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The Phoenix Device Sale For January 2023: $150 Dollars Off

Updated: May 31, 2023

What's up everyone? Happy New YEAR! It's Rich with an important message for our BDE tribe. Today, I want to share an EXCLUSIVE discount for The Phoenix Li-ESWT device for the month of January 2023.

The Phoenix January 2023 sale for $150 dollars off shockwave treatment

Usually, I rant first before getting to the codes and dates. But, this time, I'm going to get to the point and then explain some COOL things I've been working on these past few months!

The January 2023 deal that's going on right NOW 1/15/2023 through 2/1/2023 at 11:59 pm Eastern time ---> By going through my priority link use CODE: NEWYOU150 when you checkout

At this time (Jan 15th, 2023), The Phoenix is priced at $879 dollars. $150 dollars off and you're looking at $729. It's simple math/subtraction, which helps knock off a portion of it.

When there is NOT a sale going on, I usually offer an $85 dollar discount with anyone who joins our BDE tribe! The everyday discount when there is not a sale going on, is code RED50

I finally posted my 2 year review on The Phoenix last month that answered new questions about what to expect

For those of you who have read about The Phoenix on some other blog, or elsewhere and are still contemplating on whether or not to get one..... read my personal Q&A review of The Phoenix Shock Wave device after using it for 2 years.

I currently hold the LONGEST written experience with The Phoenix to date. I purchased my Phoenix device in March of 2020 and received my device in July of 2020. So, it's been almost 2 and a half years at this point. Unlike other reviews you see out there on the internet, I don't bullshit or talk about a product I would never use. I'm here to talk about sexual health, P.E, and other related topics us men face in the bedroom.

Rich from bdestyle getting aroused by his girlfriend who is on top of him holding his Phoenix shockwave device
all illustrations on are copyrighted

At the same time, I dive in DEEP into research and ways to make the overall experience better for guys like you. Why? because I care and I am rooting for you to obtain a better sex life. Whether it's using The Phoenix, or perhaps, you want to explore Penis enlargement or other alternatives to enhance your sexual experiences, you will find that and more, here on my website.

***My 2 year reflection was to see how long do results actually last with some important observations to keep in mind when going through the 120-day Phoenix protocol.

And yes, it is a long post. But that's because it's worth the read and it was worth the wait. And I'm SORRY I couldn't get it to you guys sooner in October of 2022. I didn't want to give anyone the good details by writing some poorly written article like you see nowadays on the internet.

My 2 year review of The Phoenix Summarized

In summary, yes, The Phoenix actually works. Long before The Phoenix, I used to get in-clinic shockwave therapy. But, after transitioning to just using The Phoenix, I've yielded the same results as my experiences from going to a clinic in New York.

I've also experienced similar results in both 2020 and in 2022 when doing my maintenance "re-treatment" with The Phoenix.

***As for some of you, you might have to pick up your Phoenix and retreat in 6,12,18 or 24 months when results start to fade. It depends on your health status and lifestyle choices. So, make sure you read my 2 year review to see my thought process/ perspective on how to make results last, what to expect during the treatment process, and how to pinpoint "realistic" results.

rich from bdestyle holding the phoenix for ed

At this time, my Phoenix is in storage. The device STILL works the same, and I hope to see if I can make my results last like I did from July of 2020 to July of 2022 (I'm hoping I don't have to retreat until 2024...we'll see)

My observations throughout the protocol:

I saw changes in sensitivity of my penis, found that it was easier to "get it up", and response time was faster than before.

Although my results are subjective to my personal experience, it's been one hell of a ride. I love that this device propelled me to take control of my sexual health and actually have better communication with my partner about sex as a whole.

We Can THANK Jon Hoffman (RIP) Who Brought Us The Phoenix Li-ESWT Device

I encourage you to read my tribute to Jon Hoffman (RIP). He was one of the guys who brought us this device. He literally took the time to make an alternative to the "pill" industry AND brought us an additional way for us to obtain shockwave therapy as opposed to going to a men's health clinic for it. This man saw a universal problem men have been facing for years and did something about it.

jon hoffman the inventor of the phoenix

I don't regret buying this in early 2020 and I'm happy to say that this was one of the reasons why I started to research and write about men's sexual health.

It's a complex frickin topic. But because he wanted to help so many men, it lit a fire under my ass to take it a step further and do even more.

