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Christmas 2020 Sale: The Phoenix Device For ED $200 OFF

Updated: May 1


This is a very OLD SALE. If you're on this page this sale ended last year Janurary 1st, 2021. Look at the dates. PLEASE visit this page for any updates/sales and my FULL review of The Phoenix.

The world's first home-use acoustic wave therapy device called The Phoenix for ED is literally flying off the shelves this Christmas. Starting December 20th, 2020 until January 1st, 2021, Launch medical is offering a serious Xmas discount of an automatic $150 dollars off The Phoenix device for ED to anyone who visits their site.

BUT, by going through my influencer link you can receive an EXTRA $50 dollars off by typing in the coupon code---> RED50 when you checkout.

BDE Style recommends The Phoenix and wants every guy (and girl) to enjoy better bedroom performance and experience with this world-class treatment device the same way we did! Men can use the device in privacy, comfort, and convenience of their own homes without having to drive far to a clinic that overcharges for the SAME type of treatment.

If you’re the type of guy that’s into biohacking, self-improvement, or overall optimization, The Phoenix can take you steps further with improved blood flow, and stronger erections. Here’s more information about this Christmas 2020 sale of The Phoenix device for erectile dysfunction $200 OFF promotion.

Are you familiar with Acoustic Wave Therapy Technology?

Men are often afraid to seek ED treatment because of embarrassment and being seen as “less of a man”. ED enhancers, medications, and surgeries have always been an option in the past, but they NEVER solved the root problem of physical ED. Unlike other treatment options that act as a Band-Aid, acoustic wave therapy helps treat the root problem of physical ED while giving men hope for a better working erection and more confidence in the bedroom.

The acoustic wave therapy technology that is used in The Phoenix device helps break down plaque build-up when applied to the penis. The acoustic waves or the low-intensity shock waves applied to the penis also help improve blood flow into the penis through a process called angiogenesis, which can lead to NEW vein and blood vessels.

Why you should try The Phoenix this Christmas

The Phoenix is an FDA-registered device that helps restore blood flow. It is also non-invasive and improves the longevity of a man’s erectile function while helping reverse erectile dysfunction.

If you really think about it, from a small age many of us start building up plaque in arteries throughout the body, and for guys, this includes the penis. When men don’t eat right or care about their overall health, this may often lead to physical problems like ED. Of course, you always want a proper diagnosis from a medical professional to determine the root cause, but with a home-use device like The Phoenix, you can toss out those ED pills in the garbage and experience better erections after a few months of use.

The Christmas Gift of a Stronger and Better Penis!

With repeated treatments, most men see improvements in their erections after 6-12 treatments. But, it’s important to note that all men are different, have different dicks and different cases of ED. Sometimes ED cases are a result of Peyronie’s disease(curve of the penis) or a Venous leak, so this may require more treatment sessions.

If you haven’t checked out my personal review of The Phoenix, I recommend reading the full post here. It goes into depth about my results after 12 treatments and how it changed my bedroom performance and experience.

If you haven’t checked out the best ED protocol with The Phoenix, I suggest checking out our post here. It goes into depth about what the product is, how often you should use it, how to use it, video concepts of acoustic wave therapy on the penis, and the in-depth science behind The Phoenix.

How to get $200 off the home-use acoustic wave therapy device called The Phoenix?


This is an OLD sale from December 2020 of last year that ended a LONG time ago. For more updated information on sales/promotions or to read my FULL review of the Phoenix, click here.

Acoustic wave therapy is going to change the way men seek help for erectile dysfunction. This Christmas you have the option to take back your erections with The Phoenix Device at an even better price point. Before you could get the device for $879 dollars. And now, you can get it for $679 dollars. As most guys only need 6-12 treatments, the device is meant to last up to 70 treatments. Therefore, if you needed to re-treat, you would have the device for up to 54 treatments more.

In order to get this awesome sale, all you have to do is visit The Phoenix’s website between December 20th, 2020, through New Years Day January 1st, 2021. That’s 12 days to make a decision that will change your sex life for the better. Again, you can use my priority link to take advantage of the FULL $200 dollars OFF (both discounts) to get your Phoenix this Christmas.

Remember to type in----> RED50 for an extra $50 dollars off when you check out!!!

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