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Mother's Day Special: $150 Dollars Off The Phoenix Acoustic Wave Device

Updated: May 31, 2023

Let's face it; most of us dads are starting to see a decline in the bedroom. As we all age the plumbing in our pipes....aka our penises start to get clogged up and aren't working like they should. Maybe this has taken a toll on your relationship and with raising kids, sex has been put on the back burner. This Mother's Day, 2022, we encourage men to address these issues.

image of attractive couple making out after using The Phoenix acoustic wave device for improved bedroom performance

Yes, your wife may want flowers on this special day, but keeping the romance alive, especially after having kids and being caught up with life is something they've been longing for. The point is, don't let sexual difficulties keep you from maintaining the spark between you two.

We've talked about how The Phoenix acoustic wave device has helped us rise again and perform better in the bedroom before. And how Rich has personally seen tremendous growth in his personal relationship and sexual confidence after using The Phoenix acoustic wave device.

In his 1 year review of The Phoenix, he talks about his experience of using The Phoenix's acoustic wave technology and other strategies to address other root causes of sexual performance issues. Today, he is still seeing results and continues to find ways to improve his sex life with his partner and to share it with our BDE Tribe.

So with that being said, we have some good news for everyone that is a part of our BDE Tribe. This Mother's Day 2022, Getmyphoenix is offering a special discount code and sale to get $150 dollars off the Phoenix acoustic wave device. Now is your chance to not only just appreciate your partner, give her flowers and emotional love, but get back in the bedroom for more physical affection and intimacy that you both desire.

Getmyphoenix's Mother's Day Special Discount Code And Sale 2022 Starts NOW:

USE this discount code when you check out: MOM150

***Special code ONLY (Case sensitive)

This code will be valid from 5/7/2022 to 5/10/2022 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

This sale is no longer going on. HOWEVER, here at BDE Style, we have an everyday discount that you can use when there is not a sale going on.
You can still use the code: RED50
Mother's day special for The Phoenix Acoustic Wave Device For Mother's Day 2022

Here's How The Phoenix Acoustic Wave Device Works

Sexual health naturally declines as men get older. The Phoenix helps prevent decline and restore sexual performance, using clinical-strength Li-ESWT at home for the first time.

Quick Facts About The Phoenix Device:

  • The Phoenix improves bedroom performance, making it easier to "get it up" as well as maintain performance for longer

  • The Phoenix is registered with the FDA.

  • The Phoenix produces a hybrid of focused and radial waves (patent pending).

  • Many doctors like Dr. Paul Thompson, Dr. Vuu and other experts use and recommend The Phoenix.

  • 94% success rate when following Dr. Thompson's 120 day protocol

BDEStyle Wants You To Take Control Of Your Sexual Health With The Phoenix Protocol This Mother's Day

BDEStyle is a community for men of all ages who experience sexual difficulties and want to find legitimate and practical solutions. The Phoenix is one piece of the equation for better performance. There are so many causes for sexual performance issues and we're dedicated to uncovering them all and helping men get back their sexual confidence in the bedroom.

We hope you enjoy reading, and to subscribe to our newsletter. Every month we explore new topics related to men's sexual health, dysfunctions, and how to address them all. We want you to become 1% better every day and to, REALLY, improve in and out of the bedroom. We invite you to join us to become a new and improved you so you can fully take control of your sexual health for the years to come!

To recap the sale that Getmyphoenix is having:

USE this discount code when you check out: MOM150

***Special code ONLY (Case sensitive)

This code will be valid from 5/7/2022 to 5/10/2022 at 11:59 p.m. EST.


Our Everyday discount for being a part of our BDE tribe is special code: RED50 for $85 dollars off The Phoenix.

Whether you miss out on this Mother's Day 2022 sale or aren't ready to experience the benefits of The Phoenix yet... you can use this code anytime to help make it that much more affordable to get Li-ESWT (acoustic wave therapy) treatment at home.

That's our gift to our readers as we are your older brothers who have tried The Phoenix and other products, have benefited from them, and are here to listen so we can point you in the right direction for improved sexual performance and confidence.


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