That's when I came up with the idea and was born. Sexual health is important and I want to help guide men to solutions that actually work!

Can Anyone Use The Phoenix For Shockwave Therapy?

Are you a good candidate for The Phoenix acoustic wave therapy?

Yes and No.

If you read someone else's perspective on the internet, they're going to say, "Everyone can use this".

But, there are men out there who are NOT good candidates for shockwave therapy in general.

AND I'm talking about both in a men's health clinical setting and with The Phoenix for home use.

Li-ESWT has been researched heavily in the past 2 decades and it's clear as day, that men who present vascular health issues, or who live a poor lifestyles, will most likely LIMIT their success with The Phoenix:

  • Someone who smokes/vapes

  • A guy that has uncontrolled/unmanaged diabetes

  • Someone that has high blood pressure that is unmanaged

  • Someone who is obese

  • Eating poorly or foods and substances that cause inflammation and plaque build-up

  • Imbalanced hormones like Low T, prolactin, etc.

  • A guy that is not active or works out

  • Someone who does drugs or drinks excessively (alcoholism)

  • Other unmanaged conditions resulting from poor lifestyle choices.

If you're a guy that fits those categories, then I don't suggest you get this device. I suggest you get your health on track with your doctor first before considering these treatment options.

The Phoenix Shockwave Device Is Only One Part Of The Solution

You can read why The Phoenix is not a one time solution here, which the OBVIOUS answer is sexual performance issues can always come back if you don't take care of your health (you're overweight, you don't manage your diabetes, you have high cholesterol, etc.), you make poor lifestyle choices like drink, smoke, do drugs, take beta blockers, etc. Remember the aftercare is YOUR responsibility! The Phoenix works, and it works very well. I constantly tell guys that are a part of our BDE tribe to look at their whole health too. The Phoenix can help improve sex and make it easier to "get it up". But the rest is up to you to maintain a healthy lifestyle to get the best results with The Phoenix that will last longer than a guy who doesn't take care of themselves.

The Phoenix Also Offers A 90 Day Home Trial For Shockwave Therapy At-Home

90 days is MORE than enough time for YOU to see improvement in that time frame. It's literally the protocol where the average guy sees the most successful results.

2 full treatment cycles in 90 days is a minimum of 16 treatments. That's literally almost 1/4 of the use of the device that lasts up to 70 treatments. You'll literally have at least 54 treatments left to SPREAD OUT in the next 1-3 years depending on your needs.

The Phoenix acoustic wave device 90 day home trial

Unlike others, results will vary for different reasons. For instance, let's say your Uncle Joe is overweight and has diabetes that is poorly managed. Of course, he's not going to notice results as fast as Bobby who lives down the street who has no health issues, and is active in the gym. For me personally, I saw results right away after my 3rd and 4th treatments. I'm very active. I try to eat healthily, get good quality sleep, and hydrate, to name a few (good lifestyle choices). Others, depending on your current health, age, and lifestyle, might need more treatments to see results as well as make lifestyle changes. The point is, it works for most guys, but at different rates. At the same time, a 90-day home trial is very generous for you to actually experience a few cycles of treatment to see results.

The Phoenix Should Be A Part Of Your Multi-step Approach for Improving Your Sexual Health

Just like going to a clinic, using Li-ESWT technology will help reverse the effects done from years of poor lifestyle choices or sexual decline that is natural with age. But, using the Phoenix alone is not the only solution. YOU still need to take care of your health and optimize in other areas that need to be addressed as well.

  • Whether it's psychotherapy for mental performance anxiety

  • Hormonal treatment because your hormones are out of whack (low sex drive/libido)

  • Pelvic floor work because you have a tight or weak pelvic floor (can affect your erections)

  • Communication with your partner on how to have better sex (don't neglect this area of your relationship and don't be afraid to talk about sex)

  • The list can go on.

Remember, you are the only one who is in control of your sexual health. It's time to take charge!

New Year, New You With The Phoenix Li-ESWT Technology

Start Investing In Your Sexual Health This NEW YEAR, By Getting a Phoenix Li-ESWT Device this January

New Year, New Erection With The Phoenix Li-ESWT Technology

The January 2023 deal that's going on right NOW 1/15/2023 through 2/1/2023 at 11:59 pm Eastern time ---> By going through my priority link use CODE: NEWYOU150 when you checkout Much Love <3

Always rooting for YOU!



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