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The Phoenix Device 2024 Memorial Day Weekend Sale – $175 Dollars Off

Rich's girlfriend holding a Phoenix Device and looking in Rich's eyes as she knows he's using it to maintain his erections

What's up everyone?! It's Rich!

I hope you're enjoying the long Memorial Day Weekend! As the title reads, I wanted to share an exclusive sale The Phoenix is having right now.

The Phoenix Device Memorial Day 2024 Discount Code and Sale

  1. Limited Time Offer: The Memorial Day Sale for The Phoenix Device kicks off on May 25th, 2024 and runs through May 31st, 2024 at 11:59 EST. This is your chance to get a discount on this device.

  2. This offer gets you $175 dollars off The Phoenix device with a 1 year ProGuard ($99 value)


I'm Restarting the Maintenance Protocol - My Story Continues

For those who have followed along my journey with The Phoenix, I am restarting the treatment protocol to maintain my results. I'm now in year 4, and although my penis still gets really hard and I can keep it up, I am doing this to maintain that level of hardness.

Again, just like I've noted in my 1 year, 2 year and 3 year review of having this device, maintenance is a part of the process.

The guys who understand the science behind this, know that re-treating your penis means pulling out The Phoenix out of storage to keep results maintained. It's that simple.

Guys who don't understand this are usually the types of men who wants everything handed to them on a silver platter, or they have unrealistic expectations that they're going to walk around like male porn stars with a hard-on for hours....

My advice: stop getting your information from TikTok or some YouTuber who doesn't know what the heck they're talking about. You're literally diminishing your attention span....

Comprehensive Shockwave Therapy Education

Comprehensive Shockwave Therapy Education With Rich From

Proper education on shockwave therapy is fundamental in setting realistic expectations and understanding the nuances of this type of treatment.

By doing so, you're equipping yourself with a comprehensive understanding of the treatment process, anticipated outcomes, what the science and research says and assessing what works for you and what doesn't.

I wrote two comprehensive guides on the history of shockwave therapy and the differences between radial versus focus shockwave therapy. In there, you'll know who is a good candidate for shockwave therapy, who is NOT, and what to actually expect in terms of results and the mechanisms/benefits shockwaves have on the penis.

Usually, some YouTuber or other media outlet doesn't flesh out their articles or videos with all the details. Oftentimes, it's the wrong information, or they use AI to copy someone else's work. But, we all know AI still has their limitations

Understanding Individual Experiences

Everyone who uses The Phoenix Device is going to have a unique experience. Sadly, there are guys who don't understand this....Sometimes I see guys get caught in a "comparison trap" -- comparing their stories to others when we all have different penises, relationships and other factors to consider.

Our society's attention spans are also declining, and this issue is worsening each year. This, honestly, worries me. When we struggle to maintain focus or understand what we are purchasing—or when we are exposed to misinformation—it can significantly impair our judgment.

For example, If someone expresses that it "didn't work for them," it's important to take a moment to dive deeper into their perspective. If they don't explain why, take that as a warning sign or a red flag. Could it be that their expectations were unrealistic? Perhaps they weren't an ideal candidate or were informed that they might not benefit from the treatment, but still bought the device anyways out of desperation (there are lots of these guys!).

Sadly, that speaks more volume about the person and their inability to reflect on their circumstances, or they get caught in the comparison trap where they see or hear other guys benefiting from The Phoenix, wanting to jump on the band wagon, too -- but they're not a candidate for shockwave treatment (don't be this guy!).

It's also possible that their issue in the bedroom presented numerous variables, or their challenges weren't solely related to sexual decline - further showing that they are not a candidate at all!

shockwave therapy bad stories

Additionally, lifestyle adjustments play a significant role, and it's important to consider if certain lifestyle changes were a limiting factor in their success. I often talk to men and hear these types of stories all the time.

Once you start digging, it becomes clear that there were many issues and variables hidden beneath the surface. It's like a disorganized room made to look tidy by shoving everything into the closet. As soon as you open the closet, everything tumbles out, revealing the truth.

I once talked to a guy who believed that using this device would save his marriage. However, the relationship was already broken due to other underlying issues, and using the Phoenix wouldn't have made a difference because of the existing conflicts and problems with his partner.

The Phoenix Works, But Not In The Way Some Guys Are Making It Out To be

One of the biggest faults in our society is the echo-chamber analogy. It's great these topics are being discussed, to move away from pills or injections, but if you're in the wrong echo-chamber, you could be hearing the wrong echoes, mimicking misinformation and further spreading confusion.

Again, proper shockwave education empowers individuals to embrace realistic expectations and understand that the effectiveness of The Phoenix Device is influenced by various factors.

It's not a one-size-fits-all solution, and success with the device can be influenced by individual suitability, commitment to the maintenance protocol, and an open-minded approach to tackling sexual decline in men.

Moving Forward

Rich having an introspective moment about The Phoenix device for men and hoping that this memorial day 2024, men will have the correct information about the device

As we end Memorial Day Weekend, let's use this opportunity to reignite discussions about the maintenance protocol and the importance of proper shockwave education. By understanding individual experiences and embracing realistic expectations, we can further enhance the value of The Phoenix Device in promoting sexual health and overall well-being.

Thank you for being a part of this journey, and here's to continued vitality and informed decision-making.

Much Love,


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