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5 Ways To Prevent ED From Hurting Your Relationship In 2020

Updated: May 19, 2023

Hey guys, it’s your favorite girl-next-door, Erika, and I’m here to talk to you about how erectile dysfunction affects a relationship. I dated several men who suffered from ED, and they were way more concerned about this than I was. They believed it had an impact on their sexual performance and masculinity, but is that true? In a recent UK study, 2000 men were surveyed on their experiences with erectile dysfunction and how it affected their lives. Here were some of the results from that study:

  • Many men in their thirties said ED is the reason why they broke up with their partner. (31%)

  • Some lost confidence when dating (25%),

  • Others have suffered from mental health problems (21%).

Although ED is very common, it shouldn’t be a deal breaker for guys and girls. This is why I want to tell you about five ways to prevent erectile dysfunction from hurting your relationship and the best male enhancement techniques you can use for long-lasting erections.

1. Tell Her About Your ED

I would rather know that my partner suffers from erectile dysfunction before having sex with him. This way, I won’t think that I am the problem because I believe I am not attractive enough. Some women feel this way because a lot of men are afraid to admit that they have a problem. In the UK study, Half of the men in their thirties reported that they struggled in the bedroom. There is no wonder why we don’t know about this because one in three men has never admitted they have this problem. You are not alone. And we will understand that this doesn’t affect your masculinity when this is an issue that most men have to face.

5 Ways To Prevent ED From Hurting Your Relationship In 2020

Talking about it is the first step, and although it’s not easy to say it aloud, it can help bring you guys closer. There’s a lot to learn ED, for both women and men. Think of it like taking a class together, but a sexy class on how to make things better. For instance, you can teach women about how many men wonder how to stay hard during sex. As this is a common issue of erectile dysfunction, it is important to understand the concept of an erection and how to get one.

2. Communicate What You Want In and Out of the Bedroom

Communication is key in a relationship. This is why you need to tell us about what stimulates you the most so we can do this to help you get a long-lasting erection. If you are wondering about how to get harder erections before penetration, start by asking your partner to stimulate you with her mouth or her fingers and let her know what you like. Nothing is sexier and masculine than a man who knows what he wants and can communicate this with ease.

With that being said, make sure you take your time and continue doing foreplay until you're ready. You want to have plenty of time to get the boner that you want instead of rushing things. And, If things don’t happen the way you want them to, or if you’re having trouble, don’t freak out. Try to relax and breathe. We are very understanding, and we are very patient. We’re not here to judge you, but rather do our part to help in any way we can. That’s what communication is all about.

Tip -Relationship problems, stress, or mental health conditions can all be linked to ED, so you might want to solve these problems before focusing on the physical aspect of this.

3. Improve Your Sexual Performance

Even when you have a hard time penetrating her, there are other ways to make her orgasm. Only 18% of women can have an orgasm from penetration alone, while 36% said clitoral stimulation was essential, and another 36% said it felt better. That means that vaginal orgasms are not that common anyway. Most women also have a hard time getting in the right mindset to have a vaginal orgasm. And, sometimes it can also lead to miscommunication too on expectations and what they want.

5 Ways To Prevent ED From Hurting Your Relationship In 2020

You should worry about working together and communicating on how you both can improve your sexual performances. You can help masturbate your partner while penetrating her, so you both feel the strongest sensations. You can also simply use your hands or your mouth to stimulate her too! If you are wondering how to keep an erection to last longer, you can always take breaks and give her multiple orgasms in other ways. We won’t be able to complain about ED after having so much fun and when you’re man is up and ready to go, we’ll be ready too!

4. Don’t Put Too Much Pressure on Yourself

When I had sex with guys who suffered from ED, I didn’t care about their problems. It wasn’t that I didn’t care about their penis or it’s function, but rather the moment when they would go soft, it didn’t matter to me at least. But, to them, they cared so much about it that it ruined everything and prevented them from trying again or taking a break to rev the engines up again. It even happens to some guys who don’t have ED. One bad erection can throw them off and can confuse a guy on whether or not it’s ED or performance anxiety.

Sexual performance anxiety can be caused by the fear that you won’t perform well, poor body image, problems in your relationship, and more, which could be the reason why you can’t have a long-lasting erection. It is essential to talk to your partner about it so they can support you, take the time to find intimacy in different ways, and focus your attention elsewhere. Don’t put too much pressure on yourselves! Have confidence and if the outcome isn’t what you had hoped for then don’t dwell on it. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is have confidence in yourself, and to be secure with being insecure. That’s what we call Big Dick Energy.

5. Be Open to Improvement

Things like how to keep an erection or how to be a better lover can be foreign to some guys. Most would rather not tell anyone (33%) and can’t talk about it with friends (45%). I’ve met men that wouldn’t have sex at all because of this and would be ashamed of not performing well or maintaining an erection to satisfy a woman.

5 Ways To Prevent ED From Hurting Your Relationship In 2020

Too many men fear that getting feedback on their sexual performance will make others perceive them as less of a man. But, if you don’t do anything about it, you risk the chance of ruining everything in the relationship, if you continue to be negative about it. Admitting that you suffer from ED shouldn’t affect your masculinity. It makes you stronger because this is the first step to having a happier and more fulfilling sex life.

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