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How Should You Store And Clean Your Phoenix Acoustic Wave Device?

Updated: May 30, 2023

How Should You Store And Clean Your Phoenix Acoustic Wave Device?

Whether you just got your Phoenix or have already begun your first treatment cycle, you’re probably wondering how you should store and clean your acoustic wave device. After all, you paid almost $900 dollars for it and you want to make sure you take care of it.

Think of it like a car or computer. Computers get dusty and Cars need a car wash every now and then. Cleaning The Phoenix is important after every use so that you can preserve the device for the years to come.

You’re not going to use all 70 treatments at once…That’s the benefit of owning an at-home acoustic wave device like The Phoenix.

the phoenix acoustic wave therapy device

If you’re the average guy having issues "getting it up" and have already used The Phoenix for your first 12 treatments (first cycle in the first month) and have seen the benefits of acoustic wave therapy, you’re probably in the “rest month” phase where angiogenesis is taking place.

You’re probably more aware of your better performance and how much easier it is to rise to the occasion when having sex with your partner.

During this time (the rest phase) you’re not going to use The Phoenix again until at least the 1-2 year mark depending on your overall health. Or if you have a more severe case (again everyone is different), then you might add on another treatment cycle after the 30 days of rest.

But, what do you do with it after you're done? BDE Style has some good cleaning tips for you. And storing it is simple. We’ll explain in this short guide below.

Cleaning The Phoenix Device After Every Acoustic Wave Treatment

Cleaning The Phoenix Device After Every Acoustic Wave Treatment

Yes, clean it after every use. A good tip that I’ve experimented with when cleaning my Phoenix device is using a Q-tip.

You may have noticed that when using the device you’ll see a blackish powder when removing the nose cone of The Phoenix and seeing the piston tip or inside have this.

cleaning the phoenix with a q-tip

Just so you know, this is normal. The internal components are working together and they grind together. It flakes off, but there is nothing to worry about with this issue and the functionality of The Phoenix.

If you see a small residue of the blackish power just wipe it off with a Q-tip. It’s SUPER easy.

After that, you can wipe the device itself (NOT the inside) with rubbing alcohol or a cleaning wipe. This is just for hygienic purposes. For instance, if you choose to use the heatwave lubricant (which I don’t use). It can be sticky and all over your Phoenix device. Treatment with The Phoenix is NOT painful (for me at least and for other guys I’ve talked to).

In my personal opinion, you can use the Phoenix without the heatwave lubricant or lidocaine numbing cream to avoid a messy clean up. But, should you use it for a better glide or just the experience of it, make sure to wipe down your Phoenix when done in case you get some of it on the device by accident.

Ex: Holding your lubricated dick with one hand and The Phoenix in the other and then switching hands (now touching the device with your lubricated hand making it sticky). It’s not that complicated I promise.

Treatment is easy to do. It’s just that in the beginning for the first treatment or two, it will be awkward. But, It gets better and easier over time.

When you’re done using The Phoenix, you should consider where and how you store it for the future.

Keep Your Phoenix Stored In The Original Box It Came From

That’s as simple as it gets.

the phoenix for erectile dysfunction

Don’t keep it outside the box in an upright position. If you put it on a high shelf and you accidentally bump into it, it could fall and break. If you bought The Phoenix without its warranty (Proguard) then you’re out of luck and have to buy a whole new device.

Again. Think of it like an important electronic device you own like a laptop or a car. Where you store it after you use it matters.

When you get your Phoenix, KEEP THE DAMN BOX. Don’t throw it out. It’s actually a cool box that opens up and has the exact placements for each part of the device (The Phoenix, piston tip, and plug-in transformer). You can close it up and then put it in your drawer.

Tip for Cleaning & Storing Your Phoenix Device

Whether you are experiencing it now or later, having trouble "getting it up" is not a life sentence. It can be managed If you educate yourself on how to prevent it and how to improve your situation.

If you are using the Phoenix now or planning to get one, make sure to clean it with these tips and store it in a safe and secure place.

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