume is low, it leads to decreased blood flow and higher blood pressure.

Do you see how dehydration can set off numerous body responses that affect other parts of the body?

When your body has enough fluids, your blood pressure stays at “normal” levels. When Blood pressure is affected by blood volume and dehydration it can be dangerous for your erections. Angiotensin or the constriction of blood vessels and arteries can reduce sexual satisfaction. It can also damage blood vessels and arteries over time. And, for some, the damage can become permanent.

Ultimately, reduced blood flow can reduce sensation and lower sexual desire. This is why it’s important to hydrate regularly, especially if you are someone who suffers from high blood pressure in general.

Benefits of Lemon Water for stronger erections

To be clear, water or lemon water is NOT a cure for cancer or serious disease, BUT it can be an adopted lifestyle for men trying to optimize their erections.

Lemon water has a range of benefits for men including improved testosterone levels, increased sex drive, and better blood circulation. Remember you want to have an increase in blood flow, which is the most important thing in the bedroom. Blood flow affects stamina, pleasure, and erection quality. Instead of just drinking water, you should drink lemon water to enhance your sex life.

So, why lemons?

drinking lemon water for better sexual health

Citrus fruits like lemons provide a boost of antioxidants and glucose for improved focus, enhanced mood, and decreased impact of stress hormones that can kill an erection.

Lemons also have anti-inflammatory properties that help increase blood circulation. Again hydration is key for getting better blood flow to the penis.

Have you also ever thought about what makes your sperm? Sperm is mixed with a fluid known as seminal plasma. Seminal plasma contains a high concentration of vitamin C. It shows that more vitamin C means better quality of sperm.

To make things even more exciting, lemon contains B6, B3, B2, and B1, which improves testosterone levels. When you have lower-than-normal testosterone levels, you lose interest in sex and don’t have proper erections.

So, What’s the Magic Equation for Staying Hydrated?

Now, we know that being hydrated is a part of the equation for better erections, but how do we make sure we stay hydrated every day? If you put down, “drink more water” as a New Year's resolution for 2024, and are failing to stay hydrated, we hope that your floppy dehydrated erections snap some sense into you.

So, drink more water!

But, how much water should a man drink daily? We've all heard about the classic "eight glasses of water a day" rule, but there are so many variables to consider when determining how much water a person needs to drink daily. Things like a person's overall health, climate, and activity level, to getting enough H2O can all be factors. But, as a reasonable goal, the mayo clinic suggests about 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) of fluids a day for men.

A headache is a good indicator that you might be dehydrated. Some people also feel lightheaded, have a dry mouth, or experience muscle cramps. If you start feeling this, then you need to reach that magic number of 3.7 liters of fluid for the day.

But, what If I can't get my daily intake by the end of the day?

3.7 liters may seem like a lot, but if you plan your day ahead, you can actually get all of it before bedtime. On a serious note, you can set reminders to stay hydrated and improve your health. For instance, you can make a habit of drinking water prior to eating food. We all eat at least 3 times a day, so these are good opportunities to consume fluids.

You could also make it convenient to get water and drink as often as possible by investing in a large water bottle container, tumbler, or gallon. If you’re at work, you should take multiple water breaks. Besides, prolonged sitting can cause ED. So, get up, stretch, and get some water!

It is also not uncommon to mistake thirst with hunger. People often think that they are hungry when the brain is only signaling for water. Next time, when you are full and are still feeling hungry, you should try drinking water instead of eating more food.

Lastly, you don’t have to rely on actual cups of water to get your intake. There’s plenty of water in vegetables and fruits that you can get your daily intake faster by incorporating these food groups into your diet.

I’m Starting to Feel More Voluminous Erections Because of Water

The bottom line is, It is important to stay hydrated. If you don’t like drinking “plain water,” you should try adding lemon to get some taste. Apart from adding a taste, it also gives you plenty of health benefits.

Anything that negatively impacts your blood flow, blood volume, and nerves can lead you to temporary and permanent erectile dysfunction and sexual performance issues. You need to change your routine and add healthy habits to improve your sex life. This is when you will start to feel more voluminous erections by keeping hydrated.

If you are already experiencing sexual performance issues or having a hard time getting it up, water/lemon-water is only one part of the equation. Another piece of the equation would be acoustic wave therapy.

man gets the phoenix for his erectile dysfunction

Through acoustic wave therapy devices such as The Phoenix, you can enjoy better sex, make it easier to get it up, and overall improve sexual performance.


